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Date Joined: April 13, 2012
Last Online: May 10, 2013

Country: Israel

Come To the Dark Side

We have cookies!!! Lol, I love cookies, don't you just jealous of me right now? :D Other than that – I'm 19 years old, gonna go to the army soon (suck, I know). For now I'm spending lots of my time volunteering at the local nursing home. Socks - 40 Shirt - M

Inspire: well, I get inspire by pretty much everything around me. You just need to know to look in the right places :)


My Dear Miss Twiggy

Don't get it the wrong way. Me and Twiggy have nothing in common. I wish for these eyelashes. The reason I chose to call myself that way, is that my granny calls me like that sometimes since she thought I'm too skinny. I WISH.

*I want to make something clear here - this is not me, it's someone that puted makeup so she'll look like the real Ms Twiggy.

Miss Twiggy


I LOVE CRAFT!!! It's such a big part in my life and I really can't see myself doing more than a couple hours without doing something crafty. I do so much stuff, I mean I mostly like working with felt, fimo, paper, to draw, Photgraphy and the thing I enjoy the most – is graphic design.

Grafic Design

Well, I learned this subject for so long. My dad work with computers, so we allways have the highest technology in the house :P Even stupid stuff that we don't need. Anyway, I remember when I first saw the Photoshop; it was the first version, even before they called this CS something… I was 10, and in 3 weeks I totally understood whatever I needed to. I don't know, but I'm having a really easy time, to understand technology. So, I have been in CS and then CS2 and CS3, CS4 and now CS5. I took courses 3 years ago, so I can learn Adobe's other programs, and I did it! :) Now, I'm teaching very often people, and can actually make money from my knowledge, by selling my works to people. I LOVE IT.

Favorite Music

I get inspired a lot from music. It's like passion, but not lol. Do you know that special songs that you stop breathing for a second the first time you hear them? Well, songs even more special than that, is the songs you keep feeling this lack of air even at the second, third, fifth, tens time. I LOVE THOSE ONES. So much artist in the music area, and I think the one that inspire me the most is Lady Gaga. She is so creative and special person. I love her song, and the song of her, that still make me feel again every time, even those I heard it like a billion times, this lack of air is Speechless. Give it a shot :)



  • Stickers - I LOVE IT! Any kind! i prefer mix of loss stickers, but sheets is fine too ^^ you can check out the brands i put as favorite :) *note: i don't like so much the square / letters stickers, thanks ^^
  • Postcard - I'm looking for postcards with culture :) It will be nice if you can add some writing or the back that will explain what am i looking at :P it's like i'm traveling without leaving the country so much... on the other hand - i like making homemade PC's, so if anyone intresting :)
  • Tea - I hate fruity stuff, but any other taste is more than Welcome :) I LOVE camomile, but if you will find an amazing fruit tea, i wouldn't mind P:
  • Food - I can't stand almonds or nuts. Coffee is not me either. Other than that – Who doesn't like to get free food? :D
  • Brands - SpongeBob (I know, but I love this guy), Hello Kitty, Gloomy bear, The Simpsons, Disney, Moomin, Puka, Nicky, Funky Fish, Angry Birds and such.
  • Makeup - well, lip-gloss or nail polish are fine. Maybe eyeliner or stuff like that. But real makeup, I really need to but myself :P
  • My Favorite Colors - sea colors, turquoise light pink, peach, purple and ice cream colors :)
  • Fabrics Or Unique Papers - I would love that so much!
  • Keychain - I have a little collection, so I would love to get some :) if it can be a keychain with your country flag or tourists things that will be awesome ^^
  • My Favorite Pattern - Dots, zebra, leopard and giraffe.
  • recipes - well i'm not abig cook so pls don't send anything too complicated X)
  • Fashion - i love any kind of accesorize there is, socks and shirts. But i'm really not into India or Neon fashion. 10x :)
  • Literature - well, I really like plays, poetry and short stories. I really like Macbeth, Sarah Kane, Edgar Allan Poe and the little prince. In general – any psychopathic literature is me. Pls try to make sure it's not too tuff to read >< as you know – my mother language is Hebrew…
  • Earrings - I love the big kind. Or else they are super cool, and they can be small. i have only one ear hole on each ear, so don't send any double earings.
  • Phone Charm - i just love it so much and can't find anything in Israel aside winnie the poe in costumes. pls help me O.O
  • ATC - well i just satrted trading them and i really like it! you can totally send me some. plus i'm into ATC bags so if you are looking for some i would love to have a private swap for that :D

I would love if someone will add anything that is handmade, like a card or something!! ^^ If I have missed something I will add it I the near future :)

Wish List

  • Shaped Notepad.
  • "I heart" Items.
  • Handmade Rings or Necklaces.
  • A zebra print roll of patterned ribbon.
  • Original Kinder egg.
  • Babushka.
  • Turquoise eyeliner.
  • Phone Charm.
  • Violent Lips.
  • Temporary Tong Tattos.
  • Toe Socks.
  • Metal Nail Polish.
  • Glow in the Dark Nail Polish (pls pls pls pls pls ^^ )


Please Don't...

Please don't send me crosses, angels, or anything religious and/or stuff that relates to non-Jewish holidays (Christmas, thanksgiving etc.).

One more thing – is that I am a NON SMOKER and that I have so many problems with the smell of smoking. So the thing is that I am asking you not to send any item with smoking smell, because I am super sensitive to the smell.

Another thing - i am sometimes sensitive to animal's hair. so pls try to make it without it as much as posible.

