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About Me

Hello! I’m Steph. I’m a 40-something lady and live in North Florida with my husband, adult daughter and 2 fur babies (Chi mix + Dachshund/Chi mix). I am absolutely obsessed with making things and mostly stick to mail art diddies like ATCs, zines, handmade postcards and decorated envelopes. I also keep a few art journals. And by “few” I mean seven. ;P

Over the last few years, I have come to the very real conclusion that I’ve been unknowingly dealing with ADHD/ASD my entire life. My mental baggage can get a little heavy sometimes. Making things and swapping makes me happy. It's my way of coping with the internal junk and connecting with people. Crafting is the great neutralizer; I'll talk shop with literally anyone, damn the shyness and social anxiety.

I use Instagram to share all of my creative goings-on. I do most things just for the simple fact that I have an idea and want to see it through. I will from time to time sign (or stamp) my stuff "cutpastesteph" because that's the handle I mostly go by now.


If you're interested in a private swap, just holler. :) I always have stuff ready and waiting to trade - ATCs, zines, handmade postcards and other random stuff. My supply stash is pretty "fat & happy" so if it's any sort of paper art type of thing, I've done it/can do it.

I've been making and sending creative mail for a long time, on various sites, from back in the Flickr ATC trading heyday to hosting my own swaps on Instagram. It's really my only form of socializing.

Trixie inspects (blesses) most of my outgoing mail.

Happy Makers

Well, this is what I like. It's not everything, but it's a fair amount. If you'd like a visual list, see MY PINTEREST.

Making, sending, receiving and collecting...

  • ATCs, altered index cards, little art cards of all kinds.

  • mail art; handmade postcards, fully decorated envelopes, naked mail.

  • sticker bombed postcards, greeting cards, envelopes.

  • artbooks; glue books, art journals, zines.

  • paper collage goodie stuffed envelopes (decorated or not), paper/scrap bombs (1 ounce of random collage fodder), painted papers.

  • 3D assemblages, wall decor, funky little ornaments, repainted figs, altered wood blocks.

My creative style leans a little eclectic. I love making things in a scrappy, colorful, maximalist collage style. I love quirky/offbeat characters, irreverence, humor and not taking (artsy) things too seriously. I also dabble in the classy vintage styles from time to time to keep things interesting. I mix together any sort of paper things I can get my hands on: office supplies, stationery, gift wrapping stuff, thrifted books/mags, catalogs, scrapbooking supplies, handmade papers, printables. I'm a thrift store stalker and discount department store hunter.

My Craft Cave:

Eye Candy/Squeal Inducers ❤️️❤️️❤️️

―collage/mixed media art with lots of texture/layers
―altered Mona Lisa and other art muses (Lina Cavalieri, Theda Bara)
―cheeseburgers, strawberries, lemons
―tropical flora/fauna; beachy aesthetics; Springtime
―checkerboard patterns (NOT plaid)
―celestial (astronomy) art; Spacecore, sun & moon faces
60s/70s retro aesthetics; big florals, mustard yellow, groovy hippies, boho style
―Vaporwave, 80s/90s pop culture; cartoons, New Wave, Memphis Design
―Cyberpunk, Retro Futurism, Anime
Raccoons, squirrels, cockatoos, alligators, frogs
―big boofy flowers; camellia, Persian buttercup, dahlia, peony
deep sea divers (helmets only or whole suits)
―Zetti, mixed up characters, stripey legs, anthropomorphism
―lava lamps, light bulbs, neon signs, old TV sets
―symbols - peace signs, evil eyes, plus signs++++, hamsa
―Buddha/Budai (the classic one/the fat happy one)
CLOWNS, mimes, jesters, circus performers
―fantasy creatures, cute monsters, aliens
―VW Buses/Bugs, old rusted out trucks
―mystical/occult imagery; phrenology, palmistry charts, anatomy art, skulls
―creepy, vintage, campy, Gothic Halloween.

My absolute favorite aesthetic is something I call "teenage neon daydream" - it's like, 90s teenage school folder collage, obnoxious colors, TV noise, attitude and grunge all shaken up in a big Slurpee cup. idk

Supply Stuffs+Preferences

I would say the supplies I use are 70% misfit, upcycled things and 30% legit art/craft supplies. I have a small used bookstore in my craft cave - though I'm trying to pare that down as I find myself more and more relying on printable imagery (it's easier to store 😂).

