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leonarasnick58 on Jun 13, 2016:

Profile Based Deco:

Hello from Panther, WV!! I thought I'd share several images with you that I hope you like :-) I have two grandkids (grandson Casey 13 and granddaughter Katie 8)

alt text]

alt text

alt text]

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Jennifer2004 on Apr 26, 2016:

Oz Great and Powerful Profile Comment Swap #2

I hope you like the pictures I chose!

MichelleGG2 on Apr 26, 2016:




Johndeeregurl44 on Apr 24, 2016:

bluecrayons on Jan 25, 2016:

Leave a comment and a pic on your profile.

Yea wizard of oz was a nice movie.

drgngirl on Jan 9, 2016:

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I have always liked the Wizard Of Oz! It's a great movie! I like how Dorothy takes care of everyone and hates to leave them in the end. Also, chocolate should totally be it's own food group! I could totally live on dark chocolate forever...as long as it didn't make me fat! Lol I couldn't resist the rubber duckie earrings. They are too cute! Enjoy your comment and pic!

DerpyShy on May 25, 2015:

As a nurse don't you have a say that chocolate is part of a food group I mean seriously?! I think it should be at least. Though I did have a dietitian say that having an energy drink every now and then was safe, so chocolate shouldn't be safe too right?

~Easy profile comments #7

lilymonmomma on Apr 29, 2015:

Here are you Wizard of Oz Graphics, I hope you like them! I love the munchkins personally but I thought this was cute and funny!

NaomiD on Apr 28, 2015:

Dorothy and Toto wicked witch under house The ruby slippers

My favorite part of the movie is when it changes from black and white to color. It always seems so magical! (Wizard of Oz Profile Comment Swap #2)

DerpyShy on Apr 28, 2015:

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