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Country: Belgium
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About Me

I'm Lynn. I live together with my husband, my son and my cats Mini and Fristi in a city called Deurne. I love being creative (see crafts), reading, visiting museums, ...

I took a long break from Swap-bot because I lost my firstborn son at 33 weeks of pregnancy on April 2nd 2018. I didn't feel like I could finish any swaps succesfully. But now on April 17th 2020 my 2nd son was born. My first son will never be forgotten and has a big place in my heart, but I now feel like I can be a bit happy again and want to enjoy life as a family. I recently found joy again in practicing my hobbies, so I wanted to start and pick up doing some swaps again.

Favorite Music

I love almost all music (except schlaeger), but I must admit the music I love the most is more in the rock genre(especially 80's). From soft pop rock to some metal

some favorite bands/singers:

  • Nirvana

  • Switchfoot

  • Skillet

  • Journey

  • Billy Joel

  • Apocalyptica

  • 3 doors down


Favorite Books

I love lots of genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, YA, History, Non-fiction, Crime, Comics/ Manga,...

I don't like horror, action and most romance( no chiclit, no erotic, something like Twilight is ok)

some favorites:

  • Harry Potter

  • The Hunger Games

  • Matched

  • All Tolkien's books

  • ....

I prefer to read my books in English. If the writer is Dutch/Flemish I will read them in Dutch. I sometimes read French and German children's book or comics. Adult books in these two languages are a bit to difficult for me.

I prefer hardcovers over paperbacks. I dislike paperbacks for multiple reasons. The quality of the cover is just bad. It cracks and curls up and I don't like it. I feel very uncomfortable reading a paperback book as I don't fully open the book when reading with a fear of cracking the spine. But I do get Hardcovers are more expensive to buy and send, although with some websites like the book depository or when your USbased Bookoutlet it's cheaper for hardcovers. And so for swaps I don't expect you to gift a hardcover book, I'm happy with a gifted Kindle e-book as well, which can be very cheap. I actually prefer e-books over paperbacks, I know I'm that weird. That being said I will never rate down because you'll send a paperback book especially when the swap asks to gift a physical copy. It's just that I must admit when receiving a paperback I might read it once extremely carefully and then it just sits on bookshelf. I often reread hardcovers and e-books. I only buy paperback versions myself when I really want a book very bad, but there's no other version available at all, which is often the case for comics or non-fiction books. But I'll be grateful for any book that I receive that is in a good condition.

Favorite Movies

The same as for books, almost everything except for horror, action or most romance


  • Harry Potter

  • Back to the Future

  • The Hunger Games

  • Hachi


Favorite Television

I like TV-series more than movies, because you can enjoy it longer


  • House M.D.

  • Gilmore Girls

  • Suits

  • De Elfenheuvel

  • Nana

  • Stargate (all)

  • The X-files

  • White collar


Favorite Crafts

  • Scrapbooking

  • Drawing, painting

  • Knitting

  • Crocheting


Likes and wishlist

Favorite color: Purple and blue, every shade of it. I like most other colors, I'm just not a big fan of yellow (except in nature)

Favorite flower: Daffodils, I also like others

Favorite smell: Lavender. I also like fruity smells.

  • Books: My book depository/Amazon wishlist have got books I haven't got yet. I don't mind an audio book or e-book version.

  • Blu-ray/dvd's: My amazon wishlist has dvd's I don't own yet. Just make sure it's region code 2 or region free, other wise I can't play it.

  • Craft/ art supplies

  • Stationery: notebooks, pens, writing paper with envelopes (I prefer size A4), stickers,...

  • socks : EU size 39, UK size 6, US 8

  • Anything Garfield

  • Anything of the Gorjuss brand

  • Cosmetics: shampoo, soap, showergels, ... no make up and nothing tested on animals.

  • Chocolate (only Belgian), Hot chocolate sachets are ok from outside Belgium. I do like some big international brands who prepare chocolate items like Milka or Kinder. But I noticed when traveling that the taste of it varies a bit from country to country.

  • For other food items I like: cookies, potato crisps/chips (paprika and salty), vegetarian candy, dried fruit, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts. I dislike most other nuts, I absolutely do not like coconut, unless in wellnes items. I prefer healthier options when it comes to food. I eat strictly vegetarian, but I also like vegan items.

  • Tea. I like to try different tastes

  • When it comes to canned/bottled drinks I like ice coffee, ice tea, fruit juice (no sugar added, no blueberry or raspberry.). I prefer healthier options so nothing with artificial sweeteners or carbonated drinks.

  • Bookmarks

  • Every animal except spiders and insects

  • Organic and Fairtrade

  • Souvenirs from your country (no flags) or something related to your native language

  • Magazines: I like general lifestyle magazines or magazines directed to stay-at home women or moms. I don't care for the ones with lots of gossip.

  • Anything from my wishlists from Etsy, Amazon or Book Depository.

