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Last Online: May 8, 2021
Birthday: November 12
Country: United States
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About Me

That's me, Steph (she/her)! I'm a 40-something nerdy, social misfit from Florida. I live with my husband and adult daughter in Tallahassee, Florida, amongst the pine trees. I was born and raised on the coast in the Tampa Bay Area (200 miles south of here). I love my state, crazy as it can get some times.

I'm a homemaker and try to cram as much creative playtime into my day as possible between one boring chore or another. I’m obsessed with making things. I’ve been at it for awhile now - crafting for at least 20 years (going back to when I scrapbooked my daughter’s babyhood) and I've tried oodles of things. For the past 12 years I’ve been focused on paper/mixed media art and swapping. Right now I’m all about mail art, gluebooks, ATCs, artbooks/zines, and just generally gluing paper to paper. I got myself a Gel Press for my 40th birthday in 2019 and am over the moon about it.

I am very enthusiastically a homebody, thanks to some major introversion and social anxiety (and general anxiety, let's be real). I have the social instincts of a goat sometimes. Making art (and swapping) is my way of coping with the internal junk and connecting with people. Crafting is the great neutralizer; I'll talk shop with literally anyone, damn the shyness and social anxiety.

Beyond art and cleaning up messes, meme, movie and TV references rule my world. I enjoy β€œairplane naps” on the couch, watching entirely too much TV, road trips and thrifting.

Private Swaps

I don't like to blindly promise things, but if you want to do a private swap, I'm 99.9% sure I'd be down for it, lol. ATCs, mail art, paper goodies, arty books, painty papers...a week doesn't go by where I haven't worked on some project(s). If we've swapped 0 or 100 times before, I don't care, name a project and let's do it! TBH I'd be thrilled just to be asked to do a private swap.

HAHA! ahem.

Besides swapping here, I'm on ATCsforALL (same name), IUOMA, sendsomething.net and host a monthly ATC swap on Instagram. I'm working on setting up a blog, but it's slow-going.

Open Mail Art Exchange
Funky Junky Paper Punks

Crafty Arty Projects

This is the "artsy" side of my craft cave, where I make all the things. You can usually find me here, avoiding housework. I'm very lucky in that we were able to find a house with a converted garage, so I get my craftroom to myself and we still have a guestroom/game room.

I'm very much a maximalist when it comes to design/decor/art and recently discovered a thing called "cluttercore" so, yes....sign me up for that, too. I was into that way before it was cool, baby. πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

Favorite Things to Make

  • ATCs, skinnies, handmade postcards
  • artbooks, zines & gluebooks
  • stickered up postcards & empty envelopes ("sticker bombs")
  • stuffed supply envelopes (random or themed)
  • painted papers (gel prints & other methods)
  • lists & questionnaires (creative/handmade, not email)
  • wall art, canvasses, altered art, assemblages, repainted figurines.

My style leans a little eclectic. I love making things in a scrappy, colorful, busy collage style. I love quirky/offbeat characters, irreverence, humor and not taking (artsy) things too seriously. Though I can also throw down the classically pretty, "proper" styles when the time/mood calls for it. I mix together any sort of paper things I can get my hands on: office supplies, stationery, gift wrapping stuff, thrifted books/mags, catalogs, scrapbooking supplies, handmade papers, printables. I'm a thrift store stalker and discount department store hunter.

Some recent ATCs.

Here's some of my older mail art from back in the day.

Likes, Aesthetics, Etc.

I like a wide variety of stuff and constantly crave eye candy. Hopefully, if you're looking for ideas for personal swaps or happy mail, you can find some below.

That being said, most of the swaps I join/host are handmade sender's choice swaps (or technique/theme based). I really love seeing people's creativity and knowing how much they enjoyed making something how they wanted to make it. Be you, do you, enjoy yourself and I'll appreciate whatever you make. πŸ’–

Happy Makers

I love bright, bold colors. I don't have a favorite; I love them all. Turquoise, chartreuse (current craft cave color), sunshine yellow (current kitchen color), hot pink, deep purple, candy apple red. I love rainbows, neons (both colors and neon signs), brighter pastels, unusual combos.

