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RiverSong on Apr 1, 2014:

My middle name is Jane. Which always sounds to me a bit plain (I didn't mean to make this rhyme!) I'm not entirely sure where it came from aside from the fact that my mother wanted us all to have the same initials so both me and my sister are TJ's. My mum said it was so she could open our mail to prevent fights but there could be more of a significance to it...

Mizchef on Mar 30, 2014:

Super Simple Swap: Middle Name. Hello! My full name is Madeline Grace. My middle name was given to me after my Great Grandmother Sarah Grace. She was my great on my Father's side of the family. She was a great woman and I am very proud to be named after her! She was very influential in 50s and 60s for women's rights in South Carolina. I am happy to have her middle name!

3stairs on Mar 29, 2014:

Super Simple Swap: The Middle Name Game - My middle name is Dawn. According to my mom, it "just went with" my first name Crystal, which was after a pretty baby that she remembered in the hospital nursery when my elder sister was born. I frequently get asked if my parents were hippies when they hear my first and middle names together.

Sulieen on Mar 28, 2014:

Your very welcome! :-D

PAStryloVER on Mar 27, 2014:

Your very welcome for the fimo slices tag thanks for letting me know it arrived :)

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