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Date Joined: May 26, 2008
Last Online: March 6, 2014
Birthday: June 2, 1989
Country: United Kingdom
My Pinterest
My Etsy Favourites
My Amazon Wishlist
My Wishpot...
My Postcrossing Favourites

♥ Healthy Living

(My Trader Joes Wishlist)
(My current U.S./Swap-Bot Food Wishlist!)

I am always keen to swap for my foodie favourites - in particular, my favourite snacks from USA, which I am unable to get hold of over here!

(Healthy Eating)

I enjoy...
♥ Health food bars & snack bars made with wholesome, natural & nutritious ingredients
♥ 'Raw foods' and fruit/nut-based snack bars
Good quality dark chocolate
♥ Dark chocolate/carob-coated fruit & nuts
♥ Natural (Plain & Flavoured) Nut Butters
♥ Natural, 'healthy' cereals
♥ Nuts - plain & naturally flavoured (in particular, preportioned snack packs)
♥ Flavoured coffee (ground, or instant with no added sugar)
♥ Fruit/fruit juice-sweetened snacks & baked goods
♥ (any food similar to items on/from my foodie 'wishpot')

My favourite food brands...

(Favourite snack bars...)
♥ Larabars
♥ Nakd bars
♥ Luna bars
♥ Clif bars (including Clif Kid Z Bars)

(Favourite chocolate...)

♥ Lindt 'A Touch of Sea Salt' dark chocolate
♥ Ombars - in particular the probiotic coconut or strawberry bar & the acai & blueberry bar! :-D
♥ Justins Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
♥ Beyond Dark Chocolate Drops

(Favourite nut butters...)

♥ PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter
♥ Peanut Butter & Co - including their 'squeeze packs'!
♥ Justins Nut Butters
♥ Artisana coconut/nut butters

(Favourite cereals...)

♥ *Barbara's Bakery Puffins* - peanut butter or cinnamon
♥ BEAR Granola Nibbles (especially 'Cocoa Cherry'; but I also love 'Apple Crumble')
♥ Galaxy Granola, Bear Naked Granola or Love Grown Foods Granola

(Other favourite branded snacks...)

♥ Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds (especially the 100 calorie packs)
♥ Blue Diamond Cinnamon Brown Sugar Almonds (in particular, the 100 calorie packs)
♥ Emerald Nuts Cocoa Roast Almonds
♥ Nakd Infused Raisins
♥ Wrigley's: Dessert Delights Chewing Gum

(My favourite flavours include...)
Chocolate; Peanut Butter; Gingerbread; Banana bread; PB & Jelly; Coconut; Cookie dough; Vanilla; Pumpkin Pie/Spice; Blueberry; Cherry ♥ Brownie; Caramel/Fudge; 'Iced'... (e.g. snack bars with faux 'icing')

(I am always grateful for...)
~ Lil boxes of raisins, or unsweetened dried fruit
~ Sugar-free chewing gum
~ Homemade healthy snacks :-)
~ Any recipes from the Clean Eating magazine or from the book, 'Appetite for Reduction'!

(Food & drink I dislike...)
x Marmite
x Tea
x Crystal Light (or similar low-calorie instant drink mixes)
x Aniseed
x Black liquorice-flavoured items
x Coffee-flavoured candy and other edibles
x Cinnamon-flavoured candy
x Junk food or highly processed food, food with lots of additives, etc
x Cough candies / throat soother sweets
x Anything containing gelatine

Exercise & Fitness...

(My Exercise & Fitness Wishlist)
(My exercise & fitness Pinterest board)
(My yoga Pinterest board)

♥ Yoga
♥ Running

Fitness-related items which I am always grateful for...
~ Running socks or any accessories for running
~ New yoga or fitness DVDs to try out!
~ A pretty/cute small towel, which can be a spare towel to be used as a sweat towel/at the gym.
~ Anything to do with yoga

♥ My kind of fashion...

I wouldn't consider myself a fashion conformist - nor a fashion anti-conformist! I love wearing clothes & accessories that reflect my sense of self through my style...

('My kinda fashion...' Pinterest board)
(Clothes & Accessories Wishlist)

(Clothes & Accessories which I love...)

