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Date Joined: January 5, 2008
Last Online: March 4, 2015
Birthday: July 18, 1979
Country: United States
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About Me

If possible, PLEASE use interesting stamps on your mail to me and don't overlap them. Thanks! :)

I attended medical school in Cleveland, Ohio until I got pregnant with my first son in February 2004 (which was planned). I was only going to take a 1 year leave of absence but then couldn't bring myself to leave my son and go back. I do hope to finish my medical degree one day. I work as a medical transcriptionist for 2 psychiatrists. I have lived in Maine nearly my whole life (except for a year in Vermont and a year in Texas) but have been living in beautiful Southwestern Florida since October 2008. I love the warm weather, palm trees and gorgeous beaches, but do miss seeing snow on Christmas. My favorite temperature is a dry 90 degree Texas evening. I love flip flops and would wear them all year round if it stayed warm enough. I wear a size 11 shoe, 12 pants and L tops (but shirts need to be long, as I am almost 6' tall.)

My favorite color is PINK! But I also like purple and aqua. My least favorite colors are yellow, orange, black, and red.


My Interests

My hobbies are reading, crafts, playing games on my iPad (esp. Happy Street, Hay Day, Smurfs' Village, the Sims, etc.), swimming, biking, kayaking, geocaching, hiking at state parks, and collecting. I collect pressed pennies, stamps, postcards, kawaii stickers/stationary, trading cards, used phone cards and gift cards.

I have a great love of being in nature and seeing the beauty of it all around me. I also love to travel. I have been to 29/50 US states, Canada, Germany and Russia. I have always dreamed of living abroad for a year. I LOVE inspirational quotes, cherry blossoms, anything Asian, USA/patriotic, French, hearts, sweets (cupcakes, donuts, etc.), kittens, dolphins, ballet, butterflies, flowers and other girly things. :) I HATE polka dots, retro, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, ALL Tim Burton films, owls, skulls, snakes, clowns, Goth, and anything strange, morbid or grotesque.

Pets: I am a bit of a bleeding heart when it comes to pets needing to be adopted. I currently have a cat named Sweetie, a German Shepherd named Lexy, a guinea pig named Cutie, a rabbit named Thumper and a bird named Peanut. I love cats most of all but I am closest to my dog. She never leaves my side.

KAWAII: I love Sanrio/San-X/Q-Lia/Mindwave/Fortissimo/Kamio Japan. I'm not a big fan of Crux, although some of it is okay. My favorites are Hello Kitty, My Melody, Chococat, Little Twin Stars, Mamegoma, Kutusita Nyanko, Clover Town, Sakura, Happy Colors, ANY of the sweets/food with faces (especially the ones with real photos of food. This is my #1 love.) and in general I like most cats and bears. I do NOT like Sentimental Circus or skulls. My favorite kawaii items are letter sets, envelopes, deco tape, stickers (especially sheets and plexiglass flakes), memos of all sizes (especially die-cut!), Iwako erasers (new only), mechanical pencils (used is fine), unsharpened wooden pencils, and stackable drawers. I also love Princess White from Orange Story and Disney, especially Mickey, but don't want to receive it in a kawaii swap, nor any non-Japanese items (from Target, dollar store, etc) most of it is not cute to me, especially the "fake" Hello Kitty things.

For swaps involving sticker flakes: I would greatly appreciate receiving the complete set from the sack, instead of a bunch of loose random ones, as it is easier to add to my album this way. The same goes for memo sheets, as well.

Stamps: I prefer commemorative stamps that were issued within the last 10 years. I collect stamps from all countries but prefer USA, Finland and Japan. I also like ones from the UK, Germany, Canada, Israel, and Australia. My favorite stamps are ones that are colorful, look like a photo of a place or are of a popular cartoon character. I do not like canceled to order (CTO) stamps or vintage. I collect used stamps, first day covers, new plate blocks and mini souvenir sheets. Please no torn, folded or thin stamps. I recently started a stamp blog to show off the stamps I receive on my mail. You can see it here: my stamp collection and my stamp wishlist


My favorite types of postcards are:

  • Map cards showing the whole country/state/island with cities marked

  • Large city views

  • Collage

  • Lenticular (moving picture 3D)

  • Shaped/diecut!

  • Geisha/maiko

  • Hello Kitty/Sanrio

  • Kawaii smiling food!

