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October, 2020

New Jersey is doing mail-in ONLY Ballots (at least for my county which is Somerset) So with that said-- the mail is going to be INSANE. PLEASE be patient. I will send on time. MY mail just may take a day or two extra travel time to make it to YOU OR--- It might take a day or two extra travel time for YOUR mail to make it to ME!

3x Ovarian Cancer Survivor!

(Yes @MKayla is my daughter and yes she is 18)

2nd June, 2020

Mail just came! Always a highlight of the day but today... was a little different LOL! I received a swap from NOVEMBER 2018 -- TWENTY EIGHTEEN! LOL I am Laughing so hard!! It's postmarked 15th NOVEMBER, 2018!! LOL Cracks me up! Just goes to show you that there IS hope for lost swaps out there!! LOL

I love my Second Life! Second life is a Virtual World unlike anything else you have ever experienced! It's world after world after world of player created content.. worlds, places, towns, cities, ... dance clubs, gaming, etc... and more -- all in one amazing place!! (It's hard to explain Second Life to someone who hasn't experienced it.... have a look... https://secondlife.com/

My Journals

birdy planner

My planners and Traveler's notebooks & Junk Journals vary in size! Most stuff works for me!

I LOVE to swap Junk Journal supplies!

M\y main planners are an Erin Condren Vertical & a B6 sized Traveler's notebook.

I ADORE the little cute weather stickers for planners, Vellum, vintage style & travel themes. I use a lot of them.


*Favorite Colours: Orange, Sepia, Teal, Green, Tardis Blue, Yellow

  • Favorite themes for my planner are VINTAGE, Seasonal, Monthly Holidays, Disney, 1940s and 50s, antique, WWII, and Alice in Wonderland, Teal, NYC, Positivity .

  • I love inspirational and encouraging quotes!

*Love Disney World and vacation there every year!

*I absolutely LOVE Camels, Alpacas, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Guinea pigs and Hedge Hogs.. not the easiest to find I know!!

ABCs of Me!

  • A - ANTIQUE EPHEMERA (40s & 50s and Earlier), ACE OF DIAMONDS Playing cards, Addams Family, Aspen Colorado(home town!), Aspen trees/leaves, Alaska, Anson Mount, Airplanes, Autumn, Antiques, Alice in Wonderland, Architecture (OLD), Astrology

  • B - Botanicals, Bits of Fabric, Beach, Bluegrass, Buddy Holly, Baking, Bobby Rydell, Brothers Grimm, Beach Combing, Bridges, Black Licorice, Blue Columbine flowers (remind me of home!)

  • C - Camels, Cacti, Chickens, Cowboys, Castles, Coney Island, Cauldrons, Country Music, Colorado, Covered Bridges, Chinchillas, Cats, CIRCUS (VINTAGE), Chinese New Year, Christopher Lambert, Carnivals, Comets, Cryptozoology, Constellations, Coke Machines( have a 1956 coke Machine!) Cruise Ships, Constellations, Clouds, Cheshire Cat, Classic Cars (1950s and earlier)

  • D -Lace or fabric Doilies, Doo-wop, Dutch, Dion and the Belmonts, Dancing, Disney World, Doctor Who,

  • E -ENFP, EXPLORING!! Eleventh Doctor Who. Edward Gorey, ETSY, Erin Condren Life Planner, Edgar Allen Poe, EPCOT, Ephemera, (the)ELEGANTS.

  • F -Found Objects, FIFTIES EVERYTHING - First Nation People. Flying Squirrels, Fairs, Flowers, Fall, Forensics, Flea Markets, Frogs, Flow Magazine, FIFTIES, Fifties Freak shows, Fountain Pens

  • G - George Strait, Guinea Pigs, Ghost Stories, Gravity Falls, Gotham, Going places, Grave yards, Ghosts/Goblins,

  • H Holland, Horses, Hens, Hank from Finding Dory, Harry Potter, Haunted Mansion (Disney), Humphrey Bogart, Horror Movies, HALLOWEEN, Haunted Places, Happy Planner, Horror Movies, Hot Air Balloons, Hank Williams, Hamsters, Hummingbirds, Hurling, Hedgehogs


  • I -Instagram, Iris flowers, i-Mac, Iceland, Ireland, Irish Music, icicles

  • J - Junk Journaling, John Denver, Journaling, Junk Journals, Jukeboxes (have a 1954 Seeburg!)


