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Lucine on May 19, 2018:

Hi @jacianne where to start....okay, to be honest! I have a big, big, very big dip in crafting and I also missed some swaps I was watching. It's not that I lack mojo. And I managed to work on swaps on my dashboard, but...not with a lot of enthousiasm.

My latest inspiration is the herbalist course that I do. We have to make 3 products for 24 students with herbs of course and we present it on our last class this year which is next Saturday, 26th. So I have to be crafty all the way. We've learned to make herbal oils, lotions and cremes, so I decided to make a lotion and a creme in two mini jars with my diy herbal oils. We haven't learned about making soap, but I make mine for years. So my third project is soap using herbs, a small piece of herb soap for every student (no jar needed).

I had to wait for the mini jars and some ingredients I ordered, meanwhile thinking about the recipes. What did I want to make for what cause? And how I want to present it. Here is where I had to think about my paper crafts:)) Yes, it got me on the table in action with a notebook, a pen and my Cricut expression;)) That for days!

Now I have my recipes ready, materials and ingredients waiting. And I know how I want to use my papercrafts to make my jars and soaps look nice and to label my products.

But then, yesterday I wanted to start after my preparations and I noticed that I forgot about my thermometer! Guess what...I can't find it;( Very annoying, because I've used it recently. So where did I put it? And I don't want to buy another one! Well, today I'll search for it again and if don't find it I will buy another one. It isn't expensive, but I don't like to have two of the same utensils lying around;) Yes, I almost lost motivation, but I still was inspired and this swap kept me going:))

Today I want/have to finish this project. After that I'll proceed with my swap-bot swaps:)) Thank you for hosting the "My latest inspiration"swap:))

A very, very long story;))

handcraftedlove on Apr 24, 2018:

Hi, I went through your profile and found it very interesting. I really liked the way you mentioned that this site can lead to form meaningful friendships. Would you like to be my penpal? Do let me know if you are keen. You would already have my address as i was one of your swap partners for pocket letter swap. But, do message me your address and i will write to you over this weekend. Cheers !

shiloh73 on Apr 16, 2018:

hello awesome vibes from your profile thank you for accepting me :) in the group lets craft and trade how fun

turtlelove84 on Apr 10, 2018:

Thank you for coordinating the Build your ratings now!!!!! Swap.

alt text

sassafrass on Apr 7, 2018:

Thank you so much Jacianne! I appreciate you sending get well wishes my way :)

iheartletters on Apr 4, 2018:

Hello :) Just dropping in to say "Hi" and leave an inspirational quote!

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Warren Buffett"

Esthercita79 on Apr 3, 2018:

For the Getting to know you group-swap: Hi Jacianne, nice to meet you! I enjoyed reading your profile and will check out your youtube channel :) Happy Swapping! Esther

emeraldawn on Apr 2, 2018:

Build your ratings now!!!!! Swap

Jeanb217 on Apr 2, 2018:

Hi, I enjoyed reading your profile. You live in a place I would love since I love to scuba (mostly snorkel now). Are you in the U.S. Military? I was in the U.S. Navy for three years. I loved it. Singing the opening to Friends might be corny, but it's also fun and beautiful. Enjoy the moments! Take care and happy crafting! Jean Blender

cllfdl on Apr 2, 2018:

Keep planting seeds you never know what will take!

build your ratings now swap

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