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***Updated News***


I hope everyone is hanging in there with the world pandemic situation. Stay safe out there and here's to a good 2021!

Thank you for reading my profile and I look forward to swapping with you!

Please note, I NEVER flake on my swaps, and I have been doing this fun and silly hobby on and off for 7 years now and I absolutely love it; to send and receive happy snail mail...ah, there is nothing better!

Fav. Music and Books

I love all sorts of music, but not rap nor country. Just a few of my favorites are: Harry Connick Jr, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, The Beatles, Michael Buble, Janis Joplin, 80's music, Madonna, U2, Depeche Mode, George Michael, Queen, Janet and Michael Jackson, Tori Amos, Soundtracks, Broadway Musicals, Melissa Etheridge, Bruno Mars, Classical, Big Band, 40's Swing, Marc Martel, and so many more (will add as I remember more of them!).

I love to read although I must confess I don't have the time to read as much as I would like. I collect books (my husband and I own thousands of books!) - especially dictionaries (in all languages), poetry, Shakespeare, Memoires of a Geisha, The Red Tent, Da Vinci Code, Wild, A Walk in the Woods, real life traveling stories and countless others (I will continue to add as I read more!).

Favorite Movies

I was a teenager in the 80's so I enjoyed many of those films. I also love the Back to the Future series (I have always adored Michael J. Fox and used to have HUNDREDS of magazine photos of him on my bedroom walls!), romantic comedies such as Princess Bride, Star Wars series, Love Actually, Nottinghill, Dirty Dancing, Singing in the Rain, Sound of Music, Amelie (all time favorite film, actually!), Fur, Garden State, City of Angels, Michael, What Dreams May Come, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Sherlock Holmes, Spaceballs, The Greatest Showman, Tim Burton films, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera and many many more!

NO DISNEY!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Television

I don't really watch TV, although thanks to my husband, I've been introduced to some TV shows on Netflix. I've really enjoyed Orphan Black, Mr. Selfridge, The Americans, Sherlock Holmes, American Horror Story, Homeland, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Jane the Virgin, Black Mirror, WestWorld, Stranger Things, ALONE (survival show), Ozark, Upload, Tales from the Loop, The Original Twilight Zone, The Good Place, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Umbrella Academy, Sex Education, Living with Yourself, Handmaid's Tale, The Masked Singer, America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent and more when I learn about new, great shows!

Favorite Crafts

I make my own greeting cards and have done so since I was a child (now I'm in my 40's!) and I also enjoy making bookmarks (due to my collection of books!) and postcards. I have recently gotten into the ATC, so I'm still a newbie, but hope to learn more as I explore this paper craft.

I have collected stickers and traded (and sold them to!) with friends since 1982, so I would say I love stickers and own thousands and thousands of them - I can't stop buying them I adore them so much!

Other stuff I like to do

I started out an avid postcrosser as I love learning about other countries and cultures, but now that I have found swap-bot, I must confess I am not on there as often. grin Pretty much any postcard you send will be great: it's about what you write, your handwriting and the postage stamps that honestly make my day!

I collect and play board games - I have well over 100 in my "game closet" and love to play cards, trivia games, "party games", Charades, Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity, Scattergories, Boggle, Blokus, Risk and Scrabble is my favorite game!

I love to attend Renaissance and Pirate Faires (and dress up as I have a closet FULL of costumes!).

I throw costume parties and Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday; I go "all out" when decorating the house and yards for the holiday.

I enjoy hiking, camping and being out-of-doors.

I love photography and have been taking pictures since I gained a 110 camera in the 1980's.

I am a Geocacher and have been doing this fun hobby since 2004 and that is how I met my husband, whom I married in 2012.

In 2019 I participated in an "event" called GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) for the first time and I absolutely loved it! If you like to be creatively challenged and do wild and wacky things, google GISH and find out what the fun is all about! In 2020, I have participated in two one day GISH "hunts" and I look forward to tackling the week long hunt again this summer!

About Me

My husband and I knew we would marry after less than a month of dating. We are both "hopeless romantics" and love leaving each other notes of love and buying little surprise "gifts" from the $1.00 store and such. We have 4 cats that were our "foster kitties" that we ended up falling in love with and adopted from the animal shelter I used to work at. My husband works with computers and he loves seeing the fun "snail mail" that fills our mailbox. I'm very lucky to have found my soulmate, even if it did take me until I was 40 years old. grin

I hope to trade items with wonderful people on this site and am hoping it gets me back into my crafting, which I love to do and what makes me the happiest (other than the love of my life and our house full of kitties!).

