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Something New

I have two emails now - one is with shaw.ca (the old one) and the other is gmail.com (a new one).

James Blunt makes me emotional.



I've always had a love of foreign (to me) coins and banknotes, so would love it if you could help me increase my collection.

When sending me coins, please let me know what they're called in their country - as much as I'm appreciative in getting them, I'm not very knowledgeable with what the currency / name is.

Whenever we go on vacation, I try to find pressed pennies. If you have extra's you don't want, they'd be loved. Again, please let me know where they came from.

Trades would be a welcome option!

US Quarters:

AL (1), AK, (1), AZ (1), AR (0), CA (1), CO (2), CT (2), DE (1), FL (0), GA (0), HI (1), ID (0), IL (1), IN (2), IA (2), KS (0), KY (3), LA (1), ME (0), MD (2), MA (3), MI (1), MN (1), MS (0), MO (0), MT (0), NE (1), NV (1), NH (3), NJ (1), NM (1), NY (4), NC (1), ND (1), OH (0), OK (0), OR (1), PA (1), RI (3), SC (0), SD (1), TN (1), TX (1), UT (3), VT (0), VA (2), WA (1), WV (1), WE (1) WY (1), DC (1)

I've recently received a state quarter with Northern Mariana Islands on it! And, I have what the sender called "The Drummer Boy".

I also have a Sacawajwea gold $1 coin

Canadian coins:

BC (1), AB (3), SK (4), MB (0), ON (1), QC (3), NB (2), NS (1), PEI (0), NL (1), YK (1), NWT (0), NU (0)


The only thing I ask of my partners is don't send me pink - I just don't like it and I never have. I'm not a girly girl in the slightest way possible. I like BRIGHT over pastel any day!

Please be patient with mail! Even between Canada and the States, mail can take over a month. I had one swap take 39 days to get to me from the States, and now a swap of mine took 40 days to get to my partner there - the same day I resent (naturally).

Just recently, I received a swap from New Zealand that took 4 months to get here - her resend only took a month! This, of course, is because of COVID.


On January 2017, I made a list of the map cards I have. The list is updated whenever I get a new map card. I've been VERY responsible with this, and continue to be so (Jan 21/21).

The number beside the country/place is the number of pc's I have of different mapcards; duplicates aren't indicated (but are loved), nor are partial scenes of a particular place (except the Florida Keys).

North America (1):

Canada (7): British Columbia (7), Alberta (3), Saskatchewan (3), Manitoba (1), Ontario (4), Quebec (3), New Brunswick (2), Prince Edward Island (4), Nova Scotia (3), Newfoundland (0) and Labrador (0), the Maritimes (3)

Territories: Yukon (0), Northwest Territories (0), Nunavut (0).

United States (5): Alabama (3), Alaska (11), Arizona (5), Arkansas (2), California (10), Colorado (4), Connecticut (3), Delaware (2), Florida (7), Florida Keys (2), Georgia (3), Hawaii (5), Idaho (4) Illinois (2), Indiana (4), Iowa (3), Kansas (7), Kentucky (1), Louisiana (5), Maine (2), Maryland (3), Massachusetts (5), Michigan (5), Minnesota (4), Mississippi (3), Missouri (8), Montana (4), Nebraska (2), Nevada (2), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (3), New Mexico (2), New York (1), North Carolina (7), North Dakota (2), Ohio (4), Oklahoma (4), Oregon (2), Pennsylvania (6), Rhode Island (1), South Carolina (2), South Dakota (2), Tennessee (2), Texas (7), Utah (3), Vermont (1), Virginia (3), Washington (2), West Virginia (3), Wisconsin (6), Wyoming (6), (Territories): Guam (0), Puerto Rico (0), Virgin Islands (1)

Australia: 1 of the country, 2 showing its size compared to Europe (very differently), 1 of New South Wales

New Zealand: 5 of the country & 11 of the different areas:

North Island - Wairarapa, Hawke's Bay, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel Peninsula, Wellington & Kapiti Coast, Waikato, Auckland (2)

South Island - The "Top of the South", Canterbury, Southern Scene


UK: I have a lot of "parts" of places in England. Do have a couple of Scotland, a few of Ireland and a couple of Great Britain.

