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Birthday: February 19
Country: Japan

About Me

[2021/08/11]Dear @ lou, @ anicka22, and Leijun; I sent you special thanks or birthday envelopes. I'm sorry I can't contact you individually. I will contact you individually if I feel a little better. I hope they arrives safely. @lou If you have read this, envelope that says envelope2, please opened without a cutter or scissors.If you use a knife to open an envelope, you may cut the contents.

[2021/08/04]I'm recovering a little. However, I find it difficult to participate in swaps. I am grateful to the person who sent me a nice envelope based on love and friendship apart from swap, and I would like to send a thank-you envelope and prioritize my own health. It is the end, when it becomes to be able to participate in the swap again (health problems, and when I no longer felt the English painful), I will return to the swap-bot.


@lou Thanks a lot!!! It might be solved.

[2021/04/01]I'm sick because of my illness. It will last for at least two more weeks. It's a little painful now to put together a swap or write a letter in English for someone. sorry. (Postcard swap will be sent.)[2021/04/12]I sent two postcard swaps. It may take another two weeks for the medicine to take effect...I will rest until appear the effect of the medicine.

[2021/03/01] I feel a little tired. Does not work as the body think ... rest might be necessary. I went to the hospital today. I had a little fever....I take medicine and take a short break.[2021/03/07] Low-grade fever continues. An examination of the fundus revealed an abnormality. I was told to book a different test a month later. I might be better to not abuse my eyes.The eyes are important...[2021/03/15]To those who are waiting to be contacted, I'm sorry, I'm tired/not feeling well ... wait a minute .. (or give me some energy!)[2121/03/26]I'm still sick ... I always send the swap I signed up on time. If I decide I can't do that (and no partner is assigned) I may decide to drop. (I hope it gets better soon.)



(Thank you to my friends.):):):)

...And I am grateful to the WIYM group for their birthday RAK. :) :) :)

In 2021, mailing from Japan to overseas has become quite troublesome. I made two round trips to the post office and was returned with an envelope addressed to overseas ... I was very tired. I have to take it over again ... Help ... What was OK in January is now NG in February!

And I was complained about the decorated envelope from post office, "don't decorate it!" Yes, there is no custom in my country to decorate envelopes ...Japanese post offices don't seem to like decorative envelopes. I may not be able to participate in the decorative envelope swap. :( It will reduce at least my swap...

And I sometimes use aerograms for envelopes.Since aerogramme is the official envelope of Japan Post, no postal worker can complain about it. :) Please understand this. Thank you.

Where did the swaps I sent with all my heart go? I sent it a long time ago, but there seem to be some people who haven't been contacted (esp. what sent in 2020 !) Please contact or rate me once received it. please... I can't even know if it arrived otherwise. Thank you very much. If you have not received it, please contact me once. (I take a picture before sending and also wrote the return address. If there is something wrong with the mail, it should come back...)

  • Thanks to the people who gave me a rating and a heart. And if you can't give me a heart, I'd appreciate your healthy feedback. It allows me to know what went wrong. It will be useful for the next swap. (I sometimes feel that I may can't understand English or the unique terms of swap-bot, and Overseas paper craft terminology ...)

Short break. Reduce swaps, except for private swaps and some swaps.I'm painting for the first time in a long time. And craft too.

(RAK has been sent!)When I have enough time, I might peek into the thread and send RAK to someone again. If you are interested in my RAK, please write your name (and country and interests) in the forum thread. :)

RAK (Forum) Jan.20-RAK Japanese Zodiac New Year's card had sent to @Ellen110 and Jan.22 RAK Washi tape samples had sent @loveretro .(Happy birthday to you!)

Letters and emails arrived at once and I couldn't keep up with the replies ... I'm writing replies in order. please wait a moment..

I'm sorry, but the reply to the evaluation may be a little late.

2020/01/01(Bye-bye 2020) description

Happy new year. Overcame 2020, I will confine the thing all of the bad of 2020, took only what is nice, will head the new 2021 year.  :)

As a starting point, I tried Washi and the Japanese zodiac New Year's card RAK. http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/156630


2021/01/08- Tokyo has entered a "state of emergency". (Unlike lockdown) .It's a little inconvenient but there are no restrictions on mail.2021/02/07- It was extended by one month. -2021/03/04-It will be extended further!

=2020/12/17= I would like to spend the rest of the year to send something my thank someone who made me a special swap instead of joining a new one. And I'd like to write a reply to the letters. When the swap I'm currently signing up for is over.Thank you to everyone who exchanged me.:)

2020/12/28--I have evaluated all the postcards and envelopes I have received to date. Those who haven't been rated by me haven't received the swap yet.Thank you.


I have the feeling of wanting to continue half , the feeling of wanting to take a break half.

Hello, I am Mina.


Thank you for looking at my profile.

I live in a place with a lot of nature in Tokyo. I'm Japanese and have lived in Japan for a long time, but I stayed in Paris several times when I was a student. Other foreign countries I have been to are Belgium and Israel. I do knitting, cartennage, paper crafts, cloth flowers and so on. I like polite handicrafts.

I worked for an advertising agency and worked on copywriting and other jobs. I also worked as a wedding bouquet and corsages creator and teacher with cloth flowers. Now I want to enjoy swapping during my medical treatment.

(For various reasons I may be a little sick.-I have some health problems.- If you like, please share your energy with me. :) :) )


This is Tokyo, but my place of residence is quiet and there is a forest when I get out of my house and walk a little. And there is a station on the other side . Although the station is small, it is the busiest line in Tokyo and this train runs in the center of Tokyo. I really like this quiet environment, which is not so inconvenient.(I just hate this train because it's crowded ...)