I like all kinds of themes/styles involving lots of color, pattern & texture: Zetti, outsider art, 70s/80s aesthetic, graffiti, mixed media collage, boho hippie, psychedelic, Memphis design, cyberpunk, retro futurism, abstract, pop art.

Happy, upbeat art is my jam, but I also like the darker side of things, too. Spooky, macabre, Gothic art, occult, anatomy illustrations, magick, phrenology/palmistry charts.

Here's my aesthetic board on Pinterest. If you get it, I'll give you a cookie.

I like all kinds of animals with the exception of sharks. It's a phobia I've had all my life, I don't know why (because they're f*cking scary?). Anyway! My favorite land animal is the raccoon. My favorite bird is the cockatoo. My favorite sea animal is the manatee. My favorite tree dweller is the gibbon. My favorite reptile is the alligator. I love dogs and cats. Snakes are cool. Frogs are neat. Bugs are fine in moderation - I do love butterflies and moths especially.

I'm a nature lover, even though I don't get out in it much (thanks to sun sensitivity and allergies). I love beaches, palm trees, gardens, old forests, wildflowers, big boofy flowers (Camellia, Persian buttercup, Dahlia), flowering trees, canopy roads (we live right off of one), big leafy plants.

I've always been a history nerd. Geography and history were always my favorite subjects in school. I love learning about cultures (old & new), their art and food especially. Regions of particular interest: Asia, South America, Caribbean & Mexico.

Pop culture is huge in this household. We are a comic-loving, video-game-playing, Netflix-binging, TV-show-quoting, GIF-responding trio of misfits (my daughter, husband and myself).

Some Obsessions

Like I already mentioned, raccoons and cockatoos are some of my absolute favorite animals. I am forever following memes and scoping out videos of these guys on Instagram. Pitbulls and Rottweilers are 2 other animals I seek out daily. I also check on our backyard squirrels daily (used to feed them, but I could tell husband was getting exasperated by the monthly expense of squirrel food. They have selective palates!). Update April 2021: have now installed a DIY birdbath (a tomato cage + planter plate) and anxiously watch for visitors!

I'm a nerd for houses - particularly Spanish Revival style, Mid Century Modern and bungalows. But honestly, a cool kitchen or bathroom will stop me in my tracks no matter what house it's in.

I collect Star Wars paraphernalia relating to the original trilogies, with a focus on Darth Vader. I like the newer movies fine, they just don't hit the same as the classics.

I also collect clowns. Yes, I'm one of those weirdos who likes clowns. I like all kinds from the creepy to the cute to the artsy - but not the Insane Clown Posse or actual murder clowns (like Pogo/John Wayne Gacy). I don't care too much for the new Pennywise, either. πŸ™„

Swap-specific Likes

ATC themes/imagery: altered Mona Lisa (also: Lina Cavalieri, Theda Bara) β€’ John Tenniel's Alice in Wonderland β€’ cheeseburgers β€’ strawberries β€’ lemons β€’ tropical flora/fauna β€’ Floridiana β€’ Spring & Summer aesthetics β€’ celestial art (sun, moon & stars - NOT angels) β€’ deep sea divers (helmets only or whole suits) β€’ lava lamps β€’ light bulbs β€’ Buddha/Budai (the classic one/the fat happy one) β€’ anthropomorphic creatures β€’ fantasy creatures β€’ symbols (peace signs, evil eyes, plus signs, hamsa) β€’ cute monsters β€’ Ugly Dolls β€’ Junker Jane style dolls β€’ VW Bugs/Buses β€’ old rusted out trucks β€’ aliens β€’ flying saucers β€’ funky houses/shacks β€’ skulls, skeletons, Grim Reaper β€’ creepy, vintage, campy, Gothic Halloween.