Mexico (0)

Central America (0): Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama

South America (1): Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil (1), Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile

Europe (3): Austria (0), Belarus (0), Belgium (1), Czech Republic (2), Denmark (1), Finland (5), France (4), Germany (4), Greece (0), Holland (5), Italy (1), Norway (0), Poland (0), Portugal (1), Romania (2), Spain (1), Switzerland (2), Sweden (0), Ukraine (0)

I'd love to have a postcard from each individual province in any European country that has them!

Others: Iceland (1), Greenland (1), Turkey, Africa (1 of the continent, one of S. Africa), India, China, Malaysia (1), Japan (1), Russia (3), Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, etc etc etc.

I have Bermuda, Tortola, and two of the Caribbean Sea. I have one of the West Indies.

More postcard likes are down below (I like to receive my postcards blank and in an envelope - not written on).


August 20, 2020 - I received an order of shaped paper clips today, and organized them with the others I have. I thought I'd keep track of them here.

updated Jan 21/21:

SKY: bird (2), flamingo (8), owl (1), butterfly (6), airplane (10)

SEA: manta ray (5), fish (4), whale (5), turtle (4), tortoise (5), mermaid (1)

LAND: rabbit (5), pig (7), horse (3), stag (3), elephant (1), dog (1), cat (15), bear (7)

PLANT/FOOD: flower (13), cactus (1), pineapple (6), apple (3), ice cream cone (7), carrot (1), dog bone (6)

HUMAN: face (2), body (1), heart (5), foot (5), hand (2), breast cancer symbol (1), Yeti (3)

HOUSEHOLD: coffee mug (4), wine goblet (2), envelope (4), present (1), lightbulb (24), numbers (1-9), musical note (2), guitar (2), hat (1), safety pins shaped like a bulb (33), clothes hanger (1)

OTHER: coiled shapes - vee (1), star (1), circle (6), triangle (2), square (2), arrow (3)

December 11/26, 2016

The updates on my profile show both the date AND year, which is a bonus everybody likes. Wish everyone would do this.

Please - update your profile, especially if you join profile-based swaps. I sometimes wonder - are you/your husband/kids still sick? Have you moved? How's the new job going? etc etc. :)

Most of the statements on my profile are from the early days of SB (November 29, 2008), which many SB'ers will know.


Fave Books/Music


May 9/20
Since the closure of public libraries, I've been perusing the Little Libraries people have in front of their homes.

I've just read my second book by the author Kate Quinn. The first one was "The Alice Network" (borrowed from the city library), and this one is "The Huntress" (found in a Little Library). Both are excellent with strong female leads during/after WWII. Not my usual forte, but a riveting story is always captivating. I highly recommend these two - read The Alice Network first, if you can, though it isn't imperative; the main character is mentioned in the second novel.

Stephen King (most of them but to me 'salem's Lot was the scariest book I've ever read), Robert McCammon (Swan Song - a long story, but I didn't want it to end), Dean Koontz (Watchers - my first Dean Koontz and it got me to read them all; I even read it again), Jodi Picoult (just started her books - kind of whiney but that's the way people are these days), and others.

8/4/20 - UPDATE

Just reread 'salam's Lot after 40+ years, lol. My daughter asked me what I thought of it, and I told her that when I was much younger, it really scared me. She asked if it still did, but I hadn't come to the part that I remembered. I have now (I was getting worried that I didn't recognize it, but, yup, still remembered it when I got to it). As can be expected, it wasn't as scary now. Stephen wrote a bit different back then, but he was a lot younger, too. It's still a good book.

I like to read, so I read a lot, but I read so fast that I can't remember the books I do read - have you ever started a book, and know that you've HAVE read it, but you don't know what's going to happen, so you just continue to the end? Well, I've done that. More than once.

The Chrysalids (also called Rebirth), by John Wyndham is one of the best - read that one a lot of times. When I was younger I loved the Outsiders, by SE Hinton.

And, to age myself, before that - Trixie Beldon - The Gatehouse Mystery. I must have read that one seven times!

I don't like most movies made from books, and I'd rather read the book, but I was glad I saw the movie, The Godfather, before reading it. Most of Stephen King's books are slaughtered when made into movies. I actually thought that Needful Things would make a great movie, but... Ahem, it wasn't, LOL.

I've seen the Game of Thrones and now am reading the books; they're a bit tedious because of all the archaic names, but I want to watch the show again (and I'm glad I saw the show first - I'd never be able to picture who was who).


Try radiogarden.com! You can listen to music from all over the world.

