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Welcome to my Profile ❤️❤️❤️❤️

MAIL IS VERY SLOW slow slow slow ....

so it seems

Unrated Swaps Shout Out ....Please Rate!

While Rating in 2021 I will give every swap I receive a heart ❤️ Shoot they are as free as smiles. Why not leave a smile on my partners page.

My swaps are always mailed out on time.

If you have not received,

Please Contact Me. Via a PM., message

Thank You 😁

The Following still applies

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Mail Delivery ....

It’s not flowing the way it use too. Very slow moving mail flow still. Many countries as well as some parts of the USA 🇺🇸 are still experiencing 📨📮Lets please all be kind here 😁😁😀😃😆😁😊😃😀😄😊😆😄😁😃😄😊😉😃😀😆😌😊🙃🙂😊😆😁😄😃😀😘😀😃😁☺️😘😜😉☺️😆🙃🙂😚🙂😊😃😆😁😌😉☺️😆😌😀😄😆 Please, communicate before rating....


keeping in mind the current mail delays may be a factor before you rate down your partner.

* Please send me a message if you’re missing a swap from me. I always send on time. We have no control over the current postal delays. What we do have control over is how we have several ways to contact our swap partners. Before we rate


Swapping is about meeting new people not about drama & stress

I will always read the PM.s sent to me. So please contact me using the Pm rather then email.

Thank you 😃



❤️ No fear I always Rate. My swap bot mail goes to a P.O.Box.I go to retrieve my mail as often as I can.When I pick up my mail and I rate as soon as I return home. Sometimes larger swaps may not fit in my standard size box. If the postal clerk has left for the day, I cannot pick up large mail. The clerk is kind enough to keep it behind the counter for me rather than fold it & stuff it in my box. 📮 . . . I am Not A Flaker , Nor Am I A Non Rater . .

Please SEND & RATE as well,Thank You :)

Whats Going on > > >


I always rate my partner as soon as I receive. So they know I received the swap. No one wants a swap left lingering in limbo.


is a key factor here on swap-bot.

About Me

On My Days Off...

❤️ I can be found relaxing at home.Or out and about with my family & friends. I love to shop at craft stores.I am always on the look out for bargains.

When I am not bargain hunting.I usually can be found snapping pictures or reading a book by the waters edge. Or spending time with my family & friends.That is really what I enjoy.

# - BEEN FLAKED - - And NOT Rated


Yes I have

= (

What About Color

If I had to choose my favorite color, I would say green.Not Neon Green or Anything Neon.Then my next fave color would be blue, like blue jeans. Also,Earth tones, which are simple & go with just about everything I have.

I also love pink & brown, when paired together.Many shades of green are appealing to my eye.Also pink alone & brown alone.

Purple is nice, all depends on what it is.When it comes to paper & color, the sky is the limit.I use a lot of card stock paper & scrapbook paper.

Just Say Noooooo

I Do Not Expect partners to go crazy, looking around for these things to send to me. JUST Expanding My Profile. Without being a pain in the butt. :)



Makeup,Creams,Lotion's,Lip balms, Perfume Etc. Or Anything Scented What So Ever. Most Products give me Mad Head Aches for some reason. With one or two exceptions. I use Essential Oil's from Young Living Inc. I no longer use Scented candles or any other fragrant Synthetics. For some reason I get head aches.

No need to worry,because rarely or if ever sign onto a swap, that calls for these things certain products.Products that are hard to find. I joined swap bot to trade my photos and my crafts. As well as postcard collecting and a few other things I like to collect. Such as used postage stamps and smashed pennies.

Swap bot is about having fun, not stress , no drama... Since I have to be very careful of what I can use & wear.I would never put myself in a situation that would cause confusion. Such as joining a swap that calls for Spa & Bath Products Etc. Cause if I did & my partner read my profile, from top to bottom.They would be confused as hell. Or at least after Reading this section of my profile that is,LOL...

Thank You, for taking the time to read my long winded profile : o

* Have A Great Day! 😃

About Me

Favorite Crafts:

  • Scrap booking,Ceramics,Pottery,Making beaded bracelets,Beading,but not pony or seed beads,Card & Postcard Making,Decoupage with Modge Podge.Embossing,Stamping,the list goes on...

Favorite People: . Kind . Honest . Caring

. Down to Earth. Fun Loving. No time for drama kind of people. Straight forward to the point kind of people are awesome.