( I am good at sending cards and letters and choosing gifts, and sometimes I am surprised, said "Why did you find what I wanted?" by my friends. I imagine her life and look for gifts, and it seems to be I have the talent to guess what she needs and what she is looking for ! The closer you are to me, the easier it is for me to imagine what you need.)

It's hard to find something that will please someone you don't know very well, but always check the profile of my partners even when it is not necessary. And I will send it according to it as much as possible.I'll be friends for a while as I'm thinking about my partner while I'm making swaps, preparing supplies, writing notes, and writing addresses. And sometimes they become real friends.

I have no children, but I have a 4-year-old twin nephew and niece, always thinking about them and enjoy watching their photo and videos that my brother's wife sent to.

I'm sometimes forgetful. If you suspect I have forgotten something, please contact me to remind me of it. And in the unlikely event that if I send it to the wrong address. --Of course, I check many times to prevent that from happening.

[I have never flake!] I always send on time or before. If you do not receive it even if it is scheduled, please send me a message first. :) (It arrives from Japan to European countries relatively quickly, with a few exceptions. However, it seems to arrive very late in some parts of the United States.)

I act as a mature adult woman, but there seems to be a five-year-old girl in my heart.

The 5-year-old girl in me is honest, has no lies, and has no adult filth. She then urges me to act according to her heart. When I disregard her opinion and act as an adult, she gets angry and makes me sick and warns me. She asks me-Am I really doing what I want it to be? That's why I try to listen to her as much as possible.

description description

What I don't currently received

Please de not sent me... (Mainly for health reasons)

  • What to put on the skin .(and beauty items)

(Because of my very sensitive skin. I also have a very sensitive feeling. Especially tactile, taste, and visual...including soap and shampoo, nail items etc. )

  • Food

(Because of the gastrointestinal disorders that plague me.

However, joy If you send me to ... small liquor-filled chocolate or orange peel chocolate with a sensitive taste that originally love ! )

  • Tea

(I have a lot of and various tea at home because I can almost only drink. --As an aside, I lost 10kg in a year..If you send me tea, coconut, pomegranate, or any tea that I have never tried and that I absolutely love will be happy to try! :))

I am allergic to plants of the Gramineae and Asteraceae families. Therefore, I avoid chamomile tea as much as possible.

Please Think of something suitable for an adult woman to use it.........


  • Childish/fancy/Cheap/Puffy, Planner, Reward, Funky, Flashy glitter( Especially out of paper, cards, stickers ...I have received a lot of poor quality and childish items, and I am having trouble dealing with them...I'm not a teenager ...)

  • Sticky notes(Yes, I already have various kinds of made in Japan. So welcome something nicer than I've ever seen!)

  • Out of paper(I welcome ...real and beautiful vintage paper esp. with color illustration, a beautiful vintage replica Documents. ( But I already have in the old book pages some of the language.)... But I received Roughly cut used paper, frame stickers and planner stickers with colors and designs for kids, Metallic hologram glitter...and I'm a little troubled. And my place is small, and I don't want to throw away what you sent me! It's painful for me... ...please,please,please...I love beautiful papers . So that If you send me paper products, Please Consider the elegant ones for adult women... please please send me what you can confidently say "this is a great swap".

  • Ordinary Writing utensils. (I welcome ... those better than made in Japan. I think we are blessed with ordinary writing supplies. I may be dissatisfied with the design, but. I have various color or type of Japanese easy to write pens, pencils, erasers, mechanical pencils etc.....also I received a set of gold and silver pens twice. yes, I already had something similar made in Japan enough...If you are from a foreign country, I will gladly receive Staedtler( Actually I use a Staedtler cutting ruler and a mechanical pencil for drafting.), Stabilo, Faber-Castell, Holbein, watercolor color pencils from those manufacturers and more. For painting materials, pastel in addition to. And I would be happy to send you writing utensils from Japanese manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Zebra and Pilot.etc. ...This is the story of, for example.)

(Unless it's a better product than the one made in Japan. Especially the strange colored erasers...They don't help ... and don't confuse the Japanese product with the Planning and manufacturing in China {High quality Chinese products are okay. Daiso is also ok! Japanese manufacturers also produce in China.}...Do you look the same?.it is sad. They are completely different to my eyes.

But I know there are some nice foreign-made ones. I welcome them! :) :) But even though you could have nice foreign-made ones, I am being sent cheap ones ...

that's just sad.Thank you to everyone who sent me wonderful things. :):)

  • When sending blank postcards or stationery in envelopes, do not send Things that should be in a beautiful state are discolored or faded with creases or a folded scratch, postcards with crashed corners, or torn note sheets. They are different from vintage ... Hmmm, this can't be used .....

I can never use them for someone. (Yes, I received too much of it, and in my country it's "rude "and I'm afraid to get used to it...)

If you read carefully and really understand my profile, and send me something that really catches my heart,( although It is not limited to things or supplies, It depends on my heart.), I will gladly give them back.

( So at least so far it's all done.That's may not so often. I'm grateful for the effort when I find out that they sent me what I really liked and took the time to make swap for me.)

You are, please you send a swap that you can have confidence this is a nice swap. :) At that time, you don't have to think you need to send me extras... I have no reason to decline extras if it really suits my style. rather, I'm happy and would add you a heart. :) But I received a lot of things I didn't like very much. So I have to changed my profile so that you never think I like childish, cheap things...)

personal note:

2021/Feb/07 @petaltea I had sent a thank-you envelope.

