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Last Online: January 30, 2023
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Country: United States
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I've been creating art since I can remember and actually had a painting of mine hang in the deYoung Museum in San Francisco for 3 years when I was 5 years old, thanks to my kindergarten teacher!

I'm an avid traveler and have been to all 7 continents (Antarctica was the last in Jan. 2023), and 41 of the 50 USA states...still working on the final 9, then I can check that item off my Bucket List!

Please Note: Just because it's on my "No thank you" list, doesn't mean I won't create it for YOU if it's something YOU like! For instance, if you love the color brown, I might make something for you in brown.



  • abstracts
  • art deco
  • collage
  • colorful
  • colors: purple, turquoise, red, chartreuse (lime green)
  • dogs
  • foreign language book pages
  • geometrics
  • hand drawn / hand painted
  • interactive ATCs
  • map papers
  • mid-century modern
  • mixed-media
  • mushrooms (to admire but NOT eat!)
  • mystical
  • pagan
  • postage stamps with people's heads
  • rain
  • sci-fi
  • sequin waste (aka punchinella)
  • travel
  • UFOs
  • Vicki Sawyer napkins!!!
  • watercolor
  • whimsical (i.e., off beat, playful, quirky, etc.)



  • meat or seafood related images (I'm vegetarian)
  • sentiments on ATCs (i.e., "Love is good", "Follow your dream", etc.)
  • religious content
  • child-like subjects (i.e., dolls, kids playing, toys, etc.)
  • brown is my least favorite color
  • people-type ATCs (i.e., people w/ wings, vintage folks, kids, etc.)
  • sticker slapping
  • Disney (I like many movies, but don't collect)
  • patriotic themes
  • superheroes
  • cutesy things (i.e., teddy bears, dolls, gnomes, etc.)
  • paper doll & people images
  • horror
  • animie, Pokémon, Hello Kitty, etc.
  • small bits of paper "extras" - please, nothing smaller than ATC size
  • no food/drink items, please


Favorite Crafts

I've been painting abstracts and geometric art for many years with acrylics on canvas or wood. I recently started painting with watercolors and absolutely adore it! I am very fond of using metallic paints in either acrylic or watercolor.

Creating ATCs is a favorite of mine and I create HD/HP, 3D mixed media, collage, embossed, or interactive ATCs mostly and spend a lot of time and energy on my creations and appreciate the same in return. Please visit my "Website" link above to see some of my ATCs.

Paper-crafting is another favorite. I prefer modern & colorful, but you do you! Each year I create my own holiday cards and send a homemade ornament or painting with each of the dozens of cards I send out. This last year I volunteered with the Angel Card Project to send holiday cards to those in need of cheering up.

Mosaics are another avenue of creative energy. I mosaic using tiles, beads, and stained glass on all kinds of substrates such as glass, wood, Styrofoam, or anything else that would make a strong base.

Deco books are super fun and I love seeing art from all over the world! It took exactly 365 days for my first HOMER deco to be returned to me...it can take years from creation to coming home. I dislike bulky, heavy decos w/ big baubles. Please keep decos flat as possible when decorating/making. NO EXTRA DECOS, PLEASE.

Zines! Such fun little booklets - you never know what you're going to get! I prefer to make funny, uplifting type zines. I don't care for any type of political zines, thanks.

Art was always my favorite subject in school. 😍

Just one more thing...

I will NEVER flake on a swap unless something serious happens to me. Please message me or send an email if you haven't received something from me in a timely manner.

