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Birthday: September 8
Country: United States
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About Me

I'm from the lovely sunshine state CA and I'm DIY gal. I study fashion but more as a hobby since I returned to school in Fall 2014.

June 2015 I recently started a diet this summer cutting out all the junk food and sugar. Everything I drink now is either infused water with fresh fruits or water. I don't use sweeteners either because it's really isn't good for me.

So far my diet is going well and I lost a few pounds since I started but still ways to go to I reach my goal.

I change my major and now focusing on becoming a healthcare professional so I can help with the care of my aging family members.

My nickname is Cloudgurl1986 because I am a dreamer and you can always find me with my head in the clouds or a good book. :)

I got my nickname from an old Disney cartoon called Tails Spin there was a character named Cloudkid but my ROTC air force class called me Cloudgurl instead.

My recent writing style is:

  • I don't use paper journals for writing

  • Blogging

  • Short stories/Fiction

My style:

  • punk

  • 60's-80's

  • modern college babe

  • nerdy

  • tomboy

  • skater/ biker girl (because I'm very active and love the great outdoors)

  • I love dancing( Tap, Jazz, modern, Swing, Belly, Tango, social dance, shuffling, and what my cousin calls fist pumping for EDM lovers)

  • Yoga, eco-nut ( because I'm always trying to find ways to save the little bit of wild life living in my backyard. Even thou I live in the city I still get visitors from the forest in my backyard. I have spotted Blue Jays, an owl once in the tree in the backyard were I also seen possums hanging out and during the late summer months raccoons passing through the neighborhood.

I think it's mother nature calling me back to the country life I enjoyed as a kid. By sending me little visitors from the forest now that I'm living in the big city.

My fave colors are:

  • all shades of blue

  • red

  • black

  • lime green

  • olive green

  • burnt orange

  • raincoat yellow

  • cream white

  • maroon

  • tan

  • golden brown

  • I love earth tone colors

My Favorite Drink:

Thai Tea (I'm madly in love with this sugary tea from Thailand that is often mistaken for Chai tea. No Chai tea isn't the same at all but still a fine tea to drink.)

Crafts I love to do on my downtime:

Favorite Crafts A to Z:

  • ATC

  • Baking

  • Beading for candy(rave candy cuffs)

  • Clay modeling/charms

  • Cooking

  • Crochet

  • Drawing/ random doodling

  • Knitting Socks

  • Loom Knitting

  • Matchbox making

  • Needle felting

  • Sewing

  • Silkscreen

  • Tiny Stuffy making

  • Wood work/burning

  • Writing for fun

  • Zines ( still practicing this craft)

Animals I like:

  • Bumble bees

  • Butterflies

  • Cats

  • Chickens

  • Cows

  • Bunnies

  • Dogs

  • Dragonflies

  • Foxes

  • Frogs

  • Hawks

  • Narwhales

  • Owls

  • Pandas

  • Perry dogs

  • Ravens

  • Sheep

  • Sparrows

  • West Highland Terriers (Westies)


  • snakes

  • rats/mice

  • sharks

  • fire ants

  • flies

  • dislike super pink girly stuff

My Favorites and things I like

  • Craft books about needle felting, polymer clay, etc

  • Coco Cat

  • Earthy colored items

  • EDC Theme items from there site (anything big fan)

  • Frankie from Monster High related items

  • Neon colored Pony beads

  • New postage stamps (from me to you or Charlie Brown Christmas theme)

  • Perler Beads any bright colors or letter beads

  • Seed beads for jewelry projects

  • Story cube dices game pieces

  • Thai Tea I love! NOT CHAI TEA

** But most of all I like to be surprised and that's another reason why I enjoy swapping :)**

I don't want from swaps:

  • ATC supplies because I have enough already

*Journals sorry but I do all my writing on my computer or phone. No need to kill a tree for me.

  • Yarn because I received used yarn that wasn't worth sending and rather not deal with that again.

  • used postage stamps I don't use them sorry

  • Wasbi Tape (I just hit the motherlode at Good Will and I won't be needing any for a few years. I got a bout 100 rolls in a box not including my collection I already have. So please save your tape.)

