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Stationary Giveaway!!!

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Stationary Giveaway!!!
Swap Coordinator:StargazerHM (contact)
Swap categories: Kawaii  Letters & Writing  Paper Goods 
Number of people in swap:43
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:February 5, 2020
Date items must be sent by:February 7, 2020
Number of swap partners:1

HELLO!!!!! I received my 200th Heart today! ❤️

I would like to start out by thanking every one of my partners these last few years. As a Thanks to everyone who have shared in this wonderful world of "swap-bot" we have created I would like to offer a little giveaway for today!

The (1) winner will receive 2 stationary sets (kawaii writing paper with matching envelopes x2) of my choice.

All you have to do is post in the comments:

What is your favorite current swap/or was your favorite past swap?

*****Important info/ requirements for this swap are as followed*****

*You are not required to send anything physical in the mail to your partners, however it would be a nice gesture to send a postcard/ small valentine card/ stickers/etc. but as mentioned it is not mandatory to do so!

*in order to receive one of the random act of kindness prizes, you are required to post in the comments.(questions or topic will be mentioned below) if you do not post in the comment section by the time partners are assigned you will forfeit your entry and will be drop from the swap.

*please rate your partners, this is a great opportunity for an easy rating boost. Rate a 5 if your partners followed the requirements, rate a 3 if your partner commented in the post but did not stay on topic. Rate a 1 if they did nothing.

*this swap is for everyone, the only people who will be booted is if after I check profiles you have recent unresolved 1 or 3. Flakers are not welcomed to enter to win.

*winners will be posted in the comment section on or after February 5th.


StargazerHM 02/ 3/2020 #

Have Fun Everyone! Good Luck!!!

Cindymt 02/ 3/2020 #

Hi there! So my current favorite swap I am in is called "Envy of fun." In this swap, we send random things to each other such as washi samples, notecards, stamps, etc. I absolutely love getting new supplies from fellow swappers and I love sending my stuff with them! I am also in a similar swap called "WHATEVER" where we can send, well, whatever we want! I just love where there are swaps where we can exchange supplies with each other!

angdiane 02/ 3/2020 #

My favorite swaps in general are kawaii stationery swaps. A current swap that I like is the 3 themed sticker sheets swap - kawaii. Thank you so much for the RAK! Swapbot has also been very nice to me so far :)

StargazerLil 02/ 3/2020 #

I'm really new to Swapbot, but so far my favorite swap is one I'm currently in that's about creating and sending off a junk journal. I'm having a lot of fun customizing it and trying out different bindings, plus I can't wait to see what kind of journal I get in return!

Leekoba 02/ 3/2020 #

Thanks for doing this :) My favorite current swap is a Kawaii Mini Pocket Letter swap, I have it made already! I typically enjoy Kawaii swaps and tea swaps <3

Hyshu 02/ 3/2020 #

I really like a variety in Swaps. I love trading notecards and bookmarks with others

JoUFancyHuh 02/ 3/2020 #

I'm still pretty new here so I've only had 3 swaps so far, but I loved doing the Book List Postcard swaps cause 1. books and 2. postcards.

Vickiejojo 02/ 3/2020 #

I love Bible study swaps....journals....stationary......variety....LOL

kristyrogers 02/ 3/2020 #

favorite current swap is mini zine. These are so much fun to do! favorite past swap was a journal swap with a great lady!

EmmaLouLoves 02/ 4/2020 #

Great idea, and I'm glad to say that my most favourite swap so far has been the one I did in January. The swap was a 'Doodle a Day for January' and there was a prompt list for each day which were al Wintery themed. You had an A4 sheet with 31 squares to doodle in, one for each day, and each square was only 1.5" x 1.5". You could use any art medium and be imaginative. The prompts helped a lot and so I was able to come up with a cool way to present my doodles. I cut all the squares out, rounded the corners, did my doodles, some collages, some watercolours, some with materials I even knitted a tiny scarf and hat for those prompts, and then I punched holes in each square and put them onto a binding ring. So cuuuuute! I'll be posting it to the Czech Republic tomorrow. All the best. Em. xx :o)

viza 02/ 4/2020 #

I like tea, bookmark and stationary swaps

vacths95 02/ 4/2020 #

I like "blind envie" swaps so much because it's such a big surprise!

Bhindblueeyes 02/ 4/2020 #

Not entering, but a favorite of mine is the Make an Envelope and Add A Surprise series, originally hosted by @susieq11 She runs this monthly, and I usually always join in :)

ablev92 02/ 4/2020 #

Thanks for the chance and congrats on the hearts! I love pocket letter swaps. I also love the swaps that are more superficially partner profile based as I find joy in reading through my partners profile and creating mail that is specifically for them. I also love washi swaps as I collect washi

Jsereg001 02/ 4/2020 #

My current favorite swap is the Freestyle Gluebook swap. It’s my first time making a gluebook and I am loving it!! I have a lot of past favorites but I would have to say that any the whimsy jar swaps and the “DIY scrap sampler book” swap were my favorite. I have also enjoyed almost all of the jewelry swaps I’ve joined.

