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About Me

I am a 28 yr old manicurist and artist living in Seattle. I have a 7 and a half year old who is currenlty living with her dad, and I send her packages of swap items for her once a month or so. She really loves getting them. :) I have an aquarium and I am really into my fish. I live with my boyfriend who is also 28. Um, what else? I'm agnostic. I'm terminally messy. I was born and raised in Alaska, and also went to college there. I am very literal, analytical and logical. I'm very critical of capitalism and the American government. I'm a radical left-winger. I refuse to own a cell phone, ipod, or a car and don't have a TV. I won't buy new electronics of any kind other than computer parts if I can't find what I need used. I have a transistor radio from the 60's that only gets AM. I used to live in a cabin with no plumbing or running water and a wood stove for heat. I have a massive appreciation for showers and flush toilets. I eat lots of soy and very little meat, mostly because I like soy foods better. I try to re-use, recycle and use what I have, but it's more an issue of practicality and not wanting to be a cog in the corporate machine than hard core environmentalism. I'm mildly allergic to cats, dogs and birds. Unless your cat is sleeping on the stuff you send me, all should be ok. :)

Favorites and Likes


colors: hot pink, orange (my kitchen and liviing room are decorated in hot pink and orange!), black, white, red, kiwi green, light pink, icy pale blue, pale aqua, bright yellow, chocolate brown, silver, pale green-yellow

sweets and snacks: gummies, hard candy (as long as it has no milk products), jelly beans, chewy candy, nuts, licorice, dried fruit, granola, cookies, crackers (no cheese ones), junior mints, Asian candies, smoked salmon

characters/animals: Hello Kitty, other sanrio guys, Totoro, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, maneki neko, Domo Kun, cats, fish, pandas, owls, anthropomorphic vegetables and other foods with faces, anything kawaii looking

scents: citrus, fruity, woodsy, green, herbal, baked goods and sweets, light florals, patchouli, sandalwood LOVE SANDALWOOD!

-plastic aquarium plants (my fish tear up the silk ones)
-morsbags and other similar sized totes
-loose kawaii memo sheets and letter sets
-kawaii and other cute stickers
-tropical fish themed items
-deco tapes
-memo pads
-William Wegman photography
-Re-ment and Megahouse
-Asian stuff
-things for my 7yo girl (she loves art and craft supplies, stuffed things, and Pocky) -yarn (I'm allergic to wool and other animal fibers)
-metal crochet hooks
-earrings (size 2 and 4 gauged or continuous hoop styles that can be worn through my size 2 tunnels)
-ankle brcelets
-bright eyeshadows
-bath and body stuff (especially purse size lotions)
-tub teas
-kawaii (Totoro, Hello Kitty, Keropi, Pandapple, but there is really nothing I don't like as far as Kawaii goes. Brand names are not necessary.)
-bento accessories (no egg molds as I can't eat whole eggs, and I don't do hotdogs)
-fruit and veggie motifs
-vintage stuff from the 50's through the 70's
-handmade things!!!
-caffeine free tea
-dry soup mixes
-paintbrushes (I use all sizes but especially fine detailers, 000 and smaller)
-true crime novels, health, diet, nutrition books, light/vegan cookbooks and magazines, retro/americana books, art books, 70's high school yearbooks (used is fine for all of these)
-vintage women's magazines from the 70's and earlier (they often smell like basement but that is fine)
-notecards with envelopes
-funky handmade indie stuff
-cool magnets
-odd and crazy stuffies
-cool buttons (sew on kind)
-felt squares
-embroidery floss
-handmade soaps and bath things
-salt or sugar scrub
-perfume and body spray
-soy (dairy free) hot chocolate mix
-patterned tissue paper
-handkerchiefs (especially pretty vintage ones ) -necklaces with functional clocks on them
-stationery with matching envelopes
-bandaids (I'm accident prone)
-nice strong-scented candles
-pink Xmas decorations (especially vintage ones)
-massage tools
-those grain filled microwave heat pads
-ATCs (especially hand drawn/painted)
-maneki nekos
-colored sharpie markers
-crossword puzzles
-vintage patterned milkglass pyrex in all colors and patterns (my boyfriend collects it)
-Salvador Dali
-Man Ray
-did I mention art? I really like art, especially original art by you that I can hang on my wall. Small art is great because I can fit more of it :)


Things I like but have a years supply of already:

-gloves, scarves and hats
-eyelash/fun fur yarn
-coin purses
-lip balm/gloss
-pencils/mechanical pencils
-post-it notes
-jounals and notebooks
-playing cards


-automobile accessories (no car) -cell phone accessories (no cell)
-hair ties and barrettes (my daughter uses them though)
-crochet or knitting patterns (can't follow them)
-Dio de los Muertos
-vanilla scent (don't like it by itself but LOVE it mixed with other scents like orange vanilla or cherry vanilla)
-heavy floral scents
-religious or spiritual items
-most fiction books
-Bettie Page
-pin ups
-durian -super sour candies
-wool and other animal fibers (I am allergic)

Dietary restrictions: I cannot have any foods containing the following as they will make me very sick- dairy (any milk or milk products like cream, butter, whey, etc), egg yolks, caffeine, high fructose corn syrup, milk or white chocolate, fried foods or foods high in fat. My daughter can eat anything though!

