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Birthday: September 27
Country: United States

About Me

So the partner couldn't have a heart and just wait. I also tried contacting the host who did not respond (much less read my messages) i took her star away for that reason on the swap. The redo is the mail and hopefully will be fancy enough this time. I have photos this time as proof and will add them here if needed as proof. I am glad some people live in a fancy perfect world. I just wish the host would have done her job and responded.

I didnt think i would ever have to write this here but i dont accept friend requests from other swapers that i have NEVER had any interaction with. I also will very picky (respect of my husband) on any males i add as friends. I just blocked a male with no profile, ratings, ect. So be on the look out.

Please give me time to send and to rate. I do NOT appreciate being pushed to rate you the day after a swap closes. I have health issues and a family which come first. I do not expect to be rated the day after please dont expect of me. I do my best to rate when i receive the swap (letter, email, ect)

I recently received a pen pal letter judging me on my page here. Saying that i was not going to make a pen pal for them. Dont judge a book by its cover. Just because you say love green and its not one my top favs doesn't mean that we cant be friends. Or cause im religious and your not. I wont "shove" mine on you if you dont "shove" yours on me. Pen paling is about making friends. Having differences is a good. They can you a look at something for another angle. Im pen paling for friends not to judge or be judged. I try to give everyone a chance to be friends in pen paling. 11-20-19

Update: due to work, life, ect we try to go 2 times week to the po box. And check it. Thursday and Saturday. Sometimes its just Saturdays. Thanks for understanding. 10/2/2019

Update 2: i mark sent as soon as i place place items in the outgoing mail where i personally live. So if we place my stack in the box on say sat after pick up the post mark will be for mon. If i dont i will forget to mark sent. Thanks for understanding 10/03/2019

I plan on trying to up-cycle envelopes and other items. (I use online billing for some items and left with the somewhat usable envie) i did get this idea from another swaper on here. Im not that cheap but i hate wasting.

Im a mom of a teen daughter. Im a Christian. Married for 6 yrs. But together for 7yrs. We enjoy hiking, being outside, Day trips. Due to my health right now i would only like to do 1 or 2 swaps at a time and easy, simple ones incase i become under the weather again. I just dont want someone thinking im lazy. For me this is a hobby and not to get over whelming and stressful.

We have 2 dogs, 1 ferret, 1 rabbit. We had to put my lil taco down nov 9th He was 15yrs old. And became sick and couldn't recover.

If you dont receive swaps please let me know. Emails do get typed wrong, mail gets lost, ect. I do try to snap pocs on my phone of letter written, bible studies, ect so if you dont care i can print and resend.

Im also not afraid to give you a 1 if i have reached out to you after not receiving your swap. I know first hand life gets in the way. All i ask is you reach out to me personally (here is fine) not a group message. If You dont respond to my messages, profile posts, emails, ect i will rate a 1.

If you sign up for swap plz rate swaps as they come in. Again i know life can be crazy but it is disrespectful not to rate and it hurts the others ratings.

For Christmas time:

I would love (if you wish) to have swap sent in Christmas cards to me. Glitter, religious, other countries, ect. I hang them on the wall around our tree. New or used from that great aunt sally you cant stand. Lol. If you cant hey no biggie. Just some have a stacks laying round or ones they plan on tossing. Thanks.

Favorite Crafts




*bullet journaling

*word search

*pen paling. (Open to ladies only for respect of my husband for private pen paling/swaps. being in a swap and getting paired is different since 99% swaps are sent one time to that person)

Favorite Books

*Nora Roberts, *readers digest

*james Patterson, *guideposts

*mystery, *real simple

*Amish reads, * women's day

*Julie Garwood. *bible

*crochet world/ any crocheting book/ magazine

*Some romance. *charlotte hughes

*Love inspired books.

*Danielle Steele,

*Lawrence Bechtel.

*Janet evanpvich

Collection/ Wishes

I collect the following



*Pressed pennies,



*Inspirational quotes for bullet journal.


Wishes if needed for swaps:

*items i collect



*postal stamps: used or unused unique, old, other countries

*stamps and stamp pad.


*scrapbooking items.

*calendar pages with pics and sayings, quotes, animals, verses, ect. Small ones like sit on the desk or mini calender

*atc. I received one and id love to see others. Its something id like to learn more about. How plain/fancy others do before i try.

*Be able to see places from all over the world. Either by going there or tons of phots sent to me (see the world through others eyes).

*Strawberry tea if anyone can find it. Even if you can physically send it please tell me where you/how you got it at.

*Teas and coffee.

I appreciate anything sent to me. Its the thought that counts. I find ways to use it. Its in my personal use or i cant use/dont like ill send to a new home.

If the swap call for a "stuffer" please dont worry that i will rate down if i dont like it. I have received items from pen pals that i didnt really care for but i thank them anyway and never said a word. I was raised it is the thought that counts. Im sure i have sent items to others they didnt care for and they never called me out.


*I love handmade items. *Sunflowers, *roses, *all flowers

*lizards, *frogs, *turtles, *angels, *butterflies,

*humming birds, *rabbits, *ferrets , *i love sweet tea,

*coke cola. *Nestle crunch, *kitkat, *reese cups are my weekness when it comes to chocolate.

*Candles but i can only be around fruity scents or like flowers, lavender. No spice or woods smells due to migraines.

  • Love bright cheery colors

    *goats milk products like lotion or soaps. *

*Christmas is my fav holiday.

*Spring, summer and fall are my favorite season's.

*Tea and coffee- strawberry teas, black teas, sweet tea. sweet coffees


*Animal lover.

*vintage, homemade items are very loved here.

