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Hi! I'm Michelle from the great Pacific Northwest. I live with my fiancΓ© in the rainy part of Washington State and have lived here for most of our lives.

Brem ME

4/2023 update: I used to have pet rabbits (lionhead breed) but they've all passed now. Ginny was our last one and she lived to be 10 years. I think we'll stay pet-free for the time being.

I like to travel/do road trips and I'm trying to visit all 50 states. So far, I've visited 36.

  • Some of the prettiest ones I've been to (landscape wise) are: Montana, West Virginia, Oregon & Utah!

  • Some of my favorite towns/cities are: Saratoga Springs NY, Charleston SC, Missoula & Bozeman, MT, San Francisco & Leavenworth WA.

I also like road tripping around Washington. Visiting the regions of my state is cool because they are all different. Western WA is full of trees, cities and access to open water. Central WA is where the orchards and wineries are with dry weather. Eastern WA is full of farmlands, sagebrush deserts and small towns. You also have two major mountain ranges and 3 National Parks to check out too.

As for outside the US, I have only been to Canada (I love Vancouver!), Japan, Taiwan & the Philippines.

origin of my name: CHOWEFACE came from my baby sister. When she was small, she couldn't say Michelle so it came out as "me-chow" which eventually just turned to 'chowe' (she added the E on the end). Close friends and family picked up on it so now I get called CHOWE, CHOWEFACE or CHOWDER.

Hobbies include road trips, going to baseball games, going to museums, pub trivia, hiking to waterfalls, writing, cooking/trying new recipes (I have lots of cookbooks) and reading.

I'm a big sports fan- here are my favorite teams:


I watch the Olympics too. I usually watch any sport but I especially love swimming, ski jumping, hockey and curling. Team USA!


I watch ALL genres but I prefer raunchy comedies, musicals and heist movies.

Fav movies are:
-Scott Pilgrim vs the World
-Ready Player One
-10 Things I Hate About You
-Some Like it Hot
-Cabin in the Woods
-Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Dracula EvilExes

movie franchises I love: HP, LOTR, Star Wars, MARVEL & Mission: Impossible.

My favorite directors are Edgar Wright & Matthew Vaughn.


I'm a BIG book reader - whether it be paperback, my kindle or ibooks, I always have access to a book. I typically read 150 pages a day and I usually have 4-5 books I'm currently reading so I never get bored.

I participate in the Goodreads Reading Challenge and occasionally the Popsugar Reading Challenge. For 2023, I gave myself the goal to read 175 books!

Nostalgia reading is Harry Potter, Twilight & Hunger Games. I was obsessed with those three series when I was younger and re-read them every couple of years.

I read a lot of Romance (mostly dark, reverse harem, omegaverse, and paranormal), Thrillers and YA. I also like to read dystopian and autobiographies/memoirs.

*If you're an RH reader, I'd love to know your favorite series or suggestions!

James Rollins is one of my favorite authors. I have all his books and met him years ago at a book signing in Seattle. I had him sign the very first book of his I bought! I was hardcore fangirling. He writes historical fiction.


I love Little Free Libraries & have visited all the ones around me. I've gotten some really great books from it. It's a great way for me to de-stash too!

I also used to dabble in fan fiction in High School and wrote 10+ stories regarding Taiwanese pop stars (I went through a phase!). I'm back to writing again but original stories this time!


Some of my favorite shows to watch, past & present:
I Love Lucy, Supernatural, Gossip Girl (both), CSI (both Vegas ones), Hart of Dixie, Younger, The Kitchen, Ted Lasso, Revenge, Nancy Drew, The Originals/TVD, HIMYM, Westworld, P-Valley.

Animated shows I enjoy: Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Rick & Morty, Gumball, Bob's Burgers, Demon Slayer (anime).

I also like competition shows like Lego Masters, Crime Scene Kitchen, Claim to Fame, Halloween/Spring/Summer/Holiday Baking Championship, Beat Bobby Flay, Guys Grocery Games, Face-Off. Gordon Ramsay ones too- Masterchef, Hell's Kitchen.

Lately my TV consists of Sports, Guys Grocery Games & cartoons. I have nieces & we watch A LOT of NickJr and Spongebob. TOO MUCH SPONGEBOB.


Steven Bears

I've also been watching MTV's 'The Challenge' since 2000 & I'm always rooting for CT.


I listen to a bit of everything but I tend to lean towards country the most. I love a good heartbreak song. I do listen to slow songs more but it's always fun blasting some Cardi B in the car too.

