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KatePossum on Dec 17, 2018:

Bonus Medical Joke ;)

“Statistically…. 9 out of 10 injections are in vein.”

KatePossum on Dec 17, 2018:

Newbie Friendly- Profile Joke #8

Hi There,

I just saw you were in hospital, I hope you are feeling better. Wishing you a Merry Xmas. Here is a special Xmas joke for you ~ Kate

"What does Santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney? Claustrophobia!"

aligurl75 on Dec 10, 2018:

Profile Joke #10:

Why did the turkey cross the road?

He wanted to prove he wasn't chicken. :)

KatePossum on Dec 9, 2018:

Newbie Friendly- Profile Joke #8

What did the grape do when he got stepped on?

He let out a little wine.


Traceyk on Dec 9, 2018:

Hello! I was wondering if you received the swap I sent for "Happy Little Notecards #83?" I would be grateful if you'd rate me.

Typicalfemale on Dec 7, 2018:

Profile joke #10

What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?

A dino-snore!

lperry on Dec 7, 2018:

What did one math textbook say to the other math textbook? I have a lot of problems.

Newbie Friendly-Profile Joke #10

tentmari on Dec 4, 2018:

Newbie Friendly - Profile Hello #22

Hi Jaimie,

Did you get your tree up over the weekend? My daughter got sick and we had to pistpone. 😕 Hopefully we will get it up soon. Have a great day ☺

Bubblegum on Dec 4, 2018:

What's a cupcake's favorite weather forecast?


sunnylightmode on Dec 4, 2018:

Hi there! thanks for joining the profile hello swap, it's so friendly. hope you have a great day & whichever holiday you celebrate is wonderful! :)

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