03Scarlett 02/ 4/2020 #

I have 2 current favorite swaps - one is an e-swap called "Currently I'm ...) where you answer word prompts and then write something about it. And the second is called "A Simple Woman's Day Long Letter Swap" and that has question prompts to answer and what I love about both of them - you can do the swap many times and still come out with different answers each time if you want.

jinxspinx 02/ 4/2020 #

What is your favorite current swap/or was your favorite past swap?:

My favorite swap has been any of the journal swaps. I love the photo journals and I love the round robin journals. There was a junk journal swap called " trash to treasure " where the owner of a journal would put in about 25 items in an envelope with their journal. When the partner would get it, they would take out 2 items and create a journal page spread with those 2 items. It was a lot of fun seeing what people would take and make.

brooklynboo 02/ 4/2020 #

My favorite swap was with postcards! I received a handful of old vintage postcards. I love to collect them. I also found a swap that uses mouse traps to make holders! I haven't joined that one yet because I would like to make a few first.

Prettyexpressions 02/ 4/2020 #

I have to agree with @cindymt on the envy of fun! It's something special when you don't know what your getting! I love sending as much as i love receiving! I always include extras, and almost always decorate my envelopes, but I had several family issues during which i honestly didn't feel like decorating them 😩😩

But I love all swaps! I've never had any problems out of anyone!

Thank you for this generous swap!

parakeetmails 02/ 4/2020 #

My favorite swaps so far are Mail Art, Sticker detashing & Journal page swaps. I love art media and I'm a digital artist, it's hard to find people with the same type of art passion like me. I love to decorate!

Barbara 02/ 4/2020 #

My three favorites are hand crafted postcards, postage stamps, and anything about books. Thank you and good luck to everybody.

isandie 02/ 4/2020 #

I love this! :) My favorite swap of all time was a "Flowish Journal" swap...if you're not sure what that is, it's a "journal" you make with a bunch of random ephemera, that you don't traditionally bind, you just wrap a ribbon or string or something around it, so the receiver of the journal can use the pages for other crafts! it was SO fun to put together, and I received an AMAZING journal.

My current favorite swap are 2 swaps I'm hosting...sewing pencil pouches! I'm on a sewing kick, and I've been making pouches up the ying yang, so I'm totally into this right now! :)

Thanks for the opportunity!!!

mailsbyjah 02/ 4/2020 #

My favorite swaps since before are washi tape sample swaps!! ♡ Ever since I started to have penpals, having washi tapes is my essential! It also makes me happy to have a few inches of various washis all over the world that I could keep in a small container of mine!

CharlitaBetty 02/ 4/2020 #

Congratulations on your 200 💞!!! I love parcel swaps especially food ones from around the world, im in one of these currently too. The reason I like these is because you basically get a literal taste of another country. I've also found the snack swaps useful when I've visited other countries because when I arrive there, I normally know one snack that I like that I can grab at an airport so i dont waste vaycay time or money doing trial and error!

Burger1girl 02/ 4/2020 #

My favorite swaps are book swaps and self-care(lotion, socks, tea) . Swaps that help me relax and calm down after a hard day at work. They are very much cherished and I am so grateful for them. I have an addiction to fuzzy socks so I have quite a collection and am happy to have a good supply. They feel so good after I get home from work with sore feet.

institches 02/ 4/2020 #

My favorite is one that I took over hosting...Art/Craft Abandonment. I love leaving handmade goodies in public where others can find for a little joy in their day.

This is from one swap of my craft that I sent to my partner:

Just realized I hadn't told you where I left your Arts and Craft abandonment! Left it on a sidewalk near a community center is Seattle. Funnily enough, as I sat in my car looking up directions, I saw it get picked up by a lady! She looked at it, tapped it with her toe, picked it up by the corner like it might be something gross, then read the note in it and got a big smile and put it in her purse!!! It was delightful to witness.

This says it all!

cloudjun 02/ 4/2020 #

I would say my favorite swaps to join are the one where we exchange washi samples c: I can never have enough!

luvmesum20 02/ 4/2020 #

Congrats on your 200 :) I love chocolate swaps, tea swaps, postcards swaps and cute stationary swaps!!! IMy goal is to get postcards from every country and also a postcard from every US State :)

Nevi2018 02/ 4/2020 #

I think I am MOST excited about a swap for the group "A Group of Christian Followers" It's one I am hosting!! (I tried to pick one I wasn't hosting But this is one I am REALLY excited about. It is to write your testimony whether you are currently going through it or how you came to Jesus. Or A brief History of life!! I cant remember if its online or paper. But I am excited for it!!