@Celena99 I sent you a happy mail envelope before Christmas. (But you haven't sent me the correct swap yet ... want 3?)

@bblue Thank you for your RAK and I had sent something happy-mail envelope early January 2021

@Inesrv I had sent small happy envelope.

2021/01 @pianoheart I had sent an envelope from Forum tug.

21/01/31 @Risna I sent some postcards in an envelope.(This was RAK.)

Favorite Music

Favorite music ... it's hard to answer. I liked listening to '90s music, Shibuya-kei, and club music, and danced at a club where my friends played DJ. I like music that makes me want to dance. I also like movie music such as Michel Legrand. I like R & B, soul, jazz, but I don't listen to rock music very much. Currently, I support a band where a young friend acts as a vocalist., song writer. It's a very cool music band, her performance is excellent. I will send her a snail mail. She is there because she likes SNS. She doesn't reply to me much by snail mail. She instead she writes songs and lyrics. When I listen to it, I know what's happening in her head.I can sometimes knows what she thinks about me from her song. She says she hates writing about only in lyrics.

But Sometimes I can't listen to music. It's sad that I can't do what I like.

We met for the first time when she came to Tokyo to enter the contest. We hugged naturally. When I waved to her, she remembers singing a little embarrassed on stage. At that time they missed the prize. However, I was watching the final of the next tournament from a distance. She soon after when the end of the her own performance, she sent me a message on my smartphone with the "Genki(her Power) sent was! Arrived?". The tournament wasn't over yet. And her band won the Grand Prix. When I heard the call, I naturally burst into tears.

When we got to know each other, they were unknown and nothing. I'm wondering how they grow up.

MV 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vtchsMBlFA MV 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoZ_XzlpUPw

Favorite Crafts

I have made various things so far. Paper crafts, cloth flowers, corsages, bouquets, cartennages, knitting, dressmaking, beading or beading embroidery, Aromatherapy-craft, Stamp of carving an eraser. paper cutting design, embossed printing...etc. I sometimes hosted workshops.

I participate as much as possible when there are workshops in the gallery.

I also have those materials such as fabrics, paper, washitapes, ribbons and lace and more. I will be able to send some of them.

I don't make it myself, but my favorite craft: Accessories made of glass / embroidery / tatting lace / oya / embroidery, cross-stitch, etc./metal engraving / ceramics / Letterpress printing / Paper-cutting design/small Matryoshka doll /small nutscracker doll/Glass Pen. etc.

about 「Washi」

I was surprised that everyone here calls masking tape "Washi". This is because "Washi" originally means Japanese paper. So if you come to Japan and ask the shop clerk "Where is Washi?", You will be guided to the flat Japanese paper-plain or patterned paper corner ... there is no sticky paper tape there...Yes, "Washi" was originally developed by a Japanese manufacturer ..And there are various kinds or types of "Washi" in Japan, probably.Washi roll sticker, wax paper washi, very wide washi for interior, washi sheet, die-cut washi, washi with a cloth-like surface, washi with double-sided printing, Washi (KITTA), a small and portable size...These are some of my Washi collections.

I have a lot of varieties right now,(There are a lot of unopened items in my collection ...And recently, when I saw it on the likes list of the sending partner, two unopened rolls were opened. Lol) so if you send me Washi, If you're thinking of sending me Washi samples...I'd love to see cute, beautiful, nice illustrations or vintage designs. If you send me Washi, please consider antique style first. If you don't have it, send it in an elegant style, one of these. (Also welcome if you understand my cute, adrable :) For example Shinzi Katoh, mina perhonen,tec.) Please refrain from what was written the words mainly.Thank you.:)

If you need to send a pattern washi ... please consider gingham check. (I like gingham checks, but I noticed that I rarely have them.)

I welcome these samples. Shinzi Katou, Little path, Chamilgarden, Lian feng, Washi (mt) of wax paper, some of mt Washi's discontinued products ....The image below is a discontinued mt product, which I am looking for.

description description description description description description description description description description description description description description description description description description

Art and Fashion

I really like the museum and the time I spend there.(When I was a student, I worked part-time as a at a museum near my university and french library at Tokyo.) I especially like contemporary and modern art, 19th and 20th century east to west european arts and crafts, including turkish.

When I like fashion and choose clothes, I sometimes choose clothes because I like textiles and their designs as well as silhouettes. For example, mina perhonen. However, although fast fashion has become more popular these days, I try to combine it so that it doesn't look cheap.

I love Palladium waterproof sneaker.


I like illustrations in children's books. Because they are drawn with love. They are drawn as lovingly as possible to teach children that this world is made of love. It would be nicer if the text was added, but you can feel it with the illustration alone.


I like artistic sophisticated things..Delicate rather than bold. and prefer "Quality over quantity" . Please simply remember this and scroll and Refer to the Picture book illustration below( I added it randomly so there should be a lot of favorites that aren't here.). if you're wondering what to send to me. Here are some favorite tips. :)

If you want a specific wish list, it's further down.



I like transparent things. Sticker, Washi, Vellum Paper, Glass, What they have in common may be "transparency."

Glass crafts, fragrance of Guerlain Aqua Allegoria series and Diptyque, textile of mina perhonen(especially early collection),

nature, sky and clouds, Japanese four seasons, also like never seen wonderful foreign landscapes and small cute souvenir...

Delicate decorations, entertaining things, amazing things, entertaining people...

Pureness, Innocence. and things based on it...

People who give me a smile to me...

Clarity, transparency,Things with a sense of transparency...

Good picture books and children's books, the world they show...

