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Apology & Disclaimer

Greetings Fellow Swap - Bot Swappers ... ...

Upon arriving at my profile you will notice that I have acquired quite a few "1"s.

My very 1st "1" is for a journal swap that although I had sent, it never made it to it's destination.

Then there are 7 "1"s that I received during a time that was very troubling and difficult for me. I lost my grandmother in 2009 and did not have the time to grieve or deal with everything that was going on. Having 2 children I had to be strong not only for them but for my grandfather and mother as well. Everyone around me was grieving but someone had to keep it together to make sure that bills got paid - housework got done and such. While I kept pushing my grief to the back burner both my grandfather and mother had been admitted to the hospital for different reasons but were in for a week plus. I just kept pushing forward in life and doing everything that needed to be done. Pretty much I was the glue holding not only our family together but everything around us together. Fast forward a little over a year and finally all the stress had had it's toll and I cracked. I literally hit the bottom darkest hole of depression and was having trouble getting out of it, being a mom, still trying to hold the family together and swapping and ended up flaking on a number of swaps.

I had left Swap - Bot for awhile while I was trying to recover and take care of myself. When I did decide to return about a year ago I had contacted all the partners that I had flaked on so that I could make things right. All the while I had also signed up for some new swaps because I missed being a part of this community and friendship. While I was trying to make things right I ran into some in the community that were quite rude about my past misgivings and I was not going to allow myself to be subject to that so I left again. Here comes my 9th "1" because although I had sent the swap - unfortunately it did not make it to it's new destination but because I was so distraught about the treatment I was receiving I didn't even know it never made it until I signed on this week (06/05/2013).

I want to apologize to all of my partners that I have flaked on. I have been part of the swapping world for roughly 10 years and have been flaked on numerous times over the years. I know first hand how disappointing it is to put time and effort into a swap and then not receive. Please know that it was never my intention to flake on you for those swaps that I was your partner for. I hope that you will give me the chance to make things right with you and send you some "Happy Mail".

I also want to apologize to the community for my flakage and becoming a swapper that hosts are skeptical of having in their swaps. I hope that I can not only make things right with my partners but also with the community.

Sincerely, me

~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~

I just want to say that the "3"s I have are for swaps that I had flaked on during that horrible period in my life and was able to make right with my partners in 2012 when I returned for a short period of time.

Also, if you look at the Swaps that I am currently in ... these are the Swaps that either were never received or that I did in fact flake on. I saw a post in the etiquette section about making right and one of the suggestions was marking those swaps flaked unsent. I hope the community here knows that I am trying to correct my wrong doings.

It Is ALL About Me ...

~~~~ Profile Updated 06/06/2013 ~~~~

Member since January 2008

My page is a work in progress ... ... when I joined I just put up the basic stuff but have learned that I really did need MUCH MUCH more detail. So I am updating and will be updating as I think of other things.


Hi, I am Tabitha a 34 year young mom who loves life and all that it has to offer me. I am still struggling to find my place in this world and claim the part that was meant for just ME!!!!!

I am from MD - born and raised although for the last 10 years I have been a transplant on the Eastern Shore. I love being on the Eastern Shore but do miss the season changes of Western MD. I am a half hour away from the beach so if you can not reach me it is a good assumption that I am at the beach with the kids.

I have been happily married to my knight in shining armor since 1998. We met in a bar and although could not have cared less about the other ... ... fate had it's own idea and played a heavy hand. Sure there are days that I would like to do him bodily harm but I love him and know that there is no one else out there for me and me alone.

I am more of a rebel now than when I was a teenager. As a kid I always was on the straight path and did what was expected of me. Now that I am an adult, wife and mom I like to be my own person and do what I like whether or not it is what is expected of me. I have died my hair funky colors ... ... wear more funky jewlery now (things like Hot Topic would sale) and like to have a uniqueness about the way that I dress.

I am a smoker but try my hardest to make sure my swaps do not smell of smoke. I only smoke outside my home and once I come in I wash my hands. Should I suspect that there may even be a trace of smoke and have read your profile and noticed that a) you or a family member are allergic or b) find the smell of smoke offensive I will put in a dryer sheet with the swap to deter the smoke smell. (I am trying to quit!!!!!)

I am a [email protected] to my wonderful children, CP3PO and TDL. There are my life and everything that I do I do to benefit them in one way or another.

Wiccan Pride

I am Wiccan. Although I have not found the specific path that is right for me I do enjoy being eccentric and fumbling my way through. I was baptized Lutheran when I was an infant but I did not have much of a religious background growing up. As I became an adult I struggled even more with the Church and finally one day stumbled into a New Age shop. I fell in love immediately and knew that this was the path I was to be on. I am a firm believer that in all lives ... ... past, present and future I will come to Wicca at some point for it truly is in my blood. I have fumbled my way through for the last 8+ years but have recently made the decision that I need to become more focused in my path and am going to get back on track with all of that.

We are an animal loving family. Thankfully hubby is not as keen on them or I probably would own a zoo in the city because I have such a hard time telling the kids no about animals coming in the house. Hubby is definitely the enforcer here.