  • Disney

  • Thomas Kinkade

  • Waterfalls

  • Bridges

  • Fountain statues

  • Capitol buildings

  • Temples/cathedrals

  • Castles

  • Lighthouses

  • Famous landmarks

  • Fairmail (www.fairmail.info)

  • Nouvelles Images multiples

  • Recipes

  • Photo postcards of FOOD, especially cupcakes, candy and ice cream

  • Cute cats/kittens (photo only please)

  • Stamp image postcards (i.e. USPS)

  • Maxi cards with matching stamp

  • License plates

  • USA patriotic/military (esp. Army)

  • Football stadiums

  • Large letter state names with pictures inside the letters

  • any from my postcard wishlist.

4x6" or bigger, please. In fact, the bigger the better! :) I love 5x7's and panoramics. ~Please send the postcards unwritten & in an envelope, if possible.~ I do not like the destroyed look that they arrive in when mailed "naked". Even if the swap is for a written/stamped postcard, (I don't usually join many of this type) hearts will go to those who send nice unwritten cards.

I dislike old/vintage looking, black & white, strange and handmade postcards. Please no stained/damaged postcards and NO ZAZZLE! They are not even correct postcard size.

Here are the ones I already have: My USA postcard collection AND My INTERNATIONAL postcard collection ALSO My FOOD postcard collection AND My ART postcard collection

Favorite Books

Danielle Steel, Nicholas Sparks, Jenna Petersen, Heather Gudenkauf, Philippa Gregory, Pat Conroy, Beverly Lewis, romance novels, especially historical (1800's) romance, and anything on Asian culture and paper crafts. I'm very intrigued by the 1800's when life was simple, proper and so many things were secret and taboo.

I do not like anything involving murder or horror. I'm also not a fan of science fiction or fantasy.

I love magazines. My favorites are travel, crafts, cooking, and womens. I would be happy to receive any of these types of magazines. They do not need to be new or recent issues.

Favorite Movies & Music

Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pearl Harbor, Memoirs of a Geisha, Armageddon, Cars, Toy Story, Kung Fu Panda, 10 Things I Hate About You, Titanic, Cutting Edge, Dirty Dancing, and Jeff Foxworthy: Totally Committed. (Of course, I already own all these DVDs.) I don't watch much TV but I do like Survivor.

My favorite singer of all time is Kelly Clarkson. I am so in love with her! I also like The Eagles, Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar), Blessid Union of Souls, the Goo-Goo Dolls, P!nk, Rascal Flatts, Lonestar, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, 80s rock and country music.

Favorite Crafts

I learned to knit last summer and LOVE it! So far I have knit a scarf, felted purse, at least a dozen dishcloths and an afghan. I love knitting on circular needles, and felting/working with 100% wool yarn the best.

I also love making earrings, felt food, yo-yo's, hair accessories, counted cross stitch, painting (on slate, ceramic, etc.), scrapbooking, envelope making and other paper crafts. I love paper crafts in general and could never have enough paper! I love matchboxes, ATCs and inchies. I started making all 3 shortly after I found this website and I'm really pleased with the results. :) Lately making glass marble magnets, fabric covered buttons and notebooks with my book binder are my biggest obsessions. I have a weakness for handmade note cards and tags. I've never made any of my own but love buying them. I hope to try making my own soon. I got a sewing machine for my 30th birthday, so I'm learning how to machine sew. Right now I am making a ton of reusable sandwich bags. Love them! Any easy sewing patterns or knitting patterns for useful items would be very much appreciated.

I have been crafting since I was a little girl and have tried just about every craft at least once at some point in my life. Everyone in my family is very crafty. I have taken several Art classes in high school and in college. Two of my 11 x 14 pencil drawings were chosen to be displayed in art shows 2 years in a row. (But it has been more than 10 years since I last drew anything.) I also won the contest at my high school and got to paint my mural on the wall (which was about 6' x 8'). Although, I don't consider myself to be "artsy", as it doesn't come easy to me. It takes me many, many hours to complete one drawing. I admit that I am very much a perfectionist.

My Boys

My 10 year old (Ethan) loves LEGOS, Angry Birds, swimming (He's on the Y swim team), books, board games (especially Monopoly) and VIDEO GAMES. He is wearing a size 10 in clothing and wants to be a teacher when he grows up. He LOVES school and has a deep love of learning, so would love anything educational, especially anything having to do with Math and numbers, which he is gifted in. He collects written/stamped postcards. You can read more about his preferences here. 

My 8 year old (Evan) loves Star Wars, Minecraft, Lego MINIFIGURES and Hero Factory, VIDEO GAMES, rock music (especially AC/DC), FOOTBALL, military themes, and I Spy type books. He is very creative and wants to be a NFL player when he grows up. He is wearing a size 7. He loves getting mail, especially humorous and cartoon postcards. So any postcard sent to him (with his name written on it) would be greatly appreciated.