All people that are treated equally with love...

sincere friends...

Van Houten hot chocolate(My calorie source)..

Swap carefully organized for me...

Tim Holtz products...

about colors

When the beautiful harmony is achieved, I like all the colors. So it's hard to say what you like or dislike about a particular color.

I like clear colors, deep colors, and transparent watercolor. and also like unified hue in vintage color.

I especially love the transparent color overlap.

But if you're working on swaps that unleash your creativity, don't worry about these and make yours. :) :)

description description

Favorite textile design:

  • Cath kidston

  • mina perhonen(of Akira Minagawa)

  • liberty print

  • William morris etc.

(I don't sewing now, so I love their textile design or ready-made clothes.)

I like new things, but I also like the design 100 years ago because it feels new for me.( The Vienna Modern Exhibition at NACT in Japan was wonderful ! )

Above all, I want my heart to be calm. I hate quarrels and conflicts. I'm not interested in defeating anyone.

When someone tries to hurt me, I close my heart and shut them out.


my A to Z(under construction)

Some of my favorites are... (There are a lot of foods listed, but I'm not a big fan of food themes. I just like to have them.)

  • a: art , artistic !, art nouveau, art deco, antique, autumn,Alphonse Mucha, art print, apple pie, anemone, Adorable, aqua Antique shop...

  • b: bouquet ! , botanical art( from 19th century :botanical art books ! really I love them...), bottle, bread and butter, brooch,Blue and pink mixtured sky(Evening), berry, Boule de Neige, Beignet, Background transparent sticker, blue green...

  • c: clear stamp!, Crispy cookies, calicot, chocolate, contemporary art, Czechoslovakia, Clarity, Children's books, chamilgarden, Claire Fontaine,Cashmere, Croissant, cross stitch!(Can anyone send it to me?), Caramel Macchiato, Cointreau, Cote d'Or chocolate, Caramel biscuits, calm, clear, comfortable, cotton, cotton paper, coffee(tea)shop, concert hall, Catholic church(architecture), Crimson, crystal,Caramel flavored, courteous, Cute cookie tin(esp.Caffarel can), Chamilgarden...

  • d: delicate, decoration,Danish pastry( fruits topping), diamond, DMC...

  • e:Eastern Europe, envelope, Embossed prints, embroidery...

  • f: forest, Forest companion(Forest animals, Acorn, etc.),fairy tale, flixion(pen), Financier, fine liner pen, frost, fruit, friend, fireplace, flower, flower with cat, flower with birds, Florentine, Floor heating, fluffy, foggy, fruity tea()with honey), four seasons, Flowers (I like flowers with a core and flowers with many petals.)

  • g: Glass craft, glass bottle, Gomi Taro, Glass pen(I have used it once and would like to have it someday.), Graphic45, Gusav Klimt, gelato, galette, Glass architecture, gradation, gold foil, Gerbera, gallery, genuine, glimmer, Glass accessories, 

  • h: happy mail, hug, Hat pin(want to collect), Haagen Dazs(ice cream), hand knit, HERBIN, honey, honeycomb, hammock, Hot milk with honey or hot chocolate before going to bed, handwritten pattern,  handmade paper.(When I was a child, I experienced a workshop on Tesuki Washi. It was a lot of fun. However, I can't make it now because I need tools and materials.)..

  • i : innocent, Illustration, illumination, Inconspicuous glitter,

  • j: Japan(I like Japanese culture, but I'm not a nationalist. I just like beautiful things. That's why I like beautiful things from overseas that I don't know.)

  • k: knitting, kitten, kind, KITTA, knit, Kimono, komorebi(The sun shining through the leaves), Kimono, Kaguya-hime, Kenji Miyazawa, Kate Spade...

  • l: Liqueur sweets!, Letterpress printing, Lamb raisin ice cream, leaf, Letter from friends, linen, lace,Looking at the clouds,Lady gray, Little Red Riding Hood, Lemon yellow, lily of the valley, Little Path...

  • m: museum of art, modern art, mt(Kamoi), mina perhonen, Matryoshka, Miffy, Marble ink pen, my friends, Moleskine, Matcha with milk, museum shop, masking tape, masking roll sticker, moonlight, miniature, moisture, Mistletoe, mixture(music), Mariage Frères, Modest luster, mythology, mitten, My MacBook(AppleComputer), Maple syrup...

  • n: november, nature, National costume,Nutcracker doll, nap, Neri-kiri(a kind of Japanese sweets),

  • o: one piece dress, Orange peel chocolate, old rose, old fairy tale, Oya(turkish), omusubi,

  • p: Pressed flowers, Postcard, picture book, Pisces(I have the sun in Pisces and the moon in Libra), Paper-cutting illustration ! , Pistachio gelato, peach(flavor), promenade, passage(of 19th century, Paris), Palladium, pure, peony, Pompon chrysanthemum, Polite, Polaris, picnic, plants, Piano(only hear), petal, Province, Prepare tea and write a letter, Polaroids, Palladium, Pepin Press, Peony...

  • q: Quovadis, quartz, quality, 

  • r: rusk with white chocolate, RHODIA, rubber stamp,Rocking chair, regional cats, raindrops, RoundTop, repetto(ballet shoes),

  • s: sophisticated, Scandinavian, Stollen, Shinji Katou, sincere, Stained glass, strawberry, snail mail, sleeping, stationery, small things, sewing tools, souvenir, stars, shooting stars, sticker, snow, silver foiled, sakura, sliced almond, shade of tree, silhouette, soup, scent of wood, sepia, snowglobe, sticker can be peeled off...

