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About Me


I am a 49yr old mom of two boys and I have been married 25 years now to a wonderful man who puts up with my crafting. Both of my sons are autistic (ASD). One is 21 and in college. The other is 14 and in 8th grade.

I love butterflies and woodland animals such as foxes and deer. I look forward to going to Disneyland in the future.

My family and I do celebrate secular holidays.

Please message me if a swap is late or gone missing. During this Covid-19 virus time, I am not directly handing my mail over to the post worker as per usual before clicking the SENT on Swap-bot. I am placing the swap in my mailbox and then clicking SENT otherwise I would forget to click SENT if I wait. Depending on when the USPS picks up the mail, it may be postmarked the day after I SENT it. This should not cause a problem as I send my mail off days before the send by date.

Favorite Crafts

I am taking a break from making books. I had a lot of fun making journals, magpie books and deco books but I have moved on a bit from them.

As of late I have been diamond painting, bead embroidery, stitching and might pick up miniatures again.

This is a couple of pictures of diamond painting. The first is using a light pad. It can help quite a bit for those that have difficulty seeing.

I tend to do diamond painting with special rhinestones. I just enjoy all the colors. Similar to what you see below. You can see more on my IG link at the top of my profile.

Favorite Music, TV & Books

I prefer listening to YouTube the most. I will have it on in the background while crafting. I do watch some shows on Netflix but it is on rare occasion. I have been watching DARK and Lucifer as of late.

I have actually never had a favorite book. I used to read lots of books as a teen. As I became older, I just had worse and worse reading comprehension. I read passages over and over and nothing stuck. I found it very frustrating. It took me a while but I found out it is from a symptom of fibromyalgia called fibrofog.

Small Things I Enjoy

I love stickers, except puffy. I subscribed to Stickii and would by all the packs. They are awesome stickers that are non kiddie, non alpha, great for planners. I highly recommend them. Check them out at this Stickii Link

I do enjoy stamped images that I can color in and add to my journals.

I do like Kawaii stationery but I am not picky about it. So if you are in a Kawaii swap that is particular don't worry about what you send to me. I am okay with receiving Diaso, American Kawaii, and cheap Sanrio.

Disney characters, especially Minnie and Mickey. Oh and Stitch.

Postcards - No preferences.


Had a bad day, week, month? Running low on note cards, stationery but want to keep swapping? Message me if you would like a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) and I will see what can be done.


No Thank you, please

Please as a side note, I do not wish to receive anything religious. I am not religious but respect all religions and the people who practice them.

Sadly, candy treats I cannot have. I am on a special diet from my physician.

Please no clothing or house hold items.

I really don't care for glitter.
Please Note: A tiny amount well stuck to the paper such as on a card or sticker is fine.

I don't care for confetti or sequins.

I personally don't use temporary tattoos so they just get passed along.

I personally don't use puffy stickers as they are don't match my aesthetic for journals and so I just pass them along.

I personally don't use classroom reward stickers but I do pass them along to a few teachers that love them.


