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nannycat on Feb 1, 2018:

I forgot to say I would be happy to swap post cards with you I will send the 1st one next week .... have a great day ..Warm regards Wendy

MCGalaxy on Jan 22, 2018:

National Squirrel Day

pennypuppy on Jan 21, 2018:


emeraldawn on Jan 21, 2018:

I here to warn you about natures most unknown deadliest animal

Hiding in plain sight, as cute fluffy clowns, the Ninja Squirrels are behind untold amounts of stolen peanuts and tipped over birdseed feeders.

It has been a long believe the Ninja Squirrel are trained at birth. But some scientists don't want to believe a squirrel can go from this

to this

While many still think the Ninja Squirrel is an urban myth, there seams to be an uptick of this telltale mark that have many more people become believers

I'll leave you with this proof, caught on a hidden camera ...

yvonne401 on Jan 16, 2018:

Congrats for winning BL Bingo! Your prize went out today.



yvonne401 on Jan 11, 2018:

Congrats for winning Butterfly lovers bingo!



elkalsa on Jan 2, 2018:

snow hello this is some snow for you :) enjoy!

Deco your friends profile Snow

yvonne401 on Dec 9, 2017:

Welcome to Butterfly lovers! It's great to have you here!



angeliclizard on Feb 27, 2016:

National Fairy Tale Day!

I really like Fairy tales and Folk stories from all over the place, I think it is a fascinating look into a cultures past!

alt text

1)The Bamboo Cutter (It is a Japanese Folk Story) and pretty neat!

alt text

2)How the Raven Brought Fire(This is a Native American story. I had a copy of it growing up and loved reading it. I probably have it somewhere)

Have a great Fairy Tale Day and Enjoy!

jesslynne on Oct 23, 2014:

Hi there! I am one of your partners for the Cute Halloween Profile Swap. I hope that you like the images ^^

Happy Halloween!


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