  • Anything 80's and 90's(just not the 90's music, with a few exceptions like Nirvana)

  • languages: Dutch is my native language. If you can understand everything in my profile, then my English is probably ok. :P I can help myself in French and German. I don't mind receiving items in other languages. But if it's a bit more complex, like movies, then please something with subs(I dislike language dubbing). Books I prefer in English. I don't mind books in German and French, but my understanding is just enough for children's books, comics or graphic novels. Anything more difficult, then I'll probably be spending more time on Google Translate.XD I could read/understand simple letters/e-mails in those 2 languages. I like most musical genres and I often listen in other languages. I don't mind if it's Italian or Japanese, even though I can barely understand what it says.


  • Nothing where an animal has been killed or hurt for. I'm a vegetarian. So no meat/fish/ gelatine/ some e-numbers/ cheese. (Milk and eggs are fine) Also no leather or anything tested on animals

  • No Spiders or Insects.

  • No clowns. they really freak me out so this is a big NoNo.

  • Anything spiritistic/ paranormal/ magic realated, unless it's a fictional book.

  • Nothing religious. I have my my own faith. But I would like your favorite bible verse written somewhere if you have one.

  • Nothing holiday/birthday related

  • No good luck charms

  • Nothing too violent or bloody

  • Horror, action, romance, erotic/ nude

  • Nothing related to politics.

  • Gossip/ lies/ flakers

About the post office

I mark 'sent' when I drop the swap in the mailbox. They empty it every day (Mon -Fri) at 4.30 p.m and Saturday at 11 a.m. If I drop it in the mailbox after 4.30 on weekday, then they'll pick it up the next day. When it's on a Saturday after 11 or on a Sunday, then it's on Monday that they pick it up. They don't pick up mail on holidays. If you haven't received anything from me in a reasonable time, contact me and I'll resend immediatly. I'll always contact if something happens and if need to send late. But usually I send early(especially package swaps).

Influence of Covid-19 pandemic on the Belgian post office.

Sending within Europe is still possible, but there can be significant delays. It's especially difficult to send to France or Italy for example. Sending outside Europe is mostly not possible. There are some big countries were it has een made possible again, but with extreme delays. It's possible to send with express deliveries, but those are extremely expensive. And even with these deliveries they can't make any promises on when it'll arrive.

For me this will mean I will mostly join/host electronic swaps as there's no delay involved. I might join/host some European swaps in the near future. But unless I win the lottery I probably won't join any international swaps for now. It's sad, because I like sending and receiving from beyond Europe, but I think it's a priority for the swaps to arrive. I might join/host if there's a third party involved like Amazon or the book depository, then it's probably more certain swaps will arrive.

Swapping, rating and hosting

I take swap-bot.com and every aspect of it, swapping, rating, hosting, very seriously. Mainly because I like to keep swapping. :)

About swapping

I like all three kinds of swaps, but I prefer type 3 swaps the most. I love taking the time to prepare a special package or craft for a swappartner as well as I like the joy of receiving a fun swap. ^_^

About rating

I always rate, no matter what kind of swap, also email swaps. I always think it's frustrating to 'hunt down' ratings as it is very unrespectful towards your swappartner. Everyone who puts time, effort and/or money deserves a fair rating. That means when you receive a swap you should rate even when it's 'just' an email swap. I will rate as soon as I can timewise, but usually the same day as I receive the swap.

About hosting

I've hosted a few swaps so far and I genuinely love it. I often host a swap when I get a fun idea which I can't find in any public swaps. Sometimes I see a fun swap but I end up not joining as I find that the swap host is too flexible when it comes to the swap requirements. And if I don't feel safe in a swap then I will not join.

I usually set some 'strict' requirements in the swaps I host, but that is mainly to protect the swappers in my swap. I usually don't allow newbies/unrated swappers in my swaps, unless with simple e-mail swaps. That is because in some of the first swaps I hosted I allowed newbies, but only as private swap or when I had set up a swap and it was just newbies. Literally every time I did this I got flaked on.

Luckily I learn quickly from my mistakes and so the number of swaps I got flaked on was minimal. I was lucky enough to find an angel for those few swaps. But those experiences definitely changed my trust when it comes to newbies. I know I was a newbie once and a lot of newbies will turn into amazing swappers. But for the moment I'm not willing to lower my standards when it comes to swapping.

I usually host package swaps which can cost a bit more or crafting/journal swaps which are time consuming. So of course I want to lower the risk of flakers and try to make sure my swaps are safe. I will ban as I see fit. But I'll always be respectful and send a pm why you weren't included in the swap.

That doesn't mean I think newbies/unrated swappers are the only flakers out there, that will just be very unreasonable and unfair. I do check profiles thoroughly and notice things like unfilled profiles, recent or not recent fair bad ratings,.. As I mentioned before I'm very committed to swapping and willing to take some time or be assertive to keep my swaps safe.