  • buttons I now have a lifetime supply 3gal bucket

  • finger nail files

  • foods or candy or drinks (I finally started my no junk food or process food diets or sugar. It's a hard diet but I have too.)

  • paper clips, I don't use them

  • hard plastic headbands

  • 420 or other drug theme items

  • snakes themed items

  • zombies themed items

  • themes: violent, religion base, political items

  • my little pony stuff

  • Disney cartoon stickers

  • Disney related items unless I joined a swap for it

  • anything for finger nails because I keep my nails cut to play the guitar and my job doesn't allow nail art

  • makeup, lotions, body spray because I have sensitive skin and I don't wear makeup.

  • romance books

  • Candles (I'm too afraid someone is going to leave one burning and burn down the house)

  • Loose glitter (please if you send glitter put in a zip bag)

  • drawings or paintings because I have no more room to hang them or anywhere safe to store them.

  • postcards unless I join a swap for them

Favorite TV Shows & Movies

TV shows I Love:

  • Signfield ( I still have a huge crush on Jerry)

  • NCIS ( all 4shows and another mom show)

  • Zoo (Loving it so far)

  • Fear of the Walking Dead ( it's in LA! Love it so far)

  • Dark Matter ( new show I'm watching with my mom)

  • Penny Dreadful (So excited about the new season coming on this summer)

  • The Whispers ( It's a new show I'm hooked on right now)

  • Supernatural

  • Walking Dead(this season was crazy good)

  • Talking Dead

  • Project Runway

  • Chopped

  • Iron Chef

  • Cupcake Wars

  • Botched

  • A Hunting

  • The Simpsons

  • Constantine

  • Grimm

  • America Horror Story

  • Creature Shop

  • Haven(I can't wait for this season to start)

  • The Strain (I'm loving it!)

  • Mike & Molly( cutest couple ever)

  • Tiny House Nation (My dream house is tiny)

  • An most of the old shows on TVland

  • Unsolved Mystery

  • Sherlock Holmes BBC series

  • I Zombie ( boyfriend likes this show so I watch it with him.)

Type of movies I like:




-anime all (mainly action)

My favorite bands:

  • Kongo

  • Maroon 5

  • Imagine dragons

  • puddle of mudd

  • papa roach

  • Neon tree

  • Owl city

  • The killers

  • EDC 2015 lineup (can't wait to go to EDC 2016)

  • Billy idol

  • Coldplay

  • Korn

  • Pink

  • AFI

  • Nine Inch nails

  • Eve6 ( Heart in a blender)

  • Eagles

  • Knife Party

  • X Ambassador (Best known for Renegade)

  • Sick Puppies

  • Pharrell's song Happy

  • Eagle Eye Cherry

  • John Legend

  • Panic at the Disco

  • Scooter

  • LA Riots

  • Nero

  • The Angry Kids

  • Fever Ray

  • Rob Zombie

  • Drowning Pool

  • Three Day Grace

  • Jimmy Eat World

  • Lene Meyer

  • September

  • Jack White

  • Headhunterz

  • Showtek

  • Sir Sly

  • Slipknot

  • Benny Benassi

  • Skrillex

  • Steve Aoki & Anger Dimas

  • Hardwell

  • Calvin Harris

  • DNSK

  • Avicii & Nicky Romero

  • Swedish House Mafia

  • Sam Sparro

  • Axwell

  • Dada Life

  • Robbie Rivera

  • Chain Reaction

  • Zatox

  • Afrojack

  • The Bloody Beetroots

  • W&W Ummet Ozcan

  • Macklemore

  • Roger Sanchez

  • Plastic Funk

  • Kid Sister

  • Waldo's People

  • 3 Doors down

  • Modest Mouse

  • Mory Kante

  • Dash Berlin

  • Yves Larock

  • Laurent Wolf

  • Daft Punk

  • and so many more wonderful artists/ DJs :)

MyPersonal swap Rules

  1. I will always try to send something that will bring a smile to my partner face.

  2. I promise to always send on time unless there is a holiday or I'm unable to make it to the post office in time.Or if a major life issue should happen then I may ship late but hopefully it won't happen no time soon.

