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mgallardo68 on Aug 10, 2018:

I Keep coming here with the hope to see you're back. So sad you're gone! ♥

mgallardo68 on Feb 16, 2018:

I wish I could find out where you are or how you are. You are very missed and makes me very sad that I lost full contact with you. I hope wherever you are, you are at peace. Love.

Fever on Dec 8, 2017:

Oh no, I just stopped by your profile and saw that you're having health issues. I truly hope you will feel better soon and get to enjoy Christmas. I'm sending lots of well-wishes your way. Many, many hugs from Sophie.

mgallardo68 on Oct 28, 2017:

Dear Helen, I hope you're OK! I miss you and I am truly worried about you! Just wanted you to know that I got some tags from you that were sent months ago (not sure why until now, but I never know how the PO will works)... Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts!

This or That tag...
Menagerie Tag
Take Ten...10 !

mgallardo68 on Oct 28, 2017:

For anyone, checking or rating Helen, please note she has been admitted to the hospital since the first week of September and is not released yet.

MadeByRori on Oct 4, 2017:

I hope everything is ok with you. 💖

mgallardo68 on Oct 3, 2017:

I hope you're back!! ♥♥

mgallardo68 on Aug 31, 2017:

Helen, I sent you an email. Love you!!!

anicka22 on Aug 19, 2017:

Thank you for the cute pen and Unicorn pencil for the pick 2 tag from the CPG

phillaine on Jun 5, 2017:

I was SUPER excited to receive your package for The League of Extraordinary Swappers wishlist. I actually squealed when I saw the Scrabble tiles. These are the first and only tiles I have, and I'm VERY excited to start working on making my gifts for my siblings with them. The botanical stationery is just lovely (irises are some of my absolute favorite flowers, too), and the Kiki's stationery sheets make me smile every time I look at them. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful generosity, and for taking such care in putting this together for me. Have a wonderful week! ♥

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