♥ Socks! (especially knee high socks, slouch socks, socks with lace & bows & socks with patterns/prints featuring my favourite characters, designs or animals!)
♥ Fairisle pattern winter knits
♥ Soft & snuggly (non-itchy!) chunky knit & cable knit winter woolens - especially mittens!
♥ Pretty collars (including peter pan collars on clothing)
♥ Ribbon shoelaces
♥ Pretty patterned tights (currently also looking for a pair of silver matt tights, size S/M!)
♥ Accessorize jewellery & accessories
♥ Pretty armwarmers - light'n'lacy for the summer & snuggly chunky knit in the winter!
♥ Asian/Korean/Japanese fashion inspired clothing & accessories (such as found on yesstyle.com)
♥ Studded leather
♥ Knitted bags for wintertime & cute, pretty straw bags with bows on the front for summertime
♥ Nautical-style fashion
♥ Bow headbands
♥ Bow hairclips
♥ Studded leather
♥ Clothes & accessories with... bows; studs; ribbon; woollen pompoms; good quality lace
♥ Clothing, jewellery & accessories featuring any of my favourite designs, character or animals! (as listed below)

(I would rather not receive any of the following 'wearables', please...)

x Itchy knitted things (due to very sensitive skin)
x Hats, other than baker boy hats & some trapper hats - 'fraid not many hats suit me!!!
x Non-silver-plated, non-'beads only' necklaces or bracelets (due to very sensitive skin)
x Hairslides (I like wearing hairclips, but the 'slide' type of hair grips slide straight out my fine, thin hair unfortunately!)
x Accessories or clothes with lots of 'bling', or cheap-looking lace
x Knee-high/long socks with horizontal stripes
x Makeup and cosmetics - including nail polishes/varnishes (I'm afraid I don't use makeup that often!)
x Metal (frame) headbands (unfortunately, these always give me the most terrible headaches!)
x Gold-coloured jewellery (I prefer silver, please!)
x Pale beige coloured tops/clothing (which make me look really 'washed out'!) or yellow tops/clothing

♥ Pretty Homeware

(My Homeware Wishlist)
(My 'For the Home' Pinterest board)
(My 'Foodie Accessories' & Kitchenware Pinterest board)
(Mugs I love Pinterest board)

(Homeware which I love & collect...)

♥ Anything from the East of India homeware range!
♥ Cute/pretty/vintage tins, for example
♥ Cute & pretty kitchenware and food/dining accessories
♥ Heart-shaped bowls/dishes, plates & spoons
♥ Cute & pretty bento boxes (especially those featuring my favourite characters, animals or designs!) or food boxes/pots
♥ Cute & pretty mugs (I collect mugs decorated with my favourite characters & designs)
♥ Vintage & retro mikglass kitchenware
♥ Cute, novelty spoons
♥ Cupcake-themed home accessories
♥ Fairy & unicorn ornaments in pink, lilac/purple & neutral colours
♥ Cute deer/fawn ornaments & figurines
♥ Shinzi Katoh homeware

(I am always grateful for...)

~ Any cute or pretty accessories for my bedroom in pink & white polka dot, pastel pink or lilac/purple
~ Tealights, candles or soy tarts (especially Yankee candles or handmade candles or wax tarts) in my favourite scents (candy & marshmallows, freshly-baked cookies or cakes, vanilla and seasonal scents)

(I would rather not receive...)

x Mouse mats (I don't have a desktop PC; I always use a laptop with a touchpad, rather than a mouse, so I don't have any use for mouse mats any longer!)
x Non-profile-based/related magnets, keychains/keyrings, phone charms or bookmarks, etc
x Cake-making supplies, such as cupcake cases, etc (I'm afraid I don't do enough baking to warrant having any more!)

♥ Pretty Stationery

(My sticker wishlist)
(My stationery wishlist)
(My 'Stationery' Pinterest board)

(Stationery that I love...)

♥ Cutesy vintage stationery (especially cute vintage Hallmark cards & stickers and cute vintage Christmas cards / vintage Valentine's cards)
♥ Paperchase stationery - especially stickers!
♥ Accessorize stickers
♥ Postcards featuring my favourite characters, animals & designs (examples of postcards which I love)
♥ Wrapping paper - especially cutesy & pretty vintage wrapping paper!
♥ Cute Japanese design cello and paper bags (e.g.) and cute packaging

(Some stationery, I would rather not receive...)

x Tourist attractions/state/tourist-y postcards or ad cards (unless specifically requested)
x Sparkly stickers
x Metallic-edged/outlined stickers
x Silly bandz/shaped rubber bands
x Erasers/rubbers, lead pencils or pencil sharpeners (I already have many and lots of spares, thank you!)
x Push pins (I have a magnetic noticeboard!)
x Lettersets (as much as I love them, I don't seem to use them all that often & thus, I am currently overrun with them, I'm afraid!!)