40 Things I'd love to receive

  • I'd love to have a few new penpals from Japan or South Korea!

  • Anything from my Etsy favorites

  • Bento box accessories! - cutters, punches, dividers, sauce containers, food picks, anything!

  • Rement or doll house minatures - used is fine!

  • Kinder egg toys. (It's too hot here even in the winter for the chocolate to survive but I'm addicted to the cute toys.)

  • Kawaii anything!

  • Pressed coins (Pennies/Quarters/Euros/etc.) *For pennies - pre-82 only, please.

  • Foreign coins/banknotes

  • Postcards - see interests above

  • Chinese red envelopes or other Chinese New Year items. (I was born in the year of the sheep.)

  • Stickers (no teacher/reward ones, please) - I especially like dimensional stickers, Sticko, Lisa Frank, Rachael Hale, holiday, and Shady Lion modules.

  • Cute mechanical or unused wooden pencils

  • Bookmarks - store-bought or beautiful free ones are great too!

  • Cereal box or kids meal toys/books (McDonald's, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A, etc.) Especially these

  • NFL football items (such as Panini sticker trading cards or Teenymates figures from blind packs, or gumball machines items) - we collect all the teams but are favorites are the Panthers and Cowboys.

  • Dan-o-nino magnets - the ones that come free inside the Dannon yogurt packs.

  • Playing cards - even just one from a deck would be great, as I collect individual cards.

  • Return address labels

  • Handmade note cards

  • ATCs/Inchies

  • Handmade amigurumi, stuffies or felt food (or patterns to make these)

  • Bottlecaps - new or already altered

  • Paper scraps

  • Rub-ons

  • Fabric with tiny prints - 1" (3cm) or smaller. I especially love Japanese import, Hello Kitty, children's, holiday, and marbled. I also like TINY polka dot and gingham cotton fabrics. (I can use pieces as small as 2"). No fabrics you can see through, please! (i.e. with holes between the threads)

  • Grosgrain ribbon - I can use pieces as small as 7".

  • Jewlery findings & charms (preferably in sets of 2 of the same for making earrings.)

  • Wool felt scraps, roving or balls

  • Sculpey/Fimo embellishments

  • Buttons - especially tiny 5 mm ones with holes, shaped ones, and any with a shank.

  • Brads

  • Ephemera – especially dictionary pages, and anything in a language other than English.

  • Used card fronts (and the little pictures that are sometimes on the back) - I reuse them in craft projects.

  • Small collage images (around 1/2 inch)

  • Trading cards - any

  • Used gift cards (although, I wouldn't be opposed to one with a balance on it. XD Especially to Amazon, iTunes, Target, Walmart or Publix.)

  • Used phone cards

  • Postage stamps - new/used/FDC (see interests above)

  • Box Tops/Campbell’s Labels For Education

  • Any COUPONS you won't use. The most I've ever used in a week is $100. My biggest savings ever was 85% (which is pretty good since none of the stores here double coupons)! My favorites are: Food (especially cereal, cheese, coffee, crackers, gluten-free, ice cream, Motts, Prego, Ragu, soup), dry cat food, body wash/bar soap, disposable razors, Pure Silk shaving cream, Reach floss, Puffs, ALL, and Fantastik. I can use internet printed coupons but no store specific ones please.

More dislikes not listed above

  • Tea

  • Profanity (even when abbreviated)

  • Pleople who try to convert me to their religion - while I appreciate that there are other religions, I will never be anything but a devout Catholic.

  • Anything promoting/referencing alcohol or drinking. I was married to an alcoholic for several years and this brings back bad memories of what it did to the kids and I. Plus I never drink alcohol.

  • Poorly done handmade items! (If the swap is for 1 item) I would much rather receive one well done item than 4 that are sloppy looking and were thrown together really fast. I spend a lot of time and take pride in what I send, and it is such a disappointment to receive something crappy in return.

  • Strong floral scents (such as lilacs), scented dryer sheets AND cigarette smoke. (I have migraines and these things trigger them.)

  • I can't say this enough becaue I keep getting them - NO VINTAGE POSTCARDS, please! And NO ZAZZLE!

