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Date Joined: April 19, 2019
Last Online: May 2, 2022
Birthday: April 28, 1978
Country: Netherlands
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Some Personal News Updates~☆~

NeWsFLaSh!! MMarch23rd '22 Hello my dear swap ladies

I am writing 1 mail and copy paste to whom concerned. My husband and i were hit badly w covid virus in february. My husband has a heart condition and lung problems. They had to put him in a coma to spare his energy for recovery of the virus. I was stil weak and had to go to and forth to the hospital :( Finally friday he got woke up and got to go home monday. The universe decided sadly enough that it wasnt yet enough and yesterday it turned out i am again positive :( I truely am very sorry but my health energy is incredibly low. I didnt want to come on swapbot until i had good news. Kind of like the same feeling its very hard to go to work after a long period of absence. But I have no good news, wich forced me to write a bad news mail, because ive been flaking like an a ***hole. I feel horrible about this and i pronise ill make it up.. but i really cant right now. My energy is down and my focus is non existent. I hope you will acce0t my apology and trust that i shall make up for everything as soon as i feel some better.

Kind regards Eva ~☆~

☆☆☆Helppp!!??☆☆☆ I cannot figure out how to edit my text, so i can make bullet points or lists that show up 'vertically' rsther than horizontally (alle nxt to eachother like a sentence). Is it because i am typing from ny phone?

About Me

I am a 40 y/o girl from the Netherlands (ugh.. time flies haha 43 already!!)... After (what seemed like) an eternity of singleness, I ended up marrying my best friend 3 yrs ago. We have no children together. . But 2 cats make sure there is some live-activity in the house, aside from us two. I work as a healthcare assistant in a home for elderly people who suffer from dementia. In its genre it is quite a famous and also a very fabulous place to work... (google dementia Village Netherlands) After an endless amount of jobs and years of restlessness I finally found my True calling in this work.. This work does often need a lot of my energy and physically and emotionally it can be Very demanding. Especially these times when there is a huge demand for qualified staff.. working overtime! It is why, when I don't work, I really need my alone-time to load up for the next few days.. And my alone time I fill with my few favourite things to do in the world: Crochet, gardening, cooking and crafting.

Furthermore I am aunty to a darling little 6y/o girl, who so much resembles me that I'm kind of at peace with not being a mom myself :) She is also the BIG sister to her adorable little sister (2y/o). Both girls are going through a hard time with their mom being so sick.. I try to be there for them as much as possible. Big sis loooves to craft as well, so everytime I go there I bring lots of shiny, sparkly, rainbowy pink stuff for here so she can make pretty things :)

I love to travel and this is also what my partner and I do best together.. and how we got to become best friends.. My parents live in France and its my biggest dream to end up there as well some day.. Of all the places Ive been sofar.. France (specifically that area -- dept. Du Lot) is where I feel most at home.

Favorite Crafts

My favourite craft is papercrafts!!! I use cardstock/colored papers, ribbon, lace, buttons, bows, stickers, embellishments, napkins, fabrics, embossing, stamps, designpapers, old book pages, magazine pictures, fussycuts (LOve fussycuts), etc

Ever since I was young I have always been a sucker for pretty papers and beautiful picuters. Before highschool I had a map/folder I could refil w perforated papers, and it had pages and pages full of pretty images I cut out from my grandma's weekly magazine. In highschool, afyer my first job, i started collecting glossies. And I have a huge album full w the prettiest advertisement pages, jewellery, makeup, perfume etc with all the famous ladies of that time (I was especially a big fan of Linda Evangelista). And in the attick (I still plan to find it someday) I have a hugeee box FULL of ephemera of all my travels.. and also a big stash of all pretty, exotic, differently feeling papers that i ever saved.. So even before I discoverd papercrafting some ground interests for it have always been imbedded in my life.

