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9/30/17 Hurricane Harvey devastated our area and made me miss the smile fun mail brings! I've suggested swap-bot to several of my friends for a happy distraction from what has happened.

I am trying to make up my ratings and to slowly re-enter swapping. I've got a stack of fun paper for card making and miss sending and receiving interesting post cards! PM me to PVT swap, I find those are the most fun.

5/5/14 Also, its getting really crazy over here! I should be caught up on rating, if not please message me and know that I might not be able to get back to you quickly. Also if you haven't gotten something, please let me know and understand I might not be able resend right away. Thanks for y'alls understanding!!! PM and email me directly at: cfroggie (at) gmail (dot) com should you need anything.


If you haven't gotten something from me please MESSAGE before rating me so I can resend or work something out. I always send my swaps and have always done my best to not only send on time AND make it something my partners will really enjoy. I never send anything I would not want myself and save "junk" for the trashcan. I try to rate promptly, if I have not rated you and you clearly posted your handle etc on the swap... that means I haven't received it. I don't chase swaps til a few weeks after close'. Msg me if you think I should have gotten something by now. Please note: I ALWAYS give people the benefit of the doubt and expect the same. I will, from time to time, reuse packaging. I am also fine if you do so as well. :) Sadly its easier for me to use stamps.com vs. pretty stamps. However I am trying to change that and will use them when possible. I LOVE communication. Going to be late? Marked it sent but left it on your desk, and it didn't make it (I'm a bit scatterheaded and sadly this has happened to me!)? Think what I sent doesn't fulfill the swap or just plain hate it? Just tell me, if I can fix it I will and if I can't, I'll apologize. Life it too short to get hung up on this stuff, but like most people I can from time to time so keep it short and sweet and communicate!

About Me

I am a Texas Yankee! I love animals; giraffes, hippos, squirrels, and sock monkeys. Sock Monkey count, right? I love them and Frogs, FROGS, PEACOCKS too music, and being creative.

Jesus is awesome in every sense of the word. I am an open minded and liberal Christian. I respect all beliefs and hope that my fellow swappers would do the same.

….I am crazy about frogs! That lends to a passion for conservation. :) I've been collecting frogs type things my whole life, but only in the past 10 years have I looked deeper. I'm even studying frog calls so I can help track population here in Texas.

Favorite Books

(I've always, ALWAYS been an avid reader. Its gotten worse now that I have a Kindle... on the plus side I don't slouch to the right from always carrying a couple books and a magazine in my knapsack/purse anymore.

I mainly read fiction. I like a wide variety but my go to escapism lately has been YA. It used to be romance of some sort.

Books that shaped what I read today to sum it up in three: Handmaiden's Tale, Beauty, & The Great Gatsby. I know I was middle school age or younger when I read those and similar themes still hook me. Heard on NPR recently that what we read during that time period will shape you future tastes. Seems to be true of me.

Don't care for non-traditional fairy stories, sick of vampires currently, not a self-help fan (w/some exceptions), and I don't often read non-fiction; particularly memoir type.

Favorite Television & Movies

Wow... I don't even know how to sum this up. I watch a lot of TV and find people who claim that don't watch it a little suspicious. Who doesn't love a well told story?! That being said I do try to set limits... and thank goodness for TIVO/DVR! I can have mini marathon/catch-up when I have time.

Favorite Crafts

Now for the good stuff!

I've always been a wee bit crafty... but it has gone to levels the past few years. I love making paper craft x'mas ornaments. That translated to handmade x'mas cards to finally any and all cards! I dabble a bit with jewelry and painting. I am also finally learning how to sew. We'll see where that takes me.

In case you can't tell I really love card swaps (homemade and note)! I'm happy to do private ones, just msg me. I got a bunch of new toys I can't wait to show off.

I have also recently started using this really cool Japanese folding technique, let me know I can send you an "experiment". I haven't gotten it right just yet.


I really debated putting a “wishlist” on here BUT I've also noticed when swapping its helpful it when partners list too so here goes....

I love giving gifts! My main "like" is when a swap partner likes/loves their swap from me. My favorite thing is to read what exactly they liked etc... I just love knowing something I sent made someone smile.

I love board games and word games too. Favorite colors are green, purple (but not mardi gras looking!), and polka dot . :) Vibrant colors in general. Silver over gold but both are good. My fav metallic is gunmetal. Pastel pink is probably the only color I dislike. Don't like "baby" colors combined. OR as my Mom put it, "Picture a peacock and you have have my favorite colors."

Washi tape and Origami papers (the more unique the better but I am not picky). And/ OR tissue paper to be used in crafting, so sturdier grade then wrapping paper. Also, similar to origami paper but not necessarily square cut. And/Or Strips of light weight paper and fabrics (about 2 inches wide).

unused stamps... I use mainly stamps.com or a postal machine. Would be nice to use pretty stamps once in awhile. Not picky about the denomination.

Of course frogs RULE. Always looking for frog stationary/note pads etc... or peacocks!

American candy from foreign countries ie... Asian Kit Kat - would LOVE to try green tea Kit Kats. I hear snickers is something else in Europe as another example, would love to try it. From Europe- Mini haribo! All we have here in the states are gummi bears in the mini packs. :( Gummi candy in general. My favorite is chocolate covered gummi bears or gummi coke bottles.

Kitschy/ world travel/ vintage (50 plus years old or a reproduction) notepads, cards, stickers, trinkets, notebooks (for example a classic nancy drew notebook or 50's ads to housewives magnets) etc... I have eclectic taste and delight in the unique. etter

DREAM LIST: Sugar Smacks (w/the mascot on it) t-shirt size Large. Just tossing this out there universe. I miss my t-shirt. :(

Dislikes :(

I don't want to be negative... but I have also found it helpful to see clearly what people do NOT like, so I will list a few things.

