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Q&A in a Notecard Swap--Newbies Welcome!

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Swap Coordinator:NurseKelly (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:25
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.50 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:February 19, 2013
Date items must be sent by:March 2, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

For this swap you will have 1 partner to whom you will send a notecard of your choice (not a postcard!) with the answers to the following questions.

Feel free to add something extra such as a greeting, some stickers, a blank notecard/envelope that your partner can use, etc. Note: These things are not required! As long as your partner sends you his/her answers in a notecard and mails it out on time, s/he deserves to be rated a 5. Even if the notecard is ugly or the handwriting is horrible (lol).

Newbies are welcomed and encouraged to join, including unrated swappers. But if you are rated, you must have at least a 4.5. Please don't join if you are unsure about being able to send out your notecards on time (*or worse, at all).

You can fill out your notecard now, and even package it up if you like. This way, when partners are assigned, all you have to do is slap a stamp on it and mail it out. Note: You have one week from the day partners are assigned to send your notecard out.


1) What is your favorite song to listen to right now? (Doesn't have to be your all time fave)

2) If you drive a car, what kind/color/year is it?

3) What do you do to make money?

4) What are two hobbies you would like to try, but haven't yet?

5) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

6) What has been your favorite swap that you've participated in so far and why?

7) What is your least favorite genre of TV/movie/book--or do you enjoy them all?

8) Do you prefer to read an old fashioned book/magazine, or with an electronic device, such as a laptop, kindle, nook, smartphone, etc.

9) What color are the walls/wallpaper in your bedroom?

10) What's the story behind the notecard you are writing this on? (For example, was it a gift? Did you buy it on sale? Is it an item from a swap? etc)

Happy Swapping!

PS-For an adult/mature version of this swap, please C&P: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/140420


mdkrouwel 02/15/2013 #

I would love to join, but as it would be my first one, I want to make sure I send the right kind of things. Is a note card like a folded card? In my country we have two kind of cards, postcards (send w&s) and folded cards (only send in an envelope).

HelloCindi 02/15/2013 #

@mdkrouwel yes! A notecard folds in half & is sent inside an envelope :)

mdkrouwel 02/16/2013 #

ok thanks, I will join!

aurelas 02/19/2013 #

Do you write the questions or just the answers?

bruxbaby 02/19/2013 #

I would prefer my partner write the questions and answers. That way I will know what question they are responding to if they have vague answers.

aurelas 02/19/2013 #

Ah, good point. Just trying to decide if I can write small enough for that. My relatives say I should get a job writing on rice for jewelry, so lol I probably can! haha

bruxbaby 02/20/2013 #


TweetyBird75 02/21/2013 #

When will the partners be assigned?

meganporter789 02/21/2013 #

Also wondering when the partners will be assigned??

ChronicKatie 02/21/2013 #

I was also wondering when partners will be assigned?

mdkrouwel 02/21/2013 #

The host hasn't been online for a week....??

BadTurkey72 02/21/2013 #

Hmm.....the swap ends in 4 days. What should we do fellow swappers?

TweetyBird75 02/21/2013 #

I'I'm thinking I may drop this swap, I wrote to the administrators but have not got a response back yet!! Very disappointed as a Newbie &I have my first 2 swaps flake!! I do hope that everything is okay with the NurseKelly!!

HelloCindi 02/21/2013 #

I know I'm considering dropping this swap also. Like @BadTurkey said the swap ends in 5 days- i wrote out my card and have everything all ready to go so hopefully she'll assign partners soon. I checked NurseKelly's profile and she hasn't logged in since February 14th. I hope everything is okay with her.

TweetyBird75 02/21/2013 #

I have mine ready to go too =)

Ambryel 02/21/2013 #

If Nursekelly hasn't posted partners by the end of tomorrow I'm going to drop the swap. Really disappointed because I was looking forward to my second swap.

BadTurkey72 02/21/2013 #

@TweetyBird75 I'm sorry that your first few swaps haven't turned out. Don't get discouraged, there are good swaps out there.

I also sent a message to the host. If she doesn't get back to me by tomorrow, I'm going to drop out of this one too. Since we already have our notecards ready to go, it seems a waste to not send them. Should we figure out our own partners and still send them?

Whubbus 02/21/2013 #

Would someone like to create an alternate swap for those of us who have already put effort into this swap and have cards ready to go? I would, but since I haven't been rated yet, I can't make a swap. What do you all think?

meganporter789 02/22/2013 #

I would definitely be interested in joining in an alternative swap as I also have mine ready to go!! Like many of you, I have also written to the host.....I would be willing to host one if she doesn't get back to us by tomorrow!!