I love the blues and, what I think is called, "alternative" music. I like rock, easy listening, and swing (think "In the Mood" by Glen Miller), too - I listen to a station you can log onto on the web: CKUA.com (Friday nights from 9 pm and Saturday from 3-5 pm they play the blues - Sunday AM they play swing). But, the station plays everything, and it's listener sponsored, so you don't hear ads. I hear music played by people I've never heard of and I LOVE (most of) their styles. Try it out.

I don't like classical, jazz or rap, so I do have to change the station sometimes :).

James Blunt, Ruthie Foster, Natalie Merchant, Molly Brown, Corey Hart, Huey Lewis, Uriah Heep, Dave Mathews, Los Lobos, Stampeders...

Favorite Movies

I don't see a lot of movies anymore. I did when I was younger - living on an Air Force base in Germany, I went to a movie every Saturday with my 25 cent allowance. A movie and a bag of fries is what that bought. Hayley Mills was one of my favourites back then - The Truth About Spring, The Moonspinners, etc.

Favorite Television

I like quirky comedy. There isn't a lot on TV anymore. I tend to rent DVDs from the library. Mrs. Brown's Boys is hilarious; I've been watching Blackish and it's funny :)

Favorite Crafts

Scrapbooking ruled once upon a time (I actually finished an album), but because card-making is so fast, I finish them more often than any of the albums I dream of having someday (there's no way I can give anybody a "store bought" card anymore)!

Since discovering Swap-bot Nov/08, ATCs rule these days! I spend so much time making these little gems, that everything else has been put on the back burner!

2018 - ATCs, APCs and postcard making is what I mainly do now. Mixed media and collage is awesome!

About Me

My first swap: X~Mas Card Swap International Nov 29/08 - there was over 400 people who signed up, with about 15 people who never sent.

I think I joined SB before this date (is that why I'm an "original member"?), but was banned from a recipe swap, because my profile wasn't long enough (HA, that changed, didn't it)!

I shrugged my shoulders and forgot all about SB; then I found it again! Haven't looked back.

Personal stuff:

I met my husband in 1992 and we married exactly 5 years later. We have a few children between us, all of them grown now.

I'm a camper - my husband and I have an acre sized campsite about an hour and a half away from the city and visit it every weekend if the weather allows. My parents had a place there before us, and that's where we got married.

I would love to have an acreage. Have always dreamed of living on a farm.

I'm an Air Force brat, so travel is in my blood - plan to see more of this planet. When we lived in Germany, mom and dad took us camping all over Europe - lucky me.

Have always had an interest in photography - my husband bought me a great camera so one of my retirement plans is to really USE it. 2018 - still haven't done this; now I have a smaller digital camera and use it most of the time.

July 5, 2011 - last day of my "real" job. Husband retired 2013 and we're content to putter around at home, or the campsite. How did we find the time to do things when we worked??



Please, if you're considering dental implants and going to Costa Rica to have it done, DON'T go to Prisma (with the big red lips). There are quite a few good doctors - research, research, research. I went on the word of a friends cousin, who had permanent implants put in. I haven't heard lately how her teeth are.

To hear the whole story, pm me.

Laser Surgery

If you can, do it BEFORE needing reading glasses. I can tell you now - you have to have glasses with you all the time, or at least accessible (in the car, in the bathroom, by the computer, in the kitchen, by your crafts, at the store), etc, etc, etc. And it's easy to forget to carry them around with you. They're always on the top of my head. It's a pain in the butt, but great to be able to walk in the rain :)

Likes & Dislikes


I like bright colours - red, yellow, and the different kinds of blue there are.

I like having little kids around, teaching them to cook or do crafts - expand their world. With babies, the first thing I do is have them touch something - usually a plant.

Love the vintage look; things that are old. Things from old books, old tickets, pictures. I like sorcerer pics, dark, mystical visions. Love the steampunk look!

The following likes could be for anything to do with rub-ons, stamps, die-cuts, etc.

I like: faux stitching, doodles, trees, wild animals & bugs, birds, ocean stuff, travel, nature, ducks (the real ones, not the rubber ducky ones), horses, grass, lighthouses, fairies, mushrooms, dinosaurs. dragons, pin-ups, tasteful nudes. I'd love to get some decent punch-outs or die-cuts - unusual ones, not hearts and squares (who doesn't have those?)

If somebody wants to trade some punch-outs or die-cuts with me I have a cool carousal (horse) punch, and others (wings) - I can send a list of what I have. Just pm me.