  • t: Transparent, translucent, Turkey, turkish design, traditional,Tim Holtz, teatime, Tradition, texture, teahouse, true, tea ceremony, tarte, tea ceremony room(Chashitsu),Transparent sticker,  Translucent sticker, Typewriter.,Tiffany blue..

  • u: unique, Unique and beautiful handwriting, unmixed, ume(japanese plum blossom),

  • v: vintage, Vellum paper, Van Houten hot chocolate,

  • w: william morris, Wet day, white chocolate, winter, window,Walnut, wabi-sabi, white gray, vienna secession, Water drops, wax paper, wax seal, wooden, Washi sticker,

  • x: ...?

  • y: Yuzen washi(Japanese paper), yuzu, Yoshitomo Nara,

  • z:zen,...?


Scroll to the bottom to my wish list. Thank you. :)

Favorite TV and Movie

On TV, I often watch Japanese TV dramas. I don't have many chances to watch variety shows. I don't really like news programs these days. Because there is a lot of unfortunate news.

I used to like movies and watched them a lot. When I was a student, I used to watch French movies a lot. Nouvelle Vague movies, like Truffaut, Godard, etc. When I was in France, I liked watching Japanese movies with French subtitles. I still watch movies. I also like the stories of Ghibli anime(Not goodies).

Regarding video works, Now I want to see something that makes me feel relieved and brightness.

Favorite Books

I used to read books most often when I was in junior high school and high school. I read various books, studied to become a librarian or a curator of a museum, and have a qualification as a librarian. Unfortunately, I don't have much chance to read because of my illness. It is sad.

Now,I still like picture books and books for childlen's book . It is difficult to talk about a common theme with everyone in this genre(book), but I feel that the theme of children's books is universal. Dick Bruna's Miffy book is the first picture book I've been pleased with since I was born. Miffy is my special.(When I was a child, Miffy was translated into the name "Usako-chan".)

Children's books are loved for quite some time, unlike the normal book cycle. Most of the children's books I read when I was a kid are still being published. Many of them existed before I was born. I like children's books that have been loved for such a long time.

When I read a book I was familiar with as a child again as an adult, I sometimes make new discoveries that I didn't realize at the time.

wish list and Favorite motifs

--I will update it when my favorite things change.And it seems that we need to sort out a little.--

If you send me something special that touches my heart, I will give you back.

I prefer to you add a description to the item you sent me. The explanations help me understand what they are.

--So that you don't worry too much if you don't have one in these wish lists.

Then you can do what you can and share it with me. I know that the world I see is not everything. Knowing the world you have is one of my favorites :) (If so,I am asking, please write as I can read. It's a pity that I may not be able to read the hard-to-read characters.)

--I would be happy if at least I had a heartfelt letter to share with me. :) And I would be happier if I learned through swap that you had a little effort for me. :)

description That said... if you could consider send me a happy mail, I'd appreciate it if you could check my wishlist as well. :)

flat items

  • Polaroid of your favorite scenery and cityscape

  • Embroidery items(Either the finished product or the beginner's kit.)

  • Adorable postcards.(such as from children's books illustration)

  • Clear stamps.--I have gathered a lot. I'm looking for: Decorative "POSTCARD" letters, glass vases and flowers, a set of alphabets that allow you to create short phrases, and old stationery themes such as typewriters, elegant female faces (profiles), lace patterns, decorative frame corners And the decorative frame of the oval ... etc. snail mail or happy mail theme (I learned the words snail mail and happy mail with swap-bot, which means that my country doesn't have that word (this is OK with stickers!) And A stamp that can reproduce fine lines is ideal.Most of the clear stamps are fine, Sometimes I don't get a clear stamp image and I have a hard time dealing with that stamp...

(others-I don't have a problem-: Flowers, plants, glass bottles, stationery, beautiful female profiles, park themes like big trees and benches and swings, their vintage designs, backgrounds ...)

  • metal cutting die(Grateful if you would transfer it if there is a thing you do not use anymore.)

  • Traditional things that are unique to your country(Europe Especially Eastern)

  • Tim Holtz products and graphic 45 products. (Thank you to the person who really sent me Tim Holtz products. I love it. She didn't list any particular likes and dislikes, so I wrote a thank-you letter on Morris's stationery and had sent with some Japanese stuff to her.)

  • beautiful Unique paper.(esp. printed vellum paper or handmade papers are welcome)

  • well thought thing

    • Masking tape or Washi sticker (sample or roll or KITTA) (in case of Washi tape, --normal type is left over, so I hope a little bit unusual or rare type. ex.Area-specific, vintage printed, etc. When I find something cute or interesting one, I buy them even though I have already enough...)

mt, mt ex, mt fab, Round Top(Little path, Lian Feng, chamilgarden, yano design, Space craft etc.), Bande, KITTA, Pera roll, Shinzi Katoh, etc. are some of my favorites.

(KITTA, RoundTop, Bande ,Shinzi Katoh, PetaRoll,(peter rabbit/Beatrix Potter), mtcasa/decolfa (large sheet-like Washi) etc .could exchange with Tim Holtz or other my wish list.)

  • Note cards (They are not common in my country. There are special greeting cards such as birthday cards, but we don't have the habit of sending the usual bi-fold cards. I can make by handmade, but when my assigned partner doesn't like handmade, I will need a ready-made notecard.)

Supplementary explanation

  • Adorable postcards-- It's like having adorable paintings and illustrations trapped in a postcard. I will love them.


(This is my "Kawaii" or "Adorable". I like cute things, but it's not a specific character, I feel them with the touch and facial expressions of the picture.)

