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Birthday: July 7, 1968
Country: Costa Rica
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04/11/2019: Today is holiday and from Saturday 13th to Monday 22, the Postal Offices are closed and services hung (none at all) do to the Holy Week so please, add this to the list!

**04/08/2019: Our postal system is facing again important delays, please add some extra time whether if you sent or are expecting from me.


VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT send me anything edible, PLEASE. This has became prohibited in Costa Rica and whatever food category I might get, Customs will impose on the package importation process that takes several days to be resolved including a quarantine (even for a bag of tea as crazy as it sounds). They are entitled to do this and more! It wasn't as bad as this before and it would really depends of package getting caught by Customs but with the strike, the Government has taken measures and policies destined to push citizens and pay more and more to make them believe the Bill for taxes is the best thing to do. So, the odds to get packages sent to pay taxes has increased considerably (have gone there 5 times already, this month) and more than paying taxes the problem arises when it's related with food coming into the country in any form it's made because nothing is giving to me that is in a box until I clear up the food part. Have learned this the hard way today so really stick to this please :-(.

PLEASE write me if you have not received from me. I promise I will do my best to make it right. PLEASE do not rate me down without even giving me the chance to talk and act.

My basic info

Maria Gallardo
Po Box 1891-2050
San Pedro de Montes de Oca, San Jose 11501
Costa Rica

My :


I am Maria, 50 years old. Mom of three grown children and grannie of 6 beautiful grand-babies. I have a beloved sister and a niece and nephew that are like my own children and we all live together (we are 10 at home, a very organized one). I also have 1 DIL and 1 SIL that treat me as their mom and I love them dearly (even if we fight jajaja).

I love my family above all, also love art, reading, traveling, Internet, movies, classic and indie music, talking, philosophy, philology, history, anthropology, even politics.... I am atheist but I love anything/everything related with religious icons, symbols, ethereal spirits, angels, pagan and so on and I have no problem receiving any of this (only do NOT indoctrinate me please).

I am a sharing person, I do not like hoarding (really minimalist in my possessions). I love to send extras and try to make my best to send your way a good package but by no means, I expect extras back. Though, I do appreciate the love you put in your swaps. This is more important to me.

I quilt, sew, do mixed media, altering, recycling, up-cycling and more. Love cotton fabrics (QSQ only), ethnic textiles and batiks, fibers of all kinds, buttons, papers, pretty stuff, VINTAGE stuff, doing collage, painting, using watercolors, the stars, the cosmos, the humans, the leaves and trees, the ocean, the planets, ribbons & laces. SNOW!!

If you send postcards, I would like them in an envelope and blank, even if the swap calls for a written one (I won't rate you down, I promise it). However, I love used postcards (note cards, greeting cards, etc) for my collages and love used note-cards and greeting cards that I can re-purpose to send my postcards (do not get surprised if I sent your postcards within an used NC! It's only about recycling and re-purposing! I also love used postage stamps of any kind. Your leftovers and de-stash too.

I do love handmade items that show your soul, envelopes 4''x6'' and bigger (colorful and handmade are the best), happy mail into decorated envelopes, painted papers, jelly papers, unique things. I love lighthouses, cherry blossoms, stars, the cosmos, supplies I can use to produce, roses, Christmas and Fall, the snow (oh the snow)... Did I say snow?

I do not like:

  • Dirty stuff
  • Smoking smell stuff
  • Vulgar stuff or rude
  • Pets

I am an honest person, passionate, intense and straightforward (this gives me problems all the time) ...


