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Who am I?

15/10: No baby yet! We are 41 weeks pregnant now :) Our due date was 11th October. :)

03/09: I am now coming to the end of my time here on swap-bot as I take a break - not sure when I will be back. My baby is due next month so I won't be hosting anymore swaps. Thank you to all and for all the amazing swaps I have received from my time on here and this amazing community. I have met amazing people and developed my creativity beyond what I imagined I could do thanks to you all. I started on here with no ratings and no idea what I would find and now I am leaving on hiatus with an amazing, active swap group I know I can always go back to. It is sad for me to leave but I have to concentrate on my baby. Thank you everyone.

I will still be logging on to rate etc when I can, I am just taking a hiatus from hosting not leaving the website 100% :)

Please no more vintage ephemera for now. I am trying to sort out my collection & down-size. note; behind on checking my inbox on here. i'll catch up soon!

Looking for: small scrapbooking/smashbook supplies with QUOTES for example stickers, embellishments, card toppers, etc. and anything kawaii :]

Hello!! My name is naomi (also go by nai), I am 24. I live in sheffield, north england. Yay for england! Besides our crappy weather, I love it here. I'm a paper crafter and I love everything cute, positive and pretty. I'm a really busy person with a bubbly personality & a sense of humour :)

I am pregnant with our soon to be first born, due October 11th. I am so happy :] I'm now in my third trimester!! :D

I live with my boyfriend of 6 years, ollie. We live in a city and in the city centre which is very handy. He's my everything. :) We're very close. I'm so grateful for him.

I am creative, outgoing, interested in everything, love travelling, culture, arts and crafts, parks, art galleries, museums, restaurants, reading, learning new things, history, architecture. I'm really interested in buddhism. Not really into movies and music but I do listen to the radio while I'm at my desk doing swappy/creative things. I have a degree in media and cultural studies, I graduated 2012.

I love make up, beauty, reading and books, drinking tea and coffee, home decor, going shopping for clothes & fashion in general, sightseeing, thrifting and browsing antique shops and charity shops, going to flea markets, farmers markets and festivals, museums and art exhibitions, going to cafes and restaurants, and walking around cities and countryside.

My favourite place is probably London, where I went to university and lived for 4 years. I love Europe, though, and travelling there is my favourite! I love the way of life there.

Swap-bot is a big part of my life, me and I take it very seriously. It makes me happy and it's what I love doing most. When I first started this, I didn't know that I'd eventually have a very active swap group and everything I collect, all my swaps and ephemera, would basically take over our apartment. LOL

If you would like to see pictures of my life, myself and ollie, put a "face to the name" or see pictures of recent swaps, then please go to my instagram. Happy swapping :)

Love & Collect

Recently edited & now I'm going to list in order of what I'm most recently interested in & collecting. :] Tip: themes are more important to me than types (Scroll down!).

My favourite types of swaps/things to receive are:

1) anything handmade, and

2) a stuffed envelope full of flat paper ephemeras, tags/punches/card toppers, stickers, stationery, paper stocks! I love variety & these types of swaps full of bits and pieces always come in handy and I use straight away for my projects and are always what I reach for.

please don't worry about making me happy. :] I am very easy to please and I am not a picky swapper at all. I'm hard to offend and open minded.

TYPES OF THINGS I COLLECT/SWAP (Scroll further down for themes and detailed collections/things I am looking for!)


~ Swaps that are put together nicely, in a decorated or mail art envie. I love it when I can tell that time has been spent on putting the swap together and my profile was read. This is what matters to me the most, more than any amount of extras.

~ Anything handmade... I am really into swapping paper crafts at the moment and is what I am enjoying the most. Any paper craft, painting, illustration, drawing, doodles, crochet or knit piece... Anything from you is very welcome :)

~ ephemera / destash / stuffed envies; with these swaps I like to see a variety of things. I keep these types of swaps in their original envelopes and use them as inspiration packs for projects. I like to receive variety with these types of swaps. Jumbled up envelope destash swaps are my favourite, don't worry about sending me lots of different bits and pieces - this is what I love!

