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VivaLaDiane on Dec 24, 2008:

Merry Christmas.

VivaLaDiane on Dec 22, 2008:

Happy Holidays!!!

Dragonfli on Dec 18, 2008:

Thank you for joining the "Your Kitty" ATC swap! :o)

Dragonfli on Dec 12, 2008:

Thnak you for joining my "Your Dog" ATC Swap. Please not that the post by date has been extended to January 17th. :o)

thatswhatshesaid on Dec 9, 2008:

Welcome to the 30 Rock swap!

wordlesspoetry86 on Dec 8, 2008:

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that your mystery ATCs should be in your mailbox any day now.

Let me know if there is anything wrong and I'll try to fix it. This is my first swap, so I'm worried. Please let me know when you get them.

XxMySweetShadowxX on Dec 2, 2008:

Yeah, I messaged her once, but it looks like she hasn't been on since Nov. 18, so she hasn't check it, yet. It looks like she's starting to receive 1's though which kind of scares me...sad...meaning as she's received 5's and hearts up until like a month ago. I'm going to try and give her the benefit of the doubt though as I understand that things do come up. Hopefully, I'll hear from her soon. fingers crossed

XxMySweetShadowxX on Dec 2, 2008:

Whoa...how weird is that!? I send you that message, and like a minute later, I get a rating for my Twilight bag...odd...still haven't heard from the girl that's supposed to send to me though. :( Ok, I'm done now. :P

XxMySweetShadowxX on Dec 2, 2008:

So, yeah, you know that Twilight bag that I made for the Crafty Twilighters Swap? The girl I mailed it to...her account just got suspended, and the girl who is supposed to send to me (the girl who set up the swap) hasn't been on in like 2 weeks. The swap was due out on Nov. 21st, so it looks like I got screwed. Had I known all of this, I would have kept my awesome bag that I spent so much time on. Grrr...my first experience with flakers! angry face

XxMySweetShadowxX on Dec 2, 2008:

I've got the majority of your X-mas present together! I'm so excited. :D

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