Comment: This package traveled fast!!! Thank you so much Maria. You deserve 100 ❤️. What an absolutely gorgeous envelope! Those Easter cards make me smile. I wish you a lovely 🐣. Hugs Ciska 💕
Response: Oh dear Ciska, so happy this arrived so fast! Enjoy each bit! Hugs!! ♥♥
LadyJo rated for Pick A Theme Flat Envie 2 - Edited! on Apr 15, 2019
Comment: I am so excited by the theme Paris for this swap! It was packaged so beautifully too! Thank you for going way above the swap requirements! You desire a million of hearts! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Response: Glad you liked what I sent! Thank you for the sweet rating!
LadyJo rated for MAIL ART - Sender’s Choice on Mar 29, 2019
Comment: What a great material envie you sent to me! I will cherish this! I love the enclosures too! I am so glad this finally arrived. I can't thank you enough for the gift card too! All good things take time by mail! :)Thank you again!
Response: 04/15/2019: Jo has informed me that my original swap has arrived. This has no precedent compared with other packages sent to the USA and has caused me big deal of stress & $$ but I am glad it's finally over! ** This certainly tested my temper, I hope my claim give us some answers but in the mean time, have fun while shopping! . Hugs and enjoy it!
Ciska76 rated for Flat Envie of Fun Part 20 on Mar 26, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much! What a joy to receive, as always💕. All items are so pretty. Cannot wait to use them. You’ve spoiled me Maria.
Response: I am glad you liked all!! Sending many hugs your way! ♥
susieq11 rated for Send 3 From the List! #11 on Feb 26, 2019
Comment: Thank you for ALL the amazing treasures you sent!!!! Once again you have spoiled me rotten!! Thank you for your generosity and for joining my swap. XOXOXO
Response: ♥♥♥ So glad I could spoil you! ;-) Hugs and thank you for a sweet rating!♥♥♥
mrsD rated for Handmade envelopes on Feb 11, 2019
Comment: what a wonderful package to open! so many beautiful envelopes and the great postcards too. always apleasure to receive a swap from you Maria, thank you !! xo
Response: So happy you liked them! Thank you for a sweet rating! ♥♥
Comment: Thank you so much for this amazing journal you made and all of the goodies you put inside. I love it and I give you a million hearts!
Response: So happy it arrived safe and made you happy! This was lovely and fun!! Thank you so much! Hugs ♥♥
Comment: Oh my goodness...! Your aprons are awesome! Thank you so, so much!!! The fabric is awesome (not only the two stunning prints, the quality is special) and how you made them... just perfect! My mom was here today and she saw your two aprons when I opened your mail. She loves them and said, you are clearly a perfectionist (just like me...). :D It will cost me some overcoming to use them (they are so beautiful und I don`t want to ruin them!) but it will be a pleasure to wear them while I bake Christmas cookies with Konstantin. :)
Response: So glad you liked the prints. Those are some of my very favorites brands!! Sending much love!! ♥
fluffyjunk rated for Advent calendar for kids on Nov 23, 2018
Comment: 11/16/2018: This is only a place holder until I unpacked everything... :) What I can see so far is way more than I expected! All the gifts are wrapped so cute and I can`t wait to open everything! :D Thank you so much for the calendar...!
Response: ♥♥♥ I look forward to it!!! Hugs and thank you!! ♥♥♥
starrycat rated for FS: Flat stocking stuffer on Nov 19, 2018
Comment: Sorry for the delay in rating Maria, I have been very busy with work the past couple of weeks. Thank you for the stocking stuffer! I cannot wait to see what you chose for me!
Response: Happy holidays!! ♥♥
fluffyjunk rated for lovely Advent calendar on Nov 15, 2018
Comment: 11/23/2018: This is only a place holder until I unpacked everything... :) What I can see so far is way more than I expected! All the gifts are wrapped so cute and I can`t wait to open everything! :D Thank you so much for the calendar...!
Response: ♥♥♥ I look forward to it!!! Hugs and thank you!! ♥♥♥
piratecaptainmo rated for FS: Flat stocking stuffer on Nov 9, 2018
Comment: Thank you! The letter set is just wonderful! I always love being partnered up with you!
Response: Ok :)
anicka22 rated for FS: Flat stocking stuffer on Nov 9, 2018
Comment: Dear Maria, Thank you so much for the beautiful wrapped presents! And 5!! Edit: these notecards are soooo cute
Response: Oh Anicka! So glad you receive them and made your day!!! ♥♥ Enjoy them!!! Hugs!
HaoHaoHao rated for Flat Mail Surprise Swap on Nov 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the thoughtful surprises! I love everything! I wish I could give a million hearts!
zurdoswifey rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #157 on Oct 31, 2018
Comment: Thanks so much for the amazon order...they’re really cute ☺️
Response: Glad you liked them! ♥♥
shirleyinCA rated for 5 Postcards to 2 Partners #157 on Oct 27, 2018
Comment: Many thanks for going way above and beyond swap requirements to get me wonderful postcards on time despite your postal strike!
Response: So glad you liked them!! Sending hugs and thank you for your understanding! ♥
anicka22 rated for FS: Flat Happy Mail #2 on Oct 19, 2018
Comment: Thank you, thank , thank you. Mail from you is always the best!
Response: ♥♥ Glad you discovered and liked it ;-) ♥♥
susieq11 rated for FS: Happy Things PC swap on Aug 25, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful Rodin postcard and your list of happy things!! #10 - life. YES!!!!!! XOXO
Response: Hugs Sue!! Thank you for letting me know this finally arrived!
Comment: I was so glad to receive this package of delightful yellow goodies from Costa Rica! The Leche Dorado recipe sure looks good and I can even read the Spanish. The little dotted envie is okay, its really cute. I never rate down when a swapper sends something on my dislike list - don't want to ruin anyones score for some little thing. There sure are a lot of great items in here that I will really enjoy using.
Response: Ohhh, that's why I included the note regarding the mini envie, because I had very clear your likes and dislikes. I hope something in there is good enough to be used.
blubutterfly rated for Random Envelope 3 on Aug 17, 2018
Comment: On my goodness!! What a wonderful envelope to receive!! Especially on a Friday, I really needed some happy mail, thank-you so much. Loved everything, favourites are the postcards (especially the cat one!), the flamingo and the llama:) You were so very generous!! Again thanks so much♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Response: Glad you liked everything! ♥♥ Thank you for a sweet rating!