~ ATCS - I love ATCs in themes of my favourites (see below). I prefer ATCs I receive to be on sturdy, thick backing and don't like bendy or flimsy card(and a number of times ATCS received like this often get damaged in transit)

~ Pocket letters - I like pocket letters using any themes or without a theme. I really like it when the outside sleeve is decorated by the sender and the pocket letter is used as a project rather than a quick, easy way of putting bits of paper inside the pockets. I love to see decorated, altered, colourful pocket letters.

~ postcards - I don't do many postcard only swaps but I do like to receive blank, non touristy postcards in swaps. I like any stock, photography, quotes, typography/word art, architecture, travel, any of the themes I like listed below.

~ letter/penpal swaps - I prefer handwritten only and long. I don't like to receive penpal letters that are as long as a note. Please don't rush and only send me one or two pages, especially if it is going via international post... I see it as such a waste if you only send a very small letter or long note.

~ Childrens book ephemera Any cut outs, die-cuts, postcards or full pages from children's books. I love vintage or modern ones. Love vintage annuals, fairy tales and ephemera, Baby letter books, ABC's, picture books, playing cards/flash cards, spelling books, nursery rhymes, dr Seuss, Richard scarry, Beatrix potter, enid blyton, Roald Dahl, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Walker books Pop up books, snap cards, Old maid cards, finger puppet books, Eric carle Vintage or modern. Vintage I love richard scarry, vintage disney, Dr. Seuss, Ladybird, Golden book, nursery rhymes, etc. Modern I love Colin Mcnaughton & animals. Book plates, cut outs, die cuts, book pages, book marks, posters, pictures, stickers.

~ Printed card stocks, printed/decorated papers, paper samples - Any of these, big, small or tiny; any printed, coloured papers, anything I can use for smashbooking or ATC's. Any prints/decorations.

~ Craft supplies - rubber stamps, transfers/rub-ons (even tattoos, do the same job!), card backs, paper stocks, ribbon, stickers, glue dots, card toppers, embellishments. I love these sorts of things, aka "supplies"

~ Happy/Bright Themes anything positive, happy, bright, colourful.

~ Washi/deco tape samples. I use washi tape for my mail art and I can't get enough of it. :)

~ Smashbook & project life supplies. Smash kit, journal cards, alpha letters, etc

~ Card toppers, embellishments, etc - card making supplies I use for a variety of projects especially ATC's so I love little card bits of ephemera.

~ Book pages or cut-outs Of any type. I would love full pages or half pages from any books or high quality including vintage, picture books, history, travel, random books modern or black and white, foreign, childrens books, architecture, fact and fiction.

~ Tea. I love tea. Tea I like: White tea and black tea. Tea that you don't add milk with. My favourites are not very strong flavours. I like fruit tea but only flavours like peach, apricot, white fruit, orange, lemon. I don't usually like fruit teas that are really dark and strong like fruits of the forrest or blackcurrent usually because it doesn't taste like tea, just hot juice. If you have a strong fruit tea that tastes very much like tea, then I will like it, lol. My absolute favourite teas are GREEN TEA, OOLONG, WHITE TEA flavoured GREEN TEAS, flavours like peach, cherry, mango, lychee, vanilla. I also like Earl Grey, English breakfast, Chamomile, . -Please no loose tea, rooibos, chai and other spicy teas. Not really a fan of mint, either. I tend not to like those sorts of tea. I won't be angry or anything if you send these, I will just pass them on. - I do not mind tea that is not in a sealed packet, for example if you bought boxed tea and it is separate individual bags. As long as you put it in some sort of foil, cling film or zip bag, and a label of what it is, I don't mind it not being separate individual bags. - Absolute favourite brands are STASH and PICKWICK.

~ Old black and white vintage photos or postcards.

~ Small smashbook, junk journal, ATC, etc supplies e.g the size of a card or smaller. I love tiny pieces. ATC blanks and supplies, small and tiny cards, off-cuts, paper scraps, small/mini ephemera pieces. I love small pieces and do lots of ATC's

~ Pretty magazine articles/pages. I love oh comely, flow magazine, frankie, daphnes diary and lots more. I love the craft magazines, arty types and quirky/different fashion/lifestyle. I am not a fan of gossip celebrity or beauty magazines aka the popular ones.