~~~~~ LISTENING TO ~~~~~

I love most any types of music. I do not listen to only one specific genre. If you pull up the music on my computer (or MP3 player for that matter) you will come across anything from country, hip hop, r&b, rap, 50's & 60's, dance, rock, hard rock, celtic and even kid stuff (Jonas Brothers / Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus / Cheeta Girls / and young stuff like they put on in elementary school) .

I have always been like this and enjoy a large variety of music ... ... the only music that I absolutely can not stand is Jazz and Blue Grass ... ... other than that the rest is all fair game. It has never mattered what genere the music is - if it has a decent sound / beat then it will be something that I will listen to.

~~~~~ WATCHING ~~~~

Our TV is on almost all day long. Once the kids leave for school I usually leave it on so that I have background noise while I am on the computer, cleaning, and crafting.

Of course we watch an awful lot of Disney / Nickeloden / Cartoon Network having 2 kids. For the most part I do enjoy watching these shows with my children ... ... sometimes enough is enough and I will ban Cartoon & the like for the day, usually when we are watching the SAME whatever show for the 12th time. You can only take so much of that. (Thankfully we now have digital so it is not quite as bad this summer but still)

When I get control of the remote I enjoy watching ... ... Dog the Bounty Hunter ... ... CSI ... ... NCIS ... ... Law & Order ... ... Cold Case ... ... Clean House ... ... The Duggers - 19 and Counting ... ... Charmed ... ... House ... ... and reality shows like Trading Spouses ... ... Wife Swap ... ... also enjoy watching the FOOD network - especially the competitions like the cakes and such.

Movies - I enjoy comedies and chic flicks but because of having kids and putting them first I usually see "my" movies way after they come out as we have to see the kid movies first. :0) If it is really a movie I want to see I will rent it and we will watch a "new" kid movie and then mine. :0)

~~~~~ READING ~~~~~

I LOVE to read. I could not begin to tell you how many books I read in a year ... ... it honestly depends on whether or not I am in a reading mood and am reading a book a day or have too much on my plate and no time to pick up a book for a few weeks. I do try to at least read a few pages every night when I am in bed but some nights I am just too tired.

I mostly enjoy reading romances, especially paranormal romances. I have also read the Harry Potter Books (LOVED them all), The Twilight Saga (AWESOME), House of Night Series (WOW), Sookie Stackhouse Series (FABULOUS), Amish themed books, and anything Wiccan / Pagan related that I can get my hands on. I also will read teen books. Every now and then you will even catch me with a self help book. :0)

Of course there are a few writers that I tend to lean towards but it is because I enjoy their writing and pulling a story together. With that said, I am always open to suggestions of new authors.