♥ Books, Zines & Magazines

(My zines & books wishlist)

(Inspiring Magazines & Zines...)

♥ Lula Magazine
♥ Milk Magazine
♥ Mollie Makes Magazine
♥ The Simple Things Magazine
♥ Martha Stewart Living magazine
♥ Papier Mache magazine
♥ Somerset Studio's: Artful Blogging Magazine
♥ Craftseller Magazine
♥ Pretty photography zines, mailart zines, fairytale zines and cute/kawaii illustration zines (my favourite zine: Spoonful Zine)

(Inspiring Illustrated Children's Books...)

(I absolutely love the colour-rich, often cute & endearing, images & illustrations found in vintage children's books)

♥ Vintage Fairytale Books & Illustrations
♥ Vintage Nursery Rhyme Books & Illustrations
♥ Vintage Children’s Stories Treasury Books & their illustrations
♥ Vintage Dean’s children’s books
♥ Classic/vintage Little Golden Books
♥ Vintage Ladybird books
♥ Cute & colourful illustrated vintage children's dictionaries & ABC/alphabet books
♥ Cute vintage colouring books
♥ Start-Right Elf books
♥ Rand McNally children's books
(...many of the above, I love to collect - whole books - or pages from them! - are always appreciated & loved!)

(My favourite children's storybooks...)

♥ Hansel and Gretel
♥ Little Red Riding Hood
(I collect different illustrated book versions of Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood)

(My favourite children’s literature illustrators...)

Beatrix Potter; Racey Helps; Rene Cloke; Anne and Janet Grahame Johnstone; Margaret Tarrant; Cicely Mary Barker; Mabel Lucie Attwell; Arthur Rackham; Daisy Mager; Florence Sarah Winship; Vivian Robbins Alice Schlesinger; Florence Salter; A J McGregor; Elizabeth Webbe

(My current book-ish wishes...)

~ Any 'Little Little Golden Books' (the teeny-tiny ones!) - for 'sitting' amongst the branches of my Christmas tree! :-D
~ a vintage copy of a Little Golden Book version of 'Hansel & Gretel'
~ The Velveteen Rabbit
~ Any vintage Dr Seuss books

♥ Crafting

I love to be creative & spend a fair amount of time crafting; I particularly enjoy papercraft, card making and 'altered art'. Whilst I don't reeeeaaally need any more arts'n'craft supplies, I can never turn them down! ;-)

(My craft supplies wishlist)
(My die-cutting & craft punches wishlist)

(Favourite craft supplies...)

♥ Tim Holtz craft accessories & embellishments
♥ Paper lace
♥ Paper/foil Doilies
♥ Vintage wrapping paper
♥ Washi tape
♥ Mod Podge
♥ Glossy Accents & MatteAccents
♥ Any dies which will work in the Sizzix Bigshot machine
♥ Vintage photographs of landscapes, buildings or animals
♥ Vintage glass buttons

(Craft supplies that I am always grateful for & can make use of...)

~ Kraft paper
~ Cameo & cabochon settings and bezel settings - especially filigree blanks/settings
~ Blank leather cuffs/bracelets/wristbands
~ Antique ledger paper
~ Vintage postal ephemera
~ Vintage handwritten letters/postcards
~ Blank small round silver metal tins
~ Wooden & chipboard ATC/ACEO blanks
~ Vintage ephemera (such as vintage board game ephemera, vintage milk bottle caps & vintage sheet music)
~ Broken and vintage jewellery (for recycling into new jewellery! ^_^)
~ Ex libris and bookplates
~ Altered art supplies
~ Cellophane bags (self-seal / greeting card cellophane display bags, or other!) - any & all sizes!
~ Pritt stick, glue dots & double-sided sticky tape (crafting essentials, which I always seem to be running out of! :-S)
~ Good quality card blanks and postcard blanks
~ Microscope glass slides
~ Old typewriter or keyboard keys (and the like) which have broken off
~ Fineline black permanent marker pens

