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July 2022 - 🤗 wow been away longer than I had intended. 🧩 So for the most part, every thing looks about the same. I've had the same job for going on 11 years now, I miss my mom everyday but I still love to read (just don't do it as much anymore), I crochet instead of knit (I even teach 8-11 year olds how to crochet), both my girls are adults and 1 has given me a beautiful granddaughter. I'm in a book club with some co-workers so I have expanded my adventures to include suspense and mystery. I plan on returning to swapping slowly but looking forward to it, always enjoyed them so much.

To any of my former swap partners; I enjoyed and still cherish many of those swaps. I have a dottie doll wall as well as several book marks, book art and post card collections. Thank you ❤

September 2014 - My mother recently passed away, I have finally sent out the last of the swaps that I had signed up for prior to..... Thank you for your understanding. I am not planning on doing very many swaps for a while, between my job and my emotions, I am having a difficult time.

  • If you are a group leader and feel my non-participation is grounds to remove me from the group, please know that I understand and when I am able I might reapply to the group.

December 2013 - Ever since Summer, this job has been kicking my pants this year. I have not been much in the mood for swapping (I probably should be though, it might actually help my mood a bit). I hope to get the emotional elements under control enough that I feel the desire to come back and swap and craft and talk. But just now seems to be a bit too overwhelming for me. If there is a group founder or officer that feels my non-participation is enough to boot me from a group, I get it and that is fine but know that I may be around later to re-insert myself into the group. Hope everyone has a Fabulous Holiday ....... See you next time ;-)

July 2013 - finally I am back home. I am getting all my packages opened and I am getting them rated. Got some fantastic swaps while I was gone. Thanks again for being so patient in getting the rating from me. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

June 2013 - I am finally going on vacation. I have sent out all the swaps that I signed up for but have not received them all. I will rate as soon as I get them, hubby will let me know when they arrive and I will follow up with a rating for the content after I get back. I hope that all my partners understand this and will be patient with me. Thanks in advance ~ Debbie

May 2013 - Less than a week left of school. YEAH!!!!! I am so eager to get back to Swapping. I have missed so much working full time this year. Fun stuff to work with and I am planning on hosting a few swaps this summer.
Wish me luck, I have not done that yet.

7/12/12 - Finally I got home yesterday. I was able to get through all the fun stuff I have received and got my ratings posted today. Thanks so much to all the wonderful swappers that have been so patient with me this month.

7/6/12 - I was suppose to be home tomorrow, but life as we know can through things that we don't expect. I will not be home for a few more days. I am sorry for the delay, I know that several swaps are sitting at home waiting for my attention (my hubby is there and he told me so).

I will rate as soon as I get there, please be patient with me. Thanks for your understanding.

6/2/12 - I am going on vacation.
I have only joined a few swaps, I will be able to make the swaps from my end, but I wanted my partners to know that I will not be able to receive and then rate till July. I will be out of town, any swaps sent to me will be safe but I will not see them till I return (July 7th). Most of the swaps that I have signed up for end around the end of June or in July. This should not be a problem, but I wanted you to know it.
* I don't think this group exists anymore.
Friendship Circle profile

I am
a mother, a wife, a crafter, a reader, a walker, and can be found on the computer a lot.
I am
big into recycling, my kids are big into recycling and some of our craft projects contain stuff that have been recycled (so don't be surprised if you get something that has been recycled, up-cycled or re-purposed). I also tend to re-use envelopes, especially the padded ones.

  • I like to think of myself as crafty, but not sure how good I am compared to some of you regulars. I hope I can do ok.

  • Please be patient with me while I get my barrings with this site, this style of sharing and these guidelines of crafting.

Thanks ~ Debbie

Favorite Books & Movies .....

I am an avid reader (see my bookshelf on GoodReads or LibraryThing). I enjoy romance, especially historical romance, paranormal romance, contemporary romance and have been enjoying young adult novels. Don't do much in the way of Non-Fiction, horror, religious or war related.