  3. I will contact the host and my partner if there's a problem on either side.

  4. I will checkup to see if my package or envelope reached you. (Sorry in advance if you don't like being asked about items I sent you but it's the only way I know if you got it or not)

  5. I will add extras if I have something I think you might like or theme related.

  6. I will rate as soon as I received or read your PM/emails.

  7. I will always try to contact my partner for updates on a late swap before leaving a low rating.

  8. I will resend if necessary, but no more than once.

I had a very bad pass experience of resending 4x times and the person claimed to never have received any of all 5 envelopes. I'm still very hurt over this because I spend a lot of time crafting and money on extras for this person. Then I was threaten if I said anything to anyone with a 1 rating. So no more repeats. (Sorry in advance)

Swaps I Angel for:

  1. 7 Deadly Sins Monthly swap #1

  2. 7 Deadly Sins Monthly swap#3

My Aminekos!

Today I started back making Aminekos dolls. I had taken a break for sometime now. When I first started I was hooked on them and I was making them for gifts for everyone I knew that loved cats and crochet items.

My first Amineko was Orange cat that I made at the end of 2011. I still take him out and around the city to snap pics of him. As you can see my profile pic is of this Orange kitty hanging out at my workstation May 7, 2015.


If you are wondering I crocheted all the props too.

Things I'm currently collectin

I'm currently collecting

  • ATCs: HD/HP

  • Beaded pins( the kind you make with safety pins)

  • Bookmarks (seasonal themes)

  • Crochet blocks 5x5

  • Doll eyelets

  • Handmade items

  • Holiday Pincushions

  • Fairy garden items

  • Frankie from Monster High stuff( not stickers)

  • Journals and pages

  • New postage stamps

  • Nocturnal Music festival Owls items

  • Peanut gang clippings

  • Pocket letters

  • Quilting square rulers (3x3, 4x4, 10x10)

  • Recipes for healthy eating

  • Rubber stamps/ Clear stamps (for scrapbooking)

  • Simpson's Lego mini figures grab bags

  • Stud earring (with unique seasonal themes to them)

  • Travel craft kits ( the kind you can do on planes)

  • Tote bags (fabric kind not the grocery store bags)

  • Unique mini top hats

  • Vintage bike fabric/themes only

  • Wool roving for needle felting

  • Writing supplies (pens, labels, page dividers pockets)

