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About Me


Ok so one thing makes me a little annoyed lately swappers not taking the time to realize my name is LYZZ not Lynn thanks!

If you have something you think i will like. Only thing i ask is check my dislikes please. Otherwise i'm easy going. and RATE SUPER FAIRLY!

NOTHING! will offend me, i joined to challenge myself and see what others come up with for the same theme so don't worry about making to my taste i like to see what others like. But I DO NOT like sticker slapping or all printed images!

-ALLERGIES- i am HIGHLY allergy to Cinnamon and have major issues with perfumes and strong smells like that

Wanna see more of my things check out my blog


or you can email me

[email protected]

i am a southern bell turned snow bunny.

Hello! I am Lyzz Viviano . I have been with my other half Brian since 2006 and he is the love of my life.

Originally from Tampa, Florida moved to Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan in 2007. I have always lived by water. Can't image life without water and boats!

I love art and i love crafts and have a fiery passion for both!

I'm kinda a split person one hand I'm girly and love rainbow, unicorns and lawn fawn on the other hand I'm dark-side and love skulls, steam punk and Tim Holtz. Two sides to one coin.

i have become a huge fan of Lawn Fawn clear stamps. Along with clear stamps in general.



Fan of pokemon! I run swaps in general and in group related to them. I love all Pokemon but super fan of the original 151!!

Some of my favorites in no order are... eevee, skitty, vulpix, squirtle, jigglypuff, magikarp, dragonite, rotom, oshawott, emolga, vivillon ,vaporeon, jolteon, flareon, espeon, umbreon, leafeon, glaceon, sylveon, Klefki...also super cute pokemon!

I like them for all different reasons, from the show, from the games (video and card), and a how cute they are! I prefer original 151 over all else those were the ones i fell in love with when i was kid and started it all.


-Kawaii&Chibi&Characters i like-

Bases super cute pokemon i'm also a fan of kawaii! Also will accept chibi style too.

In no order just numbered for ease... wide range and alot there so hopefully this helps if not message me otherwise i'm sure it will be fine either way!

Hello Kitty in my Kitchen... so she is in! especially with glasses or in a halloween costume!


Basically anything by tokidoki esp the characters in the cactus outfits! So cute!

Really ANY cat dressed in a cute outfit esp like food!

I love these things and Anything Dressed as Pineapples, Pandas, Sushi foods, Penguins, Unicorns, Rhinos, Sailors, nautical themed or any character with that theme! Dinosaurs!

Nintendo Things Pokemon(any but love the original 151 most), Mario, Link, Yoshi, Supersmash bros, Ness, Young link, Bullet Bill, King Boo, Big Boo, Samus Aran, Mega Man, Roy Koopa, Piranha's from Mario, Sergeant Guy, Bob-ombs, Vaati (from Zelda), Aryll (From Zelda), and dont forget the....Groombs!

Anime Pokemon: Really any list of faves on profile Studio Ghibli: Howl's moving Castle (anyone!) Inuyasha: Ren, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha Gundam: I love the Mobile Suit Gundam from all series Transformers:Bumblebee, Soundwave, Windblade, And any of the Dinobots Avatar: The Last Airbender: (i know this isn't true anime but it has the anime style so i count it!) i love Aang, Sokka, Appa and Momo

Video Games Neopet:( love my checkered Poogle), Hearthstone, Super Smash Brothers-i play young link, Zelda games (Love Link! Vaati and Aryll are kool too), Pokemon (card and video games! Really love the first 151... can check profile for a faves list)Super Mario Brothers (Mario, yoshi, Big boo, Bullet Bill, Goombas), Harvest Moon, Star Wars games (love anything with stromtroopers), Pac man and Miss Pac Man love the ghosts too!