Thanks for swapping with me! ✌️

I Pledge to Rate


watercolorgirl rated for ABC: Sender's Choice #23 on Jan 28, 2023
Comment: Received your back grounds today. It will be fun to finished them. How did you make your hearts stained glass? They're lovely. Will return them to you ASAP :0)
Response: Thanks for the kind rating, Julia. I'll send you a message about the process. Looking forward to seeing the final creation. Cheers!
riviwriter rated for Deco Deco #14 on Jan 25, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much for sending Sonya's "Whimsical Houses" deco! I added to it and noted it on the following our booklets page as well. I will pass it on soon!
Response: Thank you, Rivi. Cheers!
Comment: Oh boy! That watercolor is yummy! I love the atc, thank you?
Response: Isn't that WC the bomb? Thanks for the nice rating. Cheers!
mjhaertling rated for APCO: A well placed NAPKIN on Jan 4, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful APC. The elements you added to the card are wonderful. Thank you for the napkin piece and the stickers. sorry for the late rating.
Response: You're very welcome, Martha. Thanks for the kind rating and joining my swap. <3
OrigamiGrace rated for CPG National Bird Day ATC - US on Jan 4, 2023
Comment: Thank you for a gorgeous card - love the colors and the cheery cardinals - one of my favorites!!
Response: That's so wonderful to hear, Grace. I'm so pleased you liked the watercolor. Happy 2023!
Shellyr rated for AMA: Always Abstract #5 on Jan 4, 2023
Comment: Love the stained glass abstract. Thanks
Response: I'm so pleased you liked it, Shelly. All the best to you!
addieixmarie rated for EASU: Free Theme ATC #2 on Dec 31, 2022
Comment: Sonya, OMG!! I am just OBSESSED with this cute ATC that you sent me with the adorable little birds on it!! You have seriously made my entire day when I opened this:) I love it with my whole entire heart and I am going to cherish it forever!! I am so excited to add it into my collection! Thank you so so very much everything<3 I am beyond grateful and appreciative!! <3<3
Response: You are so very kind to say that, Addie. I really appreciate your rating. Hugs!
lrm1980 rated for AMA: Deco booklet #339574 on Dec 31, 2022
Comment: Thank you Sonya! I look forward to adding to Mari’s cute Cats deco. I love your page!!
Response: Thanks so much for the rating, Lindsay! Best to you.
Comment: Thanks for the 3 decos Sonya!
Response: You're very welcome. I hope you enjoy decorating Crystal's Doggie, Ivy's Bridges, and Juanita's Kids decos. Thanks for the rating, Jessie!
Comment: Awesome as always!
Response: So glad you joined my swap, Deanie. Have a wonderful 2023!
Comment: So awesome! Thanks for the extras
Response: Thanks so much for the rating and <3, Deanie. Also, I appreciate you taking the extras!
Comment: Thank you for sharing your two new “Whimsical Cats” & “Summer of 1969” decos, as well as the two extras: Heidrun Hin’s “sunrise art” & Diane Danellas’ “orange/brown/gold art” decos
Response: You're welcome, Harmony. I hope you enjoy the themes and I appreciate your rating and <3
MuggleMom rated for AMA: Deco booklet #339120 on Dec 27, 2022
Comment: OMG, I thought I had rated you for this because it was such a cool deco! It gave me so many ideas to try out. Have a wonderful trip and CONGRATS on getting all 7 continents off your list!!! Safe travels. xxMuggleMom
Response: LOL - thanks much, Toni! I'm glad you received and liked it. I look forward to seeing your addition one day, Will give the penguins your regards. <3
DeboraCreates rated for DB ♥: ICM decos #339336 on Dec 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the Turtle and Pokemon ICMs for Lindsay's sons, and the extras by Linda: Faces and Leaves. I enjoyed your contributions to all of them.
Response: Thanks so much for your kind words and rating, Debora. All the best to you in the coming year. :)
Poeprincess rated for OATC: Weather Idioms ATC on Dec 22, 2022
Comment: Great analogy! Love the artwork & extras. Thank you. Have a Wonderful Holiday & Bright/Healthful New Year!
Response: You're welcome, Dianne. Thanks for the thoughtful comment and <3. All the best to you in 2023!
Comment: Thank you for the great decos! I am looking forward to adding pages to @jeka396 80's deco, Vaughan's Travel deco, and your Whimsical Tree one that you sent as an extra.
Response: You're welcome, Crystal! Have fun decorating your pages! Cheers and thanks for the <3.
wincejl rated for SMSUSA: accordion fold out on Dec 20, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the gorgeous accordion fold out! I love everything about it and your matching mushroom envelope! Thank you!
Response: That's so wonderful to hear, Jessica. Thanks for the nice rating and happy 2023 to you!
JanHardt rated for USATC: Free Theme ATC Swap on Dec 17, 2022
Comment: Sonya, I love the ATC you sent me. I especially like the different layers, and the cute embellishments. Thank you for an excellent swap.
Response: Thanks so much, Jan, for the kind words and <3. Best of holidays to you.
hibiscus rated for ABC: Junque JAMS - DEC ‘22 on Dec 16, 2022
Comment: Just a gorgeous card and bits of great things to add I hope you like how I just finished the return .. thanks for a great swap
Response: Thanks for the nice comment and rating, Kathryn. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!
samsstuff rated for Cities: Paris, France on Dec 15, 2022
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thanks for rating, Shelly. I'm sorry to hear about your mailbox problem and hope things turn up at some point! :)

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MuggleMom on Dec 28, 2022:

Best wishes for the upcoming year - here's to circling the sun for another 365 days!



wolfeagle on Dec 24, 2022:


9O96O on Dec 21, 2022:

Thank you for returning my finished Great Outdoors ICM deco book. What an absolutely beautiful pocket Christmas envelope and thank you so much for your note. Your note is so rewarding and inspires me to keep hosting. Thank you Sonya! 🤗

CookieMomster78 on Dec 19, 2022:

Thank you for returning my homer ATC with the Morton’s salt mascot. Your idea to use bits of silica as rain drops is so very clever! I’m like you in that I save all those little packets. Except I use them to either dry flowers/leaves I press for oshibana or as a “salt sprinkle” on top of watercolors because it leaves a unique textured look on the paper. Now I have a new idea to use! Thanks again for joining the Junque Jams swap!

Poeprincess on Nov 29, 2022:

Harmony forwarded ABC #22 Swap return to me & I love what you did with the elements you added! Thank you so much.

DeboraCreates on Nov 24, 2022:

alt text

DeboraCreates on Sep 24, 2022:

Thank you so much for your RAK of deco books and the ATC you made. Love them all!

MuggleMom on Sep 16, 2022:

Got Deanie's recycled deco & Carmen's museum deco in the mail today. Happy to send Carmen's home to her! Let's play TAG again soon!!



jeka396 on Sep 12, 2022:

Thanks so much for the decos for the bulk exchange we organized via PM! I loved the variety you sent, and it was so exciting to see so many of them that had many pages filled out! So happy to get a bunch of de is moving :)

MuggleMom on Aug 19, 2022:

Thank for the kind words on hosting my first deco swap!!



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