~ Paper & card ephemera of any kind, inc. stamps, documents, book pages, random bits & pieces, papers, vintage, memos, playing cards, spelling cards, stamped rubber images, transfers, postcards, bookmarks, card blanks, attractive card and papers, ATC blanks

~ Travels anything to do with travelling and ephemera from other countries. I love ticket stubs, museum and exhibition information, tourism guides, postcards and anything to do with Europe.

~ Paper that is printed or patterned that can be used for crafts, paper and card stock, wallpaper samples and high quality magazine prints

~ Small notecards or blank postcards I use these for my info when sending swaps.

~ Mixed media items; Beads, scrabble pieces, jigsaw pieces, bits of fabric, ribbon, doilies, bottle caps, anything unusual and vintage, buttons, etc. Jewels, tags, beads, anything!!!

~ Used stamps, snail mail themes and letters. I cut stamps from every swap I receive. I love vintage, animals and random stamps. Airmail, snail mail and penpal themes. I also love to write and receive letters.

~ *Kawaii/cute japanese stationery, paper, pens - san-x, sanrio, q-lia, pool cool & anything hello kitty, my melody, food/drink sanrio.

~ Mail art - i love handmade envelopes even if they are just made from paper, or magazine articles. i prefer to see mail art than regular envelopes from you :)

~ * Disney & Pixar - favourites include disney princesses, finding nemo, monsters inc/university, disney animals.

~ * Funny / humour. Off the wall, silly, weird, wacky

THEMES I LOVE AND SPECIFICS I COLLECT! Choose a theme and send me anything from that theme and I will be happy. :)

~ Birds, stickers, papers, postcards, memos, bird facts, pages from bird books, anything with birds. Any birds; birds in your back garden to penguins, flamingoes and owls.

~ Woodland animals, Fox, badger, owl, bear.

~ Whimsical/Pretty/Shabby chic E.g cath kidson, emma bridgewater, Paperchase, Flow magazine & Daphnes Diary magazine

~ Happy & positive quotes, cute/happy, bright colours, smiling animals, etc.

~ safari animals, elephants, giraffes, lions, cute or realistic, drawn or cartoon, illustrations, stickers , papers, etc. influences from India and Africa

~ Colours, Pastels, pale colours, pink, green and watercolours.

~ Reading/books, I would love to receive any book recommendations/reviews, bookmarks, book plates, etc. I have been a book worm all my life. I read everything fiction, non fiction, historic, biography, chick lit and crime thriller. I have a goodreads account here

~ Pregnancy/baby/child, I am pregnant so anything in these themes is welcome. :)

~ Animals, Wild, Zoo, Big cats, Animated/cartoon/illustrated, Cute, Fish, Birds, Wildlife, Bears, Giraffes, Elephants.

~ Prints & patterns, Polka dots, hearts, stripes, symbols, swirls, anchors, strawberries, solid colours, animals, triangles, rainbow, watercolour.

~ Beach & sealife, e.g, sea, anchors, fish, shell themes. mermaids!

~ Pretty words, letter and word art and quotes e.g, word art / quotes, typography, clippings, cut outs, poems.

~ Floral prints and nature/flowers in general. Please don't go crazy on the butterflies... I'm not too fond.

~ Buddhism quotes, pictures, motifs and yoga.

~ Art; Collage, paint, illustrations, doodles, paper crafts, watercolours, gelli plate prints, smashing, cut and paste, watercolours, rubber stamping, rub ons & transfers

~ Artistic and pretty photography.

~ Whimsical themes.

~ White lace

~ Childrens book characters - old/vintage or contemporary monsters, animals, etc

~ Cartoon/illustrated animals.

~ Unicorns, magic

~ Pixies, mushrooms, fairy tales.

~ Tea cups, pastel colours, macaroons, owls, "hipster", "dainty" and "kawaii" motifs

~ Mermaids, mystical life

~ Circus, especially vintage but ANYTHING circus themed. Freak shows, cabaret, vaudeville, Big Tops

~ Cultural studies & antropology - tell me about your culture, your lifestyle, where you live, and anything themes to do with culture and life.