Since I joined the site, my crafting has gone through major development. I used to only make greeting cards with pretty envelopes. I have learned so many new things since I got here :) I made my first tag flip, first envelope flipbook, a ringbased junkjournal (it's sooo gorgeous!!) and also I think I am getting more and more experienced in making Happy Mail :) How NICE is it to make someone happy with an awesome package filled with lots of stuff you hope they adore?!? I Love it!! :)

Very slowly I am starting a little Etsy shop to see how that goes.. It's still a bit of an experiment. And my husband thinks it's just an excuse to craft like a maniac! Hahaha but this week I have had my First Sale :) I am happy as a kid in a candystore!! Finally I get to play shop! Although I have noticed my swaps on here are in the way of building up stock.. so that doesnt quite work (yet).

Also I always have some crochet project in my bag.. Im hooked on the hookening ;) when I'm having drinks with a friend.. or waiting at the dentist.. whenever I have a moment I take out my crochet project and hook a little :)

But for the moment papercrafting really is my main obsession. I recently received my first beginner bookbinding kit.. so I am excited to start playing with that. For inspiration I browse the youtubes.. I have a few fav. ladies that I check regularly for inspiration: Gi Kerr, Wendy's Journal Adventure, Roxy Creations, Scrap Queen, Kyra Pace, Bohemian Crafting, Tracey Fox.. and lots more! These ladies are crafting the stars out of the sky! And I love to put on their video's while I'm crafting, to acquire new skills and find inspiration

Books ☆ Movies ☆ Music

Removed most text...……. who cares what I like to watch or listen to? I'll just put on some TIPS here.. that I really think will enrich your life, if you are interested :)

Reading Tip 1: "Out of Mind" by J. Bernlef. Theme: Dementia Written from POV of an Alzheimer's patient.. it's blowing my mind how someone without this disease could have written so strikingly how this disease works! Reading Tip 2: I very MUCH enjoyed The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman. Its not just for kids.. and its even more fun to listen to it (i do lots of podcasts and storytell) while crafting!! ♡♡♡

So, I'd also REALLY like your podcast tips!! I'm mostly into true crime and mystery/spooky stuff.. my fav. ones are Morbid (♡!), De Volksjury (Belgian) and Luminol.. sofar. I as well listened to a couple of mystery made up ones, like a sort of Agatha Christie radio play! Love that!! And Wondery has a couple of nice ones as well.. last week I listened to "Wind of Change" about a link between The Scorpions and the CIA.. It was lots of fun to listen to!

WATCH-TIP for you: search youtube for "Minuscule" French animated short films (just a few minutes each) .. TOO cute for words!!

Oh well...

I have been browsing around on the site a bit and I have come to realise there is an entire community here.. I had no clue that swapping was such serious business! ! I have to admit.. after so many swaps.. plenty of times there is disappointment about the discrepancy in time and effort I put in a random swap against what I received back. My dad always taught me: Don't give someone something because you expect anything in return. Give for the joy of giving. And in this case.. also the joy of creating. And this really applies to this website.. Sometimes you (I) do your utmost best to put together an awesome swap and all you get in return is some stickers and a store advertisement bookmark.. yay! My husband also said: you can't expect everyone in the world to be as perfectionist a(nd) creative as you are.. some people just like the contact with others allover the world and crafting just isn't their forte. Don't sweat about it and get your joy from your own crafting :) ..so that helped as well.

Meanwhile I've widely experienced why the likes & dislikes are so handy! I do prefer self-made mail & embellishments over any store bought ones... but then again.. I have really cool stickers and other stuff that I really also love to share. You can as well pimp store bought stuff with your own inspired creativity. . mix it up!! (I do! :) Just as long as you put your heart ♡ and effort in it I think I'm fine :) So I guess Im saying: surprise me!! :) & and send me something that you lovingly made! (preferably no stickerslapping)

I do have a fondness for anything vintage looking.. stuff with lace and glitters and greens from plants and flowers... Ohh yeah and I love cooking... so do please send recipe to your personal specialty ! (Or... :)))) (not sure if its allowed but) I'd love a sample (or more) of your fav. spice-mixture (tell me what it is!)-- with accompanying recipe of course!

