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About Me

UPDATED 1/30/09

I'm 42, married to my husband Evan 14 yrs. Chicago is where we came from and there's where we met and fell in love. We don't have any kids, however we're raising Evan's niece Skylin and in my heart she's like a daughter to me. I love it when she calls me Mom. She's been with us for almost 4 yrs. These teen yrs.,have been the hardest for us. Anyone out there want to give us some tips and/or suggestions our door is wide open-LOL

We loved it here in Las Vegas when we came to visit for the holidays about 8 yrs. ago and fell in love with the mountains, palm trees and weather. We figured out why my parents and sister were raving so much about it! So, the moving trucks left IL headed to Las Vegas and it's been home for 6 yrs. My parents, sister, brother-in law and my beautiful yr. old niece live here too:)

$10 Kawaii stationary swap - US only.

Sanrio Scavenger Hunt - US and Canada only (person sending to me has been deleted from Swap Bot-JUST LOVELY!) 1/29/09

Keeping my tootsies warm-US and Canada The user has been suspended-Great,huh and this was the swap I hosted! **01/17-09

You'll have a GREAT swapping experience with me!

I'm addicted to swapping and have been swapping for over 16 yrs. I want to ALWAYS make it an enjoyable experience for you:) If you smile from receiving one of my swaps, that puts a BIG smile on my face and I grin from ear to ear:) It's a great feeling! ALL swaps come from a smoke-free home. Everything I send is new and hasn't been around the block a few times if you know what I mean-LOL



If I've received your package and didn't rate you, please let me know and I'll go right ahead and do so. We all know how much we want to be rated. I don't want to let anyone down or take days to do so when it takes a few minutes to let you know I received your swap:)

Please don't rate me a "1" without contacting me first. I can then get back to you and see what went wrong so I can make IT UP TO YOU. I'm not a bad swapper and wouldn't FLAKE on anyone. I didn't join Swap-bot to do badly on swaps. I joined to have fun, meet others, mail and receive awesome swaps!

I do keep up with the swaps I mail, maintaining contact to see if they are received. If you don't receive a swap from me within a reasonable amount of time (2 weeks from deadline to mail) PLEASE contact me, if I haven't reached you.

---I have been experiencing a problem with partners not sending, sending late or not sending anything at all!!! However, this is not fair, so if I don't receive I will PM you and if nothing comes from that, I will rate as deserved.

---PM me with ANY information. I DON'T check e-mail as much as I do here at swap-bot.

PLEASE include a PRINTED NOTE with your username, swap name and your name when sending a swap. I don't have time to search through packages to rate YOU! Thank you:)

Last but not least ****PLEASE don't send packages smelling of smoke! I'm allergic to it****.

About Me

Here's some information on my LIKES


---I LOVE Sanrio's characters these are my favorites: HELLO KITTY (my #1), CHARMMY KITTY, MY MELODY and LITTLE TWIN STARS.

If you send me "anything" Charmmy Kitty I will love you forever and try and give you millions of hearts!

STICKERS ---Sanrio sheets of stickers and sticker sacks.(not from Target,etc. but licensed authentic Sanrio brand) of all characters BUT Badtz Maru. Other loves of Sanrio items include: NEW letter sets (with more than 8 sheets of paper and 4 envelopes), long letter pads, loose letter sheets, letter sets (2 pieces of paper and one envelope to one set), memo pads, note pads, mechanical and wooden pencils with erasers, pens (with a dangling Hello Kitty icon ONLY). USA-HA-NA, Sugar Babies, Chibimaru, Cinnamanroll and Deery Lou are also among my favorites,

AGAIN: I love ALL Sanrio (original and lisc. not from Target or Walmart) you can get at the Sanrio stores, on-line, etc.





TEDDY BEARS-I collect them. I love anything to do with teddy bears. If it's on a tablet of paper, letter sets, note pads, memo pads I just have to have it! I own Cottage Collectibles, Boyds and many others:)

---My favorite colors are: pink and second is purple. Other colors are: black and white. I don't like orange and browns AND NO neon colors either!

Letter sets, stationery, stickers of the following: -LOVE anything with "hearts" -Anything with "teddy Bears" -Tare Panda, Shiro Petto -I can always use: pretty, colorful/colored envelopes. -Regular UNFOLDED matching stationery and envelopes (2 sheets of paper to one envelope) PLEASE DON'T send folded letter set(s) or sheets of stationery, memo pads, letter pads-anything folded as I might want to use it for a swap. -Gel/glitter pens -Metallic pens


---For sticker swaps:

-Winter stickers (snowmen, trees, cup of hot chocolate, scarves, mittens, cute sayings like, "HO HO HO", etc. -Suzy Zoo PLEASE -Sanrio (Hello Kitty preferred, but others welcome!) stickers only. None of Target's stickers/non licensed. -Winnie the Pooh and the gang (prefer Eyyore and Pooh) -Glitter shiny anything stickers! -Butterflies -LOVE Hearts -LOVE Teddy bears -Fish -Dragonflies -Smiley faces

Mrs. Grossman, Sandylion, Provo Craft, Susan Branch, Stickopotamus, Frances Meyer, Jolee's Boutique, etc.


