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Date Joined: February 3, 2011
Last Online: April 4, 2017
Birthday: November 1
Country: Canada
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About Me

Hello everyone! I've been on and off swap-bot many times since I joined in 2011.

I have been battling a major psychiatric disorder and anxiety for years. And it has been really tough. Sometimes that makes me less than the ideal person to swap with.

Hospital visits & periods of illness can mean I will be late without warning. And impaired cognitive processing means I often forget what I have and haven't done.

If I am late I will most certainly send an apology, but may not have the chance to message you immediately. My health has to come before this hobby, right?

If I have forgotten to rate you [please don't be upset, it's nothing personal.] A quick email should sort it all out.

All that being said, I think I'm usually a good partner to end up with. I put a lot of time and energy into my swaps. I will probably try to memorize your wishlist, and I know where to go for great finds!

Thank you everyone for all your understanding and support!

I'm 26, I live in Canada and I have no idea what I am doing! I'm a bookworm and a nerd (in the "I want to visit the museum" way, not the "I want to play space invaders" way).

I like to: READ!, swim (especially in the ocean), bake, cook big communal meals, ride my bike, follow art & craft blogs obsessively, thrift compulsively, waste all my time on Pinterest, and play board-games with my friends, who (thank goodness) are just as dorky as I am.

Seasonal Note: My birthday is, as you can see, November 1st, and I have always been obsessed with Hallowe'en & Dias de los Muertes. I would LOVE to receive creepy/weird, not-cute Hallowe'en decorations & doo-dads, especially vintage Hallowe'en items. Even if a swap says no Halloween things, please feel free to send them as it is a personal interest!

If you want to get a feel for my current aesthetic check out the DesignSponge.com page layout, it is the epitome of gorgeous to me.

Shall we trade?

I live so very close to a Daiso, so I have easy access to bento, kawaii & random Japanese goodness for cheap. So if that's what you're looking for, please PM me!

I also love putting together themed packages & sending profile surprises. I'm also more than happy to trade perzines. If you think we would make a good team, let's set up a private swap!

Favorite Crafts

I'm pretty good at making:

  • stuffies & dolls
  • hand bound books
  • zines
  • drawings/ illustrations
  • paper dolls

And I'm trying to learn about:

  • modern calligraphy!!!!
  • making BJD's
  • hand-carving stamps
  • textile/ repeat pattern design -being a illustrator for real
  • making jams & preserves

{If you have any resources/advice/tips to share regarding the crafts I'm learning I would love it.}

I also intermittently:

  • screenprint
  • sew
  • draft the occasional pattern
  • knit
  • crochet
  • needle-felt
  • sculpt & throw (ceramics)


When I'm reading someone's profile I like being able to get a feel for their aesthetic, that way I can make judgments about things that may not specifically on their wishlist. These are some websites I love because I find their artwork/aesthetics completely lovely and inspiring. I hope it helps you get a feel for what I like :)

Camilla Engman

The Jealous Curator


My Love For You Is A Stampede Of Horses

Sweet Station

All the Luck in the World

Inside a Black Apple

Amy Earles/Wool and Water

[Sam Moss] (http://www.samsammoss.com/)


  • Canadiana ( snowshoes, the Group of Seven, beavers, random facts, & Canada History Moments, etc...)
  • This American Life
  • portraiture (real & imagined)
  • folklore (esp. obscure folk-tales and stories/characters from other countries)
  • vintage b&w photos -retro/pin up makeup
  • magic(k) -shrines, alters, charms -Hallowe'en -Day of the Dead
  • vintage floral prints -J.D. Salinger, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Plath, Eugenides, Capote...
  • doll making
  • my bike, Matilda Spiney
  • my sketchbook
  • ampersands !!!
  • sewing small animals by hand
  • unusual colour combinations
  • books
  • oddities, wunderkammen
  • snails
  • vintage linnens
  • grey, navy blue, peach, mustard, red, mint green & light lime green
  • teeth
  • goats, hares, squirrels, bears, crows, raccoons & foxes
  • mini softies & dolls
  • washi tape
  • graph paper, old school office supplies & vintage school supplies
  • zines, especially: perzines, mental health zines, queer zines & gender themed zines
  • stories & oral histories
  • vintage/thrifted
  • star charts, topographical maps, nautical charts
  • woodgrain/fauxbois
  • geometric patterns, prisms/crystals, rain drop shapes
  • banners and bunting
  • typewriters (I own seven & they all have names)
  • narwhals
  • dinosaurs
  • sailors
  • carny folk
  • people with animal heads
  • people wearing masks