Another swap I am looking forward too is someone asked me to privately swap with them after doing a flat mail swap. She loved what was in it but to be honest I couldn't remember HAHA!! But she loved the it and wants more YIKES!! HAHA!! So I am thrilled I did great and that she is willing to swap with me again!!

lynnpinkdaisy 02/ 4/2020 #

I enjoy a lot of the postcard and ephemera crafting swaps. But 2 of my favorite recents swaps were the Tea Advent Calendar swap and the Stocking Stuffer 25 Goodies swap. Those were so special to me!

lemooon 02/ 4/2020 #

I really like journal, doodle/drawing/painting, blind envelope, profile decoration, mini zine swaps! I particularly like something in an envelope, because I want to include a random stuff.

SatisHuman 02/ 4/2020 #

I really enjoy swapping foreign currency and learning about other cultures. But my favorite type of swap is the kind that comes from someone who you can tell read your profile and really put effort into creating something specifically for you. The kind that brings a smile to your face or even makes you laugh out loud. The kind that you receive and immediately know you would be great friends with the sender.

ymasophie 02/ 4/2020 #

My favourite swap was Japanese Themed Mail! I love Japanese culture and their stationery so it was ideal for me. Thank you for doing this :)

kolasx 02/ 4/2020 #

Congrats on reaching 200 ♡ !

My current favorite swap is the Ugly PC series. I don't know why but I just really enjoy the opportunity of receiving weird PC and seeing what others consider to be unappealing.

Taedybear 02/ 4/2020 #

Thank you for your act of kindness! My favorite swap so far has been the “Make Someone’s Day for 55c #8.” My partners were very generous and I received more than I gave. It truly made my day!

Nuisant 02/ 5/2020 #

Thank you for this giveaway!! That’s so sweet :)) my current favourite swap is the Tea for Thee series, as I LOVE tea, and sharing different flavours with people and trying things I can’t find so easily in my country is always a great experience!

Ashzaller 02/ 5/2020 #

Im not joining, but congrats on your achievement! Thats such a cool milestone. I'd be happy to send you a congrats postcard! PM me if you want.

Ampersand26 02/ 5/2020 #

Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite swap so far was a penpal swap. We still write to each other! :)

ScorpioRising29 02/ 5/2020 #

Hey there!! Thanks for the opportunity! My favorite current swaps are the sticker bag swaps!! I absolutely LOVE trading stickers with people, and the concept is just pure magic! I am also a huge fan of the Tea for Thee swaps, and tea swaps in general. <3!

eileensariot 02/ 5/2020 #

favorite current swap is / was the "I'm not easily offended PC" I love getting funny / odd stuff in the mail. :)

vontakk 02/ 5/2020 #

My favorite past swap was one I hosted for my best friend that had childhood cancer at a very late age (18-27) and everyone sent him snail mail because he felt like it was a lost art and I wanted to show him it wasn't totally lost on everyone! Everyone sent him letters/cards and he and I started writing each other regularly from then on! ♥️ It has given me so many wonderful friends to write to in his absence!

ATea 02/ 5/2020 #

Hello! My favorite swap is one I am currently working on now. It is the Stuff the Mailbox #22 :))

Peachyturtle 02/ 5/2020 #

Hi there! Currently my favourite swap has to be "pen friends from each country", I love learning about new cultures and ways of life!!

Also congratulations!

kikakreativa 02/ 5/2020 #

my favorite swap is every swap about painting, handcrafts. kawaii items, kawaii stationary, washi, tea, etc,i love swaps and have new friends CONGRATS for your 200 hearts¡¡ and Good look every one¡¡

kleedawn 02/ 5/2020 #

Hello :) I am from Texas and have been on swap-bot for a long time ! Lol one of my favorite swaps was a pen pal international swap that I joined back in 2014 ! I met my still pen pal friend all the way from Sri Lanka ! We have been pen pals going on 6 years ! I was a single mom going through postpartum depression and just needed someone to talk to so I joined swap-bot in hopes of finding someone I can talk to that would judge me and now years later I am still forever thankful for ALL the friends I’ve made <3

Chocopan 02/ 5/2020 #

My favorite swaps are big-ish snack swaps that don't require you to send super bulky items! I love receiving a good amount of snacks in a swap and don't mind spending money to get a great selection to send to my partner, but sending anything thicker than 3 cm is so ridiculously expensive that I have to pass if sending things like crisp bags is required.

StargazerHM 02/ 6/2020 #

I have too many swap to just pick one favorite. I love swapping coins, postcards, teas, snacks, and stationary.

Good Luck everyone! I've had a wonderful time these pass few years, and cant wait for many more!

I'll be posting the winner shortly

StargazerHM 02/ 6/2020 #



I'll be sending you more info shortly!

CraftingFanaticforArt 02/ 9/2020 #

My current swap is postcards, and mini note papers.I have been a scrapbooking crafty person for over two decades, and now I make cards.

Thank you, Tina Lillard

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