As of November 2023 I've donated about 90% of my book collection to one of the local art teachers. I'm doing a huge overhaul of my stash.

My Amazon wishlist is shared above just for ideas, not that I expect anyone to shop from it. I like looking at crafty wishlists because it can be difficult searching for cool supplies there...and really, where else are you going to go for things.

Paper supplies I can always use...
―interesting graph/grid papers
―fun, FLAT stickers
―painted papers/palette papers
―vintage yearbook portraits
―city road maps (tightly concentrated road grids)
―text printed tissue paper/napkins
―collage style rubberstamp images (that cut out easily)
―found words from books
RED ephemera (not just pretty papers)
―any flat embellishment type things
―colorful patterned papers
―images/background patterns from magazines
―funky, interesting, weird collage imagery
―machine stitched strips of paper

Sticker Preferences ✅✅✅

random kawaii characters, doodle style, silly/cute animals, rainbows, stars, unicorns, foods with faces (I love the Fashion Angels line of sticker books, so I have nothing against kid-centric styles of stickers) +++also more adult themes, like botanicals, non silly animals, faux postage, alphas, word stickers, larger vinyl stickers, "happy mail" labels. I'm not picky about where stickers come from, as long as they're sticky.

Please, NO ⚠️⚠️⚠️

plain colored scraps of paper, mass market journal supplies (Tim Holtz people, die-cut images, journal cards, planner specific stickers, sentiments), tiny cards, paint chips, lace/other non-paper supplies, washi stickers, puffy/epoxy stickers.

Themes/Styles I'm Not Into

Victorian vintage, Paris, shabby chic, patriotic, steampunk, no face people, ballerinas, bling, babies, religious, toxic positivity, 420/weed culture, coffee/tea/wine/booze, gender specific...

No offence to anyone, these just don't float my boat. I do respect all sender's choice directives however and appreciate every effort put into handmade creations.


Triggers, allergens, phobias...

  • sharks. Pictures, stickers, whatever. I have a phobia and seeing a nasty ol' shark maw kinda ruins the mail.

  • religious items; Christian themes, hymnal book pages, spiritual mumbo jumbo, angels.

  • food/edibles/potables of any kind or scented/perfumed items. I am highly sensitive to fragrances and have ZERO interest in swapping foodstuffs (including teabags).

  • true crime, serial killers, murder mysteries, gore, zombies....I'm not into ANY of that stuff.

Thank you for coming this far and taking any of these things into consideration.


