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Godsrockangel on Apr 19, 2011:

I've read through the first journal - I got home and made tea then starting reading. I am so blessed and now feel like I did a rubbish job on yours - It's amazing there is so much detail and the extra bits you've stuck in are so cool - I love the folded up page and the April Fools page where it's clear plastic rather than an actual post. Loving it so much already! Thank you :)

smokeandmirrors on Nov 7, 2010:

Hi, i thought you might be interested in joining The Round Robin Group


If you're interested just click to join and PM an officer with your address. :-) Hope to see you there!

Japonicapopjoy2 on Mar 23, 2010:

Thank you for the fab handmade pin cushion for BB YGM.

The pin tops are so cute too, I can never get shrinkies to stay in shape what's your trick?

jfreeman on Jan 21, 2010:

Hello! I hope all is going well for you. I sent you a PM but have not heard back from you yet. Just following up to see if you received my second package. Please let me know. Thanks!

purplestar on Jan 9, 2010:

Catherine, I loved my 25 days of christmas items. Everything was perfect ! Wishing you a fab 2010, Samx

racheljohnson on Dec 15, 2009:

Love the photo from your British Birds tea! I just posted it along with your event re-cap on the Swap-bot blog. Thank you so much for sharing the event with us!

purplestar on Dec 13, 2009:

I adore my black cat christmas tree ornament :)

purplestar on Dec 5, 2009:

Fab photos Catherine!

Nicc79 on Oct 16, 2009:

Hi!!! Just wanted to let you know i have finshed your quiltie and will be sending it to you in the next week :) I'm so excited!! i think this is a great swap.

Oh and if you want a sneek peek see my flickr ;)

Japonicapopjoy2 on Jul 12, 2009:

Thank you for my BB YGM, I love the super cool papers which you have cardified and envelopicated in mini form.

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