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Hello! Welcome to my profile!

I love engaging with all sorts of art in all sorts of ways, creating, viewing, experiencing. I especially like to decorate envelopes, cards and bookmarks, to draw, paint and sing. I dream of making a living by being creative.

When penpalling or swapping, I like to come up with a broad theme such as a colour combination, then I work from there. My process contains both planning and intuitive parts. I create or assemble a bunch of lovely stationery that matches and hopefully looks nice. When I have time and energy, I enjoy tailoring mail to the individual recipient. If there are only a few days in between partner assignments and deadline or the swap is sender's choice, I may prepare what I feel like in advance.

The interpersonal aspect is important to me as I prefer getting to know a person's life and thoughts. However, there are many ways to express oneself, so one person may choose to do it in words, but another may paint. I think all of these modes of communicating our inner worlds are beautiful.

I like going to museums, creating online galleries on Occupy White Walls, going to the theatre, conceptualising my own performances and exhibits. It would be wonderful if those could become a reality soon. I struggle a lot with my career. Navigating this fast, product-and-profit-oriented society as a disabled person is very hard. Being multiply disabled and queer are pillars of my identity. I am non-binary and experience gender and sexuality as fluid.

Favorite Music

I travel back and forth between genres such as J-Rock, Post-punk, Industrial, Darkwave, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Symphonic Metal, Hair Metal, Rock'n'Roll, Hyperpop, Chanson, Folk, Afropop, Afro-fusion, Shanties, piano music, pseudo-medieval styles, Bardcore :D etc

Favorite Movies

Creative and atmospheric SciFi such as Interstellar, Blade Runner, Annihilation. I like the cyberpunk aesthetic, too.

Animations with love in every detail such as Klaus and Kung Fu Panda.

Films that balance funny and meaningful.

Queer stories that are not centered on tragedy / violence. Especially love queer romcoms!

The silent film era is very fascinating to me in terms of acting styles, make-up and costuming, use of on-screen text and music.

I love comedies such as the What We Do In The Shadows film. I have not seen the TV series.

Favorite Books

I like Sherman Alexie's writing. It's smart, accessible, to the point. I recommend his novel Flight.

I like the absurd gothic world of Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Isn't Dead.

I like poetry.

I adore comics!!! Manga, graphic novels, webcomics...

I enjoy queer lit in general, including the classic Coffeeshop AU. ;D

I'd like to know more romcoms with queer or (and?) disabled protagonists. Any medium goes.

Favorite Television

Avatar, Hannibal, Elementary, Arrested Development, Please Like Me, Special, Orphan Black, Orange is the new Black, Hilda, Legend of Korra, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Motherland Fort Salem, Brooklyn 99, Death Note, The Nevers etc

Info for swap partners


  • Avoid dominant bright / neon colours, please. They hurt my autistic brain. (Using some brights is fine, just not an overpowering amount. Bright red and any neons are a struggle)
  • Limit busy patterns such as tiny polka dots, narrow zig zag etc. (Again, some sections are fine for example)
  • No spiders, please. Not big on bugs either.

♥ Don't stress ♥ I am happy about all mail that is sent because somebody wanted to send it to me! ♥ Just the fact that you put consideration in it makes my day! The following guide is mostly inspo to help you get an idea of what you could use

For flat mail swaps:

Currently interested in:

  • styles: kawaii, romantic, gothic
  • metallic watercolour, mixed media
  • gold details, holo, duochrome etc

  • stickers, memo sheets etc from small businesses

  • cutesy or artful letter writing paper
  • stickers etc with pro - queer themes
  • self care, spoonie themes
  • café, matcha themes
  • magic, witchy themes (blessed items / spells for success, health and other good things welcome!)
  • things relating to the other interests mentioned in my profile
  • bubble stickers
  • tiny stickers
  • for memos and letter writing papers: no lines or fine lines preferred. Harsh lines, dotting, graph not preferred. Very fine graph is okay!

  • paperlace, embossed paper

  • deckle-edge paper, self-made paper etc

  • colourful art stamps, bright can be okay here cause they're small. I especially like the colourful art on stamps from Mongolia, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia... and of course Japan

  • disability themed stamps, autism, Paralympics etc
  • LGBTQ+ themed stamps, for example the Pride stamps from Ireland or Greece 2021
  • modern musician stamps such as the 2021 Freddie Mercury stamps from Niger and Central Africa
  • artful animal stamps, for example 2007 Latvian fox set or the 2018 Arctic Animals from Guinea
  • Chinese stamps: from the northwest, disability, 1983 world communication year

  • black paper

  • dusty colours, for example green.
  • dark and light yellows, just no brights.
  • deep, dark colours such as Bordeaux
  • blues, gold, créme, brown...

  • Chinese and Japanese styles & themes

  • explosion of colour, collages
  • prefer overdressed to underdressed, if that makes sense. You can bury a card in stickers, doodles...
  • Pompompurin, Rilakkuma, Sentimental Circus, Tuxedo Sam, Animal Crossing
  • Sanrio and San-X in general
  • cute mascots in general, can be from small businesses
  • your art!


  • birds
  • cats
  • deer
  • cows
  • snakes
  • rats
  • bears
  • woodland animals
  • etc.

For tea swaps:

  • favourite: herbal tea to calm the stomach
  • favourite: sleep tea / calming the mind
  • matcha, green teas, would like to try sencha, roasted
  • No fruit teas, please. They give me heartburn
  • others are okay

For recipe swaps:

  • Vegetarian, vegan
  • chicken (the only meat I eat sometimes)
  • simple preferred (multiply disabled person here)
  • shortish list of ingredients preferred
  • I do have a one pot style cooking machine, so steaming and long cooking times are possible

I hope this helped somewhat. You can message me if you'd like to know anything else.


Comment: Thank you so much for your letter as well as the cute washi samples and extras you included! I will try to send you a repy this weekend ❤
yvonne401 rated for Profile Deco Swap - Groundhog Day on Mar 14, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the pics! Happy Groundhog Day!
Response: Thank you for rating and for the heart! ♥
Comment: Thanks so much! I love everything!!
Response: I'm glad to hear that! Thank you for rating and for the heart! ♥
Comment: First of all, the envelope is gorgeous, the stationary is adorable, and the stickers were an absolute delight~ Look at all of those orange kitties! 😭🧡 But even more than the things that fit the Swap prompt, I love your letter! I read through it kind of quickly at first, so I'll probably read through it a few more times after this, but I just wanted to tell you that i LOVE long letters and yours is so incredibly thoughtful! Would you be okay with me responding to it later via snail mail?
Response: Aaah, I'm so happy you like it!! I love long letters, too! Letters in general, but it's always interesting to read about the journey's people's minds go on as they write and move from one topic to another. :D I would be super happy to receive snail mail, yes! Big YES! ♥ And thank you for the heart and the sweet message!
Comment: Oh. My. Goodness. Yes, I want to be your penfriend!!! I'm so glad you asked :D First, I got your envie and swooned! It was so adorable ♥ Your little sketches were so precious ♥ Your washi and extra goodies are sooooo cute ♥ But my favorite was your letter ♥ I am excited to write back, so expect it soonish (you know, international mail takes it's sweet time). Thank you for such a precious swap, wish I could give you more hearts ♥♥♥♥♥
Response: Oh yay!! ♥ Super stoked to be embarking on this journey of pen friendship with you!! Thank you for all the praise, you are being too kind to me, hahaha! I'll take the extra hearts in spirit! :D ♥♥♥♥♥ Looking forward to your letter! ♥♥
LesleyR rated for Creativi-TEA #3 on Feb 28, 2022
Comment: Hi Lydia, WOW!!! You are super creative with your envelopes! Thank you for making it an extra special package. I enjoyed reading your letter, and I will write back and tell you about Saskatchewan and a bit about me. Take care! :)
Response: Hey, Lesley! Thank you so much for the nice message and the heart!! ♥ I'm really glad you like the envelopes!! And that you want to send me a letter, too, is super awesome. :D I'm looking forward to it!
Comment: the wide moon tape is really pretty, thank you and for the extras too!! i have definitely heard of foreigners struggling with the lack of daylight in finland but i have to say it doesn't bother me, i like the dark haha
Response: Thank you for the heart and for answering my question, too! ♥ Those different realities and "extreme" climates are so fascinating. Many people become accustomed to the conditions they grow up in. Thanks again!! ♥
Comment: Vielen Dank für deinen schönen Brief. Das Fuchs washi ist super süß. Du hättest mir aber auch gerne kawaii washis schicken dürfen. 😉 Benutze diese nämlich auch.
Response: Danke für die Bewertung! Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt! Liebe Grüße!
sschibetts rated for My Playlist in January 2022 on Feb 12, 2022
Comment: I don't think I know any of the songs you sent, so I am excited to listen to them and discover some new music. Thanks a ton!
Response: Thank you for rating! Hope you have fun!
ladybug513 rated for Creativi-TEA #3 on Feb 11, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful tea pockets! I love them so much, such a cute and clever idea 😊 And I'm definitely looking forward to trying the teas ☕
Response: Ooh, I'm really glad you like them! I used a tutorial from Lyric Lover Crafts on YouTube. Thank you for the heart! ♡
Pei04 rated for My Playlist in January 2022 on Feb 9, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing your playlist. All songs were new to me :)
Response: Thank you for rating and for letting me know!
ariestess rated for My Playlist in January 2022 on Feb 6, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sharing! I don't think I've heard of any of these before!
Response: I'm glad to hear that! Love new music. Thank you for hosting and rating!
Comment: Thank you for including the links!
Response: Of course! Thank you for the heart! ♡
Kirkdebb rated for Profile Deco Swap - Groundhog Day on Feb 3, 2022
Comment: Happy Groundhog Day! Thanks for celebrating with me!
Response: Thank you for hosting and for the heart! ♡
kajsab rated for My Playlist in January 2022 on Feb 2, 2022
Comment: Does Gackt still make music? His Mizerable song is an old favorite
Response: Haha, he does! Though he's been on a hiatus since fall due to illness. Mizerable is so good. I still love listening to it. Malice Mizer stuff, too. Thanks for the rating!
tatntole rated for Profile Deco Swap - Groundhog Day on Feb 1, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the great Deco on my profile.
Response: So glad you like it! Thank you for the heart! ♡

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