~ Jane Austen

~ Beatrix Potter

~ Magazines. Paperchase, Flow Magazine, Daphnies Diary, Frankie, Oh comely, Hunger - Not fond on gossip/celebrity/fashion magazines unless high fashion. I also love pages from free / ad magazines/leaflets which can be cut up & used in collage.

~ History. My favourite period is the Tudor times, English monarchy/royals, any British history and the ancient Greeks. I love world history, but British and ancient greek history is my favourite. I love to receive ANYTHING with any history behind it and I am happy to receive anything history related, though, British or not! An old photo you found at the thrift store, book pages, vintage ephemeras, an historic article/story, a letter from you about your favourite period/time in history, a museum or gallery you love, history of buildings and architecture! I LOVE castles, old historic buildings, black and white photographs, fables and Greek mythology

~ Art. Any type of art - I am always at exhibitions and I love it ALL. but mostly I am interested in fine art, scupture, architecture, fashion, photography and design. Both modern and 17th, 18th and 19th century. I am particularly in love with Monet, Antoni Gaudi, Mario Testino and I love tudor/victorian old art, gothic art AND modern art. I am obsessed with anything on tudor/king and queen! I also love fashion and beauty photography and anything to do with high fashion models.

I very rarely do package swaps but in the off-chance I do, here is what I like that isn't flat:

  • Make up, beauty & tolietries inc. bath goods and supplies. Inc. make up: all products & brands both high street and high end, brushes & beauty blenders, lipbalm, lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascara, etc., perfume/body sprays, mini bottles/samples, face masks/skin care, bath bombs/salts/balls, flannels & face cloths (i love muslins)

  • Home decor items & candles

  • Bookmarks/book plates

  • Scarves (pretty silk/cotton ones)

  • Journals/stationery/rubber stamps & craft supplies. I love pens!

  • Anything in the themes I like

  • Things for my baby (clothes/toys/anything pregnancy or baby related)

  • Tea and coffee sachets

  • Healthy food & snacks. I am not vegetarian/vegan, and have no allergies. I usually am interested in healthier options, vegan/vege/dairy free. I love trying new things.

  • Trinkets, decorations (no jewelry please)

  • Hair ties & bobby pins. I don't wear headbands or bows or anything, I'm pretty boring when it comes to it! I am looking for those "good for you" hair ties, the ones you can also wear as bracelets and that don't pull your hair out.

I don't like...

*Things with butterflies on. I always seem to receive butterfly everything. I don't like them too much and I would like to receive things not-butterflies. lol I have enough butterfly print, stickers, ephemera etc I'm bored of it now ;x

*diddl stationery

  • short letters for penpal swaps

  • tourist postcards e.g "greetings from" wish you were here" unless vintage or sent with facts / info about the postcard

  • Seeds. I do like anything nature related, so even pictures of gardens / postcards of flowers, but no actual seeds to plant, please. We don't have a garden and live on the 6th floor of a very tall flat building. :P Unless they are edible... =^_^=

  • Scary/gothic. Aside from gothic art, I mean gothic in the sense of dark, twisty, scary, etc. Studs, violence, blood, knives, paranormal, thriller, horror movies, ghosts. It sets my anxiety off, please don't send me anything like this. NO gore belongs anywhere near me!!

  • Animals I don't like - insects, spiders, gorillas and monkeys (small baby ones are fine), scary sea life/deep sea (like lobsters, jelly-fish, unless it's cute or vintage).
  • Planets, sky and nothing astronauts!! :[
  • Music notes, guitars, lyrics, mix CDs.
  • Nail polish, jewelry, ear rings, lip gloss. I don't have my ears pieced.
  • Harry potter
  • Simpsons
  • Loose tea, just bagged tea please.
  • Hot chocolate
  • Religion. I was a little worried about putting this on my dislikes as it is kind of hypocritical, in relation to my interest in history and art. I like religious art and churches, religious buildings and architecture etc, but I don't want to receive anything such as Bible verses, "I love God", "Jesus is my Hero" things. I am not religious and have no interest in these things.
  • Quotes/words like "rock on"
  • Food & snacks. I don't like most candy & sweets, and I eat clean so please don't waste money or postage sending food/snacks I probably won't eat.