Among my favorite authors there are ..... Sarah Addison Allen, Christine Feehan, Debbie Macomber, Gena Showalter, Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Meyer, Frewin Jones, Nicolas Sparks, Danielle Steel, Jacquelyn Franks, Laura Wright, Patricia Briggs, Sabrina Jefferies, (did I mention I like to read) .... ect, ect.

I really like to watch TV and Movies too. I like movies and TV shows that are based on book like Twilight Saga, True Blood (Sookie), Stardust, Princess Bride, Mrs. Miracle, ect.
* More Favorite Movies .....
- Hildago, Outbreak, Young Frankenstein, Simple Wish, Taken, Beetlejuice, and more.
* More Favorite TV .....
- Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Monk, CSI's, Bones, House, Grimm, Castle, a long-time watcher of Days of Our Lives and more.

Favorite Crafts

I am a big crafter (get it from my mom), have enjoyed knitting and crocheting for years, recently started to learn how to quilt (doing a Block of the Month on Craftsy). Done a lot of paper crafts lately including scrap booking, card making, stamping and bookmarks. I have done some (but not much) beading and jewelry making. Recently started making hair bows for my kids and allllll their friends. (Will be posting pictures of bows on my flickr, but they are not there yet)

What I am .....

What I have to help decide what I like and / or want .....

I have 2 kids (both girls),
I have 2 cats (both girls), my poor husband is surrounded by us girls.
I enjoy watching movies and tv,
Love to collect books and bookmarks too.
I volunteer at kids schools,
I like to run 5K's (for fun),
Have an assortment of t-shirts and jeans.
I spent lots of time at the public library,
I am learning sign language,
I like the color blue (most all shades),
I like the number 3,
I seem to be collecting ribbon and fat quarters now days.
I also like stationary - paper products.

I love the moon and the promise of a new day to follow.
mmm what else,

let me know if you can think of anything else I should include and I will.

Thanks for including me in this great Swap-bot site.

What I want .....

  • I am new at this, so anything goes - for now. I may change that statement later.

  • Items I am looking for --

    • I have recently started a few quilting projects and would like a variety of Fat Quarters (18x22) all 100% cotton please
    • I have been making hair bows with takes a lot of ribbon (grosgrain - 1/2 " or smaller is preferred) any color is good
    • I am a knitter, I would like to add to my collection of yarn (cotton, wool or spun bamboo) any weight or color
    • Stationary items will never be a miss with me, I love notes pads, pens, paper, envelopes, stickers, cards and even post it pads.
    • I am a reader and have a large collection of bookmarks, store bought, hand made, collectible or basic everyday usable.
    • I have recently started collecting state postcards too. I would like to collect from all around the world, but I will start small and hope the USA.
    • I like tea - hot tea, cold tea, green tea, white tea, black tea, herbal tea, ect. My favorite of the moment is Chai teas, specifically spiced Chai - but that could change. I do prefer the individually wrapped bags, please.
    • Love to learn new ways of doing things, learning a new craft or a new technique, even a new recipe (although I am not a very good cook)
    • I use incense occasionally, I prefer melting wax but also use cones and sticks (cinnamon, rain, light floral - mostly baking or natural scents)
    • I am addicted to lip balms, I prefer ones with sun screen, moisturizers or medicated. Both lip balms and gum, I like mints. I occasionally use fruity (NOT a big fan of Carmex though). I typically use Blistex as a good old stand by, but often find other brands to try.
    • I have started making dotee dolls (not the greatest yet, but working on it).
    • Have also started making FB's, only made a few and gotten a few - not sure if I like them, but will continue doing them for a while, fun to do something new and meet people that also like to do different things.

** Other things that I would like are:

  • Never done a matchbox or tea bag craft but would love to try if I could see one first it would be better. (Ok, now that I have seen a tea bag folding, I am even for eager to try ..... soon.)
  • I had never heard of Kawaii until I started swapping her on Swap-Bot, have to say I am interested now. Wouldn't mind getting some and learning more about them.

  • Been doing Playing Card Swaps, I am actually building a new deck and getting a few extra for altering into ATC's. What fun, but I am still missing some (a lot actually).

  • DON'T WANT ..... Not much of a list here.