  • Zines


PrincessB rated for Happy Birthday in 2015!!! on Nov 17, 2015
Comment: I sent you a package worth double the required amount and in return you didn't send me anything. How sad.
MissWhimsy rated for Falling in Love with Reading on Oct 26, 2015
Comment: Now I know why I never got anything from you and you claimed not receive what I sent. Looks like you've flaked on quite a few swaps, and now your suspended so I won't count on ever getting a swap from you or being rated for the ones I sent you know doubt received.
Artsynerdgirl rated for Little Monster Coin Purse on Oct 24, 2015
Comment: I made a cute coin purse, my son begged for it, but I had to honor my commitment and I sent it to you. I told him I was going to get one back and he could have that one. Not only have I NOT gotten one, you have received mine, not rated, and disappointed my son. Shame on you.
ContraryHousewife rated for Halloween Pincushion on Oct 19, 2015
Comment: No swap, no communication. I can re-rate if anything changes.
kiddomerriweather rated for Fill My Jack-O-Lantern on Oct 13, 2015
Comment: I have not received your resend and you have not been online in quite some time (I notice that you're late on another swap you're hosting). I do hope you are okay. I will rerate if I receive anything.
Comment: I have not received anything yet, but I will rerate if I do.
Comment: Fantastic
Response: Thank you, I'm glad you like it. :)
Comment: Thank you! I got stuffie #2 today AND your surprise mail art package ... you're such a thoughtful swapper! Thank you for going above and beyond to make my day! :)
Response: Your welcome and I'm glad everything made it safe to you this time. :)
Comment: Thank you :)
Response: I'm glad the ATC made it, but your second one should be arriving soon.Guess I shouldn't waited a little longer :)
MisplacedfromPA rated for Happy Birthday in 2015!!! on Aug 28, 2015
Comment: Thank-you for amending a situation with a resend. The 2nd cookbook arrived with the back cover folded down. It is probably the smallest cookbook I ever saw. Fits in the palm of my hand. Recipes look good though. Seems like the original cookbook may of been shrunk down to this size---the typing is so small I need my husbands reading glasses. Just so you can pass this along to where you bought it. I know none of this is your fault. I will be trying out the Joyce's Potato Casserole this fall.
Response: Hello MissplacedfromPA. I'm sorry Amazon screwed up both orders and I'm sorry they didn't list the actual print size in the description. If I known it was so small you were going to need your glasses then I wouldn't have ordered it. But I'm happy you found a recipe you like in the book and I will add this to the product review page. I'm sure others will be happy to know this information before they buy the book too.
user6181 rated for The Simpsons ATC Swap #2 on Aug 19, 2015
Comment: Thank you! It's super cute! :)
Response: Your welcome :)
Comment: Very cute - thanks!
Response: Your welcome :)
Comment: Cute and funny. He is a daring duck to be sure :)
Response: Nothing like being fired out of a cannon right. Lol
Comment: I LOVE it SO much! I opened up my mail and called my husband to come see my alpaca ... even he thinks Allen is adorable. Thank you!
Response: Your welcome and I'm so glad to hear you both finds him to be adorable. :)
michelejeanne rated for Tea Cup or Coffee Mug Atc on Aug 14, 2015
Comment: Thank you for the sweet atc.
Response: Your welcome :)
Comment: Thanks so much! I like your ATC and the extras were a treat!!
Response: I'm glad you like everything sent you. Have a happy weekend :)
tatta rated for My last 3 ... #2 on Aug 3, 2015
Comment: Thank you for your list!! :)
Response: Your welcome :)
TammieM3ENF rated for My last 3 ... #2 on Aug 1, 2015
Pei04 rated for My last 3 ... #2 on Jul 31, 2015
Comment: Thanks for sharing your answers!
Response: Your welcome :)
bgailk rated for Happy Birthday in 2015!!! on Jul 25, 2015
Comment: I'm looking forward to making use of my new, lovely kit!
Response: Glad you like your gift :)

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TC on Sep 23, 2016:

Aka @UrbanPrincessCali

MissWhimsy on Oct 26, 2015:

Ah I see now why you didn't return my pm about the falling into reading swap. I wondered why I hadn't received your swap nor you my two I sent. I'm guessing the resend did reach you. I'm betting you got my original too. Guess I know why I never got yours, now your suspended. Shame.

Artsynerdgirl on Oct 22, 2015:

You should have received my Little Monster coin purse by now. I have not received yours. You said it was sent out despite the other ones you were receiving. Please verify that you received mine, and rate me. If you have not sent mine - you can just return the one I made for you because my son wanted it. However, I honored the commitment I made to our swap...... and my son was disappointed. I figured he could have the one you sent. :/

bgailk on Sep 9, 2015:

Happy Birthday (a day late)! Hope it was a great and blessed day. I'll have your Happy Birthday 2015 Swap gift in the mail soon!

kiddomerriweather on Sep 8, 2015:

MisplacedfromPA on Sep 8, 2015:

***Happy Birthday**** I wanted to stop by and wish you a day full of happiness and optimism. Mailing your birthday item this week. Enjoy your day.

MissWhimsy on Sep 2, 2015:

Well it looks like its just you and me for the "falling in love with reading" swap, so thank you for keeping it up, because I absolutely love the theme, and I'm excited to make you some great autumn themed bookmarks. It's my favorite season and I love reading and all kinds of books so this swap was my cup of tea! Maybe as more members join the group you can post it again, it's really a fantastic swap idea! :) Sarah

VioletLove on Aug 28, 2015:

Hi :) I just saw that you used the word hella in a comment in the PFs. I had to come check your profile to confirm that you are from California. I was right, I knew it! I am too.

kristyrogers on Jul 8, 2015:

Thank you so much for the lively R.A.K.! So many gorgeous toys to play with!

Cloudgdurl1986 on May 21, 2015:

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