Things I like, love and enjoy

I have been to Paris, France, twice, and dream of living there, so anything French is wonderful with me!

~ I love art (especially photography). ~ I love theatre (especially musicals). ~ I love gardening. ~ I office supplies! ~ I love nature. ~ I love the feel of textures (paper, cloth, etc). ~ I love the scents of lavender, vanilla and fresh laundry! ~ I love pins and buttons. ~ I love flavored teas (especially ginger & Chai). ~ I love traveling. ~ I love positive sayings. ~ I love Steampunk. ~ I love boxes (especially wooden). ~ I love foreign coins and bills. ~ I love postage stamps. ~ I love dancing. ~ I love the beach and shells. ~ I love the mountains. ~ I love rocks and collect them! ~ I love antiques and thrift stores. ~ I love listening to and collecting record albums ~ I love PEACE. ~ I love wind chimes. ~ I love pirates. ~ I love Tetris. ~ I love handwritten notes and letters. ~ I love languages. ~ I love LOVE. ~ I love vintage items. ~ I love humor. ~ I love pin-up girls. ~ I love weird, odd, unusual things. ~ I love chocolate. ~ I love the color black (you can tell by my closet)! ~ I love many other things....

Dislikes and disinterests

~ I don't care for reward stickers or tiny stickers (have been sent way too many of those and I don't have kids!) ~ I don't care for stained/dirty/torn items, yes I have received a few of those for swaps and I can't imagine who would send or want something of that sort. ~ I don't care for anything religious. ~ I don't care for anything Disney. ~ I don't care for politics.

Angels, RAKs and Received Swap

RAK - from Lonestarchild - October 2020 Nature RAK - thank you so much for the lovely nature inspired items, I cannot wait to use them in my crafts and greeting cards!

RAK - from Supersquirrel - October 2020 - random playing cards, thank you so much Susan!

Angeled swap - September 2020 - from debbiespoms for the swap: SF:Inside-Outside PC (USA) - Thank you so much Debbie!

RAK - September 2020 - thank you crochetjunkie for a pretty envelope of fun, random postcards - I love them!!

RAK - April 2020 - Thank you to AliCrafter for a wonderful chock-full envelope of terrific postcards, I appreciate you sharing some of your stash and you sent to me cards that I can use, but most of them I will never want to let go of! :) You are terrific!

RAK - International Fun mail ~ January 2016 ~ thank you susieq11 for the wonderful envelope of goodies!

RAK Postcard from Yolandie ~ May 21, 2015 - thank you for the nice note!

Angel for Newbie Friendly PC Swap #3 ~ May 2014 swap ~ nightrainboww ~ Thank you for the card!

Angel for Newbie and Pros Nakey Postcards Swap #6 ~ July 2014 ~ sammieianime ~ Thank you for the card!

Angel for GROUP: WIYM: Mail Call: Second Quarter, 2015 ~ August 2015~ Lou ~ Thank you for the postcard book and for always watching out for those members in your swaps!

July 2014 ~ Received a Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada PC from Kat - says Newbie Post Card Swap but I don't see you on my list of senders ~ would love to rate you, so if this is you, please let me know so I can do so. :)