(Craft supplies which I would rather not receive...)

x Cross-stitch supplies (I have no use for these, I'm afraid)
x Embroidery thread
x Knitting or crochet supplies (unfortunately, I don't have the skills to put them to use!)
x Loose glitter
x Confetti/sequins
x Fabric (I am currently over-run with fabric, thank you!)
x Plastic/'pony' beads (I already have enough of these, thank you)
x Iron-on rhinestone/gem fabric embellishments
x Appliqués or patches

♥ Pretty designs

My favourite colours are...

♥ Pink
♥ Lilac / purple

Patterns I love...

♥ Pastel colours and ‘candy’ colours
♥ Polka Dots
♥ Leopard print
♥ Cath Kidston prints and designs (especially the pink and white polka dot or floral prints!)

Favourite themes & styles...

♥ Fantasy, fairytales and magic
♥ Whimsy, vintage and nostalgia
♥ Shabby chic

I love designs, patterns and art/photos/images featuring...

♥ Lace & doilies
♥ Keys, especially antique/'skeleton' keys
♥ Bows
♥ Antique-style script fonts and vintage handwriting; quirky, fun typography and & lettering
♥ Funfairs - especially carousels and carousel horses
♥ Cameras
♥ Pretty vintage clocks & pocket watches ♥ Typewriters
♥ Books (e.g. on bookshelves, in a pile - especially vintage books!)
♥ Birds nests & birdcages
♥ Clouds, raindrops & umbrellas
♥ Russian dolls (matroyshka/babushka dolls)
♥ Balloons
♥ Teacups
♥ Cupcakes
♥ Cute, kawaii or pretty food designs, especially patisserie items (e.g. french fancies, macarons)
♥ Gingerbread men
♥ Colourful candy
♥ Parisian or French chic ♥ Fairytale art & illustrations (esp. vintage); I especially love art & illustrations from Hansel & Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood
♥ Fairies (I prefer art-y fairies, such as the Flower Fairies and those by Arthur Rackham, for example, to childish, cartoon-style fairies)
♥ Unicorns
♥ Forests and trees (silhouettes, sketches and illustrations - in particular 'enchanted'/fairytale woodland, rather than 'real' photographic depictions)
♥ 'Far away' magical castles - with spiral staircases, etc
♥ Pretty breakfast food (e.g. pancakes, croissants, jars of jam/jelly & honey)
♥ Berrieshttp://pinterest.com/littledotty/beautiful-berries/ - especially strawberries!
♥ Pretty imagery/photos of bubbles

(I would rather not recieve the following themes/designs..).

x Nudity
x Religious depictions & themes (whilst I wholly respect each person's beliefs, but I'd rather not recieve religious-themed items, please)

♥ Cute animals & characters

Favourite animals:

♥ Cutesy fawns / deer
♥ Unicorns!
♥ Cutesy lil bunnies!

(Other animals I also love...)
♥ Other cute & whimsical woodland creatures'n'critters! (more artsy, less 'realistic')
♥ Cute cartoon-y penguins
♥ Butterflies (patterns and pretty depictions, rather than photos, generally speaking)

(I do not like...)
x Snails, slugs or worms! (eww!)

Favourite characters:

♥ Disney Bambi
♥ Disney Dumbo
♥ Peter Rabbit (and other Beatrix Potter characters - in particular the bunny rabbits!)
♥ Moomins
♥ Care Bears (especially vintage Carebears!)
♥ Belle and Boo
♥ Pingu & Lepulepu!
♥ Little Red Riding Hood
♥ Precious Moments characters (especially the unicorn!)
♥ Amy & Tim
♥ any Shinzi Katoh characters - especially Shinzi Katoh's Red Riding Hood!

(I also like...)
♥ Todd [from Disney: The Fox and the Hound]
♥ Disney Heffalump
♥ Thumper [from Disney: Bambi]
♥ Disney Eeyore
♥ Marie [from Disney: Aristocats]
♥ Lucky.. and the other dalmation puppies! [from Disney: 101 Dalmations]
♥ Vintage My Little Pony
♥ Classic 90s Children's TV characters (from my childhood), such as Spot the Dog, Rupert the Bear, Barbar & Elmer the Elephant
♥ Cute/kawaii/cartoon mushrooms/toadstools (like the red-and-white spotted ones with cute faces! :-D)
♥ Alice in Wonderland

(Favourite kawaii characters...)

