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sweetsaltfish on Dec 30, 2015:

@ VivaLaDiane., I have yet to look at this last season of Scandal. Work got in the way

VivaLaDiane on Nov 24, 2015:

You love Scandal?? :) Me too! How are you liking the season this far?

nginn1 on Jan 27, 2013:

I sent your state PC out the other day, hop you enjoy it! I will be keeping an eye out for some Map cards of Georgia and if I find some I will private swap you so you can add them to your collection!

CWarner on Apr 14, 2012:

I just noticed the the heart didn't 'take' for the "A Postcard For You" swap--but I've added it now! Thanks again-have a great weekend! Carol in Denver

susieq11 on Nov 30, 2011:

I left a comment on the swap (Three Postcards in an Envelope #11) but you can send from anywhere! Thank you for joining the swap!

PamV on Sep 16, 2011:

"born in a very tiny caribbean island"...and now live in NYC...wow! That must have been quite the adjustment. I haven't ever been to your St. Vincent & the Grenadines but I have been to Barbados, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and St. Lucia...simply gorgeous!! We have a lot of favorite authors in common. Welcome to Swap-Bot!

Nice Comment #4 Swap PamV

Fritosmom on Sep 16, 2011:

Hello Julian in NY. Hoping this Nice Comment #4 reaches you on a bright shiney day. We have crafting, Nora Roberts (I have collected 80% of her books and hope to meet her in person soon) and Dancing With the Stars(I have never missed an episode). WELCOME TO SWAP-BOT:-)

mcovey on Sep 15, 2011:

Hello it is me again we are partners for the leave a comment , 1st I like to say thanks for trading with me and sending a great pc for my collection we both do post crossing and maybe we will get paired up there someday, we both love to travel I would love to go to the caribbean I bet it is beautiful there . it has been great reading your profile , I hope you have a great day~

Carolinev237 on Sep 3, 2011:

Welcome to Newbie Niceties x

mcovey on Sep 1, 2011:

do you ever do 1 on one trading I am needing a New York state map post card and I have Va ones if you need one from our state let me know if we can swap thanks Mary

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