Favorite postcard theme( or postcard theme I were happy to receive.)

  • prefer illustration than photograph(Excludes fantastic photos)

  • Illustration of an old fairy tale

  • teatime/cafe

  • Adorable cats with flowers

  • Vintage

  • old children's book theme(But never childish)

  • A work that combines transparent watercolor and colored pencils.

  • If it's a photo, I prefer the one with nice processing.

・Washi of Glass bottle design(by kamoi/mt ex)--- Currently out of print and not available. I'm looking for something similar. each glass bottle was hight 5-6 centimeter width 3cm.


  • Vellum paper sticker--Semi-transparent transparent Washi type sticker--First I received a sticker with die-cut translucent plants and delicate illustrations. I was very happy with it, I think it's probably Vellum paper(Translucent luxury paper that wraps a new MacBook)

  • Sticker made of tracing paper- or vellum paper--designed Something that can be contained inside, snow globe or glass bottle shaped, etc.

  • Embroidery--- Embroidered such as cross-stitch, or charm or Other embroidered cloth accessories --- If you like to do embroidery, please send me your nice work! I love embroidered cloth very much.

  • small Miffy's item ( I stamp a small Miffy, after writing my name on a letter or note. I have a Miffy's postage stamp. I want to use this for people who are happy with it. If you also have Miffy's postage stamps, it would be nice if could use Miffy's stamps on each other and exchange postcards.)

  • clear/rubber stamps -- I collected a little a lot now.

Now Looking for these: * Glass bottle, (not perfume bottle) and flowers in it ** * **Antique style typography, decorated numbers, illustrations and decorative frames and lines.

  • Adroable cats

  • lace paper pattern

2020/11/25 the kind swap partner really sent me a clear stamp !(and also sealing wax !) I'm thankful so I write it here . I send in return for it. :) Thank you Jenn! And Thanks to Anicka and Kiran for sending me a beautiful clear stamps for my Christmas present :)

  • something what Based on the traditional and ethnic culture of your country-- something with a unique culture and historical pattern of the country. I love European folk costumes and Knitting patterns etc.

  • Stencil pattern--I have a watercolor set, but I don't have a drawing heart. Lol. I want to utilize the watercolor set. (My grandfather is a painter and has a few relatives artists and their eggs. Unfortunately, painting talent didn't seem to be passed on to me ...) 2021--I have sea theme, several backgrounds (clack, random dots.)

  • Postal Stamps--If you send me a postcard, I would be grateful if you could put a beautiful stamp of your country on it. I'm not a philatelist, but I'll save beautiful stamps.(I usually put beautiful stamps and special stamps on postcards.)

  • ATC

  • happy mail(When it's heartfelt or understands my taste)

Cute and adorable---Cute or adorable illustrations from picture books for children.


  • Little Red Riding Hood

  • Miffy

  • Like a picture that is displayed when you scroll to the bottom.

  • I love Handwritten patterns / Letterpress printing /Embossed design.

  • I prefer handwritten patterns to mechanical patterns.

  • Tim Holtz and Graphic 45 products(There is no distributor in Japan.)

about tea

I have tried various kinds of tea and I always have lots of tea at home. So don't send tea basically . But I haven't tried the following and would happy to try:

-Coconut, Pomegranate...Or tea that I have never tried and will love.

How to drink my tea... (before going to bed) hot milk with tally's honey, fruit tea without tea with honey, hot cocoa (sometimes with ginger), rooibos with cinnamon and milk and honey, rooibos with a little lady gray Mix-I recently tried this. (Morning) Honey milk latte. (Lunch) Chinese tea, jasmine tea, green tea, (snack) matcha latte, hot cocoa, flavored coffee, or black tea / coffee and sweets mariage.

May not be flat

  • Sealing wax (deep color...Crimson, burgundy, bronze , gold, olive gold, etc.)

  • Spoon for wax seal.

  • Or other things that are hard to get in Japan.

description description

(Small things, nice and small souvenirs from your country)

For type 3 gift swap :)

  • Fine-grained new ink pad (color: vintage color variation and gradation, green variation and gradation, blue variation and gradation, pink to purple gradation, not neon colors.)

  • Clear stamps(Vases and flowers...honeycomb backgrounds and bees and honey pots... Vintage style {various glass bottles, decorative lines, corners and frames, lace patterns, race paper pattern, plants such as mistletoe ...}...Bouquets and nice quotes for card making...simple or calligraphic alphabets, Beautiful typeface alphabets)

  • Tim Holtz and Graphic45 Products(There is no distributor in Japan.)

  • Little path or chamilgarden products(esp. stamps) (Round top in Japan has a collaboration product with Little Path, but it is expensive ...)

  • heat Embossing tools(embossing powder: color: rose gold I don't have.)

  • Vellum paper items(I can't get vellum in Japan ....instead of I have a lot of tracing paper.)

  • postcard from Children's book from your country(set or several )

(Scroll down the bottom to see my favorite images, thank you.)

  • souvenir from museum shop (museum of art)

  • Well thought out thing

  • (If you come from a country with history and tradition) things Based on traditionally in your country-especially small embroidery item.

  • Glass pen and mini ink set (if budget is not exceeded. What I saw was a HERBIN product, but other manufacturers can be used as long as they are of good quality.I prefer Blue black, brown, sepia, transparent green etc. if you can choose the color of the ink.)

  • HERBIN ink set "winter"'(out of stock inJapan and They are sold at twice the price than overseas...) The names of their ink colors are lovely, inspired by nature.