Feb 25/17 - Since this was written, I have a ton more die-cuts to share!

I like pictures that could be incorporated into an ATC - kind of off the wall, or macabre, quirky, not cutsey. Dragons, mermaids, Boris type art.

I like Native art, and masks.

I'd really like it if you wrote a bit about what you're sending me - why you like it and what you'd like me to know about it. Or even just something about yourself!

I don't wear jewellry, but I'd like to get "parts" that I could use - I'm getting into Steampunk art.

I love "Classic 45" scrapbooking paper, Zetti, the grunge look, Tim Holtz.

If you're from another country, I'd love it if you'd send me a coin or two from where you live. I've started to collect all the specialty quarters that I've just learned about on our trip to Florida this year (Apr/18)! Or a postcard (especially a map card), or a postage stamp (used is fine), or anything else different from what I'm used to seeing here.



I don't like any kind of pink, bright or otherwise, and don't like pastel colours. I still remember, as a child, my bedroom walls painted a pale green!

Disney, cutsie, lots of small anything, pet things, stuff for kids (mine are grown), wedding items, stickers with sayings on them, religious themes. Crayon drawings of "cute" things. I'm way too old to appreciate them - I'll give them to the young folk in the family :)

I don't need stickers - don't use the ones I have, so please don't send any. I don't like too much glitter, but I use Wink of Stella. I don't like stickers on the art you send me. Unless it's so nice, you can hardly tell it's a sticker! You know what I mean.

If you're sending me a recipe (food or drink), I don't like coffee, coconut, tequila or scotch. I'm not an adventurous person with many types of seafood (oysters, sardines & mussels), though I like fish and large shrimp.


January 29/18

I've just learned about maxi-cards! I thought it was just big postcards, but they're the ones with a corresponding stamp on the front of the postcard (not a real stamp, but a picture of one). Apparently, Australia issued a postcard with each new stamp they bring out - please send me one, if you can (blank and in an envelope, please).

November 4/13

I seem to really be interested in postcards lately!

I've been fortunate to receive some nice ones (that I can't ever find - in stores, anyway). The only ones I had were the touristy ones that I bought when away from my city.


Store bought pc's: I'd like mine sent blank/unwritten on, in an envelope, if it's allowed in the swap (or even if it isn't).

I'm not going to join many "naked and stamped" postcard swaps - I like to send some of 'em on when needed (themed swaps, more than one in an envelope, etc). I keep lots, just cause I like them so much.

I like lots of things, but anything "different" would be great.

If you sent the following, you'd be just fine:

map cards, map cards, map cards!! If you have any Canadian map cards, I'd love them. I'm also trying to collect all the US states, too

steampunk, retro ads, nudes, naughty, fairies, dinosaurs, sci-fi, fantasy, monsters, old comics, movie posters, some movie stars, space (stars), water (rivers, waterfalls, lakes, ocean - I love water), lighthouses, tropical (palm trees, beaches), ships (rocket, sailing, etc), muscle cars (I used to have a 1972 Challenger - I rue the day I sold it), aboriginal scenes/portraits (from any country), art, bright and colourful (NO PINK or PASTEL for me) and I've never seen a Christmas postcard (I have some of these now - cool, and thanks)!

I don't care for touristy postcards (but LOVE map cards). I don't care for reconnoissance art, but I do love Toulouse Lautrec art.

No kittens, puppies or cute things, unless it's a human baby. I do like horses. Not crazy about vintage, unless it's something to do with the above likes. I don't like them just because they're old. I was recently sent a vintage pc of a Hula dancer - that was fine.

Homemade postcards: I like to store them in photo albums, so please (if you can), keep them 4 x 6" so they'll fit (10 x 15 cm). These can be sent naked OR in an envelope.


December 11, 2016

I always rate and I don't flake. If I ever do, I'll take this statement off.

Because, why would I want to earn that 3, or (shudder) 1?

If you get my swap, I'd appreciate a rating. If you didn't, please let me know so I can fix the problem. After a month or so, I will pm if I haven't been rated to see if my item made it to your house.

Dec 11/16 - I care that you don't want me to bother you to see if you forgot to rate me, but I care more about getting my ratings, so I will be contacting you. Hope you read profiles like I do.

Postal workers in Canada don't work on weekends, so if the send date is a Saturday/Sunday, they won't be postmarked until Monday. I try to have it done before the w/e in those cases. I always give extra time for things - especially overseas, before rating (and will check before giving a 1 or 3). Even crossing the Canada/US border seems to take forever sometimes. See the top of my profile!