Paper supplies: interesting graph/grid papers β€’ fun, FLAT stickers β€’ painted papers/palette papers β€’ vintage yearbook portraits β€’ city road maps (tightly concentrated road grids) β€’ random comic strip panels β€’ text printed tissue paper/napkins β€’ rubberstamp images on tissue paper β€’ found words from books/magazines β€’ any flat embellishment type things β€’ bold patterned & brightly colored papers β€’ gold/silver reward stars β€’ images/background patterns from magazines β€’ diverse collage imagery (people of color) β€’ machine stitched strips of paper β€’ authentic ephemera (70s and newer) β€’ paper bombs - random 1 oz./1 stamp envelope of STUFF β€’ RED paper items (I don't have much red in my stash) β€’ mailing supplies (envelopes, large sticky labels, postcards, note things).

I recently discovered the joys of ordering stationery stuffs on AliExpress. If you want to chat about it/exchange, hit me up!

Postcards: I don't collect any particular kind, but I'd love any featuring favorite imagery I've mentioned or any sort of modern art or handmade. And I really don't care what you do to fill out the postcard; you don't have to tell me a story or go into the details of your day. You don't even have to write anything; free free to sticker it up, doodle, whatever.

Stickers: stickers bring me joy! I like uh lot of kinds EXCEPT puffy/epoxy, planner specific, Highlights variety and Disney princesses/Winnie the Pooh/Dora/whatever character is popular with preschoolers at the moment. That being said, I do really love some very kid-centric types of stickers: the Fashion Angels line of sticker books (I have Series 1 & 3), kawaii, doodle, original (no brand) characters, silly animals, unicorns, smiley faces, foods with faces, cute things, rainbows, stars - I'm even OK with reward stickers of the general enthusiastic saying variety ("you're awesome", "way to go" not "A+ student", etc.). I also enjoy more mature stickers: floral, botanicals, non-silly animals, occult/mystical, faux postage, scrapbooking stickers....stickers, stickers, stickers!

It's OK!

I'm not easily offended by swear words, snark, weirdness, dark humor, nekkid people or fart jokes. I AM offended by willful ignorance, blind nationalism, bigotry, anti-feminism, misogyny, people not respecting pronouns, people not respecting simple boundaries, feet and the word "envie". πŸ˜–


Top 3 worst things to send me...

  • sharks. I think I went over this. πŸ˜‚

  • religion/religious items.

  • edibles of any kind, including tea bags and candies.

Don't Care For/Don't Use...

  • puffy/3-D/epoxy stickers.
  • "purse turds" (e.g., paint chips, shopping tags, food packaging).
  • Tim Holtz/Dina Wakley/Jane Davenport, etc. branded supplies (if you enjoy using these things in your art: COOL! I just rather not receive these supplies....save them for the fans).
  • antique aesthetic, Victorian, shabby chic style paper craft supplies.
  • lace, blingy stuff, fabric, chunky embellishments, buttons.
  • patriotic, presidential or monarchy stuff.
  • holiday stuff - with the exception of Halloween. Fall/Winter stuff doesn't do much for me either. Hi, lifelong Floridian here. Those seasons barely exist down here.
  • coffee/tea themes, wine/boozy themes, 420 culture.
  • true crime, serial killers.

Thank you for coming this far and taking any of these things into consideration.



