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Hello everyone! I have finally crossed 1000 swaps! Woohoo! So, to celebrate I want to host a giveaway! My partner will receive a wrapped gift from me. For your swap partner all you need to do is comment below how many swaps you have completed and which one you have loved the most. After partners are assigned please rate a heart and a 5. Have a lovely day all of you and happy swapping!


LavenderSprinkles 06/14/2020 #

I have completed 1000 swaps so far. My favorite has been a private swap which totally blew me away. She went above and beyond it was amazing.

parakeetmails 06/15/2020 #

Woo-hoo, congrats lady!

bpl76 06/15/2020 #

WOW way to go !!! I have completed 60 so far

ATC's are the best

Sequoia183 06/15/2020 #


paperboats9 06/15/2020 #

Congratulations!! :) I have completed 138 swaps so far. I think my favorite was the "Artsy and crafty/ Your own style flipbook" swap :)

misscorina 06/15/2020 #

Wow that's amazing, congratulations. I've 430 completed swaps so far. Most of them are a type 2 swaps. My favorite swap was the Spoil Us, (Local) Goodies. I once received a package from South Africa and I still have some items from that swap as they are so dear to me.

DragonflyDreamer 06/15/2020 #

Wow! I have a ways to go yet but I have 222 at the moment. My favorite swap was a private Christmas stocking swap I did the first year I joined.

vlhafer54 06/15/2020 #

I've completed 2,961 swaps consisting of 4,656 sends. I'm hoping to break 3,000 soon and have set my eye on 5,000 sends, so I'm on the lookout for swaps with lots of partners. I'm an active original member and I'm always surprised at how many people have surpassed me by 1,000's of swaps

cindynvb 06/15/2020 #

I've only completed 365 swaps. I'm an original member but haven't swapped as much as I'd like because of time and money constraints. My favorite swap was a postcard swap where my partner went above and beyond and sent me some awesome train postcards.

LiliLuv 06/15/2020 #

Congratulations!!! 🧁

I'm still new, but I just realized I've completed 100 swaps now. 😊 My favorites both to give and receive have been the swaps by @Jbee because they ignite a lot of creativity in me when I craft them. 💕

Larina 06/15/2020 #

I have completed 517 swaps. Mostly from ATCs and Postcards in the beginning. My favorite swap was the composition notebook journal I made. We had to fill out every 3 pages, decorate the cover and then send to our partners. I love all composition journal swaps!

Cindymt 06/15/2020 #

I've completed 248 swaps. My favorites are the happy mails because I love getting surprises in the mail and sending them!

Nushkinathan 06/15/2020 #

Congrats on reaching 1000 swaps. I'm on 93 swaps so I've got a while to go. I think my favourite swaps were from last Christmas: the tea advent calendar! I got a lovely treat each day and got to try new teas!

lilmissthrifty 06/15/2020 #

Hello! I am an original member... and have completed 1100 swaps! I love swap-bot, can pick it up whenever I have the time. My favorite swaps, are the xmas themed ones. I host one where it is a postcard advent style swap...each day you open a postcard leading up to xmas!

thanks Lavendersprinkles! Welcome to the 1000 club ;)

Prettyexpressions 06/15/2020 #

I've completed 124 swaps! I have had alot of swaps that are my favorite! When I was a "newbie" I signed up for washi samples swaps... I got so much washi!! Then I discovered swaps that involved bags, friendship books and sheets! I have been trading these for quite some time now, but now I can trade more often! Then I'm currently in a traveling letter swap that I cannot wait to get my partners letter, and to swap other letters with the awesome people in the swap! Man I'm so glad I found this site!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your swap! Good luck everyone! And congratulations on your accomplishments on here!

thebragal 06/15/2020 #

Congrats! I’m at 1114 right now. My fave was a zombie apocalypse journal. We had to write a sentence or two for 30 days. Mine ended up being a novella. I have to type And edit it one day. Because of junk journal style and handwritten format, it’s a bit of a mess.

Hyshu 06/15/2020 #

Congrats on your 1000!!

I am at 636 completed.

My favorite swaps are the Just Randomness and other "fill the envelope" kind of swaps. It is a special surprise to open one of them!! You never know what you are going to be sent! Plus I have enjoyed sending the random ones as well.

Chocopan 06/15/2020 #

Wow, a full 1000! Congrats!

I've completed 143 this far and meanwhile I do love postcards, the crafty swaps and the simpler destash type of swaps my favorites have to be the food/snacks ones! They get me so excited, especially the ones where you get to send and receive a big box full of yummy (preferably chocolatey) things <3

Jafferty 06/16/2020 #

I'm a little over half way with 588 swaps to date.

One of my favorites and most memorable was a superbly created junk journal (one of the first I had ever seen) that was a mixture of being a diary, doodle keeper, ephemera, surprises, etc. So lovely! And memorable. I still have it and have tried to make my junk journals more creative and personal.

lasciviouskisses 06/16/2020 #

I’m at 117 swaps and my favourite swaps are private ones!