Some movies I watche ALOT and really LOVE Aladdin, Princess Bride, The Mummy, Fifth Element, Harry Potter series, Star Wars,Tangled, Ant-Man, Deadpool, Iron-Man, Thor Movies and How to train your Dragon

Cartoons OH WOW! ok um this is a large list really lol but... a few are I love original 90's cartoon Harley Quinn in the red and black out fit, Rin from Inuyasha, the teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 80's and 90's not the new ones, Storm Troopers from star wars, Deadpool, Hawkeye (from the cartoons and comics love the purple outfit... also love the guy who plays Hawkeye in the movies and i know his purple outfit wouldnt be reasonable but still love it and his d*ck attitude lol) How to train your dragon spin off Dragons!


-Stickers- I'm not to picky about stickers. If you have something you think i will like and it's a teacher reward send it. Only thing i ask is check my likes and dislikes please.


I do love tape! Have tons... never have to much!

I have tons of it... decorative tapes, washi tapes, duck tapes, electrical tapes, scotch tapes, double sided tapes, clear tapes, packaging tapes, etc. I have a problem well let's call it a love! haha same with markers (esp my sharpies)!

So if you are sending me tape and are worried what to send me don't worry it will be all be loved! I am a sucker for washi tape tho bc it's so easy to send a sample. Esp in pocket letters!

I have a lot of even some i only like a couple i don't care for but went with a project and made me love it.

I lean more to... (no real order)


-Rainbows (be it colors or actual rainbows)







-anything with shapes really (bc they are easy to work into a project or add on to something or in a package.


Fave color: Yellow, Black and rainbow

Fave pattern: Stripes, rainbow, sunburst, Red Plaid, anchors, anything nautical

fave animal: MY CAT, unicorns, zebras, octopuses, dinosaurs, rhinos, owls, Pokemon...

fave shape: stars & horde symbol (from WOW), anchors

fave medium: paper

fave pen/marker/pencils/etc: sharpies and Paper Mate Ink Joys, Spectrum Noirs

fave characters: Rin from Inuyasha, Pokemon, Wednesday from Addams family movies, the teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the 80's and 90's not the new ones, Storm Troopers from star wars, Rainbow Brite, just about any character that Johnny Depp plays... Link, Hawkeye, Thor, Hulk, Deadpool, Gambit, Ant-man, Wasp (any version male or female), Yellow Jacket (hawk pym from the comic not the movie), SpiderGwen, Spiderman, Batman

Fave Games:

World of Warcraft- my main is a rogue Beyondliving

Neopet:( love my checkered Poogle), Hearthstone, Super Smash Brothers-i play young link, Zelda, Pokemon (card and video games!)Super Mario Brothers, Harvest Moon, Star Wars, Words With Friends, Spider Solitaire...

loves and likes

other things i love and like to name a few..

anatomical hearts, ANCHORS! anything nautical, cards (handmade), cartoony mushrooms, duck tape, dinosaurs, gnomes, graffiti, Halloween, hand made items, kawaii, Lawn Fawn, Marvel, octopuses, pineapples, pokemon, postage stamps, rhinos, skulls, skull and crossbones, Star Wars, triceratops, unicorns, washi tape

things i like... cows (black and white dairy cows), dragons, flamingos, faireys/pixies, ladybugs, mermaids, owls, pandas

Heroes and Villians

Oh SNAP this is list is super long ... I am a HUGE nerd POINT BLANK! :)

Superheros such as Hawkeye, Thor, Hulk , Deadpool, Gambit (comics or cartoons), Ant-man, Wasp , Yellow Jacket (hawk pym from the comics or cartoons not the movie), SpiderGwen, Spiderman (ANY VERSION), The Flash, Batman and Wolverine

SuperVillians... Deadpool (he has to be on both lists lol, Any Cartoon or comic version of the Joker, Only the 90's version of Harley Quinn in the black and red outfit when she was more crazy fun then crazy scarey, Loki, Magneto, Venom, Carnage, Sabertooth, Mystique, Madame Hyrda, Callisto, Selene, Riddler, Rhino, Deathstrike, Catwoman, Bizarro, Talia Al Ghul, Clay Face, Killer Croc, Killer Frost, Zoom

clearly i'm a nerd too! I have read many comics, watched alot of cartoons, movies and shows!!