Haha you see.. a longer list of likes and dislikes Will probably gradually appear after a couple (or more) swaps :)

~☆~☆~ One more thing ==> On Post.. Mail.. due dates and deadlines.. ~☆~☆~

I am on here for fun. Although I am quite obsessed, crafting and swapping is not my life. I have a life, with work, family, friends, a home etc. My life comes before my crafting... and mailing of things. That is not to say I don't take it seriously and I won't do my best to get you your mail in time.. But for example if I am sending a Happy Mail out on deadline day.. and I am at work.. and someone needs clean undies near the end of my shift, I am not going to leave that up to my colleague. This might mean I shall miss the mailman picking up that days mail. So be it guys.. I am totally relaxed about the sendby date.. if life comes between you and the mailbox.. there's always the next day. The main goal here (imho) is to make eachother happy.. not stressed. If by some reason your or my swap will be really late (like a week orso) -- lets just send eachother a little message to notify whats going on.. Most importantly lets remember we are all here to spark joy ☆☆☆☆☆ not to stress eachother out ♡.

The Lists..

Hello Boys n Girls :)

I now do realize why it is really convenient to have those lists. While I make my swap I constantly check my partners profile to see how I can match my swap project as much to their like-list as possible. I really put a lot of effort in each swap that I make.. and I'd like any swap-partner to do the same. So I've been working on my lists.. They will develop and change over time.. I keep learning and discovering new things !! So.. here's a startup for mine (sorry I can't figure out how to put it all neatly in a row):


*☆ Pretty/Beautiful napkins. Preferably with a romantic/bohemian/nature/botanical/vintage/flowery/seasonal theme on it.

*☆ Interesting wallpaper samples (not just random sampless but). Either with a gorgeous design (I♡William Morris) or pretty structure on it.. e.g. with glitter or sparkles, iridescent or pearly finish.. made of cork or other interesting fibers, or with a pretty relief on them.

*☆ Stars ( also glitters sparkles shimmers and everything shiny) and the Moon

*☆ Nature/Botanical themes (flowers and plants.. forest. . Waterfalls. . Dewdrops. . Dragonfly, bees, butterfly, ladybugs, lizzards/salamanders/etc.. bird.. ferns.. peonies, lilly o/t valley.. wysteria.. hollyhocks.. harebells ♡♡♡) -- I could go on and on.. -- Dried Flowers & Leaves!

*☆ (old) Lace and ribbons and diamonds (haha or rhinestones) & Pearls

*☆ Mother of Pearl

*☆ Trinkets, charms and pretty haberdasheries (how cool is that word?!)

*☆ Beautiful gardens and cities... Verona. . Sevilla.. Toulouse.. Paris... Barcelona.. some of my favs.. aside from the area where my parents live I fell in love visiting Lago Maggiore.. Ancient villa's, palmtrees, a mesmerizing lake, mountains, bougainvillea galore.. it's almost surreal being there..

*☆ Colours: Green, Pink, Off White/crême, Pastel Colours, (rose) Gold, Silver and .. transparency (although that's not really a colour). I love (making) colour-themed swaps! :)

*☆ Vintage!! .. vintage anything I guess.. But specifically Art Nouveau/Jugenstil .. Alphonse Mucha, Gaudí, Beardsley, Toulouse Lautrec.. etc

*☆ Different pretty papers!! Precious ones.. like pretty napkins (I have lots to trade!) for decoupaging.. or transparent paper.. (old) schoolpaper sheets (used to make tests on).. or old book pages in exotic languages.. or with vintage drawings/photos on them.. and I'd love to receive different tea or coffee stained paper/doilies/maps etc .. AND .. I'd LOVE different kinds of doilies!! :))

*☆ Also I adore hand-stitched ephemera.. I experienced a bit myself, but the machine stopped working and I havent been to a repairshop yet..

*☆ Address labels (blank) made by you! Oh and pretty swaptags are always usefull as well :)

*☆ Korean stationery by Morning Glory.. especially Little Babu

*☆ Die cuts!!! I do have a cuttlebug, but it doesnt really work very well, my dies always only cut halfway through.. so if for you its no trouble ~~ i♡♡♡pretty diecuts!

*☆ Cards with Washi-tape samples!! Since I am making junk journals I am intensely using from the pile of washi-tape samples that I collected over the swaps I made here :) It's great!!