Specifically searching for:

  • a penpal, about my age to talk about zines, nerdiness, gender, baking, being shy, mental health, bikes... -really good instructions on typography/caligraphy -tips & hints from someone making their money from art making -Non-North American cigarettes, (My boyfriend smokes and would love this! But, non smokers, do not panic, no smoke or smokey things are going near, in or around any swaps!)
  • a rock that's naturally shaped like a heart
  • The Rescuers (1959), by Margery Sharp (new or used, as long as it's inexpensive)
  • awesome perzines!
  • vintage b&w pictures of people -printable patterns of vintage-looking dresses in size 22
  • things to help get better at French, (immersion française pendant douze années, mais maintenant mon français est déplorable) (also two people I love are about to learn French for the first time & we could use things like flash cards and picture books with both French and English text)

Really, Really Want:

  • anything related to the themes listed up there under "love"
  • small, handmade dolls (not dotees)
  • 110 film (colour) -hand drawn stickers
  • streamers, stickers, clacking things for spokes, etc. for my bike
  • typewriter ribbon
  • books by Mark Dunn, other than Ella Minnow Pea & Ibid
  • photocopies from your sketch book
  • this headband
  • jersey knit or cotton cowls or scarves like this lovely cowl or, this one
  • cabinet of curiosity type items bones, teeth, coral etc.
  • fake plug/stretcher earrings
  • (peach, pink, grey, gridded or striped) washi tape
  • hand-carved stamps
  • handmade, palm sized plushies
  • a crochet covered stone
  • individual pencil crayons in neat colours
  • vintage/vintage style (40's, 50's, 60's) dress patterns for size 20-22
  • tights to fit 3x
  • vintage tea towels with full printed images or embroidery
  • your fine art
  • prints of (your) art
  • realistic rabbit figunines
  • photobooth pictures of random people
  • Phrenology busts, acupuncture figurines, reflexology feet, palmistry hands
  • fortune telling, charms, magic(k), gris-gris

Or how about...

  • completed paint by numbers
  • back issues of Uppercase, Hi-Fructose and Juxtapose magazines
  • a low-brow/pop-surrealist art magazine from your country
  • Little Miss Scatterbrain keychain
  • really red lipstick
  • nail polish
  • embroidery floss
  • rub on letters in plain fonts
  • letter stickers in boring fonts
  • thickers!
  • mid-sized, unlined, brown paper covered Moleskine notebooks (come in a pack of three but I don't need them all
  • papercuts & silhouettes
  • those little millinery birds
  • VIA instant coffee
  • art postcards
  • vintage aprons (full is the most amazing)
  • a cowl (grey, mustard, brown, rich blue, red...)
  • bubble bath
  • Avon bubble bath (does that still exist?)
  • super dark chocolate
  • vintage decorative tea-towels
  • pistachio anything
  • gummies with no gelatin(e)
  • anything Barbapapa
  • those tiny scissors shaped like a bird

Still can't see anything to send?

  • neat images from old national geographics
  • graph paper with an odd sized grid or any paper with weird lines
  • vintage or vintage looking buttons
  • paper doilies
  • crocheted doilies that are not white
  • a picture drawn by your son/daughter/niece/nephew ( I love having kids' art around to remind me that drawing can be fun and beautiful)
  • an assortment of interesting 'security' envelopes ( for the patterns inside) -sharpie pens -a bookmark -those tiny post-its for flagging parts of books -yellow hb pencil -a drawing pencil or two -Lisa Frank!! or lisa frank-like things (I can't believe these are cool again!)

Please try to avoid

  • inchies
  • atcs
  • dotees/button dolls

It's not that I have anything against these crafts, but they're just not my thing and I feel bad receiving something lovingly handcrafted that I don't collect or display. If you make something beautiful it deserves to go to someone who will adore it!