~*~*~ The KiDdOs ~*~*~

the kids

CP3PO is 14 and is very much my girl. We have only one bathroom and if you are not in there before she gets in there you are out of luck for at least a half hour. :0) Oh the joys of raising a teenager. She definitely still has her tomboy moments like farting and burping contests with her daddy and brother. She likes to do her nails regularly as well as dye her hair obnoxious shades and carries a purse everywhere. She enjoys a variety of things from writing (journaling / doodling / writing songs), listening to music (we allow her to listen to anything for she knows that it is self expression and nothing else), and even crafts (perler beads / knitting / crocheting / sewing / making bookmarks / jewelry / any sort of craft kit). She is a very happy child and enjoys life and what it has to offer as well. She is also on an All Star Cheerleading Squad (Competitive Cheering) and loves that. Being a teenager she has a cell phone and an iPod touch but as any decent parent knows there are rules to their usage and I am a strict enforcer.

TDL is 9 and is ALL boy. He keeps me on my toes 24/7 with his antics. When he is quiet that is the most worrisome because you know that he is into something that he should not be. Being ALL boy he enjoys trucks, cars, tools, anything to do with police, firetrucks and ambulances as well as the normal Super Heroes. He has a number of allergies (including foods and seasonal) and was diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago. Although we do use medication now we still try alternatives along with medication. I did not want to medicate in the beginning but he had a very rough year in school last year and was not focusing in class and was a distraction to other students so we decided to give medication a try. I cannot believe the difference it has made. If you have any ideas please share them. I am always willing to try something new to see if it will not only help him but also the family. He is on a Competitive Hip Hop Dance Team.

Craft Time - My Time

Crafts ... well I grew up surrounded by crafts and try to craft something on a regular basis. I do a lot of sewing ... making my own purses ... morse bags ... and even crafts ... make ornaments ... some jewlery ... bookmarks ... journals ... envelopes ... ... and so much more.

If I see something and it interests me I will give it a try at least once. That may be the only time but I will give it a try at least once. Sometimes I will not do it again because a) I did not like the process of the craft or b) I did not like the results of the craft.

I am wanting to learn knitting and crocheting but have not had the opportunity (more like time) to teach myself the fundamentals.


  • journals (blank / filled with your stuff / whatever - I LOVE journals)

  • gel pens - any colors - I love writing with gel pens over the boring ole' black pens

  • anything handmade (I am a crafter and love seeing someone else's work)

  • stationary - any and all - I am a stationary freak - I have received some great "dark" stationary and have to say that by far that is some of my favorite but for the most part I love stationary

  • ANYTHING Wiccan / Pagan related (includes but is not limited to ... ... crystals / stones ... handmade BOS pages {8x8 scrapbook size preferably} ... Goddess Dolls ... Alter Items ... Incense ... Cauldrons ...

  • Prayer Beads - these are a new fascination of my and I am loving the different ones and collecting them

  • Stickers - any and all for I use them in decorating my journaling (prefer no teacher types)

  • Notecards / Memo Sheets (having 2 kids in school these are great to send notes in to the teachers with)

  • Recipes (prefer tried and true but send me anything that you find interesting - NO NUTS please) - ecspecailly Crock Pot Recipes or "cool" recipes for summer cooking

  • anything Fairies - I love fairies and am actually going to be using my collection in the redecorating

  • gargoyles - love these creatures

  • dotee dolls - I would love to give your creation a home :0)

  • dotee making supplies (ribbon / buttons / yarn / fabric)

  • candles - prefer scents like vanilla, cinnamon, melons, ocean, clean cotton, pumpkin spice

  • crayons / colored pencils / markers ( I am a Crayola snob)

  • sharpies / BIC mark it's - all colors loved I am always using these and am in need of new ones

  • fabric (any and all - I am NOT a fabric snob and will find something to use it for)

  • any and all craft supplies are welcome

  • Twix Bars / Reese Cups / Reese Pieces / Whatamacalit bars / Skittles / Starbursts

  • skulls (this is a new fascination of mine - I have fallen in love with skulls and pink skulls)

  • DIY Craft kits

  • anything that is in honor of Breast Cancer - LOVE the pink ribbon items and it is in honor of my grandmother

  • organization tips and tricks (always looking for ways to get better organized)

  • purses / totes / etc ( I am the BAG LADY - the bigger and more unique the better - you know something that no one else will have anything like it)

  • fingerless gloves

  • Play Boy Bunny Items

  • books - especially paranormal romances

  • ANYTHING Halloween related ~ and I do mean ANYTHING!!!!! I absolutely love halloween and enjoy decorating my home for the month of October (heck most of the time it stays up until I am ready to decorate for Christmas. LOL) Recipes, crafts, decorations ~ I will take ANYTHING you want to part with.