turnsoleluna rated for OMAE: DIY Patterned Papers on May 5, 2021
Comment: I have long been an admirer of your work via Instagram. Feeling pretty honoured to have been receiving from you two times in a row! Beautiful selection of papers. Thank you so much. Oh and the envelope... yum!
Response: Thank you, happy you enjoyed it. That envelope was something new for me - will have to add it to the regular rotation.
orneryswife rated for OMAE: 3-in-1 Mail Art (USA) on May 3, 2021
Comment: Beautiful work. Loved the envelope and that wonky green zigzag washi tape!! Thanks for hosting this. It was a fun swap.
Response: Glad you enjoyed it.
turnsoleluna rated for OMAE: Bookish HMPC on Apr 28, 2021
Comment: A truly spectacular HMPC. Love every little detail, the lace border, the burnt edge of the book page and of course the various black cats. Thank you very much.
Response: So happy it made it...I was really nervous about this one! Glad you liked it.
Heynowokay rated for OMAE: Mini Glue Book (USA) on Apr 26, 2021
Comment: Love this mini glue book! Had a blast looking through and discovering all the little elements.
Response: That's the fun of these little books! Happy you enjoyed it, Lizzie.
Comment: A swap from you is always reason to be happy, Steph! I love love love the ATC you sent! The envelope you sent it in was of course cool as hell, too! Thank you! :)
Response: You're welcome, Jessica - and thank you! So happy you liked everything.
tcornell rated for Spring Cleaning Collage Destash-USA on Apr 21, 2021
Comment: Steph, WOW...what an amazing package of paper lovin' you sent me! Everything will be used for so many different things, a lot of inspiration in here! Thank you so much! Great swap idea as well β™₯β™₯β™₯
Response: Happy you like what I picked out, Tracy - have fun! :)
recycleit rated for PVT: recycleit & stephiedee on Apr 19, 2021
Comment: Oh my gosh!! Thank you!! LOVE the items you selected for this! The playing cards are awesome and the butterflies too!! Totally can use a lot! Hopefully yours contains something new and exciting for you!
Response: Happy to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for the fun swap. 😁
RockyBeach rated for OMAE: Altered Ephemera Mail Art on Apr 16, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the altered Bingo card! It's cool that the number of the girls dress suits so well for the Bingo theme. And I like the blue/red contrast.
Response: Glad you liked it!
joybells2426 rated for OMAE: Handmade Envelopes (USA) on Apr 7, 2021
Comment: I love these! I hadn’t even looked to see who was sending to me, but I got really excited when I saw the envelope in the mailbox. I knew it was from you immediately. Thank you for the awesome envelopes! And a little stamp action too!
Response: Glad to hear it, Joy! Happy mailing!
HippieChick rated for OMAE: Spring Ahead! on Apr 7, 2021
Comment: I love this bright pop of colour in my postbox on a dreary day! Thank you! I am so eager for dry fields and picnic season!
Response: I'm glad it cheered you, Dawn! We're going to be doing a little Spring sprucing around the house this weekend....yay Spring, but boo to the start of regular yardwork. 🌳🌼😡🌷🌞
Comment: Steph, you always knock it out of the park, and this is no exception. I love the ATC! And my brain exploded when you said we hadn't swapped on here since 2013! Holy [email protected]#! That's totally insane. Thank you for another awesome swap!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it, Jessica! Thank you for the lovely comment...and for sharing on IG. πŸ€—
luv2kraft rated for SUSA - ATC Mega Swap on Mar 19, 2021
Comment: Wooohoo !!!!!! I won the ATC lottery on Christmas morning. I esp like the one you created. These will stay with me!
Response: Yay! I sent 5 cards made by me. :) Glad to hear you liked the cards I picked.
Comment: What a beautiful and cheerful handmade envelope, containing this awesome space card and the freaking coolest stickers! I love all the space themed ones!! Thank you so much, and thank you for hosting!
Response: Happy you like them - thanks for the great rating and for joining my swap!
Comment: Thank you for such an awesome envelope of gelli prints! You do such a great job, I am still very new to gelli printing and I am always looking for different techniques. I can't wait to use your prints in some craft projects. Happy Day!
Response: I'm happy you like them! And thank you! It's a lot of learning for something that seems it would be so simple. I just do my best and play around. Still haven't mastered the image transfer technique (tbh, I stopped trying awhile ago, lol).
Comment: Wow! Thanks for the belated birthday wishes! I have NOT heard of the raccoon cafes! I will look! Ok, the swap items. First of all, I LOVE your extreme stamping on the envelope! You have some great stamps and a great eye for layout! You did NOT really send me some (vintage?) Japanese stamps!!!! Ahhh! I'm so excited, they're going in my collection right now! I also love your Andromeda and Bermuda Triangle cards! How great! The vintage style sewing stickers, and the great celtic bookmark, and that Klimt pc! I've never seen that painting before! It's so freaking weird, I like it 😁. Thank you!
Response: I'm glad you liked everything! I had fun picking things out - your profile made it easy. :) Thank you for the lovely rating. I got the Japanese stamps from an Etsy shop that sells lots of stamps by country/color (WorldVintageShop).
chimerix rated for Private Halloween ATC Swap on Oct 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the trade. I love the gargoyles!! I am so proud to add them to my collection. Aloha
Response: I'm glad they made it to you with no issues. Happy Halloween! πŸ¦‡πŸŽƒ
Comment: I love the gothic arch you made. That's not surprising as I love everything you make. I had so much fun with this swap series and I'm sad it's over. I can't wait to add your arch to my book which I've been putting together with jump rings as the swap's progressed. Thanks for a wonderful series and a wonderful swap!
Response: Figures it would arrive the day I sent the replacement. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ haha, welp, I had fun making both. Thank you for the lovely rating - I'm glad you liked the arch and the series. πŸ’–
Comment: I love the PC you made. I think the tv was my favorite element from the kit. I used it as well. I just watched a cartoon where they were tracking a ferret down in the 'wild,' so apparently this is a common issue. lmao
Response: Glad you liked it! It was a bit of a challenge (though idk it it's because of the mood I've been in or the swap itself). I love images of old TV sets. Everytime I see a different animal in our backyard (or think I've seen, lol) I feel I'm that much closer to getting a raccoon visitor. A girl can dream! 😁
Comment: Steph I LOVE this page for the book! Everything about it, especially the text; I love text on a page. Thank you!
Response: Yay, glad you love it! I had a lot of fun matching those 2 up.
sweetgypsy rated for CSC: Use the Image #5 on Jul 10, 2020
Comment: Nicely done!! I agree, it is nice having a little more area to work on. Thank you for another fun swap :)

