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Date Joined: February 6, 2021
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Birthday: February 21, 1991
Country: Canada

About Me

Hello friends! I'm here because I thought having some happy mail from other people around the world would be a great way to have some human interaction during a time where we have to stay seperated.

I live with my hubby and two toddlers in Canada along the shore of the Great Lakes. We're so close to the water I can hear the waves when our windows are open. I have a science degree in Biology. I work as a Naturalist leading nature walks and talks. I also perform data collection and other field work on the different species and ecosystems within the park I work at. I'm just getting back into the flow of things in regards to work after returning from mat leave, and trying to get use to the pandemic situation in that environment.

I love being outside. Hiking and biking through any green space makes me happy. I adore the lake and I am so incredibly grateful to live right beside it. During the summer I'm swimming in it constantly with friends and family. My favourite outdoor recreational activity is paddleboarding. I've been canoeing since I was a small child, and I'm a certified canoe instructor. Yoga is something I've enjoyed on and off for years. I love the natural world and being immersed in it. So anything nature or outdoor themed is a safe bet with me! 🌿

Favourite Crafts

I've always enjoyed doing creative things. I'm new here, but looking forward to sharing crafty creations with others. I'm really excited about the idea of ATCs and swapping little mini masterpieces. I bound my current sketchbook myself, which was super fun. Recently I learned what junk journaling was, so my sketchbook now has a bit of that going on, not a full on junk journal, but lots of scraps, stickers, tags, and washi added into it.

When I paint I mainly do illustrations with watercolour, but I sketch too. When I want to do an illustration without having to wait for paint layers to dry I colour with alcohol based markers. Usually I draw things from nature, and people. I adore combining those two things to make ethereal being, like mermaids, fairies, or goddesses.

Nudity does not offend me, especially in art.

Favourite Animation

'My Neighbour Totoro' - I adore this movie, the music, the story, the animation, gorgeous! Let me tell you, man is it handy having a toddler friendly movie as my favourite. I can watch it over and over and never get tired. I'm a fan of other Studio Ghibli films as well. 'Tangled' and other Disney films/fairy tales.

'Avatar the Last Airbender' is an animated series that makes me happy. 'Fullmetal Alcamist' (the original and brotherhood) is my favourite anime. These series have a spectacular story with phenomenal characters and character development. Another anime with an epic story is 'Code Geass,' whoo that ending! Gettin' chills now just thinking about it. Highly recommend.

Favourite Video Games

I consider myself a casual gamer, espicaly now since I'm a mother of small children with little time and I'm not very good, but a gamer nonetheless.

I have to talk about my love affair with Pokemon, the infatuation is decades old. I've been playing it since the very beginning and have played every single one of the mainstream games since. Pokemon doodles often make their way into my sketchbook. I'm also into the trading card game, my husband and I do that together. We're very much looking forward to when our sons can play it with us.

If a video game has beautiful art I'm drawn to it. 'Ori in the Blind Forest' is absolutely stunning. Same with 'Zelda Breath of the Wild,' the world is gorgeous. 'Final Fantasy' has spectacular character design.


A - adventure, art, animation, autumn, amphibians, astrology

B - biology, botany, beetles, bats, butterflies, birds, beaches, biking, bookbinding

C - cards, crafts, cactus, caterpillars, cicadas, canoeing, campfires, cottages, character design

D - daydreaming, dragonflies, dragons, dendrology

E - envelopes, evening, elves, ecology, entomology, evolution

F - forests, ferns, florals, fossils, fish, frogs, foxes, fireflies, fairies, fantasy

G - greenhouses, gemstones, geodes, glaciers, geology, Greek mythology

H - hiking, handmade, hummingbirds, herons, herpetology

I - illustration, insects, ichthyology

J - journeys, jellyfish, journals and journaling

K - kitsunes, kingfishers, kayaking

L - letters, lakes, leaves, lichens

M - mermaids, mountains, mushrooms, moon, moths, moss, meadows, meteorology

N - nature, newts, narwhals, northern lights, night

O - outdoors, octopus, owls, otters, oceans, ornithology

P - pinecones, plants, Polaroids, photos, paper, painting, paddleboardling, picnics, Pokemon

Q - quests, quiet

R - rivers, rain, reptiles, ravens, relaxing, reading

S - stickers, stationary, spring, snow, snakes, sharks, stingrays, salamanders, streams, snorkeling, surfing