Carefreeruby rated for Make Me Happy ATC on Nov 24, 2023
Comment: Beatiful card, I am very happy!
Response: Happy you liked the cards - thanks for joining the swap!
sweetgypsy rated for Sticker Bombed Birthday Card on Nov 17, 2023
Comment: You have some great stickers!! This was such a fun swap. Thanks so much! :)
Response: Thank you, glad you liked it all, Tanya! Sticker bombing is such a happy maker for me.
Comment: Holy cow!!! Best ephemera package EVER! So many of my very favorite themes - huge, huge thank you!!! And thanks for coordinating - this was so fun! ❤️❤️❤️
Response: Happy you liked it! Thanks for joining my paper party - happy collaging! ❤️
bigmamabird rated for FJPP: Collab Artbook Page 4 on Oct 30, 2021
Comment: I never mind receivng from you! Thanks for the great page (loving the plant especially, of course) and fun mailart, including enclosed stickers... Thanks again for all your work creating these swaps and all the forum activities.
Comment: Ooh they look so good all together! Thank you for your lovely drips and for hosting this collaborative art experience. Thoroughly enjoyed this swap :D
Response: I'm glad, Lori! Thanks for contributing to both rounds. I can't wait to put them all together.
bigmamabird rated for FJPP: Collab Art Book Page 3 on Sep 25, 2021
Comment: Many thanks for this page, Steph! Love the artist bird/girl, she may very well be my inner child...
Response: I had hoped Birdie would strike a chord. Thanks for the comment.
Comment: Loving how this is such a Steph collage and yet totally reflects the colors of the season up here! Many thanks!
Response: Oh, nice! I didn't even think about the colors being fall-y. :) Happy you liked it.
Comment: Thank you for another fabulous swap! Love it!!
Response: Yay, I'm glad! I like how the b&w ones turned out better than the color (go figure).
Comment: Yours is first to arrive! Love the coordinated envelope and stamp, many thanks!
Response: Time for a drip party. :)
RockyBeach rated for OMAE: DIY Van Gogh HMPC on Sep 7, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the sunny and sunflowery Van Gogh! Like a homage to the famous sunflowers painting. I like it!
Response: Of course he had to wear sunflowers. :) Happy you liked it!
bigmamabird rated for FJPP: Altered File Folder on Aug 27, 2021
Comment: This was a good swap, Steph, and I just love your folder! Your style is fun and colorful and different from mine, and I really appreciate it. I want to play with some more folders now... Want to swap another?!? Many thanks.
Response: Happy you liked it Carroll! It was fun to stretch out on such a big "canvas" - we'll definitely have more of these swaps!
Comment: I have missed museums and your card was a wonderful reminder of the joy they contain. Thank you for the generous extras as well. I like every one of them 😊
Response: Thank you so much - that is such a great compliment. 😊😊😊 I'm happy you liked everything.
goosey rated for FJPP: Collab Art Book Page 2 on Aug 13, 2021
Comment: steph, friday the 13th is always my lucky day and today is proof in the pudding! i feel so very lucky to be your partner in this swap ... both sides are t-rific. move over adele, you have some competition!! many thanks!
Response: Yay, so glad you liked it! I had fun making it for you...I'm getting into the groove of making these pages.
Comment: I love how your drips remind me of a geological chart. The colours are great! Thanks for hosting yet another fun swap :D
sweetgypsy rated for OMAE: Exquisite Corpse ATC 3 on Aug 3, 2021
Comment: Great legs! My girl turned out great. Thank you :)
Response: Awesome! And thank you. ;) I saw Carroll's finished piece and it's really fab.
Comment: Ooo la la! What a lovely envelope filled with lovely art. Thank you very much. Your lines are so stinkin' straight. Nicely done and very cool choices of color!
Response: (oops redo, looking at one comment, responded in a different box!) Thanks, Angie, glad you like it! ;)
Comment: Your part arrived today! Loving your color scheme! So fun! Looking forward to playing with all the pieces!
Response: Thank you, Carroll! Hope it plays well with the other pieces. This was a bit harder than I had expected (maybe 'cause I rarely do free-hand paint stuff like this).
BelfryBat rated for OMAE: Sender's Choice ATC - JULY on Jul 26, 2021
Comment: As always, such a pleasure to get a swap from you! Thank you for the nerdy ATC - I definitely fit that mold!!
Response: Aww, so nice. Happy you're happy!
Artstamper rated for FJPP: Funky Shack on Jul 23, 2021
Comment: Thank you for this wonderful funky shack! I will keep it on view as I try to increase my funkiness!
goosey rated for OMAE: DIY Adele HMPC on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: steph, your version of adele is stunning! i love the collar and, especially the assymetrical bob.. gustav has to be smiling at her!! many thanks for such a fun piece of art.

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bigmamabird on Nov 15, 2023:

Thanks for doing such fun swaps, Steph! I just got my sticker bombed birthday card and it made me lol...good times.

DarkSkullMistress42 on Nov 14, 2023:

Thank you for the address labels!!!

Pantlessrobot on Nov 10, 2023:

thanks so much for all the great ephemera! I love them

Aseret25 on Nov 7, 2023:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the RAK sticker-bombed birthday card!! I love it! And happy birthday to you too! :D

SFreer on Oct 29, 2023:

I am so glad you like the papers and that it arrived ok! I always worry with the larger decorated envelopes…😜

MiRdLHWY43 on Oct 25, 2023:

Thanks so much for the fun party collage you added to my deco, I love it!

bigmamabird on Oct 12, 2023:

Many thanks or your addition to my Ocean deco, Steph! I always love your collage!

kiddomerriweather on Oct 11, 2023:

Thanks for the Halloween card and the awesome sticker of the possum family on a Disney vacation. So cute! I put it on my craft cart so I can see it all the time. Your rubber stamped mail art will most likely go in a journal. It's so dope! Happy Early Halloween!

bigmamabird on Oct 7, 2023:

Thanks for the MMH ATC Steph! It sure is right up my alley and I love it!

mysmashbooklife on Oct 7, 2023:

Thank you so much for the Themed Envie. I love what you have sent me. The cat fur stickers are so cute! And I love how you decorated the envelope. So spooky!

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