Amyncognito rated for A Note For You # 99 on May 15, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the nice note and goodies!
Maddashin rated for LSRUS-Large PC swap -int on May 15, 2021
Comment: I had a beagle and they are delightful dogs. So fin and happy Thanks 🙏
Comment: definitely unusual!!
Comment: Thanks a lot for the lovely postcards :)
Response: You are welcome, I hope you have a great day! <3
amccracken109 rated for LSRUS-Large PC swap -int on May 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the nice card and message!
Response: You are welcome! I hope all is well with you and yours, have a terrific day!
bpl76 rated for LSRUS-Large PC swap -int on May 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you
Response: You are welcome, thank you for the heart and have a lovely day!
Carollee922 rated for LSRUS-Large PC swap -int on May 9, 2021
Comment: It was 87 up here NorCal today and we have already had 2 wild fires, so with our drought, I am worried too. Stay safe and I hope your husband is back to normal after his vaccination. Take care!
Response: Oh no! I am sorry to hear about the wildfires, ugh and it's only May. *sigh* Yes, hubby finally felt better 3 days after his vax - when you are down and out you feel like it will never end but once it's over you forget about how cruddy you felt. :) Take care and have a great week!
suepier rated for CS:Anniversary on May 9, 2021
Comment: .Thank you for the cute puppy postcard and sharing your swapping choices with me.
Response: You are welcome - puppies are so cute, aren't they?! Have a beautiful day!
simcoe54 rated for Not Your Usual PCs in an Envie #21 on May 8, 2021
Comment: Great postcards and stamps. Thanks
Response: You are welcome - hope you are having a wonderful day! <3
mamajoy rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #140 on May 7, 2021
Comment: I love the selection of cards you sent. Very different and new to me,. I especially love the space one. The subject is not even something I have in my stash, so thank you.
Response: I am glad you enjoyed the cards! I love collecting cards about space, especially about the moon since Neil Armstrong is from the same hometown as my Grandma. :) Take care and have a great day!
Comment: I got the same item packed for vacay... cant leave home without underwear I totally agree. Thank you
Response: You are welcome - I think most people probably said the same thing for that prompt, ha! Take care and be sure to wear nice ones just in case! ;)
simcoe54 rated for PH: 3 Postcards/3 Partners #2 on May 2, 2021
Comment: Great postcards - thanks!
Response: You are welcome Maxine, hope you are well! :)
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely postcards. I put them all in my collection ❤️❤️❤️
Response: You are welcome - I am so glad you enjoyed the cards I chose for you! I hope all is well with you, take care! <3
rhinoluvr rated for PH: Animal Series: Birds #2 on May 1, 2021
Comment: Hi Cherise 👋 Thanks so much for the great bird PCs, along with matching postage stamp, & cute owl rubber stamp. I also love your message - you really lucked put with a cheap repair- that could’ve been ugly! 💸 take care 🤗
Response: You are welcome - I tried to go with the whole "bird theme" - glad it came across. :) Yes, thank goodness my friend fixed the water heater... although it's so hot now I am taking cold showers, ah, at least it's good to wash dishes and laundry in! Take care! :)
pintis rated for Not Your Usual PCs in an Envie #21 on Apr 30, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the great selection of postcards and the nice note (and the recipes). My favorite is the one of Edwin Hubble! I hope your family has much joy in the coming months! Also, I liked the Scrabble tiles on the envelope.
Response: You are welcome - glad I could make you smile with my faux "Scrabble" tiles, ha! I thought the Hubble card was awesome too - so happy you enjoyed that one. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!
simcoe54 rated for AN: Air, Land & Sea PC #11 (global) on Apr 27, 2021
Comment: Great postcard choices and extra stamps! Thanks!!
Response: You are welcome - I figured you can pass along stamps you cannot use as you are in other such swaps. :) Take care Maxine!
Comment: Wonderful card selection. I want to try your homemade soup!
Response: I am glad you liked the postcards. I am making more soup today but this time I am adding chicken along with the veggies as my husband prefers some protein in his meals whenever possible. :) I hope you have a great rest of the week, take care!
simcoe54 rated for PH: Non-Touristy PCs #6 on Apr 25, 2021
Comment: Great postcard choices - thanks
Response: You are welcome, as always. It's funny how I keep getting you as my partner - hope you don't tire of me! :)
Gaucha rated for CS: how I got my swapbot name on Apr 24, 2021
Comment: I loved the postcards you picked out for me, all of them are gorgeous!! Loved reading your letter, too. We got a lot of connections, so we' ll be seeing each other on this site or one of the others ;-)
Response: I am glad you enjoyed the cards. Thanks for the add on the other site too, your surroundings and adventures are so gorgeous and delightful. I look forward to living vicariously through your images, dreaming of such beautiful places. Have a wonderful day!
simcoe54 rated for PH: Inside, Outside, Up & Down #3 on Apr 18, 2021
Comment: Great postcard choices. Thanks
Response: You are welcome Maxine! Take care and have a lovely weekend!

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Thank you for the kind birthday wishes!

myancey on May 10, 2021:

I hope you have a great day too! So glad they made it!!!!

JenZen5 on Apr 12, 2021:

Thank you for the lovely birthday card. I love your perfect description of your day as you were writing the card. Enjoy those beautiful days. Thanks for making my day! ~ Jennifer

LavenderSprinkles on Apr 8, 2021:

Thanks for the WTA for LSRUS it was so sweet of you!

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Thank you so very much for the Birthday wishes and RAK, so very kind of you!! :D

user6937 on Mar 16, 2021:

Lloyd's b-day card has arrived; thanks - it's extra special being handmade and sending him a crossword puzzle and postcards! Yay!

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Thank you so much for the card you sent to my daughter!

thisismeAXiD on Mar 1, 2021:

happy birthday month

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Of course it's the first b-day card - you got it way too early! I should have put a warning on the outside so you could have waited a bit to open it. But, anyway, I hope you have a lovely day on March 3.

Poohtat on Feb 11, 2021:

Thank you for the WIYM Birthday card and the goodies. Stay safe and Happy Swapping!

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