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Last Online: January 10, 2022
Birthday: July 7
Country: Canada

About Me

January 7th 2022: Just a heads up, what felt like forever of not receiving a lot of mail (got some from the east coast of Canada and a few from eastern states, but no rhyme or reason) (I’ve just received multiple postcards my mom had sent from her vacation at the end of October early November?!) things are starting to arrive (happy to also know that I wasn’t flaked on by so many amazing swappers - I honestly didn’t think I was flaked on though, mail had already been ridiculously slow (covid?) and Christmas mail always slows things down even further but our weather added some extra challenges) My provinces weather over the past 2-3 months (well, honestly all of 2021) has been wreaking havoc on infrastructure (flooding has destroyed major arterial bridges and major highways connecting the north to the south, entire towns were underwater in November) Vancouver even had a tornado in November?? A tornado on the west coast??? Where I live got to be the 8th coldest place on the planet for Christmas (ummm, hooray for not being number 1?!) We’ve been getting record snow falls (who ever heard of it snowing at -40°C?!?!? Just 6 months ago we were hitting record temperatures of +45°C…) It has been a wild ride…
Anyways, to the point: I have received multiple envelopes this past week and I am hoping to get to open and rate them ASAP (I work for the city moving snow, so I’ve now been extra busy since Christmas, thankfully, I think snow is magical and beautiful (even though it’s also dangerous) so, I’m mostly having a good time not getting any days off 🥴) I promise, as soon as I can have a chance to finally open some happy mail, I will be rating. These +70/80 hour work weeks without days off have left little time to do more than shovel the driveway, eat, sleep, shower, work and repeat. Thankfully I had stopped signing up for swaps (I actually gave up on my mail system 😬) before life got so busy. So everything I was signed up for was taken care of ☺️ (That being said, if you haven’t received something from me, please message me to let me know!) With all of this crazy weather and every thing else that’s been happening, I’ve been just as concerned about my outgoing mail making its journey safely, as much as my incoming mail.
Sorry for the long babble! I must go get some sleep now, just wanted to update anyone, in-case they were worried something they sent, hadn’t made it. I hope I can let you know soon!
Take care everyone 💕 I hope your 2022 is off to a good start 🤞🏼🤞🏼


Huge wish item: I would love to swap with someone for this coin: “France celebrates the 25th anniversary of the pink ribbon as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer with a new circulating commemorative $2 coin. Released on September 25, 2017” Please let me know if you have one that you would be willing to swap.

Hi there! My name is Nitisha, and I live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The city I live in is Prince George, BC. I moved here in 2001, and I really do love it. I have enjoyed collecting stamps and coins since a young age, and the novelty never wore off!!

These past years (2015-2020) have been full of changes, challenges and loss, so some days are less positive than others. Thankfully, I am generally an overly positive person, I'm always continually looking to see positives. Feel free to send your favourite inspirational or positive quote(s) if you're my partner for a postcard swap...or any swap really. They seem to show up when I need them most.

I had a beautiful sweet short haired, orange and white 18 year old cat named Baylea. Autocorrect would often correct her name to "Battles" so she was dubbed my battle cat. She went to the rainbow bridge on March 10th 2017. You never really notice all of the idiosyncratic habits that you have with your pets, until you don't have them around anymore, each one is a reminder of how much she was loved and will be missed.
Update/June 2021 My heart is finally getting to feel the love of a cat again. In December of 2020, I got two kittens. Ember and Ash, sisters, from a litter of 8! They have been the best therapy for me, in the few months I’ve had them, they have helped heal me so much more than I was able to do on my own or with counselling. I honestly, should not have gone so long, without a cat.

December 2019 My life is currently undergoing massive changes. I've needed to adjust the time spent on swapping to focus on the challenges. (I'll be very limited on the swaps I join for a bit)

June 2021, I feel like my life might be settled down enough to join swaps again. I have been missing the coin and stamp swaps! If you would like to do a private swap for coins or stamps, please let me know.