I will sometimes put something in the closest mailbox on a w/e, and hit "sent" that day, but it won't be picked up until the next p/u day. I don't worry about it, if it isn't due. If it's DUE to go out that day, I take it to the post office, so the stamp will have the correct date on it.

I don't automatically give a heart because of extra's. Except for postcard swaps - if you've given me an extra one, from my profile likes, on top of sending me great cards, then why wouldn't you deserve a heart? I always send an extra postcard, and hope my partner does, too.

If something makes me say "wow", you'll get a heart. Even if it has pink in it, you might still get a heart, but you'll know it's your art that got it for you. Hope you'll do the same for me.

October 16, 2017

If I send you something and the glue (or anything else) hasn't done its job, please tell me!

I've learnt recently that I was given a heart for a swap where the backing had fallen off the ATC - of course, I thought everything was fine. Then, much later, I was told my work was "subpar".

How can I fix things if I'm given a heart for something that wasn't considered "up to par"?

I want a heart if it's extra special for you - that's why Swap-bot introduced them; what they're for. If you think my swap is "subpar", please let me know, so I can fix it.

March 1, 2018

I have learned that pizza boxes have a shiny surface on them, so things don't stick as well to them; I've begun to use a sanding block on those surfaces to roughen them up and make that glue stick - I use Arlene's Tacky glue.

THINGS FOR ME (and you, if you want):

Hosting Help

Markdown help


Comment: Thank you for a great swap of 4 PC's for the swap! You asked, where do I keep my postcards? I keep them in plastic containers that have 2 way flip lid. I got them at Dollar General. I used to use shoeboxes. But after awhile the paper on it was peeling.
Response: It would be nice to have lids that close, to keep the dust off them. Good idea; thanks for the idea and the heart :)
Mareree10 rated for Sheetload of Card March on Apr 10, 2021
Comment: Lovely cards and great colours you picked. Ty
Response: So nice to hear you like them - see you in the next round! Thanks for the heart rating :)
2bneat rated for OoO: Washi tape swap on Apr 8, 2021
Comment: I just received your swap today and I'm almost through all the washi you sent. Thanks for the great selection - you sent so many! You are right, the black and white is my favourite but I love them all. Thanks also for including a letter, it was so fun to read through how you decided to choose each washi and the history of the cards you used. Thanks again for your swap.
Response: Happy you liked them; my sister was thinking of asking John if he'd like his bar card back, but they didn't end up friends, so she said, "nah". So many years ago, anyway. Thanks for the heart :)
Crafty rated for MDC SWAP 2 for 2: SPRING! on Apr 7, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the MDCs for Spring. Love the birds & love the travel theme!
Response: Good to hear :)
Comment: Thanks for the great postcards and cat sticker
Response: Glad you like them; thanks for the ❤️ rating!
Comment: Oh my goodness what a gorgeous postcard! Thank you so much!! The composition and contrasts are absolutely lovely, it made my day when it arrived!
Response: It took it's time, didn't it? But, I'm super happy it caused you happiness! Thanks for the ❤️ rating.
tampatha rated for Sheetload of Card March on Apr 5, 2021
Comment: Sandra I really loved your cards! Of course green is my favorite color! Thank you!
Response: Awesome! Thanks for the heart :)
Comment: Amazing maps. Thanks
Response: Great swap!
Comment: It’s here! It is wonderful! Thank you for all the efforts!
Response: How wonderful to hear - I'm so happy; this news has just freed up my day, lol! Thanks for the heart(s) - 🥰
YooperHill rated for CPG: Abstract Painting - Global on Apr 3, 2021
Comment: It arrived & I like them all thank you!
Response: What a relief! They both came at the same time?? Weird! I'm glad you like them - yay!!
olenaspicer rated for AAA: SC Coin USA/CAN #313006 on Apr 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the neat ATC coin and your note. I will check out the groups you mention - thank you for telling me about them. How cool we are connected on insta now, too :)
Response: Thanks for liking the Coin, and for the ❤️ rating!
kizzlets rated for ManE INT: Origami Paper Envelopes on Apr 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the happy mail! Much appreciated!
Response: You're welcome - thank YOU for the heart rating :)
PaperPassion rated for SS - a Rolo! on Mar 30, 2021
Comment: Love the napkin on the rolo.So beautiful.Thanks so much.
Response: I'm happy I've learned this technique - glad you like it, too! Thanks for the heart :)
Comment: Received my first rolo today and it is very nicely done. Really like the technique and colors you used. Thank you for the extra blank rolos too. Happy spring.
Response: Isn't it funny that we both used tissue paper? I hope you join a rolo swap someday :)
Comment: Thanks for the great postcards. The map one is new to my collection :)
Response: Now, that's something I'm happy to give you! And, you got them fast for these days - thanks for the <3.
9O96O rated for SPCP: Postcard #313047 on Mar 26, 2021
Comment: I like the idea of using 2 photos, one as a background. What a lovely sweet deer. Such huge ears. How cool that she visited your backyard. I like the frame of washi and the matching Nuvo drops. I've never heard of Nuvo drops -- time to check Amazon.ca :) Thanks SD!
Response: She was actually one of two deer that visited us that day. Nuvo drops are something I often use, you'll love them. Thanks for always leaving such nice comments!
9O96O rated for MAS Rorschach Ink Blot ATC on Mar 26, 2021
Comment: Very cool. On the glossy paper, it almost looks like a photo. I'm impressed with the ink. Very fluid. The ripples of ink look great. My immediate impression is 2 kidneys attached to the spinal column. The layers of fluid ink also make it look like some weird tiny creature viewed through a microscope lens.
Response: Your explanation is more thoughtful than my initial assessment - like you, a spinal cord but I was thinking lungs :)
Karmi53 rated for CS Animal Series: Bear on Mar 25, 2021
Comment: Hi Sandra l just love my bear atc mommy bear and her baby is perfect thanks alot it will be going in my bear journal. And thank you for the extras too take care
Response: You're welcome, Carmen - I thought you'd like them, so I'm happy to hear you do :)
Comment: Thanks for hosting this fun swap. I was hoping I'd get to send TO you, but at least I get to be the recipient of yours. Love 'em all, and most especially that hilarious Sushi & Bait shops one, & of course the Edward Gorey card. Muchas gracias also for the much appreciated bonus packet of stamps. Hope the swap I sent to you back on 3/11 reaches you soon.
Response: haha, I knew you'd like that one! Thanks for wanting to send to me (I would have liked that, too); I'm waiting patiently for that swap.. I know it'll get here soon. 🤞
Comment: Clever choices, and thank you for the bonus kitty too!
Response: Thank you - so happy you like what I sent you :)

