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Some of my ATCs and swap items

About Me

I am a mid-40s empty-nester in the Midwest. I live with my partner and three cats. I just had to say good-bye to my 17 year old dog, who was my constant companion.

Fully vaccinated! Ready to get out in the world.... maybe... eventually... do I really miss interacting with people in person?? Taking it slow anyway. Winding down for a break from Swap-Bot by the end of May. Many household projects and a new job to focus on. Hopefully will be back by autumn again.

I like dabbling in various crafts as the mood strikes me. Not really artistic, but love ATCs and playing with mixed media. Perfect size art to not feel intimidated and have fun with different techniques. I prefer to use recycled materials as much as possible. Avoiding going to the stores has been a very good challenge for me to get creative with what I have at home.

I love nature, I grew up in the Midwest, lived in the Rockies and the East Coast, and now back to the Midwest. The mountains are definitely the home of my heart. I have really been missing the Rockies, so be aware, a lot of my HD/HP ATCs will probably be of mountains right now. I love all kinds of creatures and critters (so any kind of animal on an ATC will make me smile). I have raised large moths, rescued birds and countless cats, used to have barely feral Muscovy ducks in the neighborhood when I lived in Florida (I really, really miss those!). Even have gotten over my fear of spiders (again, Florida- they are absolutely everywhere) and actually appreciate them quite a bit now.

Mid-Century Modern has never been my style, however since buying a MCM house with so many vintage elements, I have come to accept that it just works best here. My other eclectic tastes fit into it enough. But the worst part is that now I am obsessed with vintage paint-by-numbers.

Truth be told though- I'd rather do yardwork than housework. I am taking it slowly with having a backyard and front yard to do whatever I'd like. It's almost too much freedom. Can I just plant trees everywhere? I've already planted six lilac bushes and cosmos. I am planting poppies and daisies as well (I like flowers that grow like weeds). I had a renegade morning glory pop up last year, so I scattered the seeds all around the sides of the front deck. I love dandelions, so they are allowed to propagate freely. Also planting milkweed and some local prairie flower seeds this year. Whatever lives, I'll just keep planting more- no manicured gardens for me.

I used to be really, really into yoga, but stepped away from it for a couple of years. My mental wellbeing has suffered greatly without it and I am getting back into it again, but it's difficult to do so, alone, at home.

My only social media is Instagram, I follow people and feeds that bring me joy and inspiration. I haven't been on Facebook for years and it is amazing how good it felt to let it go, and I don't miss it one bit. Likewise, I am here on Swap-Bot to enjoy, and want to avoid drama and stress as much as possible.


If I am hosting a swap, I will angel for it. I don't specify this in the swap descriptions, but do not hesitate to contact me if you did not receive your swap item.

For single ATC swaps I usually lower the rating limit and allow new, unrated swappers. I want to give people a chance that need it, knowing that I am able to angel a single ATC quickly, even for multiple people. For more time intensive swaps I raise the rating limit so that it is less likely I will need to angel for multiple people.

I do screen regardless of rating limits to see what most recent history has been.

If you have concerns about any swap I am hosting, please message me! I am happy to try to resolve things, or get needed feedback.

Favorite Crafts

Beaded jewelry (simple)
Recycled crafts
Dabbling in new crafts

Swap Ideas

Pressed Flower Swap
Snarky T-Shirt Swap (or an iron-on swap, no worries about sizes, etc, and cheaper to mail)
Recycle/Reuse Craft Challenge Swap
Photo Challenge Swap
Blank Notecard Swap
Photo Kaleidoscope Art ATC Swap

If anyone wants to take any of those ideas and run with it- feel free, just drop me a line so I can join too!

Extra Extra

Please- do not send extras!! (I give out hearts regardless)
*Adding an exception: I am looking for a few more of the US frog stamps (used) for an ATC I am working on, if you have any you could send along with a swap, that would be great!

I have gotten so many great extras in the past, it is now time to use them up! I am also trying to upcycle and recycle as much as I can. Just getting swaps and getting inspired by other's creativity is such a delight!