Mimosagirl rated for Coloring Collab 2023 #1 on Jan 28, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the pc and I think I finally β€œget it” about the coloring collab. I see 3 different swap numbers on this pc and here I thought I needed to start one every swap. Whew β€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ
mchesser12 rated for Coloring Collab 2022 #12 on Dec 23, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sending these two postcards my way and for the extra one.
Response: My pleasure!
Beckster rated for CPG Coloring Collab #33 Nov - US on Nov 24, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the fun card to color.
Response: My pleasure!
mchesser12 rated for Coloring Collab 2022 #11 on Nov 23, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sending this card my way and for the extra postcard.
Response: My pleasure! Thank you for joining my swaps!
christy102194 rated for August Letter 2022 on Nov 14, 2022
Comment: Remind me to ask you more about diamond painting! I've learned a lot but there's so much more I need to know! esp storage, sealing...
Response: Unless diamonds are falling off sealing isn't an issue. I'll send more info soon.
christy102194 rated for May Letter 2022 on Nov 14, 2022
Comment: Sharing is caring! ...except when it's illness. I myself am just getting over some seasonal awful thing.. please no more sickness, Thanksgiving is too close! >0<
Response: This is the time that kids love to share the sickness though!
christy102194 rated for June Letter 2022 on Nov 14, 2022
Comment: I sleep much better in the fall and winter months! Such odd weather we are having here... Two or three days ago? The AC was ON! Now its 30s and 40s outside! Insane.
Response: Yeah weather can't seem to make up its mind atm.
christy102194 rated for Coloring Collab 2022 #9 on Nov 14, 2022
Comment: This one is looking so colorful! TY for the PCs! ^^ Apologies on the late rating.
Response: No worries. <3
christy102194 rated for October Letter 2022 on Nov 14, 2022
Comment: The CARD! ^^ I loved it <3 Sounds like you got another person hooked on diamond painting! :)
Response: Yes! Up to three now!
christy102194 rated for September letter 2022 on Nov 14, 2022
Comment: AliExpress has ended up being my go-to for the weird and oddly specific diamond paintings I do - like the one that has "hidden" Animal Crossing characters in it and the pastel "GameBoy" one I am working on right now. I need to do more smaller ones. I picked up some that were supposed to be 20x30" but ended up being that INCLUDING the frame - it turned out to be a cute little size, perfect for small spaces.
Response: Many of the budget diamond paintings the size includes the edges doh! Hehe.
BalticFox rated for Coloring Collab 2022 #10 on Nov 7, 2022
Comment: Thank you for sending me the owl card AND the extras!
Response: My pleasure!
Comment: Thank you so much and thanks for the nice extras!!
Response: My pleasure! Happy Halloween!
Comment: Selene, thank you for FW the pc. Now, what color do I make Florida!! Lol. Thank you also for the 2 extra pcs. Love the cat πŸˆβ€β¬› and the peacock 🦚. Happy Swapping.
Response: Perhaps yellow for all the sunshine or orange for the oranges. <3 Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thank you for the extra postcards. They’re so pretty!
Response: My pleasure! Thank you for the heart!
gizmodust rated for Coloring Collab 2022 #8 on Aug 29, 2022
Comment: Thank You for the coloring post card and the extra cards. Can always use them. I'll get the card colored and on it's way home. Is it starting to look like Fall out your way too ?
Response: It is barely starting to turn out here. I am really looking forward to all the autumn colors. <3
howdyholly rated for Coloring Collab 2022 #7 on Aug 13, 2022
Comment: Great card to color. Thank you!
Response: My pleasure!
Comment: Thanks for sending your owl postcard my way and for the two extra cards.
Response: My pleasure! <3
christy102194 rated for July Letter 2022 on Jul 30, 2022
Comment: Hi Selene! I got your letter just in time while writing mine to reply~ Thanks for all the diamond painting tips - I am finishing my second large-ish diamond painting [this one is 40x50*] and am soon to start a HUGE one [45x65]. I would love to maybe frame a few of these when I am finished. ^^
Response: You are on a roll! Wow! I did not expect this. Woot! I am glad you are having fun!
mchesser12 rated for Coloring Collab 2022 #6 on Jun 25, 2022
Comment: Thanks for sending your postcard my way… I really like how you divided it. And thanks for the extra postcards.
Response: My pleasure. I love sharing the fun!
tatntole rated for CPG Coloring Collab #28 JUNE - US on Jun 21, 2022
Comment: This will be a fun one to color.
Response: My pleasure!

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mchesser12 on Jan 21, 2023:

Thanks for adding to my CPG Coloring Collab in round 32.

thriftymermaid on Jan 9, 2023:

Happy Birthday Month from all of your swapping friends at the WIYM Group!! We hope you enjoy your special day. May all of your Birthday wishes come true and your New Year be all you hope it can be and more!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸ’ŒπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

christy102194 on Nov 30, 2022:

Thank you so much for the special advent calendar Christmas surprise! Can't wait to see what it is! I already started using the diamond painting pen, love it! ^^


OrigamiGrace on Nov 24, 2022:


mchesser12 on Jun 25, 2022:

Thanks for contributing to my Coloring Collab postcard.

bluehairedmary on May 9, 2022:

Happy Monday from NYUP group!

Gnoe on Apr 19, 2022:

Thank you for sending me your felt hydrangea project leftovers! So sweet! I may very well be incorporating them in my current visible mending project: a picnic blanket that's housed a garden mouse in winter...

lynnpinkdaisy on Apr 17, 2022:

My coloring collab postcard was received home. Here's an interesting tidbit - I started it in round #2 in February, 2021 and it was completed in round #26 in April, 2022! Such a neat thing to imagine where the postcard has been.

RiverTopanga on Apr 8, 2022:

Thank you for working on my coloring collab in round Feb.

thisismeAXiD on Jan 5, 2022:

Happy birthday month

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