Things I Like

Foreign currency
Postage Stamps (new and used/canceled)
Soveiner Sheets (new and used/canceled)
First Day Covers
Lapel pins
Glow in the dark
Crochetted snowflakes
Beaded snowflakes
Snowflakes of any kind
Mail themed items
Compass, Anchors
Stars, Moon, Galaxy, Earth, Planets, Space themes,
Milky Way, Constellations
Northern lights (aurora borealis)
Landscapes with leaves in fall colours
Origami art / drawings of origami
Zodiac: Cancer/Crab
Lunar: Boar/Pig
Tea (I'm open to trying anything)

Things I collect

• Postage Stamps: new and used/canceled (see list below for postage stamp swaps)
• Souvenir sheets (new and used/canceled)
• First Day Covers
• Foreign currency
• Canadian Commemorative Quarters (list below)
• USA Quarters (see below for list of missing ones)
• Lapel pins
• Postcards: naked, written on, canceled stamped, postcards (not so much into collecting random blank PC's, but I don't mind them especially if it's something off of my list of likes)
• Snowflake ornaments, crochet snowflakes, beaded snowflakes, fimo snowflakes, glass snowflakes, all the snowflakes, snowflakes will find a special place on my snowflake themed tree, and there are typically a few snowflakes decorating my house year round. I love snowflakes 💕
• Pocket Letters
• ATCs (as of April 11, I've received my very first ATC 😊 and have created and sent out my first two!!) 😊
• Copic Sketch Markers. (This list is more so for myself, super handy having this list handy when I want to add a new pen) Copics I have: B06, B29, B41, B45, BG18, BV08, RV11, RV04, YR07, Y13, YG13, YG63, YG17, G07, RV19, R27, R37, E34, E39, E59, 100, 110, 000 Blender.

COINS (used/circulated)

Here is a list of coins that are found in circulation that I'm missing.

Canadian Commemorative

•2013 War of 1812, Laura Secord, coloured

Canadian 25¢ - year:

1991** (caribou)
1992** (caribou)
1996** (caribou)
1997 no mintage, (caribou)
1998 no mintage, (caribou)
1999** (caribou)
2000 (caribou)
2001 without P
2003 P Crowned (have one grimy)

Canadian $1 - Loonie -

1992 double date (1867-1992) Regular Loon
1997-2001 2002 Golden Jubilee (1952-2002)*
2003 with crown (need two)**
2003 without crown* (have 1 scratched)
2006 regular loon w/RCM logo* (have 1 scratched)
2009 regular loon(have 1 rough)
2010 Regular Loon with Rcm mark back**
2012 Regular Loon with Rcm mark below queen no security features (need two)**
2016 Women's Right to Vote
(Have 1 dirty)

Canadian $2 (Toonie)

2003 with crown* (have one scratched)
2003 without crown* (do have one dirty)
2006 10th anniversary (1996-2006 below queen, maple leaf above queen)**
2008 Quebec*
2012 old style w/o security features**
2017 Canada 150 -Our Wonders- coloured***
2018 Armistice not coloured*
2020 Bill Reid not coloured*
2020 Bill Reid colour*

Canadian 10¢ - year:


Canadian 5¢ - year:

1951 nickel refinery,
1953 ?
1999 w/ P 2000 w/ P 2020 2021

Canadian 1¢ - year:


US State Quarters

(D=Denver mint / P=Philadelphia Mint)

State Quarters Needed

* New Jersey D* & P*
* Georgia D* & P*
* Vermont D*
* Ohio P*
* Tennessee P*
* Missouri D & P*
* Florida D*
* Iowa P
District of Columbia P
America Samoa D & P
US Virgin Island P

US National Parks & Sites Quarters Needed

(D = Denver Mint / P = Philadelphia Mint)
Acadia National Park, Maine (2012) P

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico (2012) D

Denali National Park , Alaska (2012) P

El Yunque National Forest Site, Puerto Rico (2012) (P & D)