♥ Decole Otogicco
♥ Sanrio Flight of Fancy
♥ San-X Kireizukinseikatu
♥ San-X Berry Puppy
♥ San-X Milky World characters
♥ San-X Rilakkuma / San-X Korilakkuma (especially the Sweets Rilakkuma range and hooded San-X Korilakkuma!)
♥ Crux Cafe range characters & cute Crux animals
♥ Kamio Lilliput Toys

(I'm not a fan of...)

x Hello Kitty
(whilst it's not a strict dislike, I'm not a huge fan, despite my love for some other kawaii/Japanese cuteness! :-P)
x Kawaii 'people'
x Anime or Manga
x Barbie/Sindy, Dora the Explorer, Garfield, Peppa Pig, etc

(Other Likes & Dislikes)


♥ Christmas time! :-D (I love Christmas & everything to do with it! My tree is decorated in my favourite colours, pink, lilac & purple, with decorations featuring 'my favourite designs' - including a fair few 'unconventional' decorations! :-P)
♥ Jars of pretty (vintage) buttons
♥ Fairylights
♥ Pianos & sheet music
♥ Petticoats, ballet shoes & ballerinas
♥ Woodlands and natural beauty
♥ Fashion photography
♥ Cherry blossom
♥ Captivating lyrics, novels and poetry
♥ Beautiful light
♥ Quotes (in particular, positive/inspirational quotes and quotes which promote positive body image)
♥ Polaroids
♥ Cute, vintage paper dolls
♥ Vintage children's toys, especially vintage cute and colourful tin toys, such as tin toy plates (some examples can be seen here)
♥ Colourful/pretty food packaging or food packaging featuring cute & interesting designs (especially from other countries)
♥ French/Parisian bakery/patisserie ephemera for example and the like
♥ Vintage adverts - especially vintage food/drink adverts! :-D
♥ Pretty jam/preserve jar covers and labels(!)
♥ Treehouses
♥ Sandcastles
♥ Dolls' houses
♥ 'Sylvanian Families'!
♥ Laduree ephemera
♥ Ball mason jars, vintage Henkel jars & other pretty jars

(Other ideas and wishes...)

[I am always very grateful for..]
~ Any of 'my favourite things' or things which I find inspiring! :-D
(i.e. anything to do with any of my favourite themes/animals/characters/designs/patterns; any of my favourite food/drink, craft supplies, my 'misc. inspirations', etc!)
~ Any of my Etsy favourites, my favourite Postcrossing postcards or anything from my Amazon wishlist
~ Anything from or similar to/inspired by my Wishpot wishlists!
~ Unused UK postage


x Racism and prejudice of any form
x Cigarettes / the smell of cigarette smoke

(I would also rather not receive any of the following items, please...)
x Toiletries, other than Lush or natural, organic products
(due to sensitive skin/eczema)
x Soft toys, including sock monkeys, etc
(as much as I love soft toys, I just don't have the room to store them!)
x Random state/country souvenirs (unless otherwise requested!)
x ATCs (I'm afraid I'm not a collector, so I'd prefer these to go to a more loving home!)

Please understand that the wishlists on my profile are there simply because I like to provide a full profile, so that if a swap partner does wish to use my profile, they can get a well-rounded view of who I am and what I enjoy/like :-) Please never feel any pressure to send me something in particular; I would hate for anyone to think I was being demanding or rude etc... and, thank you for reading :-)

Flakers & Angels...