Comment: What an intriguing book! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the reason why this book caught your attention in the first place.
fiorellaione rated for TBR: In April I read ... on May 8, 2021
Comment: I only finished 1 book in April, as well, but I have another 2 ongoing. I'm not sure I'll be able to finish them this month, so I started a third one, because that makes sense xD Thank you for sharing your progress!
Comment: Nice! I read a math book from my list last year that I enjoyed called Love and Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality by Edward Frenkel. In case you want more math. :)
Response: Thank you so much for the five ratings. :D
Bucket rated for TBR: In March I read ... on Apr 19, 2021
Comment: 4 books read is great progress!
monsbrick rated for TBR: In March I read ... on Apr 10, 2021
Comment: Hi Lynn, hope you feel better soon!
Response: Thanks for the 5 <3. I hope so too.
fiorellaione rated for TBR: In March I read ... on Apr 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you for sharing your progress. And I hope you did great on those tests! =D
Response: Thanks for the 5<3.:)
Comment: OMG I LOVED your email!! All the gifs and your humour were fantastic and made me giggle!! I didn't know about Tolkien day either - so glad I'm not alone!! I've officially added all the UK Tolkien destinations to my to-travel list (it's very long at this point), and I can't wait to dive into those websites you listed as well! Thank you so much for the fantastic email - and Happy Tolkien day!!
Comment: I loved reading your Hobbit email! Thank you for including so many interesting tidbits and for making this such a fun swap πŸ€ŽπŸŒΏπŸ‚πŸ‘£πŸŒΏπŸ‚πŸ‘£πŸŒΏπŸ‚πŸ‘£πŸŒΏπŸ‚πŸŒΏπŸ‘£πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸŒΏπŸŒΏ
Comment: I hadn't heard of the book, but it sounds like you enjoyed it quite a bit. :) THat's great! Thanks for sharing. :)
Comment: Hi Lynn, thank you for sharing!!
Comment: Thank you for sharing your list. :) (I didn't care for Outlander either! I thought I was the only one!) When I first tried reading Gunslinger, I didn't like the book and put off the rest of the series for a long time. When I finally just read the book and moved on to the rest of the series, I was so glad I did. I didn't love all of the series, but wow is it epic!
Response: Now you definitely made me curious, thanks^_^ I was really in doubt about The Gunslinger, but there's some things that I'm definitely curious about. So I will keep hanging in there, as I just need to read about an hour or so to finish it.
Comment: Thank you Lynn for sharing your progress! I haven't read The Catcher in the Rye, yet, and as much as you, I know nothing about it other than it's a classic. I still plan to read it, eventually, so thank you for at least hint a bit on what not to expect from it xD
Response: I hope I didn't give away too much, sorry. I would definitely want to know if you like it or not. I'm curious for different opions as so many people seem to like it, which gets me constantly thinking I missed something.
Stachel rated for Top Books on Feb 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for this list! I did not know any of those books, haha o.O I guess I will try the Martian first :)
Stachel rated for Top 10 travel on Feb 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your list! I loved reading about your travel dreams and plans. I have been to London 4 times but still don't feel like it has been enough, haha :D
KSENiA rated for Top Books on Feb 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for sharing
Comment: Thank you for sharing. Nice quote :)
KSENiA rated for Top 10 travel on Feb 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you for sharing. We have many similar destinations on the list. We combined Verona with Venice too, on our last trip. Also, you should visit Jerusalem. We are quite a safe country to visit. The conflict is mostly on the news...
kammy rated for Top Books on Feb 13, 2021
Comment: great list. I do not know all of his books but I have this from the Divergent series. I don't have the Hunger Games at home, but I read them.
kammy rated for Top 10 travel on Feb 13, 2021
Comment: your list is superb. I have already had the chance to visit several of its cities (Berlin, Rome, Venice, and Verona) and I loved it.

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traceyj on Mar 24, 2021:

Happy Tolkien Reading day!

And thanks for joining my swap :)

hobbit party

kafekafe on May 31, 2020:

Thank you so much! I'm glad you gave it a listen and liked some songs. :) I saw your list too, will definitely give it a listen! I don't think I know any Belgian music at all. Thanks for sharing it! There's so much wonderful music in the world ❀

pepita2608 on May 28, 2020:

Hello!! this is Happy profile- May flower


This is "Copihue" the tipical flower of Chile.


And my favorite flower is "Bugambilia"

WoodlandBanshee on May 26, 2020:

HI there and greetings from coastal Vancouver Island in western Canada. Here are your profile flowers for "Happy Profile - May Flowers".

This is the Camas. It is indigenous to the Pacific Northwest area. They grow in fields mostly in the wild. I love them!

My favourite flower is the black tulip, but I also love colourful poppies! How pretty!

Fever on Dec 7, 2017:

Wohoo, you're back doing some swaps! :):) I might join the cosy night swap, depending on how desperate the situation around that time seems with my MA-thesis. :D Welcome back!

Fever on May 10, 2014:

Have a happy wedding day!!!!

I'm thinking of you - enjoy your special day!

Hugs and Kisses from Germany to you and your (not much longer just ...) fiance!


Candyn29 on May 5, 2014:


KateKintail on May 1, 2014:


Disney in a bag profile check. Happy swapping!

libertylithium on Mar 24, 2014:

thanks for sharing your favorite verse! that's one of my favorite Bible stories also! :) God Bless! xx

jandmterry on Mar 23, 2014:

Your Favorite Scripture Swap:

Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh morning. -Lamentations 3:23 NLT

I love this verse because it reminds me that everyday is new and God's mercies allow us a fresh start.



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