*☆ Also I love magazine pages with artfull, beautiful nature, travelling, pretty colours and textures, vintage style images ♡

What I don't like: Primary colors.. like Mondriaan or Rietveld Foods or drinks.. unless sealed/wrapped. Call me paranoid, but I don't think it's a good idea eating/drinking whatever from a perfect stranger.. (perhaps I watched too many crime series) I don't much care for sticker sheets (unless they are exceptionally beautiful) or un-altered project life cards with cheesy quotes on them. Carelessly made or flimsy swaps .. I like my swaps to have a visible personal note to them -- a little x-factor. Make something that you yourself would really get excited about to receive.. something to treasure. Someone like me already took the domainname: lookwhatimade.net... I am happy about my outgoing happymail if I run to my husband overexcitedly yelling LOOKWHATIMADE!!!! hehehe he'll always say O Wow.. that looks like a lot of work, well done. And I get a pat on the head. Send something out that you are proud of! :) that way i'll be giving you the little ♡ for extra special package. I rate Just like the rating system says: If you sent everything according to the guidelines of the swap: 5 points. Of you sent something extra special (so I can see from the swap you read my profile) or something that made me smile or all teary eyed haha, i'll give a heart. 3 and 1's I dont like to give and I will always first contact you and/or the swap coördinator before I do so.

About Me

Merry XMas


Petaltea rated for Junk Journal Food/Drinks Theme on Jul 4, 2022
Comment: Your last message to me and our little group was on the 24th of March. You were still unable to send because of health issues. I understand that totally. But it’s now July. I’ve sent you messages. You have not answered. I can only hope your ok. Please send me the journal you have so the group can go on. We are in the same country so it will get here in a few days. I’ve sent you my new address, but I will get it either way.
Widellia rated for Put flowers on! on Mar 22, 2022
Comment: Hi dear! How are you doing? I hope you and your husband has recover well from the virus now 💝 then wow thank you so much for your amazing and beautiful swap 😍 it was a such joy to open it!! I will have lots of fun with the items 🌸 take good care of you
Comment: Eva, I absolutely love the beautiful polar bear postcard! Thank you for your kind words too! I’m so sorry to hear about your father in law. That’s really special that your mother in kw gave you he cards and that you could craft a little album to remember him by! That’s really neat and a cool story how you started up with your Etsy😁 I will share your shop and follow to support you! Junk journaling, and crafting is definitely the thing that brings me joy and happiness! Thanks so much for the wonderful note on your postcard! I hope we cross paths again! Happy swapping and take care ❤️❤️ Nicole
Comment: Yesterday my mailbox contained a wonderful surprise. After 3 months of wandering about in the mail system, this beautiful collage work of art arrived. So delighted. I also discovered the tiny bits of ephemera in the small envelope on the outside of this package. Thank You so much for this lovely envelope. Your work is beautiful.
LunaUA rated for Put woodland on! on Feb 7, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much! The envelope and woodland themed pocket folder were all gorgeous. Extra thank you for the lavender sachets! Love it all!!
skinny52 rated for Christmas Postcard swap #1 on Jan 13, 2022
Comment: I haven't received this yet but international mail is so crazy these days I assume I'll get it someday😁 I hope that your new year is starting out well.
Response: Ohh my gosh!! And I sent it beginning of October!! A resend is going out the door Today! Thank you for notifying me!
Comment: Oh my goodness, it's all so gorgeous! ALL THE MUSHROOMS AND BROWNS. Thank you so much, I love it!!!
annanymark rated for ESO: Mail Art - Christmas 2021 on Dec 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for making a new try Eva, the second one has arrived! It was so beautiful and you really spoiled me with all the goodies you sent me ❤️ Merry christmas to you 🌲
Marl33n rated for ESO: Christmas Card #2 on Dec 17, 2021
Comment: Wat een mooie envelop zeg, prachtig! Heel erg bedankt voor de kaart! Jij ook fijne feestdagen!
papercraft70 rated for CPG Cut n Paste PC Global on Dec 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cut and paste PC. Nice scenery.
Comment: OMG Eva, your journal is so beautiful!!! It almost feels finished, ha ha. I’m looking forward to decorate some of the pages in the coming swap ❤️
Response: I am happy it arrived well... ive been having mail troubles sending and receiving lately.. I'd be so sad if this got lost.. im so excited about it!! ♡♡♡ Ps didnt u also get the xmas one? I mailed at the same time..
bbsporty rated for HMPC: Bird love - October on Nov 19, 2021
Comment: Eva, thank you for the beautiful postcard! The swans are so pretty! I’m like you in that I have a hard time cutting up vintage books. It makes me feel like I am ruining something special.
Response: I was in an antique shop today amd found some treasures.. the guy was quite surprised when i said ibwas gonna tear the pages out.. but then on the other hand he saif.. these books havent been read for ages.. and will probably not be read ever again.. so if you can give them a nice alternative live.. why not? (Not sure though if I can tear up these ones.. one is from 1847..)
Comment: The card is wonderful and the postage stamps are awesome. Thankyou very much.
Response: You are very welcome! Thank you for rating and the ♡
Caithness rated for ESO: Mail Art - Take 5 on Nov 7, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the mail art envelope. I did get the postcard first to acknowledge that your swap would be late. You were ever so generous with the extras and creative file you enclosed, just lovely and perfect. Thank you again.
Response: You are welcome!! And thank you for rating ♡
Comment: Pakje zojuist ontvangen. Ziet er prachtig uit. Heel erg moeilijk om nog niet al die envelopjes te openen. Wat heb je er veel gemaakt! Wat een leuke swap hé, echte verwennerij. Heel erg bedankt voor alle moeite en voor het geweldige pakketje.
Response: Graag gedaan.. was echt leuk om te doen! Ja ik kan niet wachten.. nog een paar nachtjes tot het 1e pakje!! :)) Dankjewel voor raten en het ❤je!
PrettyCraftyTales rated for IPC: Fall Envie on Nov 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely mail! Loved the mail art!
Response: You are welcome!!! ♡♡ thank you for rating and the ♡ :)
sophiaso rated for As Summer winds down... on Oct 30, 2021
Comment: Hi, Eva, (Updated) I got your fantastic card today! You deserve 100 hearts, definitely! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I really appreciate your design of the card. Thank you!!!! I think the postcard is stuck somewhere in the world, but it's ok. I'll keep waiting and I decided to give you the rate before it arrived. Thank you.
Response: How great that you got it after all! Id have been stad if it got lost… i could resend, but never like that again :). Very happy! Thank you for rating me with a heart <3
kssunlover1947 rated for Christmas Postcard swap #1 on Oct 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the adorable card. Love the kitty and mice decorating the tree. Thank you for the extra card. I love it also.
Response: Thank you for rating and the ♡.. i love twinkle cards!! I always order a whole bunch because they are so cheap.. and this way i can send them out to the whole world!! :)
VaGrammy66 rated for Christmas Postcard swap #1 on Oct 22, 2021
Comment: I love this card! Thank you for your nice message!
Response: You are welcome! Thank you for rating ke with a heart ♡ I hope you'll have wonderful days!