-Fall, winter spring (but no Easter) and summer -Brand names preferred and some can be found at: Michaels, JoAnne's and any of the scrap booking stores. Stickers from Hallmark, Target and Walmart are always welcome.

IF you have any other questions about stickers, please PM me!:)


Candles-tea lights, votives (holiday scents, Cucumber Melon, Honeydue-ALL from Hallmark only), cute votive and tea light holders, anything to do with snowmen, small teddy bears, hearts, cute Hello Kitty socks, tea (prefer herbal-love tea especially when they're in their individual packages), can never have enough mugs, pens, teddy bears, letter sets (2 sheets and one envelope per set-UNFOLDED), stamps-I can always use them:) LOL

Gift cards-BATH AND BODY WORKS, STARBUCKS, Target, Walmart and general ones I can use anywhere:)

I'm really getting into soft ankle socks. I love them!


SAN-X ANYTHING unless I agree to it, ANY cosmetics, food (including chocolate! LOL), crafty things (except for handmade cards and envelopes-LOVE them!), recipes (unless their low fat and have lotz of flavor), coupons, NO SANRIO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS, NO SANRIO plush, anything used, NOTHING with smoke....I have allergies.

Favorite Television

"Reality" TV shows, House of Babies, Code Blue, Trauma Life in the ER (some of the Dr.'s are cute!), Babies Special Delivery, Supernanny, Deliver Me, John & Kate Plus 8, Big Brother, Survivor, Project Runway, Cash Cab. Real Housewives of Orange County/New York, Grey's Anatomy, Girls Next Door, The Bachelor and more:)