What I particularly appreciate:
* ATCs with quotations, uplifting sayings, words of encouragement
(non-religious please)
* Anything reusable/recycled
* Ideas for ATCs- add a note about art techniques you like and recommend
* Book recommendations
* I love abstract art- so I would enjoy getting ATCs that are just abstract, without embellishments, if that is your style. I hesitate myself to send such ATCs because I worry the recipient may think it is unfinished or incomplete (just a background). But I find abstract paintings and collages so enjoyable to look at, and very difficult to create.

Favorite Books

Science fiction/fantasy
Anything by Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Tana French
Guilty pleasures like Nora Roberts' trilogies
Have been reading a lot of M.R. Carey and Naomi Novik lately.


Anything blue
Things from nature
All animals, especially wildlife
Anything handmade
Dark roast coffee (daily, all day)
Black tea

ABCs of Me

A: Art
B: Books
C: Coffee
E: Embroidery
F: Forget-me-nots
G: Genetics
H: Hiking
J: Jewelry
K: Kaleidoscopes
L: Love
M: Mom
N: Nature
O: Outdoors
P: Photography
Q: Quiet
R: Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose
S: Science
T: Trees
U: Understanding
V: Violet-flavored (anything)
W: Wisconsin
Y: Yoga


Comment: Thank you for some lovely ATCs :) I'm sure your backyard garden will look amazing with all your daisies!
Comment: Wow your scratch art came out awesome! Thank you so much. Love how bright the colors turned out.
Response: Thanks! I used oil pastels, because I couldn't find crayons around the house.
trailsanddreams rated for Altered Used Envelope on May 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable swap! Opening it made my day! What a creative idea for the altered envelope. I have never received or made an ATC before, but I have been curious about them. I am inspired now!
Response: If you ever want to do a private swap for ATCs so that you can try it out without being worried about various details, just let me know!
thequilterslink rated for USATC: Bunny Ears ATC Swap on Apr 30, 2021
Comment: Thanks so much for the resend, love the bunny ears on hummingbird, cute!
Response: So glad it made it quickly- all the more of a sign that the other envelope is lost.
mchesser12 rated for Write a List PC Swap #3 on Apr 27, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard. I also like The Great British Bake Off. I've binged many seasons of it. And Love Actually is one of my favorite movies.
tcornell rated for Free Themed ATC Swap #2 - USA Only on Apr 27, 2021
Comment: I really LOVE both of your ATC's! I am originally from MI, & though it's been years- I do still remember Lilac season! β™₯
Rabbitfreedom rated for SOHC - Asymmetrical Earrings on Apr 27, 2021
Comment: Oh wow, I absolutely love these rabbit earrings!! I can't wait to wear them! Thank you so much! The others are lovely too!
Response: Oh, I am so glad you like them!
BrazenIntrovert rated for Found Image ATC - USA on Apr 26, 2021
Comment: I agree that the images that you found certainly make The Mummy look much more horror than action. I love the ATCs. Thank you!
BelfryBat rated for USATC: April Free Theme ATC on Apr 26, 2021
Comment: What a gorgeous ATC! Thank you for parting with it! Can I ask the technique? Is it a pour? Regardless, I love it.
Response: I think it was from my first attempt at doing the floating chalk technique. I love how it turns out.
Comment: Ooh really liked your floating chalk art - the two ATCs are gorgeous, especially the lilac. And the envelope is dreamy. I shall up-cycle to my mail art!
Comment: Wow Denise! I love everything about these ATC's! Yours turned out so darn good! I ADORE them! I had so much fun trying out bubble painting! Although, I wish mine turned out as good as yours did! I love them! They are just wonderful! Thank you so so much! <3 Sending hugs! Addie<3
Aurora1 rated for HD/HP ATC Swap #6 USA Only on Apr 22, 2021
Comment: Wow, You are really talented, Thank you so much!
Response: Aw, thank you!
CHOWEFACE rated for Write a List PC Swap #3 on Apr 20, 2021
Comment: Thanks for all the different recommendations!
1happyday rated for Handmade PC swap on Apr 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and the encouragement to make my own! It was lovely.
Comment: Thank you for the great ATCs! I love how your chalk marbleized (a very different result from mine!) and your finishing touches! How neat to dry a flower in the microwave!
Shuttlebug rated for Good as Gold ATC swap (USA) on Apr 19, 2021
Comment: I like all 3 of the ATCs you sent, but my favorite is the mountain scene. I have a small collection of your mountain ATCs! Also, the post office ripped your envelope - thought you'd like to know...
Response: Yay! At least they made it, I was beginning to wonder! What is going on with the post? I thought I sent it in a business envelope? Oh- and did you see the stag in the mountain ATC? He's tiny.
Rabbitfreedom rated for Junk Mail ATC challenge on Apr 18, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the fun ATC swaps - love the poetry you created. Thanks for hosting a cool swap!
Response: I'm glad you liked the poetry!
brooklynbunch rated for Write a List PC Swap #3 on Apr 16, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the card--I'm not familiar with some of these films/programs. Always looking for something new. Susan (brooklynbunch)
Comment: Denise! Thank you for the beautiful ATCs! I really like the Easter theme....and happy birthday! <3 -k
Response: I'm so glad you like them - I just love that bunny image and love how the egg and nest turned out.