Postcards can either be mailed stamped or enclosed. I don't care so i guess Just follow the rules of swap. I usually put them in photo albums anyways. *If you have for multi swaps for postcards save money and send them all in an envelope.


*Spicy foods Or products with alot of soy ( Allergy to soy sauce).



*Stink bugs.

*The colors green and black. ( mainly applies to like yarn, crafting things for me. Black is very hard to crochet with. Dont get to worked up over this color thing. Even if i get black yarn in swap im not one to um..... Pitch a fit over it. Or say green envelopes. Not a big deal. I was raised to be greatfull for what i do get. Someone became all tore up over my color choices)

*Not a Halloween fan.

*Anything to do with Wicca.

*No politic stuff.

*Winter season due to the cold making health worse. But its so pretty when it snows and i love Christmas

Favorite Television

We cut our dish off. Now just roku.

Love: Golden girls, Grey's anatomy.

Just fished watching last man on earth, handmaides tail.

I also watch
*Young and restless *chicago fire *heartland *bold n beautiful. * station 19. *good doctor. *heart of dixie

Started watching: *how to get away with murder. *Revenge. *Emergence *Private practice. * dr pol *911. * nightwatch *911 lone star. *heartstrings dolly parton *Everwood.

Favorite Movies

I watch funny movies, or action movies. Some romance. Alot of family movies like Disney

Little women.

Favorite Music

Country music is my favorite. Old school 90s music. Some Christian music.


aprilivy rated for Pinterest Lovers - Crockpot Meals on Feb 17, 2020
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
junemoon rated for Write A Letter Quick Swap #3 on Feb 17, 2020
Comment: Thanks for you letter and I hope you are well again. It must be fun to have a rabbit an a ferret for pets. I'm sorry, but I have too many writing swaps and other things in my life to answer these letters. Thanks for sending and telling me about yourself.
SeleneW rated for A Note For You # 35 on Feb 16, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the fun card! I really like using vintage cards too. I love your llama stamp!
Comment: Doh! I hope your next fun day has no hick ups! Thank you for the pretty card!
Comment: Such absolute cuteness! Thank you so much for the lovely postcards! I love the goldfish! ♥️ Hugs, Jill
Comment: Will pass it on!!!
debbiespoms rated for What's In Your Garden on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the pretty flower PC and telling me about your gardening.
LindaW rated for Spread the LOVE on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the nice handmade card. I like the roses on it. Thank you for the letter about your pets, the Bible bookmark and craft paper.
SkaGirl rated for Anything Goes PC Swap #1 on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: Thank you!
SkaGirl rated for A Note For You # 36 on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: That dog looks so dope! Cute card!
MarthaB rated for Bookmarks! on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: I believe that is the most beautiful bookmark I have ever received. Your note was very nice and I loved the extras. You are very nice Amanda, thanks so much. It is swaps like these that make me want to keep doing them!
Response: Aww thank you so much. That means a lot!! Im so glad you loved it. Hugs
ToujoursMoi rated for Postcards With a Prompt #74 on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the great card. I wish you luck with learning these new things. I learned sockknitting via youtube.
marymary914 rated for CPG Jan '20 Mini Tag - US only on Feb 15, 2020
Comment: This tag was not decorated according to swap rules. Will re- rate if swap resent with embellishments. The hostess has been notified.
Response: You could have waited to rate. You knew i was contacted the host also. Dont worry though its in the box for tues mail. Please re-rate so i join my usual swaps. Having a heart and waiting wouldn't hurt.
MissNyx rated for Pinterest Lovers - Crockpot Meals on Feb 15, 2020
mchesser12 rated for Profile verse decorations on Feb 14, 2020
Comment: Thank you for decorating my profile page with Love Bible verses.
Comment: Hello I will be writing you back this weekend Amanda, thanks!
Comment: Thank you!
mailsbyjah rated for Amazon Prime Video #1 on Feb 14, 2020
Comment: I'll definitely check that out! Is revenge available on netflix or prime?
Response: Um im not sure. I guess maybe google the show? I found the show by accident on hulu. The main character plays in another show i use to watch.

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mchesser12 on Feb 14, 2020:

for: Profile Verse Decorations

from: Melissa (mchesser12)

mysmashbooklife on Feb 12, 2020:

Hi! This is for: Amazon Prime Video #1. I am watching Locke and key on Netflix. Just finished the first episode and i have to tell you, i find it a bit weird. But it has my attention, it is so weird i want to watch the next episode. I like a bit of mystery in every tv show, so i am excited what this show is all about!

Have a nice day!

Melanie xxx

Ashzaller on Feb 12, 2020:

Hi! Amazon prime #1 We are watching man in the high castle. It’s so crazy good! I get a little confused sometimes but my husband is a history buff and loves to help me understand lol. It’s really worth the time !

IDreamOfAfrica on Feb 11, 2020:

Unicorn profile decorations

1 1 1

euniceq on Feb 10, 2020:

✵ Unicorn profile decorations ✵

mysmashbooklife on Feb 10, 2020:

Hi! Thank you for joining my Unicorn profile decoration swap! I hope you like the pictures i choose!




IDreamOfAfrica on Feb 9, 2020:

Profile verse decorations

1 1 1

euniceq on Feb 7, 2020:

✦ Swap #8: Kawaii ✦

❤ Thanks for sending bonus images! ❤

grammypammy on Feb 6, 2020:

I noticed my 3rd image didn’t show up! Also, thanks for the images on my profile.

Hugs Pam

IDreamOfAfrica on Feb 6, 2020:

Swap #8: Kawaii

1 2 3

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