Everglades National Park, Florida (2014) D

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona (2010) (D)

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas (2010) P

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, Vermont (2020) (P & D)

Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon (2010) P

National Park of American Samoa, American Samoa (2020) (P & D)

Olympic National Park, Washington (2011) (P & D)

Salt River Bay National Historical Park, US Virgin Islands (2020) (P & D)

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Site, Kansas (2020) (P & D)

Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site, Alabama (2021) (P & D)

Vicksburg National Military Park, Mississippi (2011) (D)

War in the Pacific National Historical Park, Guam (2019) (D)

Weir Farm National Historic Site, Connecticut (2020) (P & D)

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (2010) (D)

Yosemite National Park, California (2010)
(P & D)


BIG REQUEST I collect stamps, I suppose I could be consider slightly obsessed with collecting them. It breaks my heart a little bit each time I see sticker stamps mailed out overlapping each other in any amount or stuck so close together, that I cannot possibly cut around them to make them an individual stamp to add into my stamp books, or even worse, with tape on-top of them. 💔 If the stamps were all still licky stamps instead of sticky stamps, it wouldn’t be an issue, however the sticker stamps have absolutely changed this for the worse. Specifically, the USA stamps, use an awful super glue on them so, soaking them off of an envelope has now become destructive, which leaves me to have to cut around the stamp and leave the paper on.
It is GREATLY appreciated, if you can be cognizant about stamp placement on envelopes ❤️

It is not essential to go by this list, I've enjoyed hunting through my stamps for other swaps, based on their stamp profile list requests, so I figured I'd add a list too; in-case anyone else enjoyed going on a mission. If you cannot or do not want to add a personal touch, I just love stamps in general and will be super happy to receive any stamps you choose to share with me 💕

Canadian Stamps:

•Any and all Canadian stamps. My main collection is Canadian postage.
•I've got some big gaps from year 2000 to current

Non Canadian stamps:

•Zodiac and lunar stamps
•Stamps with constellations
•Stamps with maps on them
•Stamps with flags
•Stamps with weather themes
•Stamps with animals
•Stamps with flowers
•Stamps with trucks
•Stamps with heavy equipment
•Stamps that do neat stuff (ex: heat sensitive, 3D images, moving images, holographic, scratch n sniff, fun hidden UV light sensitive markings, super shiney, glitter, foil, etc.)
•7¢ Stamps
•Dfferently shaped stamps
•Any of the below mentioned "Things I Like"
Glow in the dark
Mail themed
Compass, Anchors
Tea \ Coffee
Stars, Moon, Galaxy, Earth, Planets, Space themes,
Milky Way, Constellations
Northern lights (aurora borealis)
Landscapes with leaves in fall colours
Origami art / drawings of origami
Zodiac: Cancer/Crab
Lunar: Boar/Pig

USA Forever:
Would really love to have any individual (or all) of this series: 2016 47c National Parks, Souvenir Sheet of 16 Scott 5080

Favourite Crafts

• Photoshop design
• Photography
• Creating magnets
• Melty beads
• Pocket letters (when I have time!!)
• ATCs
• Paper crafting
• Mixed media
• Vinyl creations in all sorts of creative ways
• Colouring, albeit, I'm not great at it...I do enjoy it and am trying to improve...I've got a small selection of Copic markers and I am enjoying playing with them...it amazes me what so many people are able to create with them.


• Traveling
• Postage stamp collecting
• Coin collecting
• Crafting
• Munzee
• Geocaching
• Happy/fun Mail
• Camping
• Reading
• Kayaking
• Hiking
• Photography and creative digital editing
• Photo-restoration
• Digital design

Things I'd like to try

Some things that I'd like to start working on creating and crafting.

•I have a love hate relationship with my penmanship... I hope to work on it and learn to love my writing.

•ATCs (as of April 11th 2016, I've received my very first ATC and have created and sent out my first two!!)