Favorite Beverages: Tea: I enjoy a cup of hot tea from time to time.I like honey & lemon in some tea's. Sealed packaged tea bags. .Iced Tea,freshly brewed & sweetened with raw sugar. Coffee: Dark Roast With half & half & french vanilla creamer.

Favorite Television... Bones,C.S.I.,Law & Order,House, The Closure....Although,I really do not watch much T.V.

Favorite Music:

Too name just a few. Van Morrison, Cat Stevens,John Mellencamp,Van Halen,Bruce Springsteen,Bon Jovi,ZZ Top,Alicia Keys,Led Zeppelin,Lynryrd Skynyrd,Sheryl Crowe,Jackson Brown,Guns & Roses, and many many more...

Favorite Places To Shop: Michael's Craft's,Joann's Fabric

Favorite Books: I have a Nook, it is easy to find books.I see a title I like and I'll read a sample before I download my book.I buy paperbacks from time to time.I take them to the beach.


Flower Garden: I love the Spring & Summer, the most.But honestly if I have to choose just one SEASON.With Out a Doubt it would be SUMMER! .

. I love planting flowers.Flower,s that bloom all summer.All the beautiful different types of flowers & plants, brighten the outdoors.I like planting, but not weeding. Since,I am forever misplacing my gloves.

⛱. ❤️ Summer flowers & the Beach 🐚

I swap with Swap-bot! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


About Me

*** POSTCARDS ***:-

With light houses, Covered bridges, quotes on them.The Ocean,Sun Sets,Sun Rises,Black & White Art.I would not mind receiving new ones as a part of a stuffed package swap.That would be a welcome surprise.

*** Embossing ***: -

Embossing Powder & brass templates for embossing.I like to use a lot of flower ones.Just love templates with greetings.Merry Christmas,Happy Birthday,Get Well, Friendship Phrases,Fun Quotes, Etc.I use a lot self adhesive gems & pearls.

*** Stamping *** -

Use a lot of the transparent ones.Old school ones, on the wooden block.I still like them.

*** Perfect Pearls *** -

Embellishing Pigments,

*** Reuse/Recycle *** - I always save the tins that mints come in. Like the ones from Altoids. They come in two sizes.

*** Pen's & Pencil's ***

Nice fine lines.I prefer black ink over blue ink.

*** Sizzix dies: Orginals & Sizzits


. Zig Millennium pens


Ultra fine point Bic Mark-it ,& Sharpie

.Brads & Eyelets:

All sizes

Glue Dots:

Archive safe & Sizes


. Lighthouses

. Landscapes

. Ocean View

. Nature Scenes

. Sea Scapes

. Covered Bridge

. Country Roads

. Mountains

. Wind Mills

. Sunsets/Sunrise



.Postcards .Photos .Stamps

My Smile

.Family & Friends: I enjoy spending time with my family & friends.


Used & Vintage Postage Stamps. From the beach: Stones, Rocks, Sea Glass, & Seashells. Pressed Pennies.Vintage Clothes Buttons.


When I shop for Crafts. I like to check out the sales & clearance first.Brads,Eyelets,Sizzix & Sizzlits, all types and also Paper Punches, Fancy Paper,Clear Stamps & Card Stock to use on My Cricut Expression Machine.Assorted Earth Tones,Greens,Blues,Pinks.Just about Any Color Paper & such are fine. I use different color combos for different paper projects.Cards,Gift Tags,Postcards,Greetings Cards,Note Cards,Invites & Scrapbooking Pages.

.Snapping Pictures:

I usually Photograph Nature.Beautiful landscapes,Light Houses,Animal's.I love to Photograph Horse's & Dog's.If it stays still long enough I will take a shot.


I have a great collection of beads & such. I have made several silver & beaded bracelets, over the years.I spent a lot of time traveling to different bead expo's over the years.No so much now.I use a lot of natural beads.Most of theses are either chips with drilled holes for beading & the rest are kind of small beads also drilled.Such as,Lapis,Brown Agate,Jade,Black Onyx,Rose Quatz,Mahogany Obsidian.I have some Wooded Beads & glass ones also..I use sterling silver clasps & findings.What I bead I give as gifts.Although I have made plenty for people who saw & wanted to buy.I do not use Gold color charms or finding at all.

.Beading Fun:

When I bead with the kids, we use wooden beads,fake look a like Troll & Pandora beads.


