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Fill it! A minizine project : Issue 2

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Fill it! A minizine project : Issue 2
Swap Homepage:http://miss-pickle.blogspot.com/p/fillit.html
Swap Coordinator:MissPickle (contact)
Swap categories: Books  Zines  Illustration 
Number of people in swap:116
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:March 22, 2012
Date items must be sent by:April 6, 2012
Number of swap partners:5


I'm SO happy to host a second round of the Fill it! project. Thanks to everyone who joined the first round, we were 74 participants WOW! I hope more people will join the fun :)

This minizine project is inspired by The Scribble Project, and the idea is to see how people are changing the same sheet in their own way. We'll do the same, except the final project will be a super cool minizine. You'll see, it's pretty simple.

Step 1) Download the template (ISSUE 2) on the swap homepage (or copy this link in your browser --> http://pumpkin66.webs.com/fillit_issue2.PDF).

Step 2) Print it. It will directly fit to letter size : 8.5 x 11 inches.

Step 3) Doddle/draw/illustrate the sheet in your own way, following the guidelines. You can also write on it, embellish the frame, add colors... whatever you want to personalize your issue.

Step 4) Put the original in the copy machine and print as many copies as you want (at least 5 because you'll have 5 partners).

Step 5) Fold the minizines according to this tutorial.

Step 6) Send one copy to each of your partners!

Your zine will be directly in 1/8 format, with 8 pages including the front and back covers. You are more than welcome to embellish the front and back covers as well. Participants who are new to zines are invited to flickr or google "mini-zine" to have some pictures/inspirations.


  • The template for this swap act as a guideline and you have to personalize it with your art skills. That mean you have to put some efforts on this project. People who don't care sending quality zines may not enter or, otherwise, can be rated with a three if the zine is poorly made and no effort has been put in it. The zine can be either in color or b&w as long as there is some kind of art in it. Please be fair with everyone and send something you would like to receive.

  • You'll have five (5) partners and this swap is international because of the lightweight of the zine who'll fit in a normal sized envelop. Plus, more partners = more zines = more fun!

  • Beginners and long-time zinesters are welcome to joint, as long as newbies with completed profile. Other swappers must have a 4.9+ rating to participate. I'll angel if needed but please no flakers! I reserve the right to ban any suspicious swappers before assigning partners.

If you have any question, feel free to PM me and/or visit the swap homepage on my blog!

Have fun everyone!


smmarrty 03/ 2/2012 #

It says 1 partner in the upper part, and 5 partners in the description - FYI.

MissPickle 03/ 2/2012 #

Thank you, I fixed it!

rottifan4 03/ 2/2012 #

I've been watching and waiting for the 2nd one. Thanks for hosting it.

Afemshoe2 03/ 2/2012 #

The first one was so much fun! My skills aren't great but practice makes perfect, right? :)

Those people watching, JOIN now! It's addictive.

FreddFudd 03/ 3/2012 #

Awesome, issue 1 was a Hoot! You just have to join.....{;-D

pengrafyx 03/ 3/2012 #

So much fun! Love this idea! and I still have a couple of Issue No. 1 to swap with people who also did that one. Just send me a message ... :)

dreamweaver 03/ 6/2012 #

Finally-a tutorial that got how to fold it through this thick head of mine! LOL I've been wanting to make a zine for a long time! TY

Caromite 03/ 6/2012 #

I wanted to make a zine since I read "How to Make Books". I love this swap, I just made my Fill it! zine and it was so much fun! Thank you so much - I can´t wait for sending them out ;)

scrappermama 03/ 7/2012 #

Looks like fun! I've lurked long enough... I'm ready!

Dragonhead 03/ 9/2012 #

illustrate the sheet in your own way, does it mean we can use collage?

MissPickle 03/ 9/2012 #

Dragonhead : Yeah, you can personalize the sheet any way you want :)

papercaper 03/11/2012 #

I have to say - I'm really sad you didn't make a cover illustration for this one. I know someone asked you not to, but I really wish you had. I might as well make my own from scratch, I figure. I loved the first cover because my partners and I adapted it just a little: added superpower vision, added a flexi-straw, etc. Please continue to give us the cover for the next ones! I love the idea that we don't know what we'll get and we can adapt it or not as we please. :)

papercaper 03/11/2012 #

I should also tell you: I'm having a lot of trouble centring the page. I don't know if it's my older printer not letting me or what, but I use A4 (Australia), not letter size, and it prints a larger gap of white at one end. It messes with the folding of the zine. I might have to trim it off this time. :/

Any ideas?

MissPickle 03/11/2012 #

papercaper : Yeah, I tried an issue without a cover but adding a picture or an image (like for the first issue) was a kind of a challenge too... so the next template will include a cover ;) For the A4 format, some participants had problems in the previous swap with the actual template. I'll try to ajust the template using a blank A4 sheet and then, I'll scan it and make it available for download (I'll look at it tomorrow).

Caromite 03/13/2012 #

I´ve trimmed the A4 pages, but it would be really fine to have an A4-template, too. I´ve finished my zine already, but it would be great for the next time :)

I´m so excited to swap my zine, I love the idea of this swap so much!

McPaintPants 03/14/2012 #

is it ok to use clip art/collage/etc. instead of all doodles?

firstborn 03/14/2012 #

I can't wait to swap my zines... I made them already! And I actually liked the cover page being blank... It was fun to create something of my own... Anyhoo...Thanks again for organizing this swap!