Dark Chocolate or marshmallow anything.

Anything coffee flavored. If you really want to send me coffee its best if its flavored by something else like pumpkin or apple pie... again I will probably pass it on to my bf as I don't really drink it.

Country motifs, animal print, and "baby colors". Really not a fan. Actually baby pink gives me the heebie jeebies. :)

Religious items, unless the swap calls for it. If you really want to express your beliefs please do so with a note containing a prayer or blessing. Can't get enough of those!

Decos or fbs/slams or the like. Not into them and since they are supposed to be passed on it burdens me with that which is more disliked. Also, I have had someone send me a deco book even AFTER reading this, and that is a quick way to earn a 3. I even requested in an email not too.

No horror or gore items. Not into morbid, even morbid cute. Have yet to meet a lovable Zombie. :) (that's not a challenge btw!)

Most Disney items. The exception is The Muppets, of course!

Cigarette smoke or other strong smells. Nothing will trigger a headache faster!

Drama and micro-managing: Do those two things really need an explanation? This is supposed to be fun, and those two things are fun-killers.

Whew! That wasn't too bad, right?!


manachai rated for Swap Card Swap on Jun 25, 2018
Comment: Did not receive this. I noticed she didn't read my last message either which was dated March 7th. Sad to have to give out such a low rating for the first time.
satinification rated for Swap Card Swap on May 19, 2018
Comment: I never received anything. Tried to contact, but you aren't here for a long time now and it seems to me that you flaked me... It's been over 4 months since you suppose to send and I sent you a private message 2 weeks ago asking about the swap. It isn't even read.
matt319 rated for Postcard Extravaganza #1 on Apr 19, 2018
matt319 rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #7 on Apr 19, 2018
matt319 rated for Postcard Extravaganza #2 on Apr 19, 2018
Tessssssa rated for Just to Say Hello on Apr 1, 2018
Comment: Well, This is the very first time I have to give a 1 rating, and it suck... I`ve send a message in februari 27, to ask what you`ve send for this swap to make sure I didnt forget to rate. Recieved a message back that you would check when you got home. Next message recieved was on march 7, with the description of what you have send. I messaged back the same day to tell you I did not recieve this. This message is still unread. I wil gladly change this rating in a 3 when I recieve something.
coolbaker5 rated for Wishing You A Merry Christmas #2 on Mar 6, 2018
Comment: Merry Christmas 🎄
CurioussCass rated for Interest Me No. 53 on Mar 1, 2018
Comment: Changing rating to 5 since I received the Christmas card today, thank you.
mejulia rated for TGIF Weekend NoteCard #82 on Feb 16, 2018
Comment: I love your note and notecard. Thank you so much.
Ramya rated for Merry Christmas Swap on Feb 14, 2018
Response: Wow. Would have appreciated a message first.
MoodyBlue rated for Snail Mail PenPal Letter on Feb 7, 2018
dearchelsie rated for 1 more Christmas Card! on Jan 27, 2018
Comment: Man this stinks that I'm rating a 1. =( I still have not received this swap even after contacting in December. I am sure its an accident. I WILL change this rating if anything is received. I am sorry I had to give this low rating.
Response: I would have appreciated a msg 1st. Would be happy to resend.
ittybittykitty rated for Creepy vintage Santa postcard on Jan 25, 2018
Comment: I have it, I have it!! Thank you for my creepy Santa! He is a very suspicious fellow indeed! Thank you for resending :)
MissBrenda rated for Merry Christmas Swap on Jan 13, 2018
Comment: I have not received anything from you despite my contacting you and you stating you were going to resend the swap. If it arrives, I will re-rate you at that time. I really do not like giving out bad rates. I have received this swap~ I really like the card, it is a great card! Thanks for sending a third time. I never did receive the other two cards. Happy swapping to you......
Response: I did send! All I can do re-send with tracking.
Lina279 rated for fall reading book on Jan 4, 2018
Comment: Thanks)
Junebug505 rated for Christmas Card-Glitter on Dec 19, 2017
Ydacha rated for Interest me no. 52 on Dec 13, 2017
Comment: That book sounds very interesting. Thank you for the sample!
suepier rated for Winter PC - Best & Worst US on Dec 11, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the great winter postcard and sharing your likes and dislikes with me.
InkStainedAngel rated for TGIF Weekend NoteCard #81 on Dec 5, 2017

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NiniJae on Oct 4, 2018:

Hi cfroggie. I received a Christmas card from you today which was post marked 1st Oct 2018! You had written "Christmas Card Glitter" as the swap. I already received a card from you for that swap last year, and gave feedback so I'm not sure what happened there. I have been on hiatus from swap bot for several months now and made sure all my swaps were resolved before doing so. Anyway, Thank You for the extra card. It was a very nice surprise for me today! Happy Swapping! ~ Janine

jaimierandolph on Oct 3, 2017:

Profile Check for: Washi tape swap #1 Welcome to the swap! I hope that you enjoy the swap and join more of the ones to come! Happy Swapping!!!!!!!

anrtist on Apr 19, 2014:

No1Sassygrl on Mar 14, 2014:

Resending Extra Vday Card :) Hope you get it this time and my extras...

Please watch your mailbox for me :)

Happy swapping

anrtist on Mar 3, 2014:

Coming soon!

anrtist on Feb 22, 2014:

Christian Swappers Group ;-)

myfairladyxx on Feb 22, 2014:

Thank you for the birthday wishes, I just noticed them now and it pretty. Much made my day :)

anrtist on Feb 17, 2014:

CONGRATS & Blessings!!!! cc

nancylee on Feb 14, 2014:

Decorate my profile: Valentine´s Day : ) #2

Hey have a Great Day!!

anrtist on Jan 28, 2014:


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