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Heirloom on Sep 22, 2018:

Ohhh! The package you sent the book in was beautiful, by the way. I see your talent!

Heirloom on Sep 22, 2018:

Thank you so much for the bio. You are absolutely sweet and thoughtful, and I really look forward to jumping into the book. (Love the mail art, too. No blushes here!) Hugs~

bjmonroe on Sep 17, 2018:

Thank you for your postcard and encouraging words. You touch my heart with love and have put a smile on my face for this whole week. Hugs to you my friend.

kittyhahahotbot on Sep 10, 2018:

I had no idea there was a calendar for SpaceCats! Oh my gawd! I love that retro rocket! Thats a really nice postcard...all the elements! The moon is so pretty and that flash of light!

kittyhahahotbot on Sep 9, 2018:

Aliens are Near! "No we are not!" Oh, this postcard just cracks me up.Great ch0ice! Oh btw, IRT your cats in space postcard I cant believe CAlif. is outlawing plastic straws but they wont do anything about plastic UFO'S. Wad up wit dat?

kittyhahahotbot on Sep 9, 2018:

Bar none the cutest hand drawn UFO ever! And I cant believe you sent that adorable Space Cat postcard!

xninolax on Sep 5, 2018:

Ohhh wow! Thank you so very much for this lovely RAK with sending me a second Sturgeon Moon postcard. How awfully sweet of you ❤️❤️

Heirloom on Sep 5, 2018:

...for stopping by to say hello!

kittyhahahotbot on Sep 3, 2018:

I guess its because I have 2 chiwawa's now that I find your chiwawa postcard frunny. lol Otherwise it wouldnt appeal but it cracks me up!

kittyhahahotbot on Sep 2, 2018:

That tall alien is scary. Dont like him. lol The blue guy is a little better. llololo

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