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sassafrass on Apr 20, 2019:

Thank you so much for the beautiful stamp sets for MAW March wish! I would have been thrilled with one set, but two has me over the moon! That was so kind and generous of you. Thank you!!

vacths95 on Apr 18, 2019:

I sent your surprise envie. Finally I could use all of my new stamps on one envie haha :D I hope you will like it and I hope it will arrive safely!

Ciska76 on Apr 16, 2019:

Forgot to thank you for the gorgeous handmade things. The little bag with paper and fabric. So lovely! ...and the paper with lace. WOW. What type of glue did you use? No signs of glue, but attached so strongly. Onnce again...thank you so much. Hugs Ciska 💕

Ciska76 on Apr 16, 2019:

Maria!!! Where to start thanking you for my two April wishes arriving both today (Make a wish!). I absolutely love the envelopes you’ve made together with a super nice collection of postcards. On top I received two beautiful vellum papers and I love love love the stamp (I saw on Etsy last week that the stamp was sold and I was so disappointed; realising I should have bought it...). I am so grateful for the wishes you sent me. THANK YOU💕

colleenbUSA on Apr 15, 2019:

Thank you for the stationary! It's adorable!

phillaine on Apr 15, 2019:

What a wonderful surprise to find everything I need to carve my own stamps in my mailbox from my sweet friend. Thanks once again for the gift of creativity, and most of all for your kindness and caring. ♥

susieq11 on Apr 11, 2019:

Maria, thank you very much for the gorgeous Italian stationery set and stickers for Make A Wiah April! Just beautiful!!!! XOXO

anicka22 on Apr 11, 2019:

Dearest Maria, theank you so much for the cutest red riding hood surprises. Love them! Lots of love and Hugs, Anicka

RooBaRoo on Apr 5, 2019:

Look out for an envelope :)

phillaine on Apr 4, 2019:

Thank you, Maria, for the thoughtful and generous gift! These scissors are downright amazing. The tiniest detailed papercuts without slipping because of the micro-serrated edges, no sticking to any tape or adhesive, the large grip handles perfect for arthritis or wrist injury: they really make SO many projects much more enjoyable. Best of all, I'll think of you and your kindness whenever I use them, which will be probably every day. :) ♥

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