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Updated 10/26/22

πŸ›‘ Warning My Profile is extensive. Before You begin reading, grab your favorite beverage and a snack. I tried to include everything that a swap partner might like to know. Buckle up because it's going to be a long ride πŸ›‘

Hello to all the new friends that I haven't met yet and to all the wonderful people that I have met. My name is Suzanne and I'm 55 years old. I've been married to my second husband, John for 21 years. He is a good man and honestly my sunshine after the rain β˜”. We have Three adult children and 6 grandchildren. We also have one due in June.We live in the small town of Climax, Georgia. Yes, that is really the name of the town. You would be surprised how many people ask if that's a real town, even after seeing it on my Driver's license. I want to tell them " No, the state of Georgia has a great sense of humor and they thought it would be funny to put a fictional city on my license.πŸ˜‚ There are about 300 people in the town.We have one stoplight, one convenience store and a Dollar General. It's hard to find swap supplies around here, especially postcards. No one around here sells them. I am pretty laid back and easy to get along with. I'm allergic to Onions. I don't smoke. I look forward to swapping with you.

My Family

I've seen some swaps where your partner sends the swap to one of your family members so I'm adding this.

  1. John, my husband (BD: 01/11/71) Likes: interesting vegetable seeds, hot/spicy πŸ₯΅ things, hot salsa Allergies: Soy, Peanuts

My children:

  1. Aaron, son (BD: 04/12/87)

Likes: Cooking/baking so recipes are great. Books likes to collect classics and Stephen King.

  1. Jeremi (BD: 09/18/89)

Likes: Guitar Picks, snacks that are an unusual flavor.

  1. Courtney (BD: 08/05/90)

Likes: giraffes, has pierced ears. Stephen King books.


  1. Scarlett (BD: 08/12/09)

Likes to draw, so drawing supplies, things for her hair, has pierced ears.

  1. Serenity (BD: 06/21/11)

Likes: Dancing, things for her hair, light makeup, her ears are pierced. Really girly.

  1. Saige (BD: 05/20/13)

Likes: things for her hair, Dancing, her ears are pierced.

  1. Toby ( BD: 05/29/15)

Likes: Taki chips, Pokemon, Minecraft

  1. Willow ( BD: 08/07/15)

Likes Barbie type dolls, Barbie sized clothes, things for her hair, ears are pierced, costumes

  1. Juniper (BD: 08/03/20)

Likes baby dolls and toddler toys, things for her hair, but has very fine baby hair.

  1. New Baby, due June 2023, Will not know sex until born, need baby things.

I have 4 dogs Female Chihuahua: Bitsy Male Chihuahua PeeWee Male Chiweenie Peanut Female pitbull pup Mindy

Favorite Music

I love music. No matter what mood I'm in there is always music to go with that mood. My favorite era is the 80's, but I like music from both older and newer eras. My favorite group is Aerosmith. Steven Tyler is my Celebrity crush. My son says he looks like the crypt keeper. My answer to that is the crypt keeper doesn't sing as good.πŸ˜‚ I play the game Songpop classic online. It's fun 🎼I! I recommend it to anyone who likes music. I don't sing good, but I still enjoy singing along to the radio. I really enjoy doing the music swaps on here. They help me to find I find new groups/ songs I've been to a few concerts over the years, but not as many as I would like. Some of the concerts I've seen: Dr.Hook, Alabama, NKOTB, Striper, Aerosmith, Iron Butterfly, David Allen Coe and a few more.

Favorite Books

I am an Avid reader. I'm still one of those people who prefer to have a book in my hands rather than listening to an audio book or using an ereader. I read various genres. True Crime, Thriller, Mysteries, Auto/biographies, Trivia, Fantasy, History, Recipe, Horror, Comedy, Poetry. I don't really care for the type of Romance books( like Harlequin)where the plot is basically the same only the names and places are different. I have always wanted to have a library in my house, but that hasn't happened yet. I have collected a serious amount of books over the years, but right now the majority of them are in our storage shed so I'm thinking about what I want to do with them.

Favorite movies and TV series

I spend a lot of time watching TV. We don't have cable so I generally watch stuff on the streaming channels. I like the CSI, SVU, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Mysteries, True Crime shows, all the Cooking contest shows and the various Gordon Ramsay shows, sci-fi shows, documentaries, Antique Road show and the list goes on.

I like movies too and enjoy going to the cinema occasionally, but it has gotten so expensive. Many times after I watch a movie on TV that wasn't good or was just ok, I find myself saying that I'm glad we didn't pay to see that at the movies. Some of my favorite movies are My Best Friend's Wedding, Bridemaids, Sing, The Cure. Again the list is long.I don't especially like war movies.

There is a little Theater in the town next to us that puts on about 4 plays a season. My Daughter and I like to go to those. They did a different version of The Addams family recently. My granddaughter and son in law, tried out for the first time and got to have parts in it. As I said I like going anyway, but it made it even better seeing them as characters in it. A few months ago we went to an audience participation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. When we first went in, they gave us a bag of props to use during the show. A water pistol, a news paper, a baggie of rice, a party hat and a party horn, a piece of toast, confetti, a glow stick and a roll of toilet paper. I had seen the movie before, but had never been to one where the audience participated. It was fun and interesting. 😳🀣 I'm glad that I wasn't the one who had to clean up afterwards. Stuff was everywhere. There also a drive in that isn't far away, it's nice to go there sometimes.