•Crocheting snowflakes

Swapping 💕

If, for some reason there is postage due; please Please PLEASE let me know, and we can figure something out that works for you to be reimbursed. I would really like to know if it does happen though in-case it becomes an issue.

Often, I make my own envelopes, using double sided tape, and adhere items, for cover my envelope or handmade postcards, with another adhesive. I’m curious to know, if these handmade items hold up in the mail as well as I hope/think. If you receive something from me that looks like the adhesive isn’t doing what it should, please let me know, so I can adjust my glue products accordingly.

I have NO intentions of flaking. If you don't receive something from me PLEASE let me know before giving me a bad rating so I can resend. Thanks :) Sometimes I take stuff to the post office (especially if I am concerned it may not fit through their lil slot checker) but I do also use the red mail boxes when I believe weight and size shouldn't be a concern...I have no idea how often they get picked up from those things, but I mark as sent after I drop off, be it the post office or a post box.

I want mail swapping to be enjoyable and I hope that my swap partners feel the same way.

Forum Tags

Just a list of forum tags I play, to easily keep track of for myself.

Pick 2 tag ...Canada only

Get Something, Give Something Tag (US and Canada only)

I've Got What You Want - Tag
•Tagged @Mye July 13, 2018 •sent to Notme78 sept 29

I collect...send to the person above you

postcards not store bought forum tag
-Sent to suncloud August 15-


Widellia rated for Geocaching Postcard Swap on Feb 1, 2022
Comment: Thanks for the card! I will put your recommendation on my list. If I get chance to got to Canada 🍁
Comment: Your house 🐆 leopards are so stinking cute. Thank you for sending me their photos, it made my day! Give them extra scratches tonight
aspens rated for WIYM: ANIMAL PC - DECEMBER 2021 on Jan 9, 2022
Comment: Beautiful card! I love Canada and I'm so glad you get get to see so much fauna around you :) I hope your new year is off to a great start!
Comment: Thanks for the cute kitty mail!
Comment: Love love love the stamp. Thank you and happy new year!
churlann rated for SS: As Clouds Roll By on Dec 21, 2021
Jbondbull rated for 20 Stamps Swap #18 on Dec 15, 2021
Comment: Thankyou for the awesome stamps. My wife will love the tulips.
Mamabemus rated for 20 Stamps Swap #16 on Dec 10, 2021
Comment: thanks for checking my profile and sending me great stamps I can use. I appreciate it. Happy swapping.
Comment: Thank you so much for the postcard of your kitties!!! They are striking and boy do they make some funny shots!! I really enjoyed you sharing them with me!!
Comment: Beautiful kittens, look like ocelots. Rich
Comment: Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful postcard and your note!
xninolax rated for WIYM: FALL/AUTUMN NAKED PC SWAP on Dec 2, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the gorgeous fall leaves on your glass table postcard! I love the tamps you've used as well! Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday season ahead.
theprairiemailbox rated for 20 Stamps Swap #15 on Nov 30, 2021
Comment: OMG what a wonderful bit of happy mail to get today! You put so much thought into this package, thank you so much!
Flamingoloon rated for Artsy Fartsy #23 on Nov 24, 2021
Comment: Very cool technique!
Comment: Awesome stamps. Thankyou
young46356 rated for 20 Stamps Swap #14 on Nov 22, 2021
Comment: Thanks for all the good stuff! Rich
young46356 rated for Artsy Fartsy #23 on Nov 21, 2021
Comment: What a cool photo, thank you. Rich
MuggleMom rated for PC swap - My coolest stamp on Nov 16, 2021
Comment: Super cool Canadian postcard and stamps!! I googled the fabric stamp you mention because who knew about fabric stamps!! Loved the holographic stamp - I literally thought it was just a part of the pc. Thanks for making this swap really interesting and cool!! xxMuggleMom
Response: I’m happy to hear it arrived safe and that you enjoyed it so much 🥰
Comment: Thank you
marclively rated for CH: Three (3) Coins #3 on Nov 13, 2021
Comment: Thanks, Marc

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