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I'm very crafty & love making stuff. I will usually try to "make" just about anything & I often personalize store-bought items. My favorite part about Swap-Bot is that it helps me have all kinds of creative artsy fun with new inspiration from an awesome variety of personalities. Most swaps that I send out are personalized to the recipient even if it is not specifically a "profile based" swap. I do tend to try out new art mediums/crafts for the first time here, so please let me know if something you received from me isn't right & I'll try again.

I always strive to send my swaps out on time. If for any reason I'll be sending a day late I will message my partner to let them know. I always message my partner with tracking info for larger packages on the day it is sent. If you didn't get tracking from me & haven't received a (USA destination) swap by a week after the send deadline, please let me know!

Camping is a frequent weekend pastime; I have a pop-up tent trailer. I often take funky solar lighting, always eat well, enjoy long walks in the woods, and love to enjoy an adult beverage around the campfire.

Gardening is another hobby of mine. I love growing roses and generally puttering around my backyard garden on weekends. I totally dig crafts & stationary with a flower/garden theme.

I'm a hobby photographer. Mostly I take pictures of animals at zoos/sanctuaries or plants in my garden. But I'm always looking for opportunities to to expand my skills.

I'm all for recycling & re-use. When possible I try to purchase items with limited packaging & I try to always re-use shipping materials. I always try to wrap gifts with re-useable wrapping or use gift bags/boxes/containers.

Crazy Cat Lady

I love animals; especially cats! Here's my current cast of characters:

Jimmy - Orange tabby boy who is now 17 years old, and enjoying his golden years. He was part of a litter from a friend's rescued dumpster cat. When he was younger he was such an active cat that he's now had 2 knee surgeries! This boy still loves to play fetch, he brings toys to bed with him, and he absolutely LOVES potato chips.

James Bond - named so for his tuxedo coat and super-friendly personality. He's now 7 years old & he was part of a litter of abandoned kittens that I hand raised from about 2 weeks old. This guy loves to race through the house with other cats, drag my fabric or sewing projects around through the house, and insists on sleeping on a human's lap.

Patti - Princess Patti does things her own way. She was a foster for a family member & she ended up staying with us full time. She never really learned cat manners & thus doesn't really interact with the other kitties much. But she loves hanging out with her humans, supervising bathroom activities, and she has to be in the middle of any project.

Millie - An all black 5 year old kitty that is our very own house-panther. She was rescued along with 2 of her sisters that were a feral litter in our own backyard. Mama cat was spayed & released, and we socialized the kittens and have adopted the other 2 out. Millie was the first one to adapt to human interaction and these days she likes playing with just about everything, gets along great with our other cats, and she even likes sitting on laps.

Zira is our latest addition & she's now 4 years old. She was somebody else's pet but she was either lost or abandoned as a kitten. She just showed up (very hungry!) in our backyard one day. After being unable to find her original owners, we gave her a permanent home. She's very spunky & loves racing around the house with the other cats; and then curling up on a lap when she's all tired out.

We also share 2 backyard cats Mama & Papa with our neighbor. Mama's been around a bit longer, but both just showed up in the yard one day & kept coming back once they realized we're a steady source of food. We're socializing them both & they now come inside at night most of the time.

I also like big cats (lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs) and often visit zoos & sanctuaries. I also volunteer at my local SPCA

Favorite Crafts

I sew a LOT! Lots clothes for myself & my husband. I also sew coats, costumes, bags, and sometimes funky accessories. No kids stuff though. I've even started putting my own "purple tiger" tag on my creations.

I really enjoy beading; mostly with seed beads. My favorite projects have been snowflakes, flowers, and bracelets. I've recently branched out into other forms of jewelry making including bangle charms, wire wrapping, and leather knotting.

I keep finding new things to make with FIMO clay! Pendants, beads, magnets, zipper pulls...

I have a Cricut machine & use it for just about everything but papercrafting! Usually I cut out iron-ons that I apply to the garments I make. I also have made some funky vinyl stickers, and quite a few stencils for my glass etching projects.

I go in spurts of making various crafts with paracord. I've done 100's of bracelets but also dabble in zipper pulls, necklaces, and random funky bits of knotted cord.

Crafty things that I've dabbled in but need more practice at: wood scorching, crochet, chainmaille, needle felting

Favorite Books

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan

A Song if Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin

The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher

The Mayfair Witches series by Anne Rice

Little Fuzzy by H Beam Piper


If it glows in the dark, sparkles, is highly reflective, metallic, or lights up; I'll love it.

Favorite color is any shade of purple from plum to lavender, and my 2nd favorite is grey or silver. I also like blues, dark forest or emerald greens, aqua/teal/turquoise, and deep rich reds.

The more funky/weird/unique, the better and I love hand-made items.