Favorite Crafts

I am not very artistic. I can come up with ideas, but just can't get the imagined results. I like to make journals and I am the person that first came up with the Magpie journal. ☺️ I want to try making some of the crafts I've read about on here. I love getting and receiving mail. Penpals are a way of getting to meet people and see places, activities and other things through their eyes. Things you might have otherwise not been able to experience. If you would like to be a pen pal, pm me. I have tried to do the email pals, but IMO, it's hard to keep the emails interesting because you find yourself sending emails so often that sometimes all you have to say is that you are still breathing.☺️ I hope to get into more crafts this year. I also enjoy writing swaps with different scenarios. I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone more.

Wish List / Likes/Dislikes

Wishlist/Things I Like:

  1. Address labels (If you sell them, please pm me with details.)

  2. Art - I am not an artist, but I like to try. I love to see other people's artistic creations. Also included is anything handmade 😊

  3. Anything Aerosmith. Magazine articles, pictures, posters, old Album/CD covers, pins, bobbleheads, funko pop etc.

  4. Adult Coloring books/pages/postcards( I don't like random shapes.) The pages you send can be blank for me to color or ones that you have colored.

  5. Animals- real or stuffed. Don't really like reptiles, but images are ok.

  6. letters, letters, letters. Pen pal, Happy Mail, pocket letters

  7. 60's style stuff: Stickers, Emphameria, things with fringe, etc.

  8. Washi tape

  9. Stickers: Don't really need the teacher type ones.

  10. Pen pal supplies: no stationary unless it's lined, I suck at writing straight lines.

  11. Recipes: I am allergic to onions and husband is allergic to peanuts and soy. So please only send those ingredients in recipes if they are optional.

  12. Books to read or ones that I can use the pages in for various crafts.

  13. Blank post cards that I can use for swaps or used postcards I can use for other crafts.

I tried to list some stuff here,but I like most anything that you chose to send.❀️

I was trying to think of things that I wouldn't like to receive, but can't think of anything right now.

My Swaps

I send my swaps and don't flake. If you haven't received your swap in a reasonable amount of time please contact me. If I haven't rated you for a swap please contact me. I don't live where my mail is postmarked locally. I put the mail in my mailbox πŸ“¬ and it goes from there. I think that my mail is processed in Tallahassee, Florida, but I'm not positive.


Gaga2015 rated for Email song swap 3 (music) on Feb 3, 2023
Response: 😐 Hey, I haven't done this swap yet πŸ€·πŸ™€πŸ€”
Comment: May your 2023 be filled with new adventures and good fortune (a new grand baby certainly qualifies as both!!)
Response: Thank you 😊❀️
Pei04 rated for EF ~ What Do You Choose #1 - January on Jan 31, 2023
Comment: Thanks for sharing your answers :)
Response: Ty❀️☺️
mysmashbooklife rated for OHS ~ 20 Questions on Jan 28, 2023
Comment: Thank you for sharing! I loved reading about the dogs!
Response: Ty for the heart ❀️
Fruity rated for Email song swap on Jan 27, 2023
Comment: Hey Suzanne! β™‘ Thank you for the lovely e-mail! I appreciate that you added links and even trivia about the songs. By the way, I saw The Addams Family and the Rocky Horror Show on stage, too! I used to get free tickets, but ever since the rona that has not happened anymore. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to checking out the music you sent. I wanted to rate you quickly cause the mail had been sitting in my spam folder alongside another swapper's, which I had not expected to happen. Thanks again and all the best β™‘
Response: Thank you so much. I hope you find atleast one you like.❀️
erinhayden rated for Email song swap on Jan 27, 2023
Response: 😐
Comment: Thanks for your answers! It was hard to choose sometimes, you're right that often it depends!
Response: Thanks for rating and the heart ❀️
ariestess rated for 10 Favorite Television Shows on Jan 22, 2023
Comment: Thanks for sharing! There are some faves and some stuff I've not seen.
Response: Thanks for rating
rockinruby80 rated for My Favorite... Author on Jan 20, 2023
Comment: Thank you for writing to my about your favorite author! I have only read a book or two in the true crime category, but it sounds like your favorite author really knows what she is doing!
Response: Thank you so much ❣️
cynaemon rated for Private Coloring Swap on Jan 19, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful fairy. I love it. Take care. N
Response: ❀️ I'm so happy that you like it ❀️
Response: Thanks for the heart ❀️
SkaGirl rated for 10 Favorite Television Shows on Jan 19, 2023
Comment: Thank you! :) The only show I have watched from your list is A League of Their Own which I really enjoyed... I may have to add some other shows from your list to my "to be watched" list...a couple of them seemed interesting :)
Response: Thank you. I hope you find one you like πŸ™‚
Comment: Was fun trying for this.
Response: Yes it is. So nice to offer those RAKsπŸ™‚
freespirit66 rated for ESG: Gratitude List on Jan 18, 2023
Comment: This was such a thoughtful gratitude list! Hope you have a wonderful 2023 with as many - if not more - things for which to be grateful!
Response: Thank you I hope you have an awesome 2023 too❀️
warheart rated for MAIL ART - The Sun on Jan 17, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the lovely sun mail art!
Response: Thank you for the β€οΈπŸ™‚.
emcki rated for My Favorite... Author on Jan 16, 2023
Comment: thank you!
Response: Thank you
Comment: Ty! Sending you a reply out Tuesday! :)
Response: πŸ™‚ Thanks
Writercat rated for My Favorite... Author on Jan 15, 2023
Comment: Thank you for your information and description about the author Ann Rule. I haven't heard of her before so it was very interesting to be introduced to this author. How creepy about her working with serial killer Ted Bundy on a suicide hotline. That made me shiver! Thanks for sharing. Cathy
Response: Thank you for your comment and the ❀️😊
maggieswag rated for My Favorite... Author on Jan 15, 2023
Comment: I've read some Ann Rule interviews before, she's very articulate. Thank you!
Response: Thanks for rating
Response: Thank you for the rating and the ❀️. Have an awesome day.☺️

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