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Petaltea on Jul 4, 2022:

I’ve sent you a message. I hope your ok.

annanymark on Dec 24, 2021:

I wish you a Merry christmas and a Happy new year Eva! Thank you for all the beautiful swaps you sent me and all the inspiration I get from your crafts. 🎄❤️

WoodlandBanshee on Oct 4, 2021:

Thank you for sending the extra bird items that you wrote you forgot to put into your amazing bird flipbook you had sent me a while back. So appreciated! Take care!

TreeAnn629 on Sep 1, 2021:

FTLOC#1 wish thank you so much for all the fabulous thing you sent LOVE THEM.

TreeAnn629 on Sep 1, 2021:

FTLOC#1 wish thank you so much for all the fabulous thing you sent LOVE THEM.

HippieChick on Jun 22, 2019:

Hello, I was just passing by your profile and wanted to say Hi! I think it is wonderful you work at Dementia Village! My mom was a care worker for over 20 years here in Canada, and it is the hardest job I have ever seen anybody do. Thank you for helping take care of our older generations. I wish we had something similar here, perhaps in our near future. :)

Welcome and happy swapping! I hope you have a wonderful time here. This is a lovely community to share with. :)

iLoveMail on May 31, 2019:

I can’t wait to be your swap partner so I can send you some happy mail & give you a ♥️!

WanderingStar on May 18, 2019:
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