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Lonestarchild on Mar 29, 2021:

Thanks so much for the the A&N Feb WTA. Love the plant cards. Good luck with your gardening! No gardening for me this year -- it's another move summer!

HippieChick on Mar 25, 2021:

Thank you for thinking of me this month in MAW! I really like those mushrooms! Thank you for sharing them. And the postcard is adorable and surprising accurate for hubby and myself!

CrystalZ on Mar 23, 2021:

Thank you for the fun Cuba postcard for my collection! I appreciate you sending me this for my March Make A Wish list.

debbiespoms on Mar 23, 2021:

Hi Sandra! Received the 3 map PC's via Postcard Hideout. Thank you very much. I honestly forgot you were sending these to me. But again thank you & they will be very useful for swaps.

anicka22 on Mar 23, 2021:

Thank yousooo much for the beautiful atc’s! We Love, Love, Love them ( make a wish march)

LauraM540 on Mar 22, 2021:

Thanks for the adorable gnomes and awesome ephemera from the Pick 2 Tag!

FeltPrincess on Mar 18, 2021:

Hi! TYSM for the lovely birthday card and tag. I really liked everything you sent. And the little tiny artwork squirrel is super sweet. :)I'm so sorry for the delay. I've been depressed. again. But your thoughtfulness is very appreciated! <3

pianoheart on Mar 18, 2021:

Hi. I am happy to learn that the tag arrived safely. "Milk cap bottle cover game" is "POG," a game that started on Maui in the 1920s. In the game, young children stack the milk bottle covers and then hit the stacks with a "kini" (heavier disc), to earn points based on how the covers fall. The covers were from the glass bottles of a fruit drink called "POG," a mix of pineapple, orange, and guava juice, sold by Haleakala Dairy on Maui. So the game POG is named after the favorite children's fruit drink.

sleepykitty on Mar 17, 2021:

Thank you so much for the February 2021 WTA envelope of postcard treasures!

mejulia on Feb 19, 2021:

Thank you for the great postcards from the postcard trading group wta, I love them

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