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About Me

I love the creative boost I get from rubbing elbows with all you talented swap people! I'd love to be your hostess with the most-est! I love to do one on one private swaps too!

I love to design, sew, quilt. felt, craft, and write. I raise chickens as pets and for eggs. I love to cook, garden and feed the birds. I love wind chimes, photographing the butterflies, hummingbirds and wild birds. My yard is a butterfly sanctuary.

I have a great, raunchy sense of humor and dare you to offend me! At the same time, I love and admire all that is beautiful and good in this world, with a little splash of some good clean mud, just for fun!

Please...~ Don't send me anything scented, fragrance, perfume or that smells of cigarette smoke. I won't be able to use or appreciate it! I'm very allergic! Thanks for your understanding!

pic This little doll I made was sent to @dawson80 in a pvt. swap.

Favorite Books

I love books and am an avid reader. I read autobiographies, craft & quilting books, cook books, self-help, historical novels, atlases. I am surrounded by books. I love to listen to audiobooks and have a Libby app to check out books from home.

3 bags full...

I like to play with beeswax. I coat some of my postcards, ATC's and note cards with melted beeswax. It makes such a great surface and smells divine! I love working with natural materials. My favorite materials are wool, silk, beeswax, driftwood, found items and hypertufa.

I dye and degrease all the wool I use. It is a labor of love and my joy to make hand crafted gifts and surprises that are unique, specialized and one of a kind.

wish i could...

I love handwork. I love to upcycling items and love the concept of reusing quality items for new purposes.

Favorite Crafts

What I do...

I'm making custom vinyl, custom shirt designs, woodburning, zines, ornaments, felt desserts and miniature quilts, handmade stuffies-ducks, mushrooms, cupcakes, chickens, pickles, ATC's, matchboxes, scrapbook pages, dolls, yoni pillows and brooches.

to know me is to love me...

Love, apothecary, chicken, goose, turkey, bird, egg, corn, mermaids, tea parties, old spatulas, herbs, honeysuckle, roses, morning glories, sweet peas, jasmine, ROLLER DERBY, Halloween, Spring, fall.

Favorite colors, plums purples red violet to lavender fuchsia yellow/orange/green combos black/red/orange/yellow combos drab green mint green olive lime green khaki spring kelly blues & greens teal aqua royal sky cobalt hot pink & aqua Orange & hot pink Red and aqua Black and blue Neon's-esp. lime, pink, orange! I love all colors.

butterfly spider-esp. black widows gorilla whale ants bees (bugs) giraffe hippo rhino elephant penguin red tailed hawk dog caterpillar skunk stoat guinea pigs goats


I don't like fragrance and have allergies. Please don't send me anything that smells of cigarette smoke! I won't be able to enjoy or use it. Thank you for your understanding! I love cats. I'm a night owl.


I love items that are made with thought and care by hand! I love fiber crafts, brooches & ornaments and anything related to the greatest sport in the world-Roller Derby!


swap angels

filled tarot bag angeled by @salfra THANK YOU, Sally! Goddess journal swap angeled by @meggert THANK YOU, Mary!


3 photo atcs for @InLovingmemory88 3 photo atcs for @plaidgiraffe 3 photo atcs for @limebrarian

Many Thanks to @zenithjade for making 9 atcs and for angeling 3 of the atcs for me to @lindall

Very Much Appreciate ZJ! THANK YOU!

BOO Flaked

Bak AurèLie @user8812 Summer Fiber swap

Beverly Woolf @user8964 Find a new hobbie swap

Anthea Tuley @tulitulip T.P. ATC Adrienne Hintz @adrienee131313 Beans & Franks

If anyone would like to angel these, I can set up a pvt. swap so I can reciprocate and rate you. Thanks for your consideration!

the yummy parts

I am humbled and brought to higher heights of creativity thru the kindnesses & generosity I have received thru some very special people here! Thanks to all of you! You know who you are and I am grateful! I don't strive for perfection, but, for beauty. I'm not in a contest, I'm on a journey of discovery. I don't compare. Comparison is the thief of joy. I am grateful.

Thank you all who have become my teachers and inspirations! I hope you can see the beauty of my work thru it's perceivable imperfections and gifted love.

This is the dotee made for me by @artistic for the In memory of Cheryl swap Thank you.

by artistic




Your Swap hostess

badge As your swap hostess, I am meticulous about being accommodating and fair. If you have the desire to share, please come join my swaps. If you join my swaps and don't send, you are unwelcome in my swaps. Flaking is poor form, and a lack of common courtesy. I have a zero tolerance policy.

Please come join me in any of my swaps that interest you enough for you to follow thru with time & care. I consider the people in my swaps and the people I swap with my friends.

Swapbot IS a bot, but I am a real person here. And I work hard to make sure everybody gets to have fun. Please treat my swaps and your swap partners with the same respect.


If you don't receive something by 2 weeks after the 'send by date' (more if international) then contact me immediately! Once you rate your partner a 1, no-send, if they are still unresponsive to their commitment to sent their end of the swap, I will get busy making you a swap package to make up for the swaplifter. Please don't flake my swaps!