EverydayAngels 06/16/2020 #

You are AMAZING! Congratulations! I am so excited for you. What an achievement. I only hope I can send out 1000 packages of joy someday. I am at 64 sends and it brings me so much happiness to make the envelopes personal and full of fun for my swap partner. I enjoy all the swaps that are just random surprises because I get to spend time going through my stashes to find just the right combo of happy mail to include. I have just started ATCs and they are so much fun. I also love the private and group swaps, where you really get to know the people you are swapping with. Keep paying it forward. Blessings

yvonne401 06/16/2020 #

Congrats! I have completed 568 swaps. My favorite of all time is the annual 12 Days of Christmas Swaps hosted by my friend Vanessa. I also look forward to her Annual Hanukkah swaps as well.

megan1230 06/16/2020 #

This is so sweet of you! I have completed 377 swaps and my favorite was the "weird swap" and it was all kinds of weird ephemera. I loved it so much but I also like the double blind swaps!

CherryBlossomLady 06/16/2020 #

WOW! Congrats on your 1000 swaps! I know some were grand and some were not so hot- but look at you now. I have done just over 100, and 1000 seems like it would take a lifetime to complete! HA! My favorite swap of all time was with my friend Amrita. She made me the most beautiful watercolor painting and literally spoiled me with an obscene amount- SO SO MUCH-- high end art supplies, papers and stickers-- It was amazing! It was the first time a swap literally took my breath away. I realized just how special this site can be and although there are a few weeds in the patch, the Garden is mostly filled with roses. :) Congrats on 1000. Well done! That is over 1000 people you brought a smile to their faces.

LavenderSprinkles 06/16/2020 #

Thanks for all the comments!

paperlvr 06/16/2020 #

Congratulations on 1000! That is incredible! I've completed 226 so far and have truly enjoyed the experience! My favorite swap has to be WIYM: Color Happy Mail INTL. My partner was from Finland and created the most incredible package. Each goodie was wrapped in wax paper with beautiful threads and wax seals. It was a work of art and very appreciated! I also love the swaps where I have received vintage canceled stamps (both domestic and foreign). Thank you for hosting this giveaway! And congrats again!

mylove4craft 06/16/2020 #

Congratulations!! I have completed 358 swaps so far and my favorite was the traveling journal. I was lucky enough to get mine back and it had some wonderul things inside! I loved how each person decorated to their tastes and reading their bios!

brichandra 06/16/2020 #

Hi there! I joined SB in May, so I'm still quite new to the site. However, I have loved it so far! It's something to look forward to every day. I have completed 9 swaps, and my favorite has to be an International Pen Pal swap I did. I wrote two pages about myself (ok that sounds egotistical haha) but it was refreshing to reflect on what makes me me! I'm in a Harry Potter letter group, and I can't wait to meet the requirements (15 type 2 or type 3 swaps completed) so I can finally join in on one of the swaps one day! I love Harry Potter! Thanks for reading!

Akanksha23 06/16/2020 #

Woohooo!! Congratulations.. am at 457 and just thinking how soon can I reach 500!! I love the postcard swaps and pocketletters.. recently started with ATCs and want to do more ATC swaps!

mags142 06/17/2020 #

Congratulations and so kind of you to host a giveaway to celebrate! I've completed 720 swaps so far :) and my favorite are anything handmade such as envelopes or flip-books. I love doing the swaps that you will receive something unique and made especially for you!

greenwindow 06/17/2020 #

I have only completed 70 swaps so far, most of them being type 1's, I'm hoping to complete a lot more in the future when I'm not so tied up with working! To be completely honest, all of my swaps have been amazing. it's so nice to be able to communicate with people from around the world and learn how their culture is different from mine! I have enjoyed collecting postcards from people everywhere, I'm super jealous of all the cool stamps people can get, whereas we just have the same pattern of stamp that's affordable... I can't wait to expand my knowledge of snail mail on SB and hopefully complete some package type swaps in the future!

NRGordon 06/17/2020 #

Congratulations on your 1,000 swaps!
As of my writing this, I have completed 952 swaps and have enjoyed every one. Most of those were postcard swaps. I am not a very ‘crafty’ person. I do like to write though and especially like swaps that let me write more than will fit on a PC. I am introverted and have trouble speaking with people I don’t know well but I have no problem at all with writing to total strangers. That having been said, my recent favorite was the ‘National Music List’ swap. I received many samples of great music that I would have otherwise probably never have heard.

CurryNoodles 06/17/2020 #

As I am new here I have only completed 7 swaps. I have most enjoyed the recipe and decorate profile swaps. Many well wishes to you.

deboraht 06/17/2020 #

Congrats! I've completed 87 so far, and loved them all! Favorites are the fall realted ones, iv gotten some great goodies!

Loosefolia 06/17/2020 #

I've completed 51 swaps so far and my favorite swap is the Tea for Thee swaps because I loveee trying new tea :9

Kirkdebb 06/17/2020 #

257 swaps for me. My favorite swaps have been the Craft me Something. I love making something special for my partner and have received some amazing swaps in return.

StargazerLil 06/17/2020 #

Congrats on 1000! I'm new so I've only completed 14 swaps, with my favorite being a junk journal swap. Making a custom one was so fun I made multiples lol.

