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As you can see, most of my current profile is focused on my postcard interests, but if you happen to have questions about anything else, feel free to ask! :-)

General Interests:

Travel (especially train travel), music, GENEALOGY, pop culture, secondhand shops, old and independent movies, writing, reading (mostly nonfiction), occasionally scrapbooking or attempting other crafts, occasionally maintaining several blogs/journals, volunteering, learning, collecting various random things, watching scam-baiting videos, dogs, Siamese and gray-colored cats, the 1960's, fashion, New York City.

Postcard Wish List

Any card with the following subjects:

~Cats (especially SIAMESE CATS)

~Dogs (especially poodles, Bichons, Yorkies, or Silky Terriers)

~Other animals

~Daisies, sunflowers, or other flowers

~Vintage-style label cards, especially SEED PACKET LABELS (in honor of my great-great grandfather and his brother, both noted in their time for selling seeds!)



~New York City

~New England (especially RHODE ISLAND)

~CALIFORNIA (especially Los Angeles, Disneyland, the San Francisco Bay area, Mt. Shasta, and Santa Rosa/SEBASTOPOL/Sonoma County)

~Pennsylvania (especially the SCRANTON region; I like Lancaster County/Amish cards, too!)

~Germany (especially BAVARIA) and the Scandinavian countries

~Washington state

~Missouri (especially SPRINGFIELD/the Ozarks)

~Roadside attractions (i.e. giant peanuts, PAUL BUNYAN/MUFFLER MEN statues), DINERS, ROUTE 66, and the like

~"Greetings from..." cards from anywhere

~KITSCHY/tacky/weird cards, especially ones from the 1950's-1970's (i.e. similar to the kind of card featured on this blog )

~MAP CARDS! I now have at least one card for each of the U.S. states; thank you so much to everybody who helped me complete this collection! I'd still love to receive any map card: states, cities, countries, continents, subways, I welcome them all! (Especially vintage maps!)

Update, 5/20: I've moved a couple of times since posting the above paragraph about maps; and I recently realized that I'm missing several of my state map cards! They're very likely buried in a bin somewhere (possibly in storage). But just in case they're (sigh) gone forever, I'd especially love map cards from any of the following (currently missing from my collection) states: Iowa; Minnesota; Montana; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; North Carolina.


~RECIPE cards! This is the collection I'd like to focus on next; I'd love at least one "recipe" card from each U.S. state (international and other recipe cards are welcome, too!). I still have a long way to go with this goal, so for now I'll list the states that I do have at least one recipe card from: FL, GA, ID, KY, LA, MD, MA, NM, OH, TX.

(If you have a recipe card from one of the states I've listed and want to include it in a swap, that's definitely okay; just like with maps, I don't mind having more than one recipe for each state!)


~SNOOPY AND WOODSTOCK or other Peanuts characters, VINTAGE DISNEY CHARACTERS, or 1980's-era Strawberry Shortcake

~BLACK-AND-WHITE or color cards of classic Hollywood film/tv stars/musicians

~Vintage or vintage-style pinups

~Any vintage!

~EMBROIDERED SILK FABRIC CARDS, such as the ones designed by Elsi Gumier . One of the very first cards in my collection -- sent to me by a childhood pen pal -- featured a pair of flamenco dancers, with the woman dressed in a beautiful embroidered skirt! I still have this postcard and recently became curious about its roots. Upon searching, I didn't find much about the artist, but I learned that apparently there are several more of these embroidered cards still out there; and I'd LOVE to expand my collection of them!


Those are just some ideas; but I love most postcards, both touristy and non-touristy!

There are a few subjects I'm less excited about receiving; I wouldn't rate anybody down just for sending these (provided all swap requirements were met), but just for the record, I'm not much of a fan of: vampires; wizards, demons or most fantasy-type stuff; "hot", shirtless or scantily-clad "himbo" or "bimbo"-looking model types; crude or "R-rated" humor and... that's pretty much it, as far as dislikes go!

*As far as "controversial" topics: I'm open to religious/spiritual themes as long as they're respectful -- and political themes as long as they're non-biased or in a historical context (for example, I'm certainly not a "fan" of all of the U.S. presidents, but I'd still like to have a postcard of each of them, just for the historical aspect!).

Basically, anything goes as long as it's tasteful/respectful.

A bit more about postcards

-I love both touristy cards and non-touristy ones, but if I had to choose a favorite, at this time I'd lean more toward slightly preferring touristy cards. In swaps that call for sending multiple cards of either/or, it's always nice to receive a mix of both touristy and non-touristy. :-)

-If and whenever possible, please send 4x6 cards or 3x5 cards. I do like larger cards, too (and if you want to send them, that's fine; it's just harder for me to find places to store them, so I might be more inclined to pass these on).

-If you're wondering whether to send "naked" cards or blank ones in an envelope, whatever the swap calls for is fine. I definitely don't mind receiving single postcards "naked" and stamped (and most swaps that call for multiple cards will be sent in an envelope, anyhow!).

-I'm repeating myself, I know, but I always welcome and enjoy vintage postcards, even ones with messages on back! In fact, I love the ones with messages; it's fun to read them!

