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Date Joined: April 25, 2009
Last Online: November 10, 2017
Birthday: April 18
Country: United States
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11.1.17- Life is crazy busy now, so for the time being I will be taking a break from swapping so I have one less thing to stress about. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected]. If any of you lovely swappers are interested in being an admin for my group simple swaps to keep it active feel free to drop me a line. I'll return once things settle down a bit, which should hopefully be around the new year.

Hi there, I'm KAT (not katlyn)!!!

Discounted USA Postage Stamps Available ~ Message me if interested!

☽~If you have ANY issues with a swap I've sent, please contact me before rating. I enjoy sending swaps out more than I enjoy receiving them and don't join swaps I cannot fulfill!~☾

★ I love being outdoors & anything to do with nature ★ I don't like flowers, but I love ferns, mosses, greenery, and trees ★ I adore astronomy and cosmology ★ I'm really frugal and love dumpster diving & freebie hunting! ★ I have two kitties named Cloudy (mine) and Orpheus (my hubby's) ★ Wine is my favorite drink! ★ I make my own teas, tinctures, and herbal products ★ I love fermenting foods and drinks! ★ I'm into Shamanism and psychedelia ★ I am obsessed with the Atomic Age style ★ Ethnobotany is one of my passions ★ Astral projection and lucid dreaming are something I focus on ★ I ♥ vintage postcards! ★ I am an atheist and only worship nature as a higher power ★

The only thing I'm offended by is religion !

Small things I love receiving for flat/random envelope swaps:

  • STENCILS! I just LOVE gelli printing and can't get enough of it!
  • used or unused vintage postcards pre-1960, I especially like black & white and linen ones
  • usable paper scraps (I make a lot of ATC's and collages)
  • gothic/victorian themed things
  • anything BLACK!
  • unique or unusual finds
  • vintage ephemera, bits, & photos
  • die cuts
  • embellishments, 2D or 3D
  • pressed dried leaves
  • address labels
  • white stickers (I love making my own!)
  • 'Hello my name is' stickers
  • used postage stamps (vintage or international) anything that can be used for paper crafting

Things I Have to Trade:

  • TONS of tea (sealed tea bags)
  • Papers
  • Variety of magnets
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Acrylic/silicone stamps
  • washi tape rolls
  • vintage books
  • craft supply grab-bags


People: â™› Timothy Leary â™› Terence McKenna â™› Hunter S. Thompson â™› Jim Morrison â™› Aldous Huxley â™› Salvador Dali â™› Trent Renzor â™› Tim Burton â™› Sandor Ellix Katz â™› Gordon Ramsay â™› Magnus Nilsson â™› Jet Tila â™› Lucille Ball â™›

Music: ♫ The Faint ♫ Funker Vogt ♫ Depeche Mode ♫ Abney Park ♫ Ashbury Heights ♫ Deine Lakaien ♫ Covenant ♫ Pink Floyd ♫ The Doors ♫ VNV Nation ♫ Aphex Twin ♫ Apoptygma Berzerk ♫ Tool ♫ A Perfect Circle ♫ Marilyn Manson ♫ Nine Inch Nails ♫ Placebo ♫ Project Pitchfork ♫ Neuroticfish ♫ System of a Down ♫ Bella Morte ♫ Dresden Dolls ♫

TV Shows: ☠ Archer ☠ I Love Lucy ☠ Gilligan's Island ☠ American Dad ☠ Squidbillies ☠ Superjail! ☠ Futurama ☠ Arrested Development ☠ Whitest Kids You Know ☠ The Golden Girls ☠ The Munsters ☠ Addams Family ☠ X-Files ☠ Fraiser ☠ Reno 911 ☠


Colors: black, teal, turquoise, blue, green, purple, silver

☁ horror movies ☁ Handmade things ☁ Mail Art ☁ ferns ☁ trees & leaves ☁ mushrooms ☁ trippy/psychedelia ☁ steampunk ☁ vintage items ☁ ephemera ☁ Gothic ☁ Industrial ☁ Victorian ☁ H.R. Giger Artwork ☁ Vintage things that are politically incorrect by today's standards ☁ nature themed/natural items ☁ ATC's ☁ rubber/acrylic stamps ☁ sex, drugs, rock & roll ☁ peacocks ☁ pens, markers, and sharpies ☁ Atomic Age/ Nuclear Age ☁ the ocean (especially octopus & the deep sea) ☁ anything unusual or unique ☁ sushi ☁ herbalism ☁ incense ☁ rockabilly ☁ 420/ weed related ☁ alcohol ☁ things with 'Atlas' on them (my son's name) ☁ unique papers for collaging or making altered art ☁ giraffes ☁ octopuses ☁ gothic/black baby things (24 months and up) ☁ herbal items, like incense, essential oils, smudge sticks, etc. ☁ ALTERED GOTHIC/HORROR DOLLS!!!! ☁ handmade pottery ☁

Dislikes/ Un-needed Items

✘ CENSORSHIP!!! ✘ RELIGION✘ washi tape ✘ note cards ✘ memo pads, list pages, or sticky notes ✘ chocolate ✘ "keep calm and carry on" ✘ disney/pixar, and 'kids' stuff in general ✘ celebrities, brand names ✘ holiday items ✘ tea, as I have WAY too much currently! ✘ anything that says blessed/blessings etc. ✘


I collect the following topic postcards:

❤ Vintage!!! The older the better! I adore collecting these in ~any~ topic!! I even love receiving used vintage postcards pre-1960 (in an envelope). ❤ black and white photography ❤ graveyards and morbid themes (mortuaries, autopsies, serial killers, anything along those lines) ❤ nature scenes with no people or buildings ❤ Gothic ❤ Victorian ❤ Punk ❤ weird (interpret this however you'd like, if it makes you think WTF, I'll probably like it) ❤ industrial & mechanical ❤ dark ❤ occult ❤ politically incorrect (by today's standards) ❤ giraffes ❤ sea creatures (mostly squids, octopus, jellyfish and coral) ❤ nudity/obscenity ❤ gore ❤ horror ❤ national parks (vintage preferred, but all are great) ❤ art deco ❤ art nouveau ❤ well-created handmade (watercolor, collage, painted, etc.) ❤

I'm not into the following topics:

Sorry, but if you send a postcard with a metered label (aka no stamps) you probably won't get a heart. I love stamps, especially old ones, on my postcards.