  • Pagan / Wiccan themed rubber stamps ~ would LOVE a pentacle / pentagram rubber stamp

  • Candy Molds (especailly Pagan / Wiccan themed or anything unusual - I make paper ornaments with these)

  • 12x12 scrapbooking paper - I use to make my envies

  • BOX TOP LABELS - if you are not collecting for a school near you, please collect and send them to me for my kids school - we spend the money raised to help the teachers with any projects they need

  • Journal Supplies

~*~*~*~*~ OH NO - NOT THAT ~*~

Please do not send me any of the following ... ... ...

  • ANYTHING religious unless it is of the Wiccan / Pagan path

  • fb's / slams / decos / and the likes - used to do them but no more

  • anything of a childish demeanor unless it is specifically for my kids (I am 32 and find it offensive)

  • anything that grows - ya know the stuff that you put in water and it grows ... ... the kids may find them "neat" but I find them disgusting

  • anything torn or dirty

  • anything consisting of nudity unless it is specifically for a swap ~ I do not find nudity or adult theme offensive persay but I do open my swaps in front of my children ~ so with that said PLEASE mark the outside somehow to let me know not to open the swap in front of my kids ~ the group name or even swap name in red ~ just something so that I know to wait and open when they are in bed or at school.

  • useless kitchen gadgets ... ... I am not someone that enjoys these things - to me I would rather have one item of excellent quality that does alot of different jobs in the kitchen than a tool for each job

  • make up of any sort (unless swap specific)

  • earrings - I have allergies to some of the metals and have to be very selective when purchasing earrings

  • any jewlery really unless you know me or it is swap specific ... ... I do not wear many necklaces because I rarely take off my pentagram ... ... earrings I have already stated the issues ... ... brooches - they just are not me

  • ANYTHING lavendar scented - I cannot stand the smell

  • hair clips / barrettes / scunchies - basically anything that you would use in your hair ... ... most of the year my hair is short and spikey and when it is not (when I am too cheap or too busy to get it cut) I only use certain things

~*~*~ ESWAPS ~*~*~

You may notice that I have participated in a number of Eswaps ... ... there is 1 main reason for that ... ...

1) I enjoy learning about others ... ... I feel that usually esawps can get a bit more personal because they consist of goofy questions that usually no one would even consider putting in a letter, etc.

Also, if you check out my ratings you will see that I have received hearts for a number of my eswaps. I am as proud of those hearts as I am of my hearts for other swaps ... ... even though it is an eswap I always try and go above and beyond the requirements so I received those hearts because the givers agreed that my swap went above and beyond.

~*~*~* HeArTs *~*~*~*

I am a huge heart giver ... ... but I do not give hearts for extras, especially what I consider senseless extras.

You will get a heart from me if when I open the package I go WOW - what an awesome swap. Does this include extras sent - NO it doesn't. I do not rate on extras that were included in the package. I only rate on the swap its self - I will give a hear when you can tell that the sender spent a little extra time on it and did not just do the minimum required of the swap.

When I am preparing a swap I take a great deal of time to put it together. There are times that I send extras but I try to make those extras something my partners would like to receive. I also put myself into a swap ... ... this means that even if I have not sent any extras I have spent a good bit of time on the swap it's self and have not just thrown it together but have put my heart and soul into it.