*I adore little plushy/stuffy/crochet animals; either handmade or store bought. I LOVE beanie babies!

*Stickers - cats, safari animals, pawprints, flowers/roses, deco swirls/scrolls, butterflies, ladybugs, alphabet

*funky effect pens/markers/paints (please no scented ones)

*5x7 or larger solid colored (even white) card stock (any size), glitter/sparkly/metallic is good too

*Notepads/memo pads - totally plain/blank or any with flower or cat borders. Please no "to-do" or inspirational quotes.

*Necklace pendants (with or without chain/cord) or small jewelry charms


*Jewelry findings - bits of chain, clasps, jump rings (silver, pewter, colored)

*metal clasps, clips, clamps (jewelry or keychain sized)

*zippers; any size, any color. Used is fine, as long as it still works!


*FQ or larger pieces of heavy duty fabric: duck cloth, nylon, canvas, leather (real or fake), etc.

*Any glow-in-the-dark craft medium - stickers, beads, string, fabric, vinyl, foam, etc

*bags -everything from coin purse to shoulder bag to tote bag

*gardening stuff - metal or glass decor, tools, seeds/bulbs

*Fantasy elements like dragons, witches/sorcerers, fairies/fae

*Safari themed items - things with animal prints, or things with lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, or rhinos

*rubber duckies - I have a shelf of themed duckies in my bathroom & can always add more! Some neat additions would be purple, disco/glitter, cat, mohawk, dragon, wine/cocktail...

*cat stuff - kitchen items, towels/washcloths, bandanas, shirts, stationary, washi, stickers, pens, etc. Just about anything with a cat on it! I totally dig all the wild/big cats too, but my favorite is the tiger

*other cute critters - foxes, otters, raccoons, bears, rabbits, meerkats, lemurs,


*animal prints / faux fur

*funky drinking cups/glasses/bottles

*If the swap specifically calls for tea - Black tea/Earl Gray, or green tea.

*if the swap specifically calls for candy - dark chocolate, chocolate+caramel are my favorites. Citrus flavored candy (orange, lemon, lime) is OK too.

No thank you

I really don't do much papercrafting so please NO PAPER SCRAPS. I don't have any use for die cuts, picture cutouts, flakes, magazine/book cutouts, or any kind of ephermera.

I'm not a big fan of pink, orange, neon colors, or gold

I don't really like camouflage, calico, or paisley patterns

Although I do like lots of "toys", I don't have any children. So please no Disney, cartoon, or character themed items.

Please no plastic ribbons or small/thin strings; it's bad for all the curious kitties in my home.

*Food/candy/tea unless the swap specifically calls for it.

*ATCs (unless it is specifically an ATC swap. I think they're fun to make every once in a while, but I don't really collect them.


*Candles or anything with a strong scent/perfumed/potpourri

*Religious themed items

*small (less than FQ) Fabric or ribbon scraps (I already have too much)

*adult coloring books/pages; I already have too many


My two favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. I go crazy and celebrate for the entire month!

I go to as many costume parties as I can, and wear a different (usually home made) costume for each. My record so far is 6 costumes in 1 year! Even some of my kitties get costumes. I love spooky/scary decorations for my home; lots of skulls, spiders, potions, black cats, cobwebs, glow-in-the-dark, and gothic themed items. I usually have a witchy/wizard bar setup, so I love little spooky potion bottles & jars, spell ingredient bottle labels, and any Halloween themed barware. Also like little costume extras; ears, tails, purple/glitter/glow makeup or nail polish, flashing necklaces, theme socks. However after a small fire a few years ago, no open flame candles!

My house is fully decorated for all of December. The entire front of the house is covered in lights that are syncronized to music. Inside I have an amazing fiber-optic tree that goes up every year. Nearly every doorway, window, and flat surface gets decorations; and even our kitties get a stocking. I concentrate on seasonal decorations as opposed to religious. Can always use more purple/lavender ornaments, cat themed decorations or ornaments, holly+berry themed garland/deco/ornaments, clear window suction hooks, silver ornament hooks, stickers, washi tapes, and holiday theme casual jewelry (especially light-up stuff!).