Favorite Books

true crime novels, health and wellness, science and technology, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, art books

Favorite Crafts

I like to dabble in all sorts of crafts: soapmaking, crochet (I can make simple things like hats and afghans and like to make amigurumi), jewelry making, origami... I have also recently started making, trading and collecting ATCs. Of course I paint too.

Wish List

-annoying bus rider repellant spray (in case you are a genie :P )
-soy pudding cups
-small black safety eyes for dolls
-sqeaker bulbs for putting inside stuffed toys
-acrylic sport weight yarn in light tan, cream, red, yellow, deep raspberry pink, rust orange and baby weight yarn in white and pretty much any other colors
-tiny rhinestones for nail art (sometimes they are cheaper with the craft supplies than with the nail stuff)
-Phillipine brand dried mangoes. They carry them at Walmart. They are the best!!
-1/2" or 3/4" round magnets
-personalized address labels
-personalized swap cards
-black and white striped knee socks or footed tights (size large for tights)
-any flavored soy milk besides chocolate and vanilla and coffee/cappucino (Many Asian stores carry flavors like melon and banana.) Make sure they don't need to be refrigerated though! If they are sold on the shelf they should be fine. I also love the American flavored soy milks like Silk Nog and the Vitasoy strawberry banana. I don't know if Westsoy still makes the soy shakes, but those are the best and I can't find them anywhere.

Outgoing Forum Tags


Origamigrace- amigurumi necklace

Brittercat- items from list- i collect

Cherylcraftcabin- two handpainted magnets from crafty swap tag and one baby buttercream amigurumi from private swap


mlparlee rated for Strut Yer Art! on Jun 11, 2008
Comment: Thank you! What a cute frame. You are a great artist!! Michele
ViridianMuse rated for handmade fridge magnets on Mar 24, 2008
Comment: Super fun kawaiiiiiiiii magnets! Thanks I really love them and they went on my message board as soon as they arrived.
beefree16 rated for Amigurumi on Mar 17, 2008
Comment: Very, very cute little guy! Thanks!
lululu rated for deco-soy on Mar 5, 2008
Comment: thanks, lovely bottles!
Comment: oh, I love my painting! you are incredibly talented - I will cherish this original art forever. thank you so very much, I can't begin to describe how much this means to me.
Wanda rated for Make a Perzine - International on Feb 23, 2008
Comment: Christel, this was a FANTASTIC zine! It is my favorite of all the zines I have gotten in all of the zine swaps I have been in. The subject matter - varied and interesting and fun - was excellent. I love the humor (sub. 'squirrel' in songs for 'girl') - hilarious. And the quotes from your parents - priceless! Yes, I may be easily amused, but I always have fun. I loved the illustration of your dream. The articles on bartering and visualization were very helpful. Also, what a great idea to have some promising websites on the last page. The line drawings are great too. THANKS! Oh - and if you ever come out with another issue, PLEEEAAASE let me know!!!
Momwithahook rated for Make a Perzine - International on Feb 19, 2008
Comment: Christel, Even though the swap was technically late, I had to give you a heart because it really was an awesome zine. Very informative, funny, and the art added to the uniqueness of the zine. Can't wait for more.
Comment: Very nice collection of things--I love the note card!!!
sybelledarling rated for An Art Start to 2008 on Feb 12, 2008
Comment: I was so excited when I saw the octopus ice cream! It's better than I could ever imagine!
Comment: Thank you so much! The chocolate is heavenly! And even better...none of my roommates like coconut, so it's ALL mine! =]
Comment: thanks for the cards (:
beetiger rated for Handmade Wish List Swap #2 on Feb 1, 2008
Comment: Thanks for some truly fun handcrafted stuff. The squid has a place of honor on my shelf, and the cards are ready for correspondence the next time I need something cute.
groundhoggirl rated for Fat Girl Art on Jan 24, 2008
Comment: Love the ATCs...You are quite an artist...and loved the notecard too, cause I adore dogs!...Thanks so much for a fun swap!
catherine9 rated for 75 question -international- on Jan 24, 2008
Comment: I loved your idea to put the questions on different pieces of stationary as well as the questions - thanks. cat
AndreaSmondria rated for Serial Killer ATCs on Jan 22, 2008
Comment: thanks so much for the atc's! they kick ass!
Sunshine9905 rated for Bent on Bento! on Jan 22, 2008
Comment: Wow Christel! You even angeled a swap for me!!! Thanks. Love the Bug(VW) bento belt! Thank you so much!
Comment: great thanks!
Comment: The pin cushion is lovely thanks!
Comment: Thank you it will be hung in my breakfast room.
CaSaundraLeigh rated for ATC's CHALLENGE on Jan 16, 2008
Comment: Thanks sooo much for the adorable ATC's! You're a wonderful drawer. I am glad to add these to my collection :-]

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