T - trees, travel, tea, turtles, toads, tundra, Totoro

U - underwater, universe

V - vines, villages, video games

W - whales, winter, waves, waterfalls, woodpeckers, wildflowers, writing, washi

X - eXploring

Y - yoga, yarn

Z - zentangles, zines, zoos

Favourite colours - blues, greens, purples, soft pinks, pastels, earthy tones

A note about my swaps

Now that I've sent out a few swaps I'm making this disclaimer to say it's my full intention to send everything on time. So far I've sent all my swaps early, and I don't intend to change that method of doing things. I've been taking pictures of most swaps I send out, forgotten on occasion, I'm still new to this. As time goes on it's becoming clear to me the postal services are indeed very slow. Please contact me if something hasn't arrived, being new I'm very dedicated to keeping a good rating so I can continue to partake in swaps. I'm having so much fun and don't want the good times to end 😄


questionauthority13 rated for I'm a Smartie! on Jun 13, 2021
Comment: Thanks! Yeah, I definitely have a little nature smart in me too. :)
Comment: Thank you for the washi tape
Response: You're welcome! Glad you got it, a bit of an adventure getting it mailed out
Fabriqueen rated for Note Card - How are you? on Jun 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for your card! Enjoy those kids every day. One day you'll blink and they will be all grown up. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
Response: Thanks! You have a wonderful day as well
FieryCanuck rated for Stamp & Stick on Jun 4, 2021
Comment: hello from BC!!! How fun to get something from Ontario! I loved your colourful PC! I hope your weekend is sunny and wonderful!
Response: So glad you liked it!
Comment: Mabel! Your journal is beautiful! I can tell you put a lot of heart into making this, I truly cherish this lovely swap ❤️❤️❤️ I look forward to reading through it and learning more about you :) your polaroids are awesome btw!
Response: I'm so glad you think so. It was a fun project to do for sure!
lilsiyh rated for ⭐ FULL POSTCARD #1 ⭐ on Jun 1, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cute card!
Response: Glad you liked it, you're welcome
Comment: Thank you so much! Take Care always!
Response: You're welcome!
AmandaJay rated for Butterfly Swap 🦋 on May 26, 2021
Comment: Hi Mabel! Thank you so much for the beautiful envelope full of goodies! I loved everything, especially the lovely stationary and postcard! It is exciting getting to swap with other fellow Ontarians! It doesn't happen often but I like when it does! Thank you again! Take care! :)
Response: You are welcome, glad to hear you liked everything. Yes, I especially like that stationary too!
Meryly13 rated for Botanical Themed Envelope #1 on May 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much Mabel! I love everything that you sent to me ... especially the frogs!!! You have certainly spoilt me! :-)
Response: I'm so happy to hear you liked the frogs!!! 🐸
lovenita rated for Mini Pocket Letter - Senders Choice on May 25, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the hiking pocket letter and extra goodies! I loved the wooden pieces and stickers :)
Response: You're welcome, I was really happy with how that pocket letter came together!
Comment: What super fun items you sent! Thank you...🙂
Response: I had a ton of fun putting that swap together. Plant themed things are my favourite!
DreamCloud rated for Positive Postcard Swap #4 (PPS4) on May 17, 2021
Comment: Mabel, thank you for the postcard and the positive quote ❤️
Response: You're very welcome!
Comment: Thank you.
Response: You're welcome! Thanks for rating.
fbresnah rated for Positive Postcard Swap #4 (PPS4) on May 13, 2021
Comment: Hi thank you for the card I love the saying!
Response: So do I haha! You're welcome
Malliecat rated for CA : Night on May 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful atc I am happy to add it to my collection
Response: You're welcome. I really loved that one, it came out great!
Maddashin rated for Positive Postcard Swap #1 (PPS1) on May 8, 2021
Comment: Stickers earn you a heart 💜 Thanks
Response: You're welcome, thanks for the heart
Keruka rated for GS : Intl ATC Pokémon : Fire type on May 8, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for my ATC! It is super cute and I appreciate you checking my profile for my preferences :)
Response: You're welcome! I'm glad I made the right call switching to a different Pokémon for the ATC
addieixmarie rated for Animal Advocate Swap #1 on May 7, 2021
Comment: Mabel!! Oh my goodness! You truly went above and beyond with this swap! I seriously started tearing up out of pure happiness and joy for all the things you sent me! You truly have no idea how much that all means to me! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Swablu and poke themed stuff and so many exciting goodies! The painting you did, WOW!! That is PURE TALENT!! I am so AMAZED! I immediately went to hang it up on my art wall! Truly amazing. Thank you so much for everything, I wish I could give you a billion more hearts!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Sending hugs to you! Addie<3
Response: You are very welcome. It makes me so happy to hear you hung up the painting on your art wall! I'm glad you liked it. I got super excited when I read you like Pokémon on your profile, so I kinda ran with that haha
Fabriqueen rated for Did you know? #1 on May 7, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard and awesome facts about starlings. I did not know that. I went out and found a National Geo. video showing the movement you were speaking of. So Beautiful! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
Response: I'm so happy to hear it prompted you to look up a video! Super cool hey?
LittleRed rated for Mystery Q&A on May 6, 2021
Comment: Got you postcard. Thanks for swapping!
Response: Glad it got to you. Thanks for rating.

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