Comment: Thank you for the wonderful postcards, they are so great. I hope to visit Yellowstone National Park someday (and I won't pet the fluffy cows).
Comment: Hi! Thank you so much for the beautiful decorated envelopes and goodies! They will definitely get put to good use. It is hot AS ANYTHING here and I'm already ready for the fall and cooler weather lol. Stay hydrated and take care of yourself!
ScrapHappyGabi rated for SS: Spring Flowers on Apr 19, 2022
Comment: Beautiful photos! Your garden is magnificent! I would love to have roses like you do! it's way too hot for them here and no shade! Thank you for the fun vellum macro shots! gorgeous and will go to great use!!Have a great week!! xx Gabi
Comment: Oh my goodness! What a simply amazing swap! I am so floored and appreciative of the beautiful placemats that you made for me!! I got home to this lovely package and I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much!
Response: So glad you like them!
bostianh rated for FTLOC#1-"Owned by a Cat"-US on Feb 7, 2022
Comment: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️So awesome! Everything you sent is absolutely wonderful! I love the die cuts, stationary/memo sheets, stickers, sticky cats, wow! This swap felt like a birthday gift, you went above and beyond, thank you so very much.
Response: So glad you liked everything! I always enjoy sharing fun kitty stuff. >^. .^<
Comment: Thank you! I love them all! Especially the stickers sheet cause they look like my cats! Lol!
Comment: Love your pics! Your Halloween decorations are great! Love your black cat Millie. I have a friend that has a black cat named Friday. She sends me pics of her all the time. I'm allergic to animals so I don't have any pets. I was sick on Halloween so we didn't get to go to the party at the hard rock casino like we usually go to. I was so disappointed.
Comment: Thank you for such a lovely & personal swap! I LOVE the flower stickers you made from your own photos from your garden! I cannot wait to use these little works of art!!!!
craftyAnnaLu rated for 13 Days of Halloween USA on Oct 7, 2021
Comment: I peeked inside just to get the note, but boy and I excited to open the rest! Thank you! 👻💜
Response: Holy smokes that got to you fast! Happy Halloween! :o)
goosey rated for HEUSA - Trick or Treat! on Sep 30, 2021
Comment: thank you for all the fun stickers!
JossieAyame rated for Spooky flat surprise! on Sep 23, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the super cool spooky goodies!
AceInBeautyland rated for Spooky flat surprise! on Sep 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much! I love the stickers and post card!!
kssunlover1947 rated for LSRUS Floral Scavenger Hunt on Sep 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all you sent. Love your envelope using a colored coloring book page.
DragonflyDreamer rated for SS: Something in Nature on Aug 25, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful daffodil photo postcard. The koala one is adorable too! Be well.
sunshinesuperman rated for Mega Halloween Happy Mail on Jul 27, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all the awesome goodies for my Halloween crafting. I have already been making cards getting ready!!! Hugs, Mona
gingerbee rated for Mega Halloween Happy Mail on Jul 27, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the swap and all the fun spooky bits! I am looking forward to getting to crafting for the Halloween season!
Christopherpines rated for Mega Halloween Happy Mail on Jul 24, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the fun selection of goodies!
rkassman rated for Kitty Cat Aesthetic on Jul 5, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much, this was a truly delightful package of Cat goodness!
Response: so glad you liked it! =^ . ^=
lou rated for Sharp Shooters: April color: PINK on Jun 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the pretty photos of flowers and your note on decorated pink paper & the fun pink stickers & pink kitty cats on the outer envelope and tiger stamp, too — so glad to have the beautiful postcards, glad they were protected inside envelope!
Response: Glad you liked it. I may have gotten a little carried away with the color theme on that one, haha!
Comment: Thank you so much. I love them all.
Response: So glad you like them. Your profile had lots of good inspiration :o)

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debbiespoms on Dec 26, 2020:

Hi again Erin! Am here to thank you for the Secret Santa gifts, via 1$ Store Addicts. Thank you so much for the 2 snowman potholders, snowman hand towel, Ink pen with the roll of Christmas washi tape, Christmas teddy bear keychain, and Snowman ornament. You sent me way too much! But I love each & every item you sent me so much! I especially love the Snowman items! Thank you again many times over!

debbiespoms on Dec 19, 2020:

Oops. I forgot to Wish you a Very Merry Christmas!
I hope it's just so wonderful & special !

debbiespoms on Dec 19, 2020:

Hi Erin ! I want to thank you so much, for the $1. Store Addicts Secret Santa Gifts you placed inside a beautiful white Christmas stocking and for beautiful Christmas card! I am waiting until Christmas Day to open them. Because my husband & I aren't exchanging gifts this year. Thank you again! This sure was a Fun swap!

LahDeeDah on Oct 31, 2020:


Nicollcia on Jan 27, 2020:

Swap #2: Kittens

Hope you like them! :)

neca84 on Jan 25, 2020:

Saw #2 Kittens, I hope you get a smile out of these





Jaimiepaige on Jan 24, 2020:

I hope you love these kitten photos! Thank you for joining the PDS group, and the swap!

LahDeeDah on Jan 7, 2020:

Welcome to Needle & Thread. We're happy to have you join us :-)

colleenbUSA on Dec 21, 2019:

CPG Xmas Profile Bling

CPG X-mas Profile Bling

Merry Christmas!

Mimosagirl on Dec 19, 2019:

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Happy Xmas!

CPG Xmas profile bling

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