  • Calligraphy supplies for beginners. (set of Pen tip, pen shaft ,mini ink , etc. Yes, these are also twice as expensive in Japan as they are overseas such as US even they are from EU.) Of course it isn't Japanese calligraphy.

  • -Cross-stitch kit or embroidery kit for beginners

  • "Berol" mechanical pencil (not so expensive, but I like it for decades. So the print on the surface is peeling off, but it's still usable. so it's a low priority is.)

  • Genuine vintage (brooch, amulet, Enamel pin / hatpin...small things)


about allergic: I'm allergic to peanuts, and smoke cigarettes, or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

I can't eat almost anything now because of severe gastrointestinal disorders. I'm sorry for the food related things, until it get well. But I really love eating ...

My skin is so sensitive that I can't find any suitable cosmetics.

about「heart」or special swap and private swap

It will definitely add the "heart" anyone who has read my profile and sent me what I really want. (The opposite is also true.)

Even if what you send me isn't my taste, I might add a "heart" when I feel respect for the swap I received.

I may return a thank-you swap to someone who sent me a special swap that I feel. (and I actually did it. Although When I'm busy, it may be a little slower...)

f you read my profile and are confident that you can send me what you like, please PM. And if there's something I can offer you too, we shall make a private swap. :)

(I would not want to sound rude, but I wouldn't want to be disappointed with private swaps. So I'm a little careful. This is from my experience. Thank you for understanding. :)

If you are a person who sent me the thing nice to me in the past, I will gladly private swap.

Thank you for reading and be happy swapping :):)

Summary of likes and dislikes

Summary of likes and dislikes:(While editing)

If it's hard to read, please check this, thank you. :)


[I like it more >>>> I'm not so interested]

  • Transparent, translucent >>>>>>>non-transparent

  • Layered, multi-layered >>>> single

  • Artistic sophistication > cute, adorable, lovely, pretty >>> Kawaii

(I find artistic sophistication "cute". Not to the Kawaii characters.)

  • Delicate = Sensibility = affection > Bold

  • Ilustration > Photo

  • Elaborate >> Simple >>>>> Simple and boring>>>>>>>Crude(not like)


Sticker preference

  • vellum paper sticker >>>> Transparent background sticker, Washi type sticker, translucent sticker >>>>>>> (not happy) Reward, for kids, puffy,(sorry never use them)

I can make a sticker that can be peeled off from the matte white paper, so I'd be happy if it's a sticker that I can't make (vellum paper or transparent).

Scrapbooking level stickers are welcome. (It means Scrapbooking "level". Not "for scrapbooking".)


Postcard preference:

  • Artist Postcard (Original, signatured > non-signetured) (paintings, illustrations, prints and paper-cut prints, cool collage, fantastic photographs)

  • I like works that combine transparent watercolors and colored pencils. If the advertisement is only for the address side in such a solo exhibition of the artist, the advertisement postcard is okay. (If all one side must be illustration work only please.)

  • Illustrations of old fairy tales or from good picture books !


Artistically favorite era:

  • Art Nouveau(Paris metro arch design, William Morris, Alphonse Mucha.....)

  • Art deco

  • Vienna Secession(Gustav Klimt Especially that costume! I bought a scarf based on his costume at the museum shop. It's my favorite. and The standby screen on my cell phone is a work depicting his niece girl.)

  • Impressionism(Monet, Surah, Cezanne, Degas ...)

  • Edo(Ito Jakuchu, Nagasawa Rosetsu...)

  • Taisho (Taisho roman)

  • Vermeer, Hammershoi(There was an exhibition in Tokyo, but it was canceled due to COVID ...)...

Favorite picture book writer / illustrator

I like elegant things. Illustrations for children's books are an exception.

  • Jan Kudlacek description

  • Dick Bruna (Miffy)

  • Eric Curle

  • Akiko Miyakoshi description

  • Elsa Bescov description

  • Evgenii Mikhailovich Rachev description

  • Marie Hall Ets description

  • Garth Montgomery Williams description

  • Felix Hoffmann description

  • Uri Shulevitz description

  • Ninon description

  • Ottilia Adelborg

  • Mirko Hanak description

  • Angela Koconda

  • Bernadette Watts

  • Leo Lionni


I am happy to receive postcards ( or paper products, block memo, stickers, etc.) of these authors (hopefully non-pirated). If you have one and can replace it, please PM.

Some of the things I can exchange

  • Various types of tea (Japan, China, black tea, herbs, fruit tea, etc.)

  • Various Japanese stationery (including Kawaii)

  • Japanese postcard (photo of Tokyo/Kyoto, New Year's card)

  • Pattern paper with traditional Japanese patterns or kimono patterns, small envelopes made from them, etc.

  • Yuzen Japanese paper

  • Washi tape samples (If you could exchange with Tim Holtz or Graphicc45 products, I offer a rare Washi )

  • handmade Japanese paper ( I would like to replace it with a Tim Holtz products)

  • postcard of Monet Water lily

  • postcard of Sakura

  • letter set made of Japanese paper

  • Your address label(I use a dedicated machine to make small labels. The cost of the dedicated label sticker is high and it takes time, so only those who really want it!)

  • Postcards with illustrations drawn by Japanese watercolor painters (plants and gardens theme)

  • Make a kimono using Japanese paper with a kimono pattern.(origami)

  • I have several kind of tea from Karel Chapek Tea Shop in Kichijoji, Tokyo Japan. I would like to exchange this Karel Chapek's for only someone I can trust.--(Since these are special tea, I will buy them for gifts, but the rarely drink on my own...!)