I love anything done in a normal, cute, kawaii or chibi style... what ever style you like to do or want to do. I'm a HUGE Marvel fan. But there are some DC REALLY LIKE!


I am huge fan of the Wizarding World. I love the books and the movies for both the differences and the similarities. I am a person who understands that a movies cannot and wont always be a book word for word and i am ok with that as long as the do the book justice and keep most important bits... not to mention a movie cant be like 12 hours long no one would pay to see that. ;)

I am American and chose to rep Hogwarts since originally there was no Ivermorny. Plus Hogwarts, the Hogwarts Express and the first movie are made me fall in love with the Wizarding World to began with.

I am a Hufflepuff... i have taken multiple quizes and tests over the years and have gotten Hufflepuff on all but one that said I was a Ravenclaw. But I chose to believe that all the others were right! Especially The Pottermore!

I am married to a Slytherin. He is very proud of the fact he is a Slytherin too!

I have four besties that are Potterheads also. They are two Gryffindors, one Ravenclaw and just recently found out the other is surprising a Slytherin (she seems more like a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff to me).

I have so many favorite characters from both the books and the movies. Tho i am a afraid i am like childhood Neville Longbottom... why is it always me? I am clumsy, things always go wrong, nothing is easy for me and i am fairly unlucky. Still waiting to grow out of it and be bad ass like him tho! So he has to be on my faves list for sure.

My list of favorites 1. Rubeus Hagrid and Sirius Black (in alphabetical order bc i cannot chose bewteen the two!) 2. Neville Longbottom 3. Luna Lovegood 4. Nearlyheadless Nick 5. Molly Weasley 6. Fred and George Weasley 7. Albus Dumbledore 8. Bellatrix Lestrange 9. Viktor Krum 10. Harry Potter

This is pretty spot on number wise tho some days Molly and Neville are switched haha

Also the Sorting Hat tho not on the list bc it isnt a person but i love everything about it!

I also love Newt Scamander and all the fantastic Beasts! Naturally i love animals and creatures... hedwig and all the owls (thx Ashley Sue), The whomping willow, thestrals (love them and even more after a video from MovieFlame on youtube comparing Thestrals and Unicorns to Ying and Yang was like me and my husband), Fang, unicorns (sad to think about you know who kills them), Mrs. Norris (dont judge me), Norbert, Nifflers (i swear this is my husbands spirit animal haha), Bowtrucklers, dragons, etc

Things i dont like


I'm usually all for people doing their own thing and all but there are a few things i actually don't like... (UNLESS I JOIN A SWAP FOR A SPECIFIC THEME for example i don't like things with butterflies i like them well enough but i just think they are over done but here and there i will join a butterfly swap just for fun)



-Things that have a perfume smell (i have really bad allergies and perfume really gets me)

-Twilight (Vamps don't sparkle!)

-peanuts (the cartoon/comic stripe)

-butterflies (sent to often)

-florals and flowers (sent to often)