-With touristy cards, I generally prefer the location to be named on the front of the card (as opposed to cards with a full photo in front and the location only on the back). However, it's okay to send me cards where this isn't the case if you think I'll like the card.

-Cards from Zazzle and similar sites are okay if they're well-made. Hand-made cards are also nice to receive once in a while, so long as they aren't obviously rushed or slapped together (I've yet to join any specific handmade pc swaps since I'm not the greatest artist myself, but I've received some beautiful handmade cards in swaps that welcomed them!).

-I don't mind free/ad/promotional cards if they relate to any of my interests and/or to my postcard wish list. However, I'd VERY much prefer if the "ad" part didn't take up the back of the card.

Thank you to all of the swappers who have sent me such wonderful postcards so far!!


debbiespoms rated for Simple Map Postcard Swap on May 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you much for the Washington state postcard. Wow, Your mom's Pom lived till age 21?! It is said, they only live between ages 12 -15. My mama Pom of Isis died at age 12 and I did everything to keep her healthy too. But Isis will be 14 Aug. 17th and she is going strong.
Response: Yes, or it's possible that Harvey's age was a year or two off; the vet estimated that he was 6 years old when my parents adopted him, though, and they had him for 15 years. So sorry about Isis's mama; I've lost furbabies at a younger age than expected so I understand that feeling. May you have many more wonderful years with Isis! Thanks so much for the rating and heart!
Comment: Love Pretty Woman, can imagine that I would buy a soundtrack too. So cool that you've some famous relatives, I haven't as far as I know, tracked my ancestors back to 1500.
Comment: I love reading your answers. Your honesty is refreshing. And I'm sorry for the spelling error; I just copied the questions.
Response: Thanks for the kind comment/rating (and heart!), and also for hosting these fun swaps! LOL, the spelling error was no big deal; I knew you'd copied it. Plus, I'm fairly certain that I had an typing error or two in my answers (unfortunately not noticed until after sending!). Anyway, thanks again. :-)
Comment: Thank you very much for the lovely email & all my apologies for the late rating from me. <3
Comment: Thanks for sharing your answers! I enjoyed reading your answers! I asked my daughter (10 yo) if she would get slapped for $100 and she said yes, but she would slap them back as soon as she got the $100! I didn't think of that! Take care!
Comment: Thank you for the answers. They were not dark at all. I find it interesting how similar we really are.
Comment: This was a lot of fun! I will be posting the 3 swaps to finish the list in the next day or two. If you don't see them, please poke me to remind me.
sleepykitty rated for Expand my Vocab PC USA #33 on Jul 29, 2020
Comment: Great card for this swap! :) Thanks so much for the vocab boost! Stay safe and healthy.
carol rated for Expand my Vocab PC USA #33 on Jul 23, 2020
Comment: Haha! Loved "aswing"
Comment: Pretty PC, thank you
Comment: LOVE this marquee postcard. Did you get this from a set? I'd love to find more of these. Thanks so much for sending!!
Response: Glad you loved the card! Yes, that came from a postcard book called "Haiku on 42nd Street: A Celebration of Urban Poetry and Art" that I found at Half-Price Books for like $2. I'm not sure where it was originally sold or who from, but it looks like there might be some copies floating around Ebay. Thanks so much for joining my swap; and thanks so much, too for the rating and heart! :-)
DixieDiane rated for Survey for Cat Parents! on May 5, 2020
Comment: Enjoyed your answers
SatisHuman rated for Survey for Cat Parents! on May 2, 2020
Comment: I loved reading your email about Maggi. I cried over Richard. I really liked his memorial. I want to make one for my previous Sati that just passed. Great swap!
Response: Thank you so much for joining and for your kind words!
euniceq rated for Song Scavenger Hunt on Apr 12, 2020
Comment: I don't usually listen to songs of these genres, but I did like quite a few! I agree with you about Karen Carpenter's voice; I grew up listening to her, as my father loved the Carpenters!
CookieMomster78 rated for Song Scavenger Hunt on Apr 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the excellent list! I can actually enjoy many of these songs in your playlist, so I’m excited!
StardustForThePoet rated for Song Scavenger Hunt on Apr 3, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your list and adding the links! I had not heard most of the songs before. :)
Comment: Thank you for the lovely postcard, and thank you for creating and hosting this swap!
Comment: Thank you for the Washington state map. It is a great addition to my collection.
Jenicat rated for Halloween Playlist on Oct 26, 2019
Comment: Thank you for sharing your playlist and joining my swap. There are some songs on here that I have not heard and I look forward to listening. I appreciate the YouTube links. Happy Halloween! 🎃
Mrrranda rated for Halloween Playlist on Oct 22, 2019
Comment: This is a good list! Sixteen Horsepower (and Wovenhand, too) have a lot of creepy songs... my go to is "Phyllis Ruth," with that bit where David Eugene Edwards asks, "How far is Heaven?" and follows it with "I'LL GO TONIGHT".... And somehow I made it this far into my life without knowing Klaus Nomi has a version of "Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead," so thank you for fixing that 😹

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