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kiddomerriweather on May 1, 2021:

Thank you for working on my "From the Desk of" deco (OMAE). Thanks for making my deco sheet extra special!

bigmamabird on Apr 27, 2021:

I always proof read comments and somehow almost alays some miss-spelling happens anyway... sorry about that!

bigmamabird on Apr 27, 2021:

OMG! What an absolutely perfect use of the male sock models in my Manly Mashups zine! So much joy... Thanks Staph!

bigmamabird on Apr 12, 2021:

Love the Themed Envelope you sent...Many thanks! I just started some garden lean-up too. Te birdbaths sound like a good plan, ya'll might consider night time motion activated cameras cause nightime visitors!

LahDeeDah on Apr 12, 2021:

Thanks so much for the OMAE Paper Bomb! I love the stuff you sent and I'm thoroughly enjoying this group! You are appreciated :-)

lindseyjae on Apr 12, 2021:

Thanks so much for the OMAE sticker bomb! Such a cool postcard to recieve! It for sure brightened up my mail today!

bigmamabird on Apr 7, 2021:

Steph! I just had so much fun making the mini glue book for the omae swap! Imma need to make some more stat. RAKS possibly... Such scrappy gluey messy fun,,,

lindseyjae on Apr 5, 2021:

Hiya! Thanks so much for the cute birthday card you sent me! I love it and the way you decorated the envelope was so cool too! Thank you for thinking of me & being so kind!! - Lindsey

bigmamabird on Apr 3, 2021:

Resend for the OMAE postcard plus arrived, a very cheeful sending and I love it. Especially loving your stephpost artistamp. The first wildflower (coltsfoot) and crocus have appeared but I haven't gotten to photograph them yet...

Artstamper on Apr 1, 2021:

Thank you for your spring grid RAK! It is what inspired me to make them. I have gotten behind but will be making more. I plan on keeping it visible as it is not so springy here. It brightened up a chilly day

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