If you have an unexplained/unresolved 'no-send' you will not be able to join my swaps. I know life happens and gets in the way. But nobody wants to be left out. I do this out of consideration for the thoughtful & talented people who do make swap-bot the great place it is! Thanks for your understanding!

I know unforeseen events can happen to derail our best laid plans. I am an understanding person and *as long as you are honest and forthright with me there is no problem.

No unexplained no-sends means you haven't left any kind of message in the response portion of the rating. If someone is going to rate you a 1, you at least have to go say SOMETHING-like 'sent, cannot resend', or 'postal problems', 'dog ate swap, remaking', 'sent 3 times will send again', or 'unfair rating left by jilted lover,'SOMETHING!!!

If you have any recent ones, I cannot let you in the swaps. It's just the way it is. I apologize for not allowing you in the swaps but these are the rules I have made for my swaps to keep them running smoothly and everyone happily receiving.

Even if I say this isn't a profile specific swap, please add something about yourself on your profile. A few words do not count as a filled out profile.

If there is a request in the swap description for you to add some info to the comments section, please do so before I assign partners or I may ban you. You will be hard pressed to find any reputable swap hosts around here who will accept a blank/inadequate profile. There is nothing worse than being partnered up with someone who doesn't have word one on their profile. Thanks for your understanding.

As always, I offer to private swap with anyone banned from my swaps. It's up to you to accept it graciously or not. I'm happy to swap with you, even if you didn't meet my swap requirements. But it's not fair to everyone else in my swaps if I fudge on the rules.


I would love to do a private swap with you to help boost your ratings! Let me know and I can set a swap up!

Check out Swapbot's FAQ Page for great information on how to navigate the swaps and site.

I want to welcome you to swap bot. I apologize for not allowing newbies into many of my swaps.

When I get flakers & swaplifters in my swaps it makes me mad because these are my friends. Flakers, no accounts and the like are not. Don't flake on my friends!

Please PM your partner if you are sending late. It's called common courtesy. I look forward to having you be a part of my swaps.

Here are some badges you are free to use from the Altered Ernie Graphics swap

by @MissU




by @mishybelle



be cool not lame


Comment: Skate safely! Thanks for both zines - love the recipes and all the fun in the my favorite things zine. Happy swapping and creating.
Comment: Thanks for the mini-quilt with lovely fabic AND for the piece of wonderful silk, AND for the little zine -- haven't seen one for quite a while.
Comment: Thanks for the zines! Very cool.
Comment: Thank you very much for the felted wool cat toy and extras. It is a winner! I'll email you a photo of it being enjoyed.
Comment: Thanks so much!!Its a beautiful ornament! Good job. Also thanks for the raw silk. I will put it to use. πŸ€“
Comment: I love both of your zines! Thank you for sharing with me and for hosting this fun swap!
Response: Thanks for taking time to rate and for the kind words.
Comment: Very fun!
Comment: Round 2 :) Excellent zines. I think "poop on the windshield" was my favorite Haiku (LOL) Touching tribute to your Mom on the back of the sense of self zine. I was raised in Oxnard, right around the corner from Ventura.
Comment: Great zines! The recipes made me hungry and the favorite things zine was just fun! Thank you
Comment: Thank you for the lovely zines! And thanks for hosting :)
Comment: Thank you very much! I really liked how your zine looked like an activity mini book. The haiku is amazing!
tam2016 rated for Goodie goodie private zine swap on Jun 24, 2021
Comment: Laura, I cannot find the words... the zine you made about your mother was fantastic and very moving! I really loved every bit of it! Also thank you for the recipes. Yes, I am going to give the brine a try! Thank you again for hosting this private swap with me. You are so sweet.
TeeB rated for Beginner zine swap creator's choice on Jun 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the adorable zines. Love the one about your mother, so sweet. Made me miss my own again/still. Thanks for hosting such a fun swap!
carrotkate rated for Seed swap grow your own on Jun 21, 2021
Comment: I loved the zine with recipes! TY!!
Christianmom rated for Seed swap grow your own on Jun 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you Laura for all the wonderful seeds you sent me and for the delicious sounding recipes. Can't wait to plant my seeds and to try these recipes. 😊
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing zines you sent me!! We were just given some sweet potatoes and I was looking for a different recipe for them, and then you sent me one. Thank you! All the other recipes looked wonderful too. Also, I have been trying to decide on some future plans and "I'm looking at my only Problem" is EXACTLY what has been holding me back, and the kick in the pants I have needed. I will put that quote next to my mirror and every time I look into the mirror I will tell myself that "I can do it!" Thank you for the INSPIRATION!
Comment: Thank you Laura, I love the card and the recipe zine! I’ll have to try that brine for sure! ❀️
Comment: Thank you forbthr swap. The cranberry chutney sounds great. I am envious of your playing roller derby. I have wanted to, but my knee and feet are already bad enough.
Comment: Thank you for the frog card and recipes. I look forward to making one or more. The ambrosia sounds yummy!

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Welcome back!

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Welcome back!

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Hey Hey, since you are one of my friends on here, and you seen to hav similar interests, I was wondering if you want to join my new group called mind, soul and body :] Heres the address to it if you are..http://www.swap-bot.com/group/0a93fdbdf25735d6129db22a21100379/about

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