I started swap bots and received a lot of things from abroad. At that time, for the first time, I came to think that Japanese things that I had taken for granted were wonderful.

The USPS will complicate the acceptance of packages from abroad from 2021. For this reason, I want to what can be shipped in as much as possible naked postcard or aero gram with respect to the United States addressed mail.Thank you for your understand. (but This is not the case for close friends. I don't think it's a hassle to send packages for my friends !)

It is not necessary...

Lies and liars, rudeness, bullying, mounting, Flaker... whatever you generally dislike. and other on the "dislike list" of many other members.


  • Things that are not beautiful/Childiish(puffy sticker, plannar memo, )/Low Quality(from discount store)/copy paper and Those using backing paper(Yes, I received that...)/Manga/Anime/Things that feel noisy/For teenager/Food Themes(It's painful to see food images when you can't eat)/sports/Rough texture

  • Horror/scary/Grotesque/ Religious/The smell of cigarettes(I have allergy)

  • NOT well thought out/ There is no greeting and notes/

But I evaluate according to swap requirements. :)

I hope to experience a happy swap with each other. :)

description description


mandigutterrose rated for WIYM: Unique PC #5 on May 31, 2021
Comment: Very unique :)
diesel101 rated for WIYM: Unique PC #5 on May 5, 2021
Comment: Hello Mina! Thank you so much for the mermaid-style postcard! It's so exciting to add another Japanese postcard to my collection! Take care x
Ikran3 rated for WIYM: Spring themed postcard INTL on May 4, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the pretty card :) I love the stamps as well :)
Comment: Mina thank you so much! What a lovely card. I love it! Happy swapping!
Comment: Hello there Mina...your swap package was super cute! Thanks so much for your kind words and for the journal cards that you made for me. I love them! Thanks once again and have a great day!
wittmert rated for LDEM - Eclectic Mix of.....Flora :) on Apr 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much!
duskmite rated for Birthdays-February 19th and 20th on Apr 11, 2021
Comment: Mina always makes me day with her beautiful mail - thank you for going to the effort of getting me the sarasa pens, and I love the way you decorated the card, so delicate and pretty. I know you put care into everything you do! I hope all is well with Mina, please take care :) I am already making good use of the pens and will treasure them very much! Hugs :)
Gaucha rated for CPG 1 Sheet Zine #2 - Global on Apr 2, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your creative zine and the tea!
Comment: Great envelopes. ❤️Thank You,for the lighthouse postcard. And the green envelopes very creative love it.
Comment: Loved your postcard! I received your 2nd postcard today. Thanks for resending!
Comment: Mina, I am well and so touched by your thoughtfulness. Your handmade stickers are beautiful. We also have lots of snow here in Canada. Thank you for all the envelopes. Take care. Denise
carrotkate rated for Floral/Nature Themed Swap #5 on Mar 9, 2021
Comment: Mina, this was so great to receive! I loved reading about your forest! Thank you!! I really appreciate the time & care you put in to this, and I can't wait to use all of these goodies you hand-picked for me!
Comment: Hi Nina! It was so lovely to hear from you and I can only imagine what the international fees must be - if is crazy here and I think in some of the countries it is even worse! You were so nice to send me so many goodies and the address labels are so sweet! Thanks so much!Wishing you all the best and please stay safe! Hugs and Happy Happy Swapping! ;)
JDiFani rated for Letter Swap on Mar 1, 2021
Comment: I always love getting letters from you!! Thank you for always writing and sending such beautiful things!! You are a beautiful person and friend!
Jbee rated for Put birds on #2021 on Feb 23, 2021
Comment: Dear Mina, thank you so very much for your wonderful bird swap. I love Japanese writing papers! they are adorable. I love all of it.
duskmite rated for PCexchangeKiran&Mina2021#1 on Feb 22, 2021
Comment: Hi Mina, happy birthday!!! I loved this PC you sent, it is so pretty and I loved what you did with your mom, both my mom and I also like antique or thrift shops very much. You seem to have found treasures there! Hope you had a happy time together. I went exercising with my friend on my birthday and had a really good lunch (Japanese restaurant specialising in unagi, my favourite!) with my family. :)
Comment: Oh I loved everything so much :) I feel s happy to be able to share my birthday with you and I'm really excited for you to get my package! Thank you so much Mina, you put a smile on my face every time!
Meisje rated for CS: Forward a item/gift 🎁 on Feb 11, 2021
Comment: Thanks love the snoopy cards ❤️
pastorsmokeyt rated for WIYM: Unique PC #4 on Feb 10, 2021
Comment: Hello! I received your postcard today and I love it! Thank you so much and have a great day! Smokey
Comment: Such an amazing package!!! You are so thoughtful and gracious, thank you!!! I look forward to sending you something in return!! Thank you again! Many smiles!!!
Response: Hi, Jenn. I feel like it's been a while. I'm glad that this packet arrived safely. I'm glad you were pleased! I have now recorded Jenn's address on my page of Japan Post. I can always send you something ... lol. I also send a letter separately. I hope it will arrive in less time. Tokyo is cold today. I hope you have a wonderful week. Happy Valentine & Smile-Mina :)

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Dear Mina, sorry bit too late.....

Wish you a very Happy Birthday! hope you enjoyed it !


Petaltea on Feb 20, 2021:

Hi Mina! Your tag came! I just loved everything. You made me feel so special. What a joy to get something from Japan. I love the teas. And then I see it was your birthday yesterday. I hooe you enjoyed your day and again thank you so much!

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Please feel free to delete the comment! And of course Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday dear Mina!!!

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