Spending time with them...Be it out to dinner or a walk on the boardwalk.Family dinner.Sometimes just talking and taking a walk though a small town checking out the stores together.Also, hanging out with my nieces and nephews.Talking on the Phone to my brother.And spending time with him and his family.With everyone working and so busy.It is very hard at times to connect with my siblings & their families.More so now that we lost our mom to Cancer.I really would like to have more time with all of them.


I no longer use much Gold.I prefer silver.I have a Pandora Bracelet.My family & friends helped fill it with many beads.I have a few beads from Troll Charms also.FYI ... I have seen really cute fake beads at Flea Markets for a buck.I buy them to use when I bead with my niece. She loves bracelets.

My Photos

Barnegat light house LBI New Jersey



Response: Thank you 😃
mchesser12 rated for WIYM: Sticker Slapped Postcard on Jun 27, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the postcard. I really like the collage effect of the stickers. I also had random stickers so this swap was perfect for me.
Response: Your Welcome, it was a great swap. Thank You ❤️
Response: Thank You for dropping by ❤️
Comment: Thank you so much for the cool envelopes! I love them! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Diane
Response: You’re welcome Thank You ❤️ I love all the envelopes I have decorated. And I really don’t want to part with any of them,laughing out loud. I am glad you like them.
ScrapHappyGabi rated for SS/ Drop A Shot #2 📷 on May 11, 2021
Comment: Love the shots !! Seriously gorgeous!! Thanks for the awesome postcard you made too! Wow Love this so much!! Hope youare having a good spring!! Can't believe how close we live LOL!! gabi
Response: You’re welcome. My brother lived in the area for years. I spent a lot of time visiting. It’s a beautiful area where you are . And very nearby. Sending you a PM
armadillogal rated for WIYM📮Themed PC Swap:4 Art on May 5, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the neat cards!
Response: You’re welcome ❤️
d2photo rated for WIYM/ 📮Themed PC Swap: 3 Sea on Apr 13, 2021
Comment: Thank for the cards -
Response: 😊
Comment: I love the cards you sent!
Response: I am glad you liked them ❤️Thank You 😊
Comment: These are awesome envelopes! The you sent them in would be a perfect journal cover!
Response: Glad you like them. I can’t wait to get back to making more. Thank You ❤️
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Your Welcome
Comment: Such gorgeous envelopes!!!!!
Response: Thank You 😁
laterdayze rated for WIYM/Themed PC Swap 2: Tourism on Mar 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You are welcome
Comment: Thank you for the pretty envelopes. Some will go in my planner, some will be posted out.
Response: You’re welcome
marles rated for SS/ Drop A Shot #1 📷 on Mar 8, 2021
Comment: Thanks!
Response: You’re welcome
Lantana149 rated for WIYM/ Themed PC Swap 1: Ugly on Feb 25, 2021
Comment: Love the "ugly" PC! Thank you for the beautiful flower!
Response: Your Welcome and Thank You as well
Comment: Wow!! Thank you so incredibly much for the beautiful envelopes, they are so so gorgeous! You’re such a creative person! Stay safe! :)
Response: Thank you. I enjoyed making the envelopes. It is not always that I have time to craft. But when I do I really take advantage of that time.
duskmite rated for WIYM: January Wrap-Up Postcard on Feb 10, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the extra postcards and painted envelopes, they were really pretty! Wishing you the best :)
Response: Your Welcome, glad you liked them.Best to you as well and Thank You.
evanselli rated for WIYM/ 📮Decorated Envelope Swap on Feb 1, 2021
Comment: Thanks so much for the beautiful envies, I love them and thanks so much for the PC’s two of my favourite themes. So glad you didn’t have to mail another one.😊❤️
Response: Thank You , I am so glad you received. ❤️❤️❤️
laterdayze rated for WIYM: January Wrap-Up Postcard on Jan 29, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the postcard! I hope all your changes are good ones!
Response: Your Welcome And Thank You !
Comment: Thank you for the great envelopes and postcards!! I’ll have to try mod podge on envelopes! Super fun!
Response: ♥️Thank You 😊 Love Mod Podge

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ScrapHappyGabi on Mar 28, 2021:

I live 10 minutes from the Princeton Battlefield monument you snapped a pic of and have at the bottom of your profile!!

oldsoul on Jul 23, 2020:

Just got your greetings via postcard, thank you!

shellsajerseygirl on May 4, 2020:

@Debbiespom You’re Welcome 😉

debbiespoms on Apr 27, 2020:

Thank you very much for the RAK for WIYM: Let's get naked. Not! PC swap of global stamp & PC's, for the gal who jumped right in that wasn't USA. Was so sweet of you!

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