Last but not least...

Please don't send me a swap without a note or short letter from you. Please don't rate me without adding a little comment. I like to know what you thought about the swap, good or bad.

Thank you and HAPPY SWAPPING :D


Regarding extras; I don't rate on extras but really appreciate them but I do rate on the swap itself.

I put a lot of effort into my swaps & only expect the same from you. Please don't send anything on my dislike list, anything broken, dirty, damaged or just plain trash.

I hate to see plain, blank or brown envelopes. Even if it's just a sticker; please don't send envelopes plain! Plain envelopes are sad envelopes! ;[

If you have ever participated in any of my swaps i want to say a huge thank you because you made that possible. I am proud of my swap group & want to thank all my beautiful members for keeping it alive and kicking.

I am not mean at all but I WILL chase you up if you flake or the participants in my swaps can't get in contact with you. As a host this is my job so please just let me know if you haven't sent / are going to send / aren't going to send at all because this makes my life at lot easier... if you join my swaps I do message you with reminders before the deadline, etc.

Thanks again for everyone who takes part in my swaps and a huge thanks to anyone who has ever awarded me a star for my swaps. this really made my day and keeps me going on swapbot! I love you guys!!

RATING YOU... I always rate accurately and quickly. I keep an organizer to keep up to date with all my ratings, archived and current swaps. I am an understanding person and I don't rate with spite or with the intention to get anyone banned from swap-bot. However I do believe that if you join up for a swap you should do your job right by sending the swap on time, so please just communicate with me if there is something wrong. I don't easily give 3's or 1's and I will always give people a chance but please don't test my patience and kindness by lying to me about sending your swap or receiving mine. If you are reading this and you've flaked on me/are going to flake on me - you SUCK, stop being a thief.

Please communicate with me regarding MY swaps - I always send my swaps, I send them in bulk and on time.

If I ever go missing, please send out a search party! I am here forever and don't ever see myself disappearing. Sometimes I have panic attacks that I will get run over by a bus and the 1's will be rolling in and everyone will think I am a terrible terrible flaker... OMG!!