Favorite Books



Catra rated for Lady Rose's 15 Questions Swap on Sep 4, 2009
Comment: This swap was angelled by notme78!! Sorry I did not contact you but i was just goin through my lists!!
Comment: I absolutely HATE leaving this rating but I feel that I have waited long enough with no communication. You had mailed this and unfortunately it was returned to you for lack of postage or wrong address (sorry I cannot remember the exact reason). When you got it back you left me know and said that you would get it out in the mail the following week ... ... then I heard from you and you said that hubby's hours had been cut at work could I wait xx amount of time - I said no problem. After awhile of still not receiving I pm'ed you and you informed me that you had not mailed it yet but would have it out the following wee (this message was in the beginning of April). As of today I still have not received anything and my last 2 pm's have went unanswered (1 of those was sent to you before the last time you were on). I will gladly re rate accordingly when I receive. Again, I am sorry to have to leave you this rating but I do feel that I have been patient enough.
missalysa326 rated for Polish me colorfully on May 17, 2009
Comment: Thanks for sending this... and for the extras. I loved the mani/pedi kit!
marcsgrl rated for Lady Rose's 15 Questions Swap on May 11, 2009
Comment: I never received this swap from you.
lisaahart rated for Lady Rose's 15 Questions Swap on May 10, 2009
Kengi rated for Lady Rose's 15 Questions Swap on May 10, 2009
Comment: Soooo cute! Thanks!
Darleneh710 rated for $5 Gift Card Swap on Apr 26, 2009
Comment: 4/13/09..It has been 4 weeks since the swap was supposed to be mailed (March 16), and you lied to me on several occasions stating that you had mailed it. You, also, clicked that you sent the swap on March 30th or 31st and then sent me a PM on April 11th stating that you would be mailing it out on April 12th. You have lied to me so much for this swap, I wonder if it is even worth it. I wish you would just be true to your word. I will consider changing my rating if I receive anything, but as of yet I have not received anything. ****Update**** I just received the gift card on 4/24/09. Thank you for finally sending.
Comment: I enjoyed your answers and 5 bonus questions
Response: I just re-sent the answers to your e-mail and address here. I'm sorry for everything. I didn't mean to forget your name when answering the questionairre.
Comment: Thanks for re-sending and the extras!
Response: You're welcome:)
Comment: Never received this swap. ETA: I rated you as I should have as the dead line was 24 days ago and I stated I would change the rating once I DID receive the swap. I am sorry I can't take you seriously as you have said your dog died, you had personal problems with your niece, you were in the hospital and your husband lost his job during other swaps, each one being a reason for your not sending a swap out. You have insinuated I've lied about receiving this swap when I do believe that is the pot calling the kettle black with a personal swap we did outside of swapbot because perhaps you did not think the dollar amount (which you did not set) didn't match what you sent. You are using this swap as a personal vendetta you have against me for a swap YOU DID RECEIVE but are lying about. YOU ARE LYING ABOUT ME SAYING I WOULDN'T CHANGE THE RATING ONCE I GOT THE SWAP. IF ANYONE DOUBTS ME ON THIS I WILL GLADLY SEND A SCREEN SHOT OF MY MESSAGE TO THEM. No we were 'friends' for about a day until you started sending me annoying texts saying you hadn't received your swap. Julie you need to stop lying or just stop signing up for swaps you can't commit to. ETA:As promised I am rating now that I have received this swap. You did lie about when you sent it which you said was the 4th of April but it is post marked as the 11th of April and you marked it as sent on the 29th of March. It saddens me that you have treated me so poorly with this swap as well as the one mentioned above and I rated you as I should have.
Response: This swapper won't be happy no matter what I do. I did tell her I mailed it this past Sat. 4/5. I was rated over the weekend with a 1 when the swap didn't have a chance in making it to her! A month ago I mentioned to her my husband having problems w/his job. That didn't seem to matter to her while other swappers were SO understanding. She's going by the 2 week deadline, BUT not people having other personal reasons they can't get the swap out on time. She said she won't change the rating (1) even if she got the swap. I did state on my profile to please get in touch w/me BEFORE rating me a 1 or a 3. this wasn't done. I also want to let you know we WERE friends.
Comment: Julie, you always send such nice swap packages! Thanks so much!! Lynnie
cakes61804 rated for Long Email Survey Swap on Apr 11, 2009
Comment: I have no choice but to rate a one. Never recieved. I think I was being pretty fair and understanding when you were ill and when your daughter was ill. You claimed to send and then resend but then messaged me saying you were in the hospital and was going to send at the middle of march. It is now april 8th and I still have not recieved. I hate to give a one but you set the sent date as 2/28 it's now 4/8 and I havent recieved anything. I have also opted to not give a star since you flaked on your own swap you put together.
Niklovas rated for Long Email Survey Swap on Apr 6, 2009
Comment: Thanks! I enjoyed your answers! :] Sorry it took so long to rate!
bubbleburd21 rated for Long Email Survey Swap on Apr 6, 2009
rejoyceink56 rated for Long Email Survey Swap on Apr 2, 2009
aallen66 rated for Long Email Survey Swap on Mar 26, 2009
Comment: Thanks for your answers. I hope you are feeling better now.
Response: You're more than welcome. I always have fun with these surveys. I have another one of mine coming very soon. Check back, OK?Thanks so much for the heart:)
Sarah28 rated for Long Email Survey Swap on Mar 26, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much for sending this even though you just got out of the hospital! I hope that you are ok now and will not have to go back in! Take care!
Response: Thanks for your concern. Nope! Hopefully not any more hospitalizations. Thanks for the heart:)

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Jenann82 on Jun 25, 2009:

Julie, I got your message and I hope you are doing well. Please take your time and send when you can.

Zefaniya on Apr 17, 2009:

Thank you for the resend, I appreciate it.

Ilovekawaii on Apr 17, 2009:

It seems your getting on the flake route.. Thank you for an UNFAIR 1 rating , a while back! Now your ratings and messages about you tell me, I was right all the way! Because of your unfair rating, I don't have the need to swap anymore because I did my best for all swappers and people like you destroy the fun I had.

cbjenks on Mar 10, 2009:

Just wanted to make sure you received my Thirty Questions E-mail Swap sent on March 7. Let me know if you didn't and I'll resend. Thanks! :)

YankeeUnicorn on Mar 3, 2009:

Hey there my friend:) Just checkin in with you. I hope things have gotten better for you:) I got something for you yesterday and am going to send it out to you today:) Hope you like them:) I can't wait to get my swap from you:) I am so glad that you liked the Hello Kitty necklace watch....I think they are too cute!!!

browniemommie2005 on Mar 2, 2009:

Hope all is going well for ya - have not heard from you in a few days. :0)

Hugs, T

ButterflyPrincess on Feb 27, 2009:


YankeeUnicorn on Feb 21, 2009:

Hey girl! Yesterday in the mail I received the item I ordered you for our private swap:) I opened it up to make sure it was okay and wrapped it back up in it's bubble packaging:) It is going off in the mail to you today! I hope you like it:) I think it is really cute:)

Jex on Feb 20, 2009:

Hello! You are invited to my new swap:


Hope you join us! n__n

YankeeUnicorn on Feb 18, 2009:

Just following up on our private swap:) I heard from the seller on ebay, he shipped the item on the 7th from Hong Kong so it should be here anytime now:) I will keep you updated:)

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