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tao67 rated for Touristy postcards in envelope #1 on Jan 23, 2015
Comment: I love the postcards Erin. The Florida one is my favorite :-) Thank you!
Jannified rated for Touristy postcards in envelope #1 on Dec 23, 2014
Comment: Just received them postcards today. Thank you for being thoughtful.... the sea turtles of Florida sure are cute! Also you gave me an extra postcard by accident or maybe you meant to give it to me.... thank you! I apprecitate it (:
Comment: thanks for the pc's and thanks for looking at my profile to pick something I would like. where did you get the sleeve to put them in? thats a good idea happy holidays Laura
paperpusher rated for small kawaii swap :) on Dec 15, 2014
Comment: Thank you for the awesome kawaii memos and flakes, Erin! I love them all! I really like the postcards, too! Thank you so much! :)
wildernessnomad rated for USA only penny swap on Jun 20, 2014
Comment: I love the manatee one! I have never seen one in person...yet.
young46356 rated for STAMP SWAP #1 on Jun 17, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the stamps and postcards. I no longer collect stamps, only did that as a teen, although I still have my old stamp books. Now I send colorful, interesting, or old stamps to my goddaughter in Austria. Her father was my college roommate.
Rarie61 rated for Tourist PC Swap USA #6 on Jun 17, 2014
Comment: Hi Erin, I just love the colorful card of the Parrots i have a parakeet and he is green so I call him Jade. Thanks for sending, I hope you have a great day!
dawnakaulen rated for Tourist PC Swap USA #6 on Jun 16, 2014
Comment: Gorgeous birds, thank you!
suesuzieq rated for Not My state PC Swap #3 on Jun 13, 2014
Comment: I've heard a lot about the Pictured Rocks area in Michigan--I'd like to visit. And now, I'd like to visit Florida. I'll take your advice and stay at the state parks! Thanks. (I'd give a heart, but my computer won't let me select the square, it won't stick.) :(
mmiatsu rated for PostCrossing Swap #1 on Jun 12, 2014
Comment: This is so cool! And the Harry Potter stamps too! Thank you :)
simcoe54 rated for USED POSTCARD SWAP #2014-02 on Jun 6, 2014
Comment: Yes, I do remember you & the beanie baby cards. Thanks for the great selection of postcards as well as the wedding stickers. They will come in handy.
Cathleya rated for Private swap paflip25 & Cathleya on Aug 3, 2013
Comment: Erin, I can't thank you enough for such a great swap. I simply LOVE everything you sent me. Thank you so much for taking the time to carefully pack everything, letter sets and sticker flakes. I can see that you packed this swap with love and care. It was a pleasure to swap with you, I had a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to swapping with you again in the future. For now, I hope you have a quick recovery!!
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful kimono! I love the extra paper too. I didn't know that there was matching paper and fabric combinations...Thanks again, Marjorie
Comment: I'm super super love the cinnamoroll stickers. Thanks a lot :)
sebastian122 rated for From the same flake sack on Jun 26, 2013
Comment: First of all, get better! Second of all, holy crap! This is one of the most amazing swaps I've ever gotten! Anyone else reading this BE JEALOUS! You went so above and beyond you must be on Jupiter! Thank you so much, and thank you for joining my swap. Better yet?
Response: Oh, I'm so glad you were pleased with it. I know how much you love stickers and you definitely deserve it.
Comment: Got my little envelope of goodies and I love everything! Thank you so much for the extra memo sheets with the "real" puppies on them - I love them - they are so cute! Hope your surgery went well and you are on your way to a speedy recovery - I'm thinking about you!! Thanks for swapping with me!!
Comment: Thank you! I don't have any of these! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
rachelcdoyle rated for KSU: 10 Letter Set Swap - June! on Jun 15, 2013
Comment: Great letter sets!!!! In all fairness, a lot of my letter sets are duplicates. I usually buy 2 or 3 of my favorites so that I have some to share / use / keep. ;) I always love getting ones both new and ones that I have. They go in my "write my husband and penpals" bin that's full of loose lettersets. Which reminds me, I should write him tonight. :) Thank you again!!!!! <3
Response: I'm so glad you are happy with them. :) I remember those days . . . I used to write a letter to my husband everyday when he was deployed with the Army. He would have died of embarrassment had I used a kawaii letter set, though! LOL. I wish you both the best! I know how hard it is.
JemStone rated for Deco Tape Postcard round 4 on Jun 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you for another wonderful Deco Tape postcard. Haha. I love the clover tape. Thank you for joining my swap!
ColoradoKate rated for KSU:Memo Sheets w/a Catch! on Jun 3, 2013
Comment: Thanks so much for reading my profile, and yes, many of the memos were new to me! Thank you!!!

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Get well soon! I hope you're already making progress. xoxoxo

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Hi there! I hope all is well and that you are having a speedy recovery! You are my partner for two swaps and I have sent them with some little extra surprises. :) They are on their way to you now so I hope when you receive them they will brighten up your day!

Hope you are doing well!


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