Blessed Be

Blessed Be )0(


Comment: I've been waiting for this for 2 months. This is my 3rd 1 I've ever given since joining SB and I hate it. I prefer giving hearts. I'm willing to re-rate if I ever receive this letter
Response: ***** UPDATE 06/06/2013 **** Unfortunately this is a swap that although was sent never arrived at it's destination.I had left Swap - Bot for some time while I was dealing with life's happenings ... once returning I had hosted this swap while I was trying to correct my flakage from before. I had sent on all my current swaps but left Swap-Bot again because of some rudeness that I did not feel I deserved. This swap was sent but because I had left I did not stay in contact with my partner to ensure it's arrival. I have returned and once again am trying to make this flakage correct. I have been flaked on before and know how awful it is to put your heart into something and not receive something in return. I would like a chance to make this right. I have contacted my partner in this swap today and am awaiting to hear back from them.
snapcrackleomg rated for Journal Of Randomness on Jun 12, 2012
Comment: Sorry I took so long to rate, moving to a new apt is no easy task. haha. Thank you so much for all the cute stationary, not to mention the cute packaging. I hope you and your family are doing well. : ] I love your zentangles and prompts. I will definitely write more as I go through the journal.
Response: Thanks for rating.
cykia rated for Shared Journal Experiment #15 on May 3, 2012
Comment: I just wanted to ask -- is the postcard in the diary for me? Lol. It's lovely! Thanks so much! I can't wait to answer the prompt :)
Response: Yes of course! Thanks for rating & the <3!!!! Happy Swapping!
Comment: Wow - that image was just amazing! I lovephotography so much! Thank you :)
Response: :0) Thanks for rating & the <3!!!!! Happy Swapping!
Comment: Enjoyed your answers.
Response: :0) Thanks for rating & the <3!!!!! Happy Swapping!
Comment: wow, you really gave a lot of thought to your answers, very thorough. thanks for the promptness
Response: :0) Thanks for the rating & <3. Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thanx for sharibg n.n
Response: :0) Thanks for rating & the <3!!! Happy Swapping!
wastedlimes rated for Pen friends! on Apr 26, 2012
Comment: Tabitha, I received your letter in mail today. Wow, what a long typed letter! I really appreciate your time and effort.
Response: So glad you received - thanks for rating. Happy Swapping!
Comment: 4-25-12--Good job getting back in good standing! Nice ATC, good communication about it all, too! I'm willing to change the rating if I receive an ATC late. PM me!
Response: Thank you for not only re-rating but also for allowing me the chance to correct my wrong doings. I greatly appreciate the generosity you showed me. Thanks again & happy swapping!
kraftykj rated for April journal Brownie & Kj on Apr 23, 2012
Comment: Great journal! Thanks so much!
Response: So glad you liked it. It is always a pleasure to swap with you. Thanks for rating and the heart. Happy Swapping.
Comment: I changed your rating to a 5 because you took the time to answer my message and send another. I got a 3 once because I had been sick and my partner said that was no excuse for being late. Thanks so much for bing a good swapper.
Response: Thank you for not only re-rating but also for allowing me the chance to correct my misdoings. I appreciate the genorosity you showed me. Thanks Again! Happy swapping!
Comment: Thank you for the great ATC. I really appreciate your sending it to me, along with your note of explanation. Hope all is going well with you now.
Response: Thanks for not only re-rating but also allowing me the chance to correct my misdoings. I appreciate the genorosity you showed me. Thanks Again! Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thanks for send me the ATC! It's lovely, and so was the note!
Response: Thank you for not only re-rating but also for allowing me the chance to correct my misdoings. I appreciate the generosity you have shown me. Thanks Again! Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thank you for sending this ATC. I'm glad to see you righting your past swapping errors.
Response: Thanks for not only re-rating but also for the chance to correct my misdoings. I appreciate the genorosity you have shown me. Thanks again! Happy Swapping!
Comment: update 4/7/12: tabitha, i received your atc in today's mail. thank you. as promised, i have re-rated you. i appreciate your effort and note. take care, mary ann as the swap host, i have sent ra few eminder emails and have not been contacted by this swapper at any time during the swap period. will gladly change the rating once atcs received. thank you.
Response: Mary Ann - thank you not only re-rating but also allowing me the chance to correct my misdoings. I appreciate the genorosity you have shown. Thanks again! Happy Swapping!
lilpuddn rated for Quotes in the mail swap - USA only on Apr 3, 2012
Comment: Loved this alot!! Thank you!!
Response: You are most welcome!!!!! Thanks for rating & the heart! Happy Swapping!
Rejoicing rated for Quotes in the mail swap - USA only on Mar 29, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the lovely penpal letter and quotes. I love the Dr Seuss one especially.
Response: Thanks for rating. I am glad you enjoyed the quotes I sent. Happy Swapping.
JenL rated for The Shared Journal Experiment #14 on Mar 25, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the prompt! I can't wait to answer it and keep these swaps going!
Response: Thanks for rating! I am glad that you received the journal & are looking forward to the prompt. This swap is definitely interesting
Comment: Will re-rate if I get an ATC from you... UPDATE 3/20/12 - received a very nice ATC with hand-drawn bubbles in a notecard also with hand-drawn bubbles. Changing the "1" to a "3" because the send by date on this swap was 11/1/10 and I received the ATC on 3/19/12. Thank you for the really cute and bubbly ATC!
Response: I am glad to hear that this ATC made it to you and that you liked it. Thank you for giving me the chance to correct this misgiving and for re-rating. I really appreciate it. Happy Swapping! :0)
Comment: Thanking for making good on the swap. I hope things are better for you now.
Response: You are most welcome - THANKS for letting me correct this and for re-rating me. Happy Swapping!