I don't really like 'girly' or 'cutesy' things (like rhinestones & gems, stiletto or purse themes, Hallmark angels or teddy bears etc.)

I do not want any scraps of fabric, yarn or paper. I am trying to de-stash and little bits of things do not help. I also don't need any more stationary, unless you find something mind-blowingly awesome.

I'm freegan so I eat mostly vegan but do not waste food that comes my way that contains milk/eggs/derivatives. I'm still very strict vegetarian so I do not eat gelatin(e) or rennet. I also do not use leather or commercially processed feathers. Please PM me if you have any questions but I understand that sending me food can be an ordeal. __ I don't really like characters or brand name kawaii. (except for Moomin & Barbapapa & Pony Brown)

I'm allergic to all metals except surgical steel & pure gold. So I can't wear a lot of jewelry. Pendants I can put on my own chains are great, and I can wear inexpensive earrings in short bursts but most necklaces, rings & bracelets will be passed on to a new home, where they will be loved and not cause rashes. :)

Weird Dislikes

  • purple, all shades (I have no idea why)
  • photo & hyper realism
  • dealing with computers!
  • coil-bound notebooks really bother me for some reason
  • the seams on socks. I am so picky about my socks
  • floral or artificial smells
  • reading hardcover books, they're just too heavy (probably why I'm not at risk of anyone mailing me one, either)
  • soup ( I realize this makes me sound so crazy. everyone likes soup!)
  • carbonated beverages


I am always ok with receiving thrifted/used items that are clean and in good condition, even if the swap requirements specify otherwise.

I try to reuse packaging when it will not compromise the safety of the contents. Please feel free to send to me in recycled packaging.

I will be shipping through Canada Post, which is notoriously slow compared to other postal services and also shuts down on weekends. I'm sorry.


Now that I've been on here a little while, and learned a bit more about the heart system I wanted to let all my partners know how I give hearts so you can know what to expect from me come rating time.

I want to give hearts for care & effort not extras. If a package floors me, if you took the time to read my profile for a sender's choice swap, if I can see that you went the extra mile, fulfilled a wish...

Just because I don't give a heart does not mean I didn't like your swap, please don't be hurt or offended.


Favorite Books

My favourite authors, I just realized that I feel weird not even mentioning them! There's too many books I love so this list is of author's whose books I have read more than two of, or whose book I have read more than twice. (Thanks MsKadie, good guidelines).

Herman Melville, Jules Verne, Hemingway, Stienbeck, Margret Attwood, C S Lewis, JK Rowling (shush!), John Wynham, Truman Capote (!!!!!!), Mark Dunn, Francesca Lia Block, Tove Jansson, Toni Morrison, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (I have a very big crush on Sherlock Holmes.), Sylvia Plath, JD Salinger(!!!), Wally Lamb, Jack London, Shirley Jackson.

I really like magical realism, dystopian fiction and soft sic-fi, fiction from the early 60's (in general). I read non-fiction about mental health and things like why we evolved to love story telling; how food systems work; gender, queer & feminist politics/bios.


viza rated for Fairy Tale in an Envelope #1 Edited on Oct 20, 2013
Comment: Thank you very much for all you sent to me! I like all, especially sticker book and envelope is wonderful!
Noona rated for New Pen Pal Swap on Oct 4, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the letter. I will be writing you back and hope this is the start of a great pen pal exchange
Spifeware rated for Penpal Swap on Oct 4, 2013
Comment: I loved the paper. Thanks for the letter--we've got a few things in common. I'll write back soon =)
Comment: this was the best package I've ever received!
Response: Thank you!
MochiCheeks rated for Autumn Package on Sep 26, 2013
Comment: OMMMGGG thank u so much wow. I Love love love that match book shrine. It's my VERY FIRST ONE. And ive always wanted one. I love everything u put in it. This package was awesome. I love that folded book card thingy. wow amazing. Im goin to try ti make one of those. Thank u again, I especially love the teeny tiny hamster stickers in the shrine box,,,, I just squealed when I saw them. Thank u again
Response: I'm so glad you liked it, this package was so much fun to put together! Especially since I really wanted to make the things you wanted! IIt worked out so well for me :)
tizzicat rated for ✉ Snail Mail Envie ✉ #5 on Sep 21, 2013
Comment