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bluehairedmary on May 3, 2021:

Thank you so much for the ATCs for the This or That tag! They are perfect actually! I have an embroidered fox on my inspiration bulletin board. Well, I did. My cat just knocked everything over and I have to re-do the board. Anyhoo, perfect time to add your ATCs! Thanks again!

tcornell on Apr 13, 2021:

Denise, thank you so much for all 3 ATC's that you sent me for the "Make an ATC in My Favorite Theme" tag! They are beautiful β™₯ I also really appreciate the note that you sent along with them... your kind, thoughtful and encouraging words mean so much. Tracy

DaisyNY on Apr 12, 2021:

Hi Denise!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful tag package and postcard! The scrap paper, including the tiny butterflies, will certainly be used.

I enjoyed the Eurydice poem - so evocative. I have loved Greek myths for many decades now, from when I was a child.

supersquirrel on Apr 10, 2021:

Hi Denise - you recently returned a jam home to me. It's the one I started with gears, luv2kraft added a lady photo and you added these wonderful white markings. I absolutely LOVE your markings. It's something I've always wished I could do but haven't even attempted because I wouldn't want to ruin the piece. Anyways, well done and thank you so much 🐿️❀️🐿️

PerArduaAdAlta on Apr 6, 2021:

Congrats on the new job!!! πŸ’–πŸ€“πŸŒ»πŸ’πŸ’–

PerArduaAdAlta on Apr 6, 2021:

Wow! You sent me another one! I love this one too, of course. These are so interesting because there are so many elements it takes awhile to fully absorb the card. These really are mini pieces of art! Again, amazing texture, the cool braille piece, and you used ones of my flowers! Great idea, and I'm flattered. Love the gold theme, especially those great scratchy tape pieces. And more snowdrops! And raccoons πŸ’–. I really have to find time to spread out and get inspired, but your PC's are certainly helping! Is that latin?! Love all the white doodled elements. So much, thank you!!

CariahCreates on Mar 5, 2021:

Thank you so much for the great Cheap Postage PIB tag. The papers are lovely. Hopefully the sprout will survive with me-I've killed a few plants lately.

PerArduaAdAlta on Mar 3, 2021:

I love this white based faux marbling pc with the black and blue and little bit of glitter! I think it's my favorite one you've sent. Reminds me of ice, or an overhead shot of antarctica. Thank you, as always!

PerArduaAdAlta on Jan 30, 2021:

Thank you so much for the cheap listen postage - pay it back today! You should not have worried, I love the ATC's you sent, not one but THREE!!! 😲 They are all great design, and I love the texture on the gold one! I am so in love with your watercolor especially the bubble one! I really need to try this. And the coloring sheets are the perfect size to be used in projects. Thank you! Everything was very thoughtful. Thank you for reading my profile and for the show suggestions. I will have to check them out, they sound perfect!

beachchicken on Jun 11, 2020:

Thank you so much for the angel of the swap you hosted. Pick your own theme ATC! The ATC's are great! I will have to look up the bubble paint technique, it is such a cool background! As soon as I can rate the flaker/double profiler a 1 I will.

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