I hate to post this to my profile, but with an escalating number of swaps & tags which swap partners have not sent to me/which I have not recieved... :-(

Unrecieved Swaps:

Unrecieved Tags:

The following 'tags' were promised to me but never recieved... :-(

  • Breakfast LP from @sugarcrawler ('Rainbows & Rainclouds > List 2 Pick 1 Lucky Parcel Tag'; August 2010)
  • Stocking filler from @irishfaerie9 ('I Wish For...' Tag, November 2010)
  • Yummy goodies from @irishfaerie9 ('Yummy Goodies - Pay It Back', November 2010)
  • Surprise from @irishfaerie9 ('Send to the Person Above You', November 2010)
  • Puzzle pieces from @juliewasson (tag from 11/9/10)
  • Surprise from @hunnybunny1020 ('Mailbox Madness > I Wish For... Tag Game! ',14/1/11)
  • Surprise from @pinkangelfishy ('Quick! I need...' Tag, 15/2/11)
  • Surprise from @angelslater ('I collect... Tag', 20/04/11)
  • Surprise from @angelslater ('Send to the Person Above You' tag, 20/04/11)
  • Pack of mint choc chip chewing gum from @CherryBlossom ('Cheap Postage Swaps, Tags and Fun > Cheap Postage Tag You're It - Global', 3/5/11)
  • Carrot cake Clif bar from @MommytheMaid (''Breakfast Time!' Tag Game, 9/3/11)
  • Mystery pouch from @NativeDezines ("Rainbows & Rainclouds > Mystery Pouch Tag", 21/6/11)
  • Cupcake amigurumi from @KnowMe ("This or That tag...", 2/7/11)
  • 2 healthy snack bars from @revolutionaries ("Pick Two!", 4/7/11)
  • PB&Co nut butter packs from @DragonflyDore ("I wish for..." tag, 6/9/11)
  • Kawaii gift bag set from @PinkyPao ("Happy Swap-bots RAK's > Happy Alphabet Tag", 22/12/11)

Angels... ♥


sanna rated for Advent in Europe - Part 2 on Oct 25, 2012
Comment: Thank you! :) Welcome December!
kittylover rated for id0be1ieve and kittylover on Oct 9, 2012
Comment: Oh, lucky me to receive such a wonderful package! You are so generous and sent such high quality items. I will be wearing the socks tomorrow and have already tried some of the sweets. Wouldn't it be great if all swap partners took such care in choosing and sending like you? Thank you so much for everything.
sanna rated for Simple chocolate swap #3 on Oct 4, 2012
Comment: Thank you very much for nice selection of chocolates and the mini envelopes! :)
morwesong rated for morwesong and id0be1ieve on Sep 18, 2012
Comment: Wow!! I am always blown away by your amazing swaps! This arrived today, and I am beyond thrilled with it! It felt like I was going to be pulling out delicious goodies forever! Everything is absolutely amazing. I hope my swap to you doesn't pale in comparison! Thank you soooo much for swapping with me!
Response: Aw, yay - I'm sooo glad you're pleased with it..I had GREAT fun shopping for you - and I'm ALWAYS happy to swap with you! :-D Excited to receive my parcel too..am sure it shall delight me too, thank you! :-) x
Viljami rated for Healthy/Low Cal Snack Swap 2 on Sep 11, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for your package. The small cat evelopes are so lovely!
Comment: As always, a lovely package, and thanks so much for trading with me :)
daarhon rated for Simple chocolate swap on May 7, 2012
Comment: Thank you for wonderful package!
Polymath rated for UK/US Treats on Apr 26, 2012
Comment: I was so thrilled when I opened the package! So many new limited edition chocolate bars! I could just hug you! Thank you so much! I feel like my package to you is rubbish in comparison! The Bournville biscuits are gone already!
spinweaver rated for I <3 Cereal Bars Swap on Apr 18, 2012
Comment: Thank you for a wonderful swap- I love everything and these bars are different from what I already have tried. Your sweet little profile surprises are just lovely, thank you very much!
Comment: Thank you so much I love everything you sent. I hope that your package arrives soon.... Happy Swapping
julierachelliz rated for Goodie Swap on Mar 6, 2012
Comment: OH MY GOSH!! This package arrived two days before we moved and it was AMAZING!! My kids were in heaven and it meant so much to me the care that you put into it. I hope you got the package I sent you. I just wanted to say again, thank you so much for swapping.
missmuffcake rated for Vegan Valentine's Day Swap on Feb 12, 2012
Comment: yummy sweets & cute pandas! <3 it all! thank you so much!
Polymath rated for UK/US Treats on Feb 1, 2012
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely package! I cradled the Curry Pringles to my chest when I saw them and said oh my love, 'now we can be together again!' Everything was fantastic and arrived in great condition!
Comment: Thank you so much for putting in as much effort as you did! I am sorry to be so picky, but the second package was stunning. Just perfect! You are amazing!!!!
Response: :-D Sooo pleased that you liked the second package..thank YOU for your kind patience & understanding and for the sweet words, rating & heart! <3
morwesong rated for morwesong and id0be1ieve on Jan 31, 2012
Comment: <3 <3 <3 !! You always send the most AMAZING packages! I just moved into a new apartment, and this was the best apartment-warming gift ever :-D My pantry is now full of delicious chocolate. I also love the postcards and super cute keychain (which has already been attached to my car keys!) As always, thanks so much for swapping with me!
HollyHox rated for HollyHox and Id0bel1eve <3 on Jan 26, 2012
Comment: Thank you, sweetie, for the most wonderful box of gifts. Such a thoughtful and lovely package that I opened to celebrate my new home and which made me feel so thrilled and lucky to have such a wonderful friend =) So many rabbity things I could barely contain my excitement hehe. You know how much I appreciate this and I feel very fortunate to know and swap with such a kind a generous person who puts such thought into what she sends =) more hearts for you <3 <3 <3
Comment: Sam!!!!! Oh goodness! I couldn't bear to open a single thing in that beautiful wrapping paper! I did save them for Christmas day (I was very good, see?) and I'm so happy I did! What an amazing parcel of gifts...you know me so well! :D Every single thing was beautiful and thoughtful, I can't pick a favourite...but do you know? Those little tags you popped inside the card were so adorable!! How on earth did you find something so wonderful? I can't use them... they will be mine to keep! hehe! I adore my lunch bag, my cupcake cases (guess what broke on xmas eve? Yep, the oven! No xmas dinner or cupcakes here!) :( lol! But I will look forward to using them! Thank you for everything Sam, you know how much i love you! I'll look forward to our next swapping adventure! ;) Hope you had a magical Christmas! Hugs, Livvy xxx <3
heynizajude rated for Granola Bar Swap on Dec 28, 2011
Comment: Hey there, thanks so much for your package, it was extra special because it reminded me a lot of the months I got to live in London :') I love the trader joe's & the cardbury! I'll save those for a special occasion, the ornament is on my x-mas tree and I absolutely loved the horse postcard, really thank you so soooo much!! <3
Comment: Everything you sent was so lovely, so was the packaging! Thanks for it all!
Response: You're most welcome; I'm glad you enjoyed everything!! :-) Thank you for the kind rating & heart! x
missstamper rated for Miss Stocking Stuffer 2011 on Dec 20, 2011
Comment: I love everything! You are so sweet to choose things just for me. Thank you so much!
Response: You're most welcome; I'm glad you loved everything! :-) Thank you for the kind rating & heart! x