    • I don't like coffee.
    • I don't like Carmex lip care products
    • I don't like or wear perfume, I am allergic to some so best not any.
    • Don't like rude people. (my husband hates it) I give everyone the benefit of doubt - as long as you try to do what is expected / asked of you.

Flakers .....

I am a little bummed, one of my first swaps - I sent mine out, marked it sent, received mine, rated the sender, but one of the people I sent to (it was a 5 partner swap) still has not rated me. I have seen several people call out flakers on this site and I may do the same ..... later.

I just wanted to say that ..... * I will send out (hopefully) on time but I will never NOT send out my swap. I have been doing 'exchanges' on other sites for a long time and been late a few times, but never neglected to send out my exchange. * I will always rate within a day or 2 of receiving my swaps. I don't like waiting to know if someone got something and so I won't make anyone else wait to see if I got a swap.
* I really like this site so far and want to do my part to keep it going and to keep others doing it with me.

  • I don't go to the post office everyday, but I am willing to try just about any swap.

Please don't flake on me - I won't flake on you :)


LoveCyn rated for AMA: Collaboration PC #117 on Jan 26, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the sweet postcard! I’ll be passing it along again soon! 😊
Comment: Very pretty design—I love the colors you chose. Thank you for a Bright surprise in the mailbox!
fbresnah rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #97 on Jan 20, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the card will pass it along. I love the handmade envelope. I’ve tried to make some myself, but they never come out right lol.
Response: Lol, I have struggled with it myself. I'm not sure I can even do another but I just keep trying. Thank you.
shellbee8 rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #97 on Jan 17, 2023
Comment: Thank you! I’ll be sending the full one home!
JBFR rated for 23 Stamped Images in 2023 on Jan 13, 2023
Comment: wow, wow that's magic! I love the stamped images you sent me, it's just too beautiful! You have chosen very well! I love everything you sent me! Thanks !
Response: Oh, I am so glad you likes them, those are some of my favorites that I use regularly. ❤️
Comment: Wow this was an awesome surprise when nothing arrived today. Would love to swap nothing again soon ❤️
Comment: Hi Debbie,thanks for the postcard. Yeah it did reach in 1 piece 😁. I'm still in denial that 2022 has ended. I'm always on a holiday mood. Good thing that Chinese new year is in less than 2 weeks..so more holidays for me!
ÇisnerosV rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #95 on Jan 11, 2023
Comment: Thank you
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: This one made me nervous, still don't know if I did it correct. Thanks for the rating.
Comment: Thank you for the pretty New Year's postcard. We survived the ice storm. I hope warmer days are ahead for both Oregon and Oklahoma. Happy swapping in 2023.
explore rated for HMPC: Botanical love - December on Jan 3, 2023
Comment: Thank you for your handmade postcard. The layering looks cool! Indeed I feel warmer now. Happy new year!!
Comment: Your masterboard resend card is here. Thank you and Happy New Year! :)
Response: I'm so glad that one made it, sorry the 1st is lost somewhere between. Always fun Swapping with you 😊
Ace330660 rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #94 on Jan 2, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the PC's. I will gladly pass them along. Happy New Year !
Comment: Thank you for sending me two. One to send home and one to pass along. Happy New Year.
KristenCat rated for Round Robin Traveling PC Swap #94 on Dec 27, 2022
Comment: thanks for the swap. i will pass them on the next round.
Eulegirl rated for Chunk O Cardboard - December 2022 on Dec 21, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the fun Mountain Dew chunk. That will be a great addition to my postcard wall at school!!
Response: Very neat idea, thanks for adding me.
camelsamba rated for HMPC: Bah Humbug PC on Dec 17, 2022
Comment: thanks for the cheerful pastel masterboard postcard!
Response: I am really enjoying this technique, so happy you liked it.
Eulegirl rated for Coloring Collab 2022 #10 on Dec 16, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the card! I look forward to passing it along
Comment: Wowsers, 4 travelers. I am happy to move these along on the next round. Thank you.
Response: I know, this round I luckily got 2 & 3.

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