  • L- Lakota Sioux Native American, Lace Trim,

  • M - ANYTHING Medical (vintage), Mountains, The MOON, Mushrooms, Music, Mandolin ( I play the mandolin), Mail, Moose, Mumford & Sons, Italian and Irish Mafiia Crime Families

  • N - Nautical themes, Narwhals,NYC (my fav place to go to recharge my energy- I live close by!)

  • O - Ovarian Cancer Survivor, OLDIES MUSIC 1950s) Oddities, Orange, Old West, Over the Garden Wall, OLD VINTAGE/ANTIQUE PHOTOS

agent p

  • P -PERRY the Platypus, Penitentiaries, Prisons, Planets, Paranormal, PLAYING CARDS, Princeton University, Photography, Photos. Project Life Scrapbooking, Pepe Le Pew & Penelope (they are my husband and myself..for real LOL) Planners, Planning, Phineas & Ferb, Perry the Platypus, Pomeranians, Peter Facinelli

  • Q - Quill Pens

  • R - River Song, Ravens, Recipes, Ribbon,

  • S - Sam Elliot, Svengoolie, (reading about) Serial Killers

  • T - Thunderstorms, Twilight, (Movie and the time of day LOL)

  • U - Urban Exploring, Urban Legends

  • V - Vito Picone and the Elegants, Victorian era everything, Vintage Fabric Vintage paper, vintage ephemera, Vintage, Vintage, Vintage

  • W - WWII Everything - My Husband and I own a traveling WWII Museum that we take to many events around NY/NJ/PA area, April-October. Wild West, Windmills, Wallpaper Samples

  • X

  • Y - YOU!

  • Z



Old Linen Postcards, WWII Era/Vintage & Vintage or Repro WWII Cards,

I'd love to have a train or railroad postcard from every state (and every country!)

Vintage "Linen" Postcards

Old Penitentiary/Prisons Map Cards from all over the World (USA TOO!), Camels, trains, planes and transportation, old barns, Bridges, Olympic Peninsula WA, Hoh Rainforest, Anywhere there is history of WWII, Jetoy, WINDMILLS, The Netherlands, Holland, UNESCO, Recipe Postcards, Harry Potter, Castles, Dragons,, Cats, Scottish Fold Cats, SPACE, Star Trek, Star Wars, famous people, Volcanoes, planets, coffee, tea, books, libraries, famous buildings,Old West/Cowboys,Ranches,flags, maps, Scotland, Japan, Van Gogh, Poe, 'Greetings From' postcards
etc.. . . . .

Wish List!


Any VINTAGE EPHEMERA,WWI Era Especially - old maps, old photographs, vintage book pages, and illustrations, old ledger pages, Old music sheets, receipts, tickets, vintage magazines, vintage cookbooks and recipes, vintage paper of any kind, vintage postcards, vintage ads from magazines, etc.. I love old paper, old stamps, old letters, ephemera! Vintage envelopes and papers too! EVERYTHING VINTAGE EPHEMERA

ANY FLOW WEEKLY magazines, Anything from Flow Magazine... It's my favorite!

I love Halloween!

Traveler's Notebooks - any/all sizes WWII Items - Anything/everything- I own a WWII Museum

1950s.. everything... anything 1950s!

Anything SLYTHERIN related from Harry Potter

Anything from SCOTLAND - It's my ancestral homeland and anything from there is pure comfort

Cowboys, old west, horses, cattle... I'm a ranch girl

Highland Cattle

Camels - My fav animal

WOMBATS - Another fav animal!

Things I can't use

No thank you...

I really dislike MINT - please nothing mint. (But I do love mint tea!)

Please no Sports stuff yuck (Unless it's Cheerleading!) Please no...teacher/reward stickers yuck Please no Mustache, Poop or any Emoji stuff yuck

I don't have boys so masculine/boy stuff I can't use

Favorite Television

Doctor Who


My favourite Doctors are 11, 10, 9, 8 and 2

Star Trek - I love ALL Series - each one offers something unique!