mariadastrouxas rated for United Kingdom & Portugal on Feb 21, 2016
mebanham rated for SWL ~ Handmade Tiny Paper book #2 on Oct 25, 2015
Comment: Thank you for such a nice swap. Sorry for the late rate, curling has started and I am pretty involved. Take care.
Jess79 rated for SWL ~ Create & Pick 5 (Mail Art) on Oct 18, 2015
Comment: Wow! This swap made quite the journey! Thank you for the lovely envie and awesome goodies : ) The squirrel washi sample is too cute! Hope you come back soon! We'll miss you!
Comment: SOOOO good to hear from you, dear! I love everything you sent and the little folder was just adorable! Thanks so much - as always getting mail from you made my entire day! Much love - Michelle
Comment: Thank you! Hope all goes well with your delivery-you'll have to post pictures of the little one : ) Come back to swapping soon! You will be missed.
Beach722 rated for SWL ~ Recent reads & a notecard on Sep 26, 2015
Comment: Thank you!
CalyD rated for SWL ~ you pick my pocket letter on Sep 25, 2015
Comment: Thank you!! Great stuff! I love all the fruits and veggies and ALL Hedgehogs are great, even the "cute" ones in pink LOL. I appreciate the wonderful effort you put into this and wish you the very best with your baby! *hugs
Comment: Thank you for making another package, I will let you know if the original ever comes through. I loved your mail art, especially all the selection of postage stamps and the flow weekly, I adore! Your letter was sweet, I really connected with what you wrote as we are in a similar situation. In time, I will reply :) I will be thinking of you these coming few weeks, enjoy becoming a mummy :)
Comment: Thank you for this swap! I'd love to do a private swap with you (I'll PM you when I've got my current swap and tag numbers low, like you I've got to sadly reduce my swapping, since I'm going to university and will not be able to swap as much, so I'm looking for UK swap partners for cheaper swaps and such too).
tlemon4 rated for SWL ~ 9 pocket ATC round robin #4 on Sep 17, 2015
Comment: Loved the orange theme I will pass it on in the next round for you. I loved the envelope with all the cool stamps on it. Also Thank you so much for the vintage car/bike goodies, I loved them. :):) Thank you & best wishes for you & your soon to be new baby. xoxo Tammy
Response: you're welcome, yay i am glad you liked the vintage car things, i saw it on your profile and knew i had something you might like! i got those pieces from a book fair recently and thought they were really interesting. x
motherpanda rated for SWL ~ I collect... #5 on Sep 15, 2015
Comment: Loved everything you sent, had a little delay in receiving the package as there was not quite enough postage on the item so had to pay the extra and have it redelivered (please don't worry about it it was only a silly amount!)
Response: oh no!! it was probably my fault for not counting up the stamps properly, i'm so sorry!! x
pammykn rated for SWL ~ themes in an envie; BLIND! on Sep 10, 2015
Comment: Thanks for all the goodies, Naomi! Have an awesome week!
Response: oh wow, i'm glad you liked it even though it was all chosen without knowing! hope you liked the surprise :) x
catmmann rated for SWL ~ Opposites ATC on Sep 9, 2015
Comment: thank you! i love it all
sofiafenntatum rated for SWL ~ let's swap tea! on Sep 1, 2015
Comment: Thank you so much for this beautiful tea swap! You even taped my favorite tea to the front of your lovely hand made card. : ) I look forward to trying all of these exotic teas, thank you again!
Response: you are welcome! i love to share the love of teas, enjoy xxx
MarleyJayne18 rated for SWL ~ Vintage Woman ATC on Aug 26, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the lovely Atc it will fit great in my collection
Comment: thank you so much for my turtle scallop atc and the goodies
CalyD rated for SWL ~ 9 pocket ATC round robin #3 on Aug 25, 2015
Comment: Love the extra Hedgehog postcard!! Thanks for hosting a fun swap.
Comment: Thanks for the fun letter and the great stickers!
Comment: Thanks you so much for this fabulous swap! You are so creative, love how you put everything together! I am so glad you did re-send!
Response: You're welcome!! I think at first the embellishments made it too bulky so it was considered a package rather than a letter and I only put letter postage on there. But after a rearrange, it worked out :) i'm glad you liked it!
juliedro rated for SWL ~ Book themed swap on Aug 21, 2015
Comment: thank you! I received your swap today, such a lovely bookmark! I still haven't read your letter, but I will soon enough. Going on holidays tomorrow and wanted to rate a.s.a.p. :)
Response: Thanks for being so prompt and rating before you go! You are super organised haha. And enjoy your holiday :D

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Hi just wondering if you ever got the tag in the mail that you owe me. And congratulations with the baby :)

kittyhahahotbot on Sep 9, 2015:

LucyToons on Sep 5, 2015:

Good luck with everything and enjoy being a mum :), hope to see you back on here soon :)

nightreverie on Sep 3, 2015:

Good luck with your baby, lovely! It's going to be a shame not swapping with you! I'm definitely going to miss your amazing swaps! I hope everything runs smoothly for the birth of your baby! Come back as soon as you are able! hugs! ♥♥♥

Emzycal on Sep 3, 2015:

Hey, thanks! :) I hope all goes smoothly from here on out. Good luck with the baby. I look forward to the tag, but try not to stress. x

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Get well soon!

Emzycal on Aug 23, 2015:

Aw :( I hope you feel better soon! x

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Hey :) just wondering if you sent the PIB tag? :/ just because it hasn't arrived and I'm concerned it's went missing in the post :/

Emzycal on Jul 29, 2015:

Ooh. I'm excited now :D

Penpal stuff is fantastic :D thank you!

And, strictly speaking I'm not 100% LOOKING for pen pals. BUT if one drops in to my lap and I think we'd click, then I'm not going to say no... ;)

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