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anntabor on Feb 5, 2014:

...or I could just look to the left and see your list there! Ooops :) I also forgot to say that just yesterday I was looking at all the wonderful Snow Queen things you sent me! So much fun.

anntabor on Feb 5, 2014:

hehe, I have been away from swap bot so long, I forgot how everything works and didn't even see that I had a comment! I was away for a very long time and then figured this would be a way more productive and fun way of wasting time on the internet than Facebook! Would love to swap with you anytime. Feel free to send me your foodie list- I would love to search for things for you!

anntabor on Jan 25, 2014:

Hey lady, just wondering if you are still on this site? I just rediscovered it myself after being away about a year. You were always my favorite swapper! Miss you!

renate on Aug 29, 2013:

thankyou gimmiemail

choke on Aug 18, 2013:

I updated the rules in The Bargain Boutique and asked that everyone read and sign them. Unfortunately I don't see your name so I had to remove you. If you'd like to rejoin please let me know. Thanks!

sugaraddict on May 23, 2013:

Hi Hi!! I'm hosting a Foodie Pen Pal Swap which I thought might interest you :) Do swing by and check it out yea.. We would love to have you swap with us! :) Thanks!!

elluzki on Mar 11, 2013:

Thank you SO much for the great pick 2 tag i received today. I can't wait to start using the punched images as well as the vintage images you sent me!!

OverMoon on Feb 17, 2013:

Hi, Would you be interested in a private healthy food/snack swap? It seems we have some of the same snack likes :)

littlehana86 on Nov 3, 2012:

Got your cupcake stationary... :) luvly.. thank you..

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