Pikapika 06/18/2020 #

Congrats on making it to 1000. Its only 52 for me and mostly type 1 because I joined as the pandemic was was starting to spread around the world. My favorites are the postcards.

stkirsch 06/18/2020 #

I've completed 169 swaps. My favorite swap to date was the Ides of Trump, one I had posted myself. Not tooting my own horn, just felt like I'd made my voice heard even though I'm sure he never read them. Hmmm I just might consider another political postcard swap.

CHOWEFACE 06/18/2020 #

I've completed 1287 swaps! When I hit 1000, I didn't even realize until it was at 1003 but I did a little celebratory dance. :) My favorite swaps are the Scavenger Hunts & Lantern Press ones because those are my favorite type of cards to receive.

Jsereg001 06/18/2020 #

Thanks for the giveaway!! I have completed 619 swaps as of now and I have to say that my favorite swaps are the journal swaps, especially magpie or junk journals, handmade jewelry swaps and any vintage swaps. I love the scrap sampler swaps also!!! I have enjoyed so many that I can’t pick just one favorite!!

Inesrv 06/18/2020 #

Congratulations! I'm quite new here so I only completed 13 swaps so far but I'm loving every bit. My favorite was "Full envelope" - It's like receiving a gift. Feels like Christmas :D Lots of love for everybody!

vitiator 06/18/2020 #

wow congratulations! this is so kind of you to host a giveaway to celebrate!
I have completed 32 swaps so far and I've honestly loved them all. I especially like the swaps that are something handmade. receiving mail is the best. I'm pushed to create things I would normally never. - not the craftiest over here but I'm trying haha.

pixiegirlanna 06/18/2020 #

I have so far completed 134 swaps. WOW. 1000 swaps is a lot. My favourite swap that I have participated in was probably a surprise swap or TGIF Weekend notecards, I love those. :) <3

lizisalion 06/18/2020 #

I've just completed 10 swaps so far across all 3 types. It hasn't been long enough for me to receive anything back from my type 2 and type 3 swaps yet, but my favourite so far has been a Homemade Bookmark swap where I got to make 3 very different bookmarks tailored to my 3 partners' interests on their profiles. It was fun to get creative with that :)

MexiMidge 06/18/2020 #

To date, I’ve completed 36 swaps. Right now my favourite one has been making an ATC because it was my first time to try it and I enjoyed the challenge and the final product.

Aalicia 06/18/2020 #

I'm at 17 swaps but I've swapped allot in my other groups on Facebook. My favorite swap was probably the painted penny it was fun painting and receiveing one in return!

Pinkernity 06/18/2020 #

WOW 1000 I'm Jealous!! I a newbie so I only have 18 HAHAHAHA! I can't wait to have 1000 too! My favorites are the stickers or goodie swaps! I'm from Hawaii and I haven't traveled a lot so to make up for that I love receiving things from all around the world!! It's exciting to received unique things!! More swaps to you!! :D

shalvorsen 06/19/2020 #

Congrats on 1000 swaps! I'm on my way, I have 605. I joined Swap-Bot in 2013 and it was one of the best things I've done as far as social life / hobby. My favorite was a scarf swap - we crocheted a scarf and swapped. It was one of the first swaps I hosted and it was fun to make and to receive. :)

LavenderSprinkles 06/19/2020 #

I am unable to view how many watchers there are. So please anyone wanting to sign up please do so by 12 noon EST. I want to drop off the gift for the winner at the post office today. Thanks for all who participated.

LovelyLindaSwap 06/19/2020 #

703 swaps for me. I like to receive blank postcards to use for Postcrossing. I received a nice pack from the Henry Ford Historical site in Michigan. They were great. I also like the two Traveling Postcard swaps. Adventures of the Traveling PC and Traveling PCs From Around the World.

Liiskah 06/19/2020 #

I have completed 466, and hope to get to 1000 too some day :D

Liiskah 06/19/2020 #

I have completed 466, and hope to get to 1000 too some day :D

I love coin swaps the most.

LavenderSprinkles 06/19/2020 #

Sign ups end in an hour! Good luck everybody! My next milestone is 1000 hearts. That will be a big giveaway!

SkyFairies 06/19/2020 #

Thanks for the giveaway and congrats to you for 1000 swaps!

I've completed 40 and love the kawaii/cute swaps the most :).

SarahStinson 06/19/2020 #

Wow! 1000 swaps! I only about 40 so far but I hope to achieve many many more! I loooovvveee postcard swaps!

LavenderSprinkles 06/19/2020 #

Sending out something to my partners today! Happy swapping everyone! Watch for more giveaways soon!

LinSoles 06/19/2020 #

Congratulations on passing the 1000! I have completed 126, it would be hard to pick just one. Most of them are junk journal/mixed media related. And I have been lucky to receive quite a lot of little gems. It is nice to see the love and care someone put into it.

LavenderSprinkles 06/19/2020 #

Thanks for all the comments!

Mirran 06/20/2020 #

Congratulation! I've done 23 swaps!

Mirran 06/20/2020 #

The one I loved the most was a Quote Zine swap!

LinSoles 06/23/2020 #

Question, were we suppose to comment before signup ended?

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