BadTurkey72 02/22/2013 #

I would join an alternative swap!! I could try host another swap, I haven't done it before but it doesn't seem that difficult. Let's hope she gets back to us.

HelloCindi 02/22/2013 #

@BadTurkey72 if you decide to host an alternative swap to this, please let me know! I have my card ready to mail out. I'd hate to go to waste!

BadTurkey72 02/22/2013 #

@HelloCindi I will let you know! I really want to send mine out too. I may post something here to see who's still interested in swapping these questions.

mdkrouwel 02/22/2013 #

I am really sorry but I also drop this swap. I am a newbie too and I can't join any other swaps now, I have 5 swaps on my list now.

ohhgraciebee 02/22/2013 #

If anyone makes an alternate swap, please let me know. :)

WendySue 02/22/2013 #

@BadTurkey72 Let me know also...I have my answers done for this one and the food Q&A swap

ChronicKatie 02/22/2013 #

@meganporteer please let me know if you do decide to do a swap because i have also written my card.

If I drop the swap will it be counted as an unsent? I'm new here so not sure how it works!

Katie x

TweetyBird75 02/22/2013 #

@BadTurkey72 ..I would have loved to say yes to still exchanging swaps, but unfortunately we would have no way to rate them!! I was also in the Food Q&A Swap!!

TweetyBird75 02/22/2013 #

@Whubbus I agree.. if someone else can make an alternative swap I would join..I have not been rated yet so unfortunately I can't!

Ambryel 02/22/2013 #

If someone does an alternate swap I'd love to join. Will be checking this wall all day just in case someone creates the secondary swap. :)

TweetyBird75 02/22/2013 #

@ChronicKatie if you drop the swap before names are assigned it doesn't count as a bad swap =)

Scrapper427 02/22/2013 #

Hi I have also sent a note to the host. I hope that all is ok with Nursekelly. If someone does an alternate swap I would love to join. I have my card all ready to be sent out. I am a newbie and have not been rated yet, so unfortunately I can't. I am also in the food swap

meganporter789 02/22/2013 #

Hey guys. I made the new swap. Its called 'Q&A in a Notecard Newbies Welcome - ALTERNATIVE'. Please feel free to join!!

marles 02/22/2013 #

Maybe she's on vacation?? I have my card ready also. Let me know if there's an alternate swap.

aurelas 02/22/2013 #

Mine is ready too...I think I'll wait a few more days to make sure this one isn't going to suddenly spring to life and then switch to the new one. I hope that's okay. I hope everything is okay with NurseKelly...she could be having some sort of personal or family crisis going on (death in the family, etc). Let's not be too hard on her without knowing the facts.

BadTurkey72 02/22/2013 #

Thanks @meganporter789 for the new swap. I signed up for that one in case this one completely falls through. I do hope NurseKelly is okay. Does anybody know her outside of Swapbot that could check in with her?

TweetyBird75 02/22/2013 #

Thank You @meganporter789

JingleKeys 02/22/2013 #

I set up a new version of the MATURE version of this swap here : http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/141333?new=1

"Personal Q&A Notecard (Mature/Adult only)"

NurseKelly 02/23/2013 #

I am so sorry about not assigning partners on time! I'm a Doula (professional labor coach) and was called into a delivery....well, she ended up staying in labor just over 50 hours, so I was with her for longer than 2 days, I couldn't very well say "Hey, I know you're having contractions, but gimme a minute while I log onto Swap-Bot!" lol.


Anyway, I've extended the "send by" date as well, so that everyone has a little longer to get everything in order. Again, I apologize. And, thank you to everyone who messaged me to remind me.

Happy Swapping!

NurseKelly 02/23/2013 #

PS-For those of you who stayed with the swap and didn't drop it---Thank you very much! For those of you who did drop it, I understand completely.

For anyone reading this--I will be setting up another swap just like this (with different questions) in a few weeks, and will post the link to it here.

NurseKelly 02/23/2013 #

PPS-I can promise with 99.999999% accuracy that the next swap(s) will be on time, as I have no other pregnant clients right now.


aurelas 02/23/2013 #

So glad everything is okay with you personally! As for the poor lady...I can sympathize! For me labour started on a Monday afternoon, was very very painful by Wednesday morning, and I did not give birth until Friday at 4:00 pm on the dot! My midwife had to do some emergency cutting and pull my little girl out--I was too exhausted to push. I hope that this mother is doing well and that her baby is too :)

aurelas 02/23/2013 #

lol that was probably tmi! Sorry.

BadTurkey72 02/24/2013 #

Glad that you're okay @NurseKelly Sorry I dropped, I will look for you for future swaps! :)

Scrapper427 02/24/2013 #

Glad all is ok with you NurseKelly.

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