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TC on Jun 6, 2017:

aka @DaddysBabyScorpion969

takehimaway on Jul 12, 2013:

Do you want to do a private swap with me? ♥

YankeeUnicorn on Jul 11, 2013:

I will be sending the swap that was rated a "1" on my profile to you hopefully tomorrow! I had to wait for it to come in from ebay lol but it is here now and will try and get it out to you tomorrow! Please be a dear a re-rate when you receive it:) Thanks so much!

JavaJunkie on Jun 6, 2013:

Thank you for contacting me and being willing to make your flake right. I look forward to getting the ATC and re-rating you. Everyone deserves a second chance! Glad things are going better for you.

PosterGurl on May 4, 2012:

Hello dear, I am in the 'lovely comment' swap and stopped by to visit your page. You seem like an interesting person and your kiddies are just lovely...they have great style! I saw that you like to read, I do too! My favorite genre is chick lit! Anyway, I hope you have a lovely day!!! :)

Yomi on May 1, 2012:

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet. He held up a sign which said: "I am blind, please help." There were only a few coins in the hat.

A man was walking by. He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words. He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words.

Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy. That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were. The boy recognized his footsteps and asked, "Were u the one who changed my sign this morning? What did u write?"

The man said, "I only wrote the truth. I said what u said but in a different way." What he had written was: "Today is a beautiful day & I cannot see it."

Do u think the first sign & the second sign were saying the same thing? Of course both signs told people the boy was blind. But the first sign simply said the boy was blind. The second sign told people they were so lucky that they were not blind. Should we be surprised that the second sign was more effective?

Moral of the Story:

Be thankful for what you have.

Be creative. Be innovative. Think differently and positively.

Attribution: http://www.citehr.com/30615-nice-short-story-worth-reading.html#ixzz1tgiGzzaa

Erica9 on May 1, 2012:

Hope You Have a Totally Fantastic Day!!

Erica9 on May 1, 2012:

Dancing Kitty

queenelisheba on Sep 28, 2010:

hi Tabitha! I wanted to let you know I received the envie of awesome stuff. I got your letter - thank you so much for this! I have changed my rating and hope we can exchange journals at the end of the swap...i'll send you mine and you can send me yours....is this ok?

Stepht on Aug 26, 2010:

Hi Tabi! Thanks for the lovely penpal letter via august wishlist!! I will write back soon! :)

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