Always a favorite:
Mumford & Son's 'Sigh No More' album
'Poison' by Bel Biv DeVoe
'Still Loving You' by Scorpions
Disney Songs
The original F4 (Jerry, Ken, Vic & Vanness)
Country- the more twang, the better!

BSB forever!


Podcasts I listen to:

  • My Favorite Murder #SSDGM!
  • Smut & Spice
  • True Crime & Cocktails
  • Morbid
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Forensic Files
  • Crime Junkie



Cards from Islands- any is appreciated but it would be awesome if it was a map or aerial view of island.

Cards featuring Odd Tourist Attractions: things like unique landmarks and roadside attractions, etc. -- someone sent me a pc of the largest ball of twine so something like that

Cards from Colleges: any college/university cards but especially if it's their sports stadium.

Cards showing a STATE park: We don't really have them for WA parks but I see lots of different ones from other states!

~~Thanks to everyone who has sent cards from this list!!~~

Looking for pcs from these places that I visited but never got a chance to get a PC from:
Sunriver, OR
Brownsville, TX
Fort Smith, AR

^^ even if the city, state card you have is not listed above, feel free to send! :) I'd love to have a card from your town!

My dad's hometown is Gary, Indiana so if you have any cards from there (or Portage), I'd love to have it! I think my dad would get a kick out of seeing a Gary card, even if he says the place is a sh**hole LOL.


I like all types but these ones are my favorites to collect:
Starry Night versions
Sign Destinations

Starry Night Typography Signs

(Since these are my favorites, I always give a heart when I get one!)

I'll also take Washington cards, even though I live here. I have a special box for all WA cards & even if I get a double, I can always use it for swapping. :) Most of my cards are western Wa so I'd love to add cards from the rest of Washington!

PCs I don't like:
- Coloring Cards.
- Teacher cards (school/classroom theme)
- Quote cards, cards with only writing on front
- Those cards that say "Hello" in big letters
- Blurry views
- Those small fake vintage Sepia cards that are brown on the back side
- Advertising Cards (unless I join a swap that calls for it)
- Bent/curled corners (hard to send these to others since no one likes them!)

I typically don't heart swaps when I get something from my dislike list. It's hard to get rid of these cards, especially the small sepia ones; I find that other swappers don't like them either.

Postcard Swaps

I like to use washi and stickers on PCs so I will usually put something on your card unless you state otherwise in your profile.

I have a decent collection of stamps so your PC will most likely have older stamps on them. I try to save the forever stamps for envelopes and international swaps.

I also look at every profile before I put a swap together. It helps me decide on cards to send, even if the swap is senders choice. If you don't write about your postcard preferences, then I usually send a tourist card from where I live.


I love touristy cards so if you don't know what to send, a card of your town or city is always welcome.

I'm not easily offended and I do have a collection of nude/risque cards so send them my way if you like. I will also take LGBTQ+ cards too. ~Love is love!~

--Sending in envelope: I enjoy all colors so any envelope color/design is fine.--

If given an option, I prefer written & stamped.

I do a lot of the Scavenger Hunts and swaps involving multiple cards in an envie so here's a list to make it easier for people sending me cards:

  • Animal Cards: arctic animals like walruses, wolves, orcas, huskies & polar bears/all bears. - I'm not a cat person but I realize I join cat swaps & it's because I love cartoon cat cards. So if you send cat cards, I prefer them to be cartoon or drawings rather than real photo.
  • City/Town Views: I prefer if they were aerial view or a view of downtown. I especially like small town & farm cards or little known places. I also like the cards that say Amish Country.
  • Africa: I have some from a few countries but would love to add to them. I don't get African cards very often.
  • Art Cards: Still life of fruits, like ones from Cezanne.
  • Asia: Vietnam, Laos, Middle East. I was born in the Philippines so I'd love any cards from there too
  • Canada: I'd like to collect cards from all the provinces, cards with the province name or town in that province. I'd also love to collect a map of each province if they have them
  • Christmas cards: religious or not- all OK! I especially like the ones with glitter and snow scenes. You can even send Hanukkah ones if you like.
  • Collectible Types: Lali Riddle, Blue Cats, Tarusov Pin ups, Lena Gnedkova, Postallove, WOW, FOTW, Icons Of..., Raspberry Paper, Max&Oscar
  • College/University: any schools, even High Schools if you have them.
  • Disney: Beauty & the Beast, Lilo & Stitch, Aladdin, Moana, Rescues Down Under, Emperor's New Groove, Encanto
  • Europe: Norway, Sweden, Wales, Armenia, Hungary, Iceland, Scotland, Lichtenstein
  • Flower: daffodils, dahlias, ranunculus, poppies, peonies, Bromeliads, bouquets (all colors good)
  • Food: recipes, Taiwan food cards, Singapore food cards, beer/liquor, weird food
  • Halloween: I love the spooky ones the most and ones with ghosts
  • Military: all branches, WW2, naval ships, british royal family
  • Handmade: ones that are done professionally are OK (like vistaprint) but I don't care for ones on thin paper. It needs to be sturdy for sending. If sending naked, please make sure that it won't smear- it rains in Seattle so the card can get wet!
  • Landscape/Nature: anything nature related! Sunsets and waterfalls are a personal favorite. A volcano erupting would be cool too!
  • Map Cards: any except subway maps
  • Multi-Views: love these. I also like cards that have a montage of landmarks from a state with the state's name on the front
  • National Parks: Would love to have at least one card from every Nat'l Park- Like real photo cards, not an art style like Anderson Design Group (cause I have those already)
  • Non-Traditional cards: Shaped, 3D, Glitter, Chrome, Maxi, Cut-out, Cork, Wooden - love them all!
  • Other Holidays: Easter, Valentines, Thanksgiving - all ok to send!
  • Pixar: Coco, Luca, Onward
  • Risque: nudity, dirty jokes, Pin-ups, etc... Send them my way! I'm totally fine getting these
  • Sanrio: Not a huge fan but I do adore Gudetama and the older characters like Pekkle and Pochacco.
  • South America: Columbia, Bolivia & Central America
  • Sports: All sports, either Stadiums, players and Olympics. I especially like Football & Baseball. No cartoon versions please.
  • State Capitols: I'd like it to say 'state capitol' somewhere on the card
  • Structures: dams, bridges, monuments
  • US Maps: Love that there are so many different designs to collect.
  • Zazzle: generally I'm OK receiving these but don't send me one if the writing is blurry! Also, no zazzle Lantern Press (not the same size!)


Things I like:
Washi - samples are appreciated
Stickers - not reward or teacher ones
Notecards with floral or nature designs

Things I don't like:
Puffy Stickers
Tea/coffee - I honestly won't use them.
memo sheets/paper scraps


If you don't receive a swap from me or I sent a swap incorrectly, please message me so we can arrange a resend! I may not read or respond to your messages the same day but I will get back to you.



Gamanana0022 rated for πŸ¦’Wild Animal PC Swap on Sep 26, 2023
Comment: Thankyou for the hippo card:)
mle rated for πŸ¦’Wild Animal PC Swap on Sep 25, 2023
Comment: Thanks! I miss mountains!
baseri rated for PC Swap #5 - Your State on Sep 25, 2023
Comment: Hi, thanks for the pretty postcard from Mt. Olympus - it looks very scenic there! Happy Swapping.
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Comment: Awww, love this postcard! Look at all the cuties! I've been to San Diego more times than I can count and I have never been to the zoo, argh.Thank you for sending!
Comment: Many thanks, Marc
kydestar rated for PSH: Blind Postcards Swap #3 on Sep 20, 2023
Comment: Great selection of postcards, thank you!
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Comment: I would also like to visit Alaska and the Chugach National Park.
LadyJo rated for PTG: Pennsylvania Postcard on Sep 19, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the Philly pc! We live 2 hours west of here. We do not visit hardly at all. We tend to head west and to the mountains. So I like the pc!
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Comment: Great card! Very beautiful stamps as well! Thank you so much
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Comment: Thanks for the great postcards.
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peachytea rated for WIYM: RICHARD'S SWAP FOR AUGUST on Aug 27, 2023
Comment: Thanks so much for the great postcards! I also LOVE the envelope and your Grimace drawing. Thanks again.
Comment: Hi Michelle! Great postcards! I love the Maine one! I haven't seen that one in my travels around here. Happy swapping! πŸ™‚

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Thanks so much for the birthday card and vintage pc which arrived just in time. A lovely surprise to find in my mailbox.

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Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Month from all of your swapping friends at the WIYM Group!! We hope you enjoy your special day. May all of your Birthday wishes come true and your New Year be all you hope it can be and more!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ’ŒπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

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Hugs, Pam

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