American Horror Story


Lost In Space (both original and re-boot series)

Hell on Wheels (Western TV, show SO good)


thank you!

Thank you for reading! You made it all the way to the bottom!!


Comment: Thank you for all the great orange items. I’m going to put them to good use😊❤️
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful swap! I loved it! The orange envelope with a Halloween stamp and stamped images. And I love love love the Edward Gorey PC. You're awesome!
hibiscus rated for Playing Card Swap~Round 2~Swap #9 on Oct 27, 2020
Comment: What a great swap name you have! Thank you so much for these great cards! Love the extra terrestrial! All so great thanks again
Comment: Halloween sounds like a blast at your house. Do you think that you will get any trick-or-treaters this year?
crochetjunkie rated for Blind Surprise #2 on Oct 26, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the nice swap!
Comment: Thanks for the great swap, Gabi! I LOVE the check! I have a few old checks that I've saved that are so awesome! I'm glad I know you like them now, haha. I really appreciate you including the story in the swap!
Lantana149 rated for WIYM~15 stamped images - USA on Oct 25, 2020
Comment: Such pretty stamped images and they are all new to me. I especially like the fall leaves and the mermaid. Thank you!😍😍
CookieMomster78 rated for Speedy Mail Art ATC! on Oct 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sharing!
Response: You're welcome!!
MisplacedfromPA rated for Blind Surprise #2 on Oct 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the washi samples, gift bag, bird post card and some halloween stickers.
Comment: Thank you thank you :) The teas will be a delight to try, washi samples are neat and the Mississippi postcard will be nice to add to the collection.
kclicquot rated for VES: A Mix of this and that! #3 on Oct 23, 2020
Comment: Gabi! the variety of ephemera you send continues to amaze me! Those checks are crazy! There's lots of thrift and antique stores around here, but none have any ephemera. . . . Sadly, I can't read other peoples letters. It's so interesting when you know that is how people primarily communicated. Thanks again for the great swap and hosting this genuine ephemera swaps!
BusyB rated for MissBrenda's Halloween Card Swap #7 on Oct 23, 2020
Comment: Love the way you decorated the inside of my cute card! Mr Bones vellum pocket will go inside my journal and cool stickers. I haven't seen those until now. Thank you so much Gabi!!
Comment: Thanks! sounds good :)
Comment: Wow! Thanks so much for the great card and extras! Happy Halloween!
Comment: Hello Gabi! Omg thank you for the Halloween goodie bag! I loved the washi and all the stickers! I can't wait to use them! I hope you have a safe yet festive Halloween! Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thanks for the great photos! Looks like you're all set for a fun Halloween!
user2148 rated for For the love of Poetry on Oct 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you so very much!! The poem and writing is gorgeous! Very talented!! ❤️ I very much appreciated the checks as well, what a wonderful find! Tucson is still experiencing summer temperatures (97° today!) I hope you are enjoying more seasonal temps where you are now!
Jjean rated for Pinterest - Halloween Movies on Oct 20, 2020
Comment: Great board - you have several I have not seen, WOW<< and Interview With A Vampire is one of my favorite movies..... Thank you for joining my swap.....
CraftyShana76 rated for Pinterest - Halloween Movies on Oct 19, 2020
Comment: TYVM! Your list looked very interesting. A lot of movies I’ve never heard of and some I want to check out. TYVM for sharing!!!!
Jewelss2 rated for Pinterest - Halloween Movies on Oct 19, 2020
Comment: Thank you for spending so much time creating this board! Can't wait to watch lots of them.

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1OldfoolPlanner on Oct 12, 2020:

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope you have a fun and fabulously spooky time! Hugs, Jill

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This one is just too cute! LOL

nancylee on Oct 11, 2020:

GROUP: AMMM: Yippy, Falling for Autumn images

kittyhahahotbot on Oct 9, 2020:

Im kinda partial to anger management. LMAO

yvonne401 on Oct 9, 2020:

Welcome to Pennsylvania Swappers! It's great to have you here! Happy Fall!



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