Israel's Mail

I'm gonna say sorry In advance, and ask you that if the mail is a little late, please don't give me 3. I am working really hard to send the packages very early so you will get it on time. I mean sometimes it's in a week in your house and sometimes it's a little longer. Sorry but our mail in Israel suck! Anyway, if there is a problem, make contact with me first and ill tell you the details about the package. Thank you :)

Snail Mail

Sent / Should Receive Soon From


@libat - Profile suprise and a card for Rosh Hashanah

should recive soon from:

@tanjch - tanjch X TwiggyFairy

Flakers & Non-Raters

@lilpuddn - Flaked on Handmade Bookmark Swap

@marsbar - Flaked on Tea for Three #12

@ChikuNamika - Flaked me on ♥♥♥Tiny Snack Swap #1

@Danimonster - Flaked me on Danimonster X TwiggyFairy

@perlacraft - Flaked& Didn't rate me forTwiggyFairyXperlacraft

@Aristovela - didn't rate me for Tea for Three #12

@HisuiHaru - didn't rate me for 50 Stickers Swap #1


perlacraft rated for TwiggyFairyXperlacraft on Aug 16, 2013
Comment: I never got your PC . I tried to contact you but you havn't answered me... pls pls just contact me and i would love to change this rate...
mariadastrouxas rated for Israel & Portugal on Dec 21, 2012
Comment: Hello Shira. Thank you so much about your wonderful package. I just opened one snack, and i love it, make me remember some snacks i ate at my childhood. I don´t like gums, but don´t worry i will give to my nephew ;) The tea bags are awesome, because i can see all like as i read a book, so creative. I loved your postage stamps too. It was a pleasure to swap with you :D Happy swapping and Happy New year 2013.
Response: ho, happy new year for you too! i'm just so glad you liked it and i'm happy we did this swap! happy swapping! ♥
Comment: Thank you so much Twiggy, that was an awesome package to get!
Response: המון המון תודה! אני שמחה שאהבת את זה (:
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely ad cards of your country! It's nice to see details of your area on the cards, and see an place you never seen before. You sent a lot of cards, thank you so much for trading with me!
Response: thank you! it was an awesome swap :D
Comment: Thank you very much! I love bookmark :)
Response: man i glad you finally recived it! sorry for that being late. thanks for your raiting :D
tanjch rated for tanjch X TwiggyFairy on Sep 18, 2012
Comment: OMG - can i just start how thoughtfull "the letter" (with all the bits and goodies) was? I LOVE LOVE LOVED it! WOW! i know "Bazuka" (this is so cool since it's the same, but still so different)... and the postcard (another place on my "to visit" list - starting to get long). we have a similar thing like Bamba - "smoki" - i think there is a slight difference in taste though (from what i tasted :D). Thank you for the amazing package
Response: ho i'm just so so glad you recived it safetly and liked it! thank you so much, for everything you have done! you are just amazing and i can't wait to recive the eggs you sent :D thank you 3>
Danimonster rated for Danimonster X TwiggyFairy on Sep 3, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much.
Response: thank you! :)
CardsZania rated for Summer ATC on Aug 28, 2012
Comment: I love both ATC's!!! They both definitely say visually "this is what summer is all about"!!! Lots of fun! Thanks bunches!!!
daarhon rated for daarhon X TwiggyFairy on Aug 26, 2012
Comment: Thank you for wonderful postcard! I have been to Jerusalem in 2009 but had had ability to visit the Western Wall because of some religious event.
abbyaguas rated for abbyaguas X TwiggyFairy on Aug 23, 2012
Comment: Hello Shira! What a Surprise! I got mail from your place :D Yippee... thank you so much for the LABELLO lip balm! also for the Israel postcard and the fbs. They'll be passed on soon. I'm so happy ~ Hoping that you are all well. Your efforts are much appreciated! #We had long weeks of no classes, so mail got delayed.
Response: ho i'm so glad you finaly recived it!!! i was really afraid you wan't. thank you so much! :)
snowy652 rated for 80 stickers :D #5 on Aug 20, 2012
Comment: such a fantastic assortment -- thanks so very much
smilernpb rated for TwiggyFairy X smilernpb on Aug 15, 2012
Comment: WOW great stuff, thanks so much for everything! Thank you for swapping with me. I hope you enjoy your package too! :o)
Response: yeah i'm really happy you recived it and liked it! i just figured i forgot about the songs. if you would like i can send you some by Email... i can't wait to recive your package! :D
Alias rated for Handmade pick 2 #1 on Aug 15, 2012
Comment: Thank you for PCs and ATCs! Especially I like Summer Time ATC, Lady with wings ATC and Eiffel tower PC!
Response: thank you! really glad you liked it :D
Response: so you didn't like it?
swwu700914 rated for Handmade pick 2 #1 on Aug 12, 2012
Comment: thanks your card ^^~~
ArtsOnFire rated for ATC Bag #7 on Aug 10, 2012
Bellefae rated for Sender's choice ATC x2, round 19! on Aug 7, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great swap! Unfortunately the envelope tore in the mail and only one of the ATCs made it to me, but I know that's not your fault, and the one that made it is great!
Response: ho thats so unfair! im really sorry but im out of state now so when ill be back ill try to make it up to you. thank you for the understanding =)
Comment: Hiya Shira! Thanks a ton for the pretty card of Tiberias! It truly looks beautiful! It's great to learn about different countries, especially one as colourful as yours!
LuldaCasadaga55 rated for Summer ATC on Aug 5, 2012
Eponita rated for ATC Bag #6 on Jul 31, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the ATC Bag!
Response: thanks for the heart ^^

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