MissPickle 03/15/2012 #

McPaintPants : Yeah, collage and such are great!

papercraper : Sadly, I can't find any A4 paper around. I strongly suggest you, if you want the zine to fit perfectly to your paper format, to fold a A4 sheet according to the tutorial and to cut and paste every "minisheet" of the template on it... then to personalize it as usual. For the moment it will be the best I think. I'll try to find a way for the upcoming swaps to offer a template for both format of paper (letter and A4). Thank you.

lilpuddn 03/16/2012 #

I was wondering if anyone would like to do a private swap with me for issue #1? I missed it. :( If so send me a message please!! Thank you.

royalshyness 03/17/2012 #

I joined Swap-bot just so I could take part in this. I'm nearly done with mine, looking forward to the swap :o)

Papercaper: I'm in Australia too, I got around the A4 problem by changing the print properties -- centred to fit, then folded the printout (the side edges of the "someone I love" page come in handy for seeing how wide the pages are!), then trimmed off the excess on both short edges. I don't know if mine's ended up a different size from letter paper users', but we'll see!

Engelenvrouwtje 03/17/2012 #

I have never heard of this kind of project. I even not know what it is a minizine. But I downloaded the chart and I think it must be funny, so I would like to join this one, but I thing it's very diffucult to send it out immediatly to 5 persons as I never did it before. I'm afraid my swappartners would be disipointed to get my minizine as I realy never made them before. Are there other people with the same questions? If so, please send me a pm to tell me why I should take part of this one. I realy won't to joined but I'm afraid that I wan't do it as should be done.

Neeklette 03/18/2012 #

I also use A4 and I used the original size not fit to page. I then fold the paper hamburger then hotdog. After that I carefully fold the the other two folds making sure that the image is in the correct place (ie not folded). Then I cut the slit and put the zine together usually two pages will stick out (excess paper with none of the image on it) and I just trim those parts off.

aliensunset 03/19/2012 #

wow, this is so fun! I can't wait to get trading, I've already printed off and mostly finished mine!

a friend of mine are also going to do the first one as well since we missed the original swap. I really hope you do this many more times, so much fun! I do have to say that I prefer the empty cover, it lest me do more to personalize it to my own style.

MissPickle 03/19/2012 #

Thank you for your comments everyone. For those who printed extra copies of the first issue and/or missed the swap, feel free to send a copy to your partners with issue two!

macfeat 03/21/2012 #

Can I just make five of them instead of making one and photocopying it?

Rejoicing 03/21/2012 #

I am having trouble printing the template. If I choose no scaling it chops off the bottom of the page, and if I fit to printable area the folds are off. Did anyone else have this problem? I am using leter not A4.

HannahsMommy07 03/21/2012 #

I can't get my folded right at all ... UGH! I have tried the A4 too...

Can we join and fold it like a book?

Rejoicing 03/21/2012 #

Got it! It still doesn't print out centered, but I just folded and trimmed like the A4 users.

MissPickle 03/21/2012 #

macfeat > Yeah you can make 5 "originals" if you want!

HannahsMommy07 > Did you look at the tutorial on how to fold the minizine in the swap description? It's not so complicated and the result is way better than folded like a book...

raechsmith 03/22/2012 #

I also need someone to maybe private the first one with me? :)

runtripandfall 03/22/2012 #

I'd like to to do issue 1 too since i missed it...

aliensunset 03/22/2012 #

I'm doing issue 1 and sending it out with my swaps. if any of my partners want to do the same that would be awesome!!

bunnykissd 03/23/2012 #

I'm going to do the same too!

royalshyness 03/26/2012 #

The photocopier went postal (pardon the pun) and spat out extra copies! Anyone in Australia want to do a private swap for one of my spares? I apologise for being so exclusive, but the postage is really a LOT cheaper. PM me if interested :o)

hollycopter 04/ 3/2012 #

I love this idea!!! Hope you keep doing these so I can join!

MissPickle 04/ 3/2012 #

The next round will be hosted on April 6th. Thanks everyone for such participation! xxxx

FreddFudd 04/ 5/2012 #

Hi MissPickle and other zine swappers. I just got back from dropping my zines into the PO. Forgot that we are going into a looooong weekend here for Easter so I checked regarding the mail going. PO said that it will leave the sorting centre (where my zines are) tonight and will go to the city centre distribution where it will probably sit until the 10th. So expect a few extra days delivery of my zines. If you have any probs with this just let me know. I could try "message pigeon"..... lol. (We need a swap-bot mail service). Thanks for reading. Cheers, FreddFudd {:-D

tiltawhirl 04/ 6/2012 #

Just got my zines out today. What a fun project this was : )

nellarules 04/ 9/2012 #

Hi swappers. I sent this out last week. I forgot to click the sent button. Oops.

bunnykissd 04/ 9/2012 #

Sent mine out on Friday a.m. (the 6th), some of you already have gotten them! WTG, USPS!

oceanna 04/12/2012 #

Hey all, Just wanted to let you know that I too had issues with template fitting on A4. I printed it out as is, cut a bit off the end and then folded. Really sorry if its not totally neat and exact. I think i may have to cut and paste it all for round 3. Anyone have any other suggestions?

FreddFudd 04/12/2012 #

Anyone printing onto A4

  • my trick is to cut the A4 down to MissPickle's measurements (the paper that is...lol) 8.5 x 11 inches.

or 21cm x 28cm

Then I pop it through the printer and it turns out OK.

I did this all without my DH's math mind and I'm an Aussie Gal {:-D

bunnykissd 04/20/2012 #

I wasn't printing on A4 paper, but my printer did something weird to the original I printed to draw on, and when I tried to photo copy it there was no way it would fold right. So I had to do some serious photoshopping to get it back the way it should have been, but even then, my printer messed it up again, and it folded all wonky. :\ I hope everyone was pleased though! I had a lot of fun making it!

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