tcornell rated for HD/HP ATC - Green Haired Girl on Mar 7, 2020
Comment: Lyzz, I love the ATC that you made! Thank you :)
chimerix rated for Whale ATC on Mar 2, 2020
Comment: I love the ATC you sent! I appreciate the great use of texture and elements. Aloha
Burger1girl rated for Mushroom House ATC (HD/HP) on Mar 1, 2020
Comment: Lyzz! I love the mushroom house you made me!! It's sooo cute! Yes, the night time background really draws out the house!! Thank you so much for spending time on this swap!
Response: You are so welcome and i am so glad you loved it! I loved how i did this one usually i do a day time but recently like all my scene atcs have been like at night haha idk why but either why loving it!
Comment: Thanks Lyzz!
Response: You are welcome.
Phish rated for LLAMA ATC on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: So cute! Thank you!
Response: Glad you liked it i loved him he was so darn cute and the watercolor on the watercolor paper was fun to make and first time using that paper lol
Comment: Ah my gosh I love this little pokemon card, Stufful keeps pouncing me in Pokemon on my switch in the wild zone, so fitting you chose this pokemon. Thank you very much
Response: Thats not nice Stufful but is funny i choose that one and you been fighting them. I just wanted a cute pokemon... i am a fan of cute ones lol
MnB rated for Pineapple atc on Feb 10, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely ATC. I liked what you did with the compass image and text.
Response: Glad you liked it i freaking loved it!!
neea1989 rated for ATC int #1 - Sender's choise on Feb 1, 2020
Comment: What a cute atc! Thank you! πŸ’•πŸ±
Response: Thank you!
Eclectonote rated for Cat ATC (H/D, H/P) on Jan 25, 2020
Comment: No worries about the sleeves! A really cute ATC, I love the kitty drawing, the paws, and the fish bone washi. Fun!
Response: Yeah, couldnt find mine and couldn't find any at my local store they were all sold out when i went. So glad you liked it i was in love with the cute little kitty! Just found the washi like 2 weeks ago at Tuesday Morning was in love!!
neea1989 rated for Unicorn ATC on Jan 22, 2020
Comment: Ooh, sparkly! ✨ Thank you! πŸ¦„
Response: Glad you liked it and the sparklyness if it i had so much fun making it!
fighterangel rated for ATC Set- Space on Dec 30, 2019
Comment: Thank you so, so much for the adorable ATC set and the sweet lil extras you included! I use a third of the trading card papers to put my ATCs in too, lol. Thank you!!! Happy New Year!!
Response: So glad you liked them i was so torn! I loved them and didnt want to sent them! But didn't want to make anymore haha
bluecrayons rated for Flower ATC on Jul 8, 2018
tristitia rated for Fish ATC on Jun 13, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
owl rated for Dog ATC on Jun 10, 2018
Comment: Adorable ATC. I love dogs
Kskollections rated for Flamingo ATC on Jun 6, 2018
Comment: Very cute!
MMark rated for CATS RULE! ATC and Surprise USA on May 27, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the ATC and card. Much appreciated!
Mammybarnes rated for Automobile ATC on May 25, 2018
Comment: Great Atc I just loved it Thank you❀️
Jeanb217 rated for Kitty Cat Pocket Letter Swap on May 14, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute, cute, cute Kitty Cat Pocket Letter. Also thank you for the extras. I love the cat stamp you used. Where did you find it, if you don't mind telling me? Jean
blueseabliss rated for QUICK Quote ATC on Sep 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you!
kristy rated for ATC Background Swap - USA Only on Sep 14, 2017

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GlyndasCreations on Jul 19, 2020:

Hi lyzz. It has been forever. Wanted to say hi and hope you are doing well. I am coming back to ATC swaps again. Been doing some on facebook and decided to come back to Swap-bot. Please feel free to message me anytime you want to swap and have not signed up for anything.

Poftoffel on Feb 9, 2020:

Hi Lyzz! So good to hear from you again :D

Sazza on Jun 22, 2017:

Gracias for the Gracias, sweetie! I completely forgot about it and laughed when I saw it in the mail you sent. Thank you for sending it, along with the smile and coupons! :)

Tamawi on Oct 6, 2016:

Chansey sends healing thoughts your way!

RyeRye on Oct 5, 2016:



PeachyDoll on Sep 12, 2016:

Hi Lyzz! Thank you for the lovely Ground Type ATC that you angeled for me :) It's fantastic! Cheers <3

Poftoffel on Jul 7, 2016:

Oh my goodness Lyzz, thank you for all the awesome comments on my flickr! I'm blushing! If you ever want to do a private swap for specific pokemon or other characters, let me know ^_^

Tamawi on Jun 9, 2016:

I knew I was due to be your partner - hooray!

AshbyDanielle on Mar 30, 2016:

Happy swapversary I am stocking your profile to get an idea.... will be making your atc and sending out next day or two

Tamawi on Feb 25, 2016:

Thank you so much for the Voltorb! It makes me laugh when there's an army of them in the show chanting "voltorb, voltorb, voltorb".

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