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Favorite Books


I love mysteries some classics some modern. Sherlock Holmes in any form and any format is wonderful, I love the Thin man and Mike Hammer too. I would love to buy the PBS series Sherlock when I have spare $ ;).

I like mystery books: Modern times include all the alphabet mysteries (Kinsey Milhone) , several food themed series, several witch and ghost series and basically anything I walk by that seems interesting. I also loved the true blood books and all Janet Evanovitch book. The ghost and Mrs McClureand Chet and Bernie PI series are fun too.

Favorite Television

Not really a big TV fan , I grew up in the 80's and to go with that have fond memories of the mystery and adventure shows of that decade. Also 80's Britcoms Are you Being Served, Good Neighbors, and the lot.

Recently PBS science shows I liked Castle and Elementary. Newer shows include Murdoch Mysteries when I can find it usually at 3:07Am and Lucifer. In the past Forever, Nova, Nova science Now, Nature, MASH. I also like PBS mystery series esp Sherlock, Poirot, Miss Marple. I also watch antenna TV (retro) Burns and Allen and Jack Benny late at night and watched the entire Dark Shadows and all Addams family series on video.

Older cartoons Scooby Doo Where are you was the best, Animaniacs, Tiny Tunes, Thundar the Barbarian, Classic Looney Tunes

Favorite Music

rock from soft to metal. classic swing and I have no memory for names I just know if I find it pleasing. i like to listen to old me radio mostly comedies some suspense . things like Burns and Allen, Jack Benny , the shadow, Boston Blackie, Lights Out and always like the background music in them. I also like going when the philharmonic plays in the parks.

About Me

Guess I should have read and done this first but part of my philosophy for a more interesting life is throw away the instructions. I work in a variety of fields, sometimes and most happiest teaching people about wildlife and caring for animals . I also enjoy building sets and , decorating themed areas for exhibits and teaching about plants. Free time includes, gardening, crafting reading, walking, swimming, baking and probably a slew of other stuff. My personality goes from dark sarcastic to colorful unicorns rainbows and teddy bears which can be an odd sweet and sour mix. Love Disney haunted mansion and antique amusement parks and turn of the century attractions but not into thrill rides. I have also been a fairy, a ghoulish librarian, a dancing buffalo and a fortune teller as part of jobs. Other random notes I like gnomes, elves, fairies, dragons and mushrooms. Pass some coffee please I drink over a dz cps a day and green is my favorite color followed by purple black blue esp turquoise and gray. Flowers are always a correct gift and I have a stuffed (toy) Yeti.

I would like to ... travel abroad take my mom to Disney world (sort of a check) make a better pie crust get an old pocket watch find a working older portable sewing machine learn to scuba dice swim with dolphins be able to afford the Renaissance festival (mega expensive in NY) Thank the Henson family for being wonderful see my friends in California be able to drive create a steam punk outfit/attend an event collect more costume pieces build a miniature Halloween house find someone giving away old hats from the 20's through 50's to wear ditto with clothes

Bill and i have been together 25 years and he surfs, likes lighthouses and is trying to learn to play the guitar .We are both dragon fans and collect them (Old lead filled 80's or before pewter and gnomes. My brother collects too. Any leads on these are appreciated, they are hard to find now.


Halloween is the holiday in my home! Send Halloween anytime no problem with spiders or snakes.

Favorite Movies

Classics like Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffanys, _ ANYTHING with Cary Grant, all the Gene Kelly pictures, All the Thin Man, All the JamesBond begining to present, Charlie Chan.

Campy stufff Rocky Horror, The Shadow, Radio land murders, Hudson Hawk, Who framed Roger Rabbit

Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, All Muppet movies first to present , Fantasia , Alice in Wonderland (Disney versions ) animated and live action., Iron man I and II , Sherlock Holmes game of shadows and the other .

. I like popular animation and have seen all the Disney movies,Dreamworks movies and the like.

Favorite Crafts

hmmmm used to like embroidery but fingers and eyes not the best, maybe paper arts? Cards sometimes but often decorating entire boxes I will be mailing. I like doing envelopes and various 3d projects , a bit tired of ATC's so only if really drawn to the topic and not into APC's either unless something special (Halloween, Alice) Lately the quirky factor is what drives me to pick a theme. I also really like decorated envelopes.


I love bunnies!, porcupines, squirrel, opossum!!! Also deer, bats and the like. I also am particular to tarantulas, turtles and some snakes. Skunks, mice and rats are cute too.

We have bunnies Rocket and Midnight Valentine (boys, 2) a beautiful snake Hallows Eve,a land turtle Speedbuggy, a water turtle Bubbles and Hoover the Goldfish. They almost never get mail but feel free. We also have many garden gnomes and my teddy bear Clyde thinks all coffee is for him ;).

  • update my very handsome Rocket bun boy has gone from our life ;( Our hearts have room for another bun in need of a home, right now just my furry Valentine remains (he is sitting by my feet).

More changes, this year for Valentines Day Midnight Valentine went speed dating at the shelter. No love match but he got along with 2 other bunnies so we have three! Mariel and Ibus joined our happy home and Spot the fish jumped into the tank with Hoover.

Not a fan/Please don't send

While I respect their place in the environment I am NOT a fan of monkeys or representations of such. I know professional clowns who are great people but I don't care for clowns , marshmallow is a no and I have less than zero interest in sports. I also don't do seasonal socks, I wear tights , mostly black sz M or L I'm 5 ft 7 137 lbs. Unless we are talking spiders, lady bugs, butterflies or Anthropomorphic crickets (Chester, Jiminey), not too into bugs. If specific to swap okay

About Me

A bunny made me do it ;)

This is a great kids (Adults) book- please buy it ;)


Breadzim rated for Whimsy Envelope - HALLOWEEN! on Oct 22, 2018
Comment: Thank you! You put so many goodies and extras into the envelope! That was so generous of you! You did a great job. I am going to use all of this for Halloween scrapbook pages!
anrtist rated for APDG ~ Koala month on Oct 21, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the cuties on my profile! Blessings, cc
Response: You are very welcome, thank you or rating!
pattiairel rated for Pumpkin Spice is Coming! on Oct 18, 2018
Comment: Thanks for a nice swap!! I love everything!!!! ♥♥♥
Response: Enjoy the season- thank you for the nice rating <3
MCGalaxy rated for APDG ~ Koala month on Oct 18, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for posting the adorable mages. Sorry for the delay in rating. Especially like the one wrapped in the blanket. He's so cute
Response: No problem on the delay , we are all busy :) Thank you for rating- have a great evening.
kfaye rated for Halloween Wall Pocket, not filled on Oct 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the FILLED wall pocket! It's so cute! I'm going to start decorating this weekend and it will be the first thing to go up :)
Response: It looked sad without any filling :). Thank you for the honor of first decoration and for rating :)
Ramya rated for Halloween Mini Pocket Letter on Oct 4, 2018
Comment: So fun and well made! I love your printed Halloween swap inserts... I’ll use them right up:) The ATCs are amazing! Your letter was fun to read- seems you really enjoy Halloween to the fullest. Thanks for a wonderful 3 Pocket Letter! Happy Halloween and Happy Swapping PS I love how you decorated the envelope!
Response: It's my favorite holiday- can you tell? I am very glad you enjoyed everything and hope the d season is special for you too. Thank you for rating.
CWarner rated for Alice in Wonderland postcard on Oct 4, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the coloring card---I'm definitely going to color this one in and I think I'll use colored pencils. Alice will be-utiful!
Response: I really liked the possibilities with it- thank you for rating and have a happy day!
Comment: Thank you so much. What a great grim reaper.
Response: I am so sorry about that and am sending. It was such a fun project I am glad you liked it. Thank you for rating
auralily rated for 13 Days of Halloween USA/CANADA on Oct 3, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much! The box is so creative and I can't wait to start opening packages for the count down to Halloween :)
Response: Thanks for the compliment and rating . Happy Halloween!
lockerelf rated for Handmade Halloween Postcard #2 on Oct 2, 2018
Comment: So super cute! I love how you used the cardboard to make the fence! I HAVE to know where you got that black cat washi from! It was so adorable!
Response: Thank you for the rating- the washi was from an import store in Pamona CA,I don't even know the name of it, I was working on location and walked past it one day- sorry
marymary914 rated for Black Envie Mail Art-USA on Sep 28, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the cute owl envie!!
Response: You are very welcome- have a great evening :)
Autumn5 rated for Fall/Autumn Profile Decoration on Sep 22, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much!! Beautiful! :)
Response: You are welcome - thanks for rating :)
MCGalaxy rated for Fall/Autumn Profile Decoration on Sep 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the decorations
Response: You're welcome have a lovely day!
thelocalman rated for Fall/Autumn Profile Decoration on Sep 12, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome- have a great day!
Nachtauge rated for VegS: The Bunny Bowl postcard on Sep 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the super cute postcard! I'd love to have bunnies, too, but I don't have the space.
Response: Bunny love to you and thank you for rating!
astrodogg rated for Fall/Autumn Profile Decoration on Sep 10, 2018
Comment: Cute little fox! Awww! ❤
Response: Thank you or rating- have a great day!
itsnobody rated for Fall/Autumn Profile Decoration on Sep 10, 2018
Comment: Thank you. I love the squirrel and the orange flowers. Very pretty!
Response: You are very welcome, thank you for rating
RAINDARGON rated for Darkside reboot on Aug 17, 2018
Comment: Thank you for your great atc and extras,this made my day.
Response: Glad to have been a happy dark ray of sunshine! Thanks for rating
Sammoning rated for Cute Band-aid Swap 2 on Aug 7, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the cute bandaids, a cupcake shaped one... I never seen anything like it before! Also love the dinosore-pun :)
Response: Tahnks for rating! Glad you liked them.
Norsulaulu rated for 1 + 1 July on Aug 1, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the PC! :) I love the idea of little fairies in the garden too!
Response: It was a sweet theme , thank you for rating :)

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