✖ religions in any context ✖ holiday (of any kind) ✖ multi-view ✖ ones with a lot of text, or only text ✖ flags ✖ people, famous or non ✖ ad/free unless I am in a swap specifically for that ✖ tourist-y (unless vintage 1970's or older) ✖ vintage reproduction, I am just not into faux vintage things. I like the real deal ✖


Anything that fits my profile is always welcome, but I typically dislike words on ATC's and drawn cards.

I collect ones that are:

❤collaged and mixed media ❤ vintage ❤nature ❤ gothic ❤ dark ❤ victorian ❤ black and white ❤ morbid ❤ cool colors (blue, green, purple) ❤ ferns and mushrooms ❤ trippy/ psychedelic ❤ profile favorites ❤ abstract ❤

Not so much into:

✖ drawn, unless profile specific ✖ words and phrases on cards ✖ religious ✖ sports ✖ poorly created ✖ sticker slapped ✖

Hosting/Swap Info

Thanks for joining one of my swaps! Here's what you can expect:

☯ If you are flaked on I will gladly send you something! I always expect people in my swaps or groups to receive something. No one should feel left out! Send me a message and I'll take care of you! JUST BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW IF I HAVEN'T CONTACTED YOU!

☯ I try to be lenient and understanding. Life isn't always predictable, so unless someone is a serial flaker or late sender I like to give people another chance. Two is your limit, however.

☯ Newbies are welcome in ~most~ of my swaps, because I understand that people have to start somewhere to acquire a few ratings. More intense and time-consuming swaps will require stricter guidelines.

☯ I HATE people who critique every last detail, like postmarks that are a day or two "late", or measuring things to find them to be exact. If you do this and I find out you will be BANNED! Swapping is for FUN not critiquing every last detail!

☯ To me a "filled out" profile is at least 2-3 sentences, or a paragraph. Some people aren't picky about what they get, and might not have a lot to say. I do not allow people with 'blank profiles', but If this bothers you, do not join my swaps.

☯ I DON'T DO DRAMA! All drama queens will be blocked and banned from all of my swaps and groups. This includes people who argue about swap "types", are generally nit-picky, police other user's swaps, or are annoying to deal with in swaps.

☯ Once I block someone it is FINAL! I block people for a reason (usually because I have had a negative experience with you, or someone else has and I don't want to join that shit show). I do not remove blocks, do not get your friends to message me about it.

☯ I typically assign partners within 24 hours of sign up deadline (3 am EST). If partners are not assigned within this time frame, feel free to PM me. I always try to get swap partners assigned as soon as possible, but we all have lives to live and cannot be online 24/7!

☯ Send anything kinds of swaps or ones in which you can send ATC's, handmade items, or mail art are CLEARLY type 3 swaps since these are things that take time to create. Sure not everyone will, but it's not fair to downgrade those that do.

☯ If you don't agree with how I do my swaps DON'T JOIN THEM! Simple as that. You will NOT be missed by anyone in them! =D

If you're gonna be a bitch, no one will want to swap with you, FYI~


Neenarneenar rated for A.I. - Melted Crayon ATC on Jan 7, 2019
Comment: Great colors of the melted crayon ATC. My life just now allowed me to open your envelop. I truly sorry for the extremely late rating.
matt319 rated for FLASH PC swap #11 -USA- on Jun 28, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much!!
Comment: Thank you very much!!
matt319 rated for I HATE this postcard #5 on Jun 28, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much!!
matt319 rated for USA Blind Postcard Quick Swap #13 on Jun 27, 2018
matt319 rated for 10 Things Postcard Swap USA on Jun 7, 2018
matt319 rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #9 on Jun 4, 2018
matt319 rated for Postcrossing Obsessed?! 34 on Apr 19, 2018
matt319 rated for Black/white pc swap USA #2 on Apr 19, 2018
Lina279 rated for Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy on Nov 10, 2017
Comment: Thanks a Lot!Love the pack with all my heart!
crochetjunkie rated for SSUSA: Flat De-stash x2 on Nov 8, 2017
Comment: Thanks for a nice selection of items!!!
institches rated for SSUSA: Send Anything: October on Nov 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
christywebb rated for SSUSA: Flat De-stash x2 on Nov 5, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the awesome collection of goodies! And for hosting this swap!
Rbrstmpr rated for SSUSA: Postcard Quote on Oct 30, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the rubber stamped flowers!
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Dear Kat, Thank you for the postcard! I love the stamps that you have sent me! The weather is getting cold, please stay warm :-)
Comment: Thank you for the pc
Comment: Thank you for the great vintage stamps, lovely vintage Erasmus Museum card (I would love to visit Brussels one day!), and for sharing your autumnal plans -- I hope you had a good hike ♥
Comment: Thanks for the fun postcard!
Comment: Thanks for the postcard!

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Happy Birthday!

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Hope all is well with you!! Miss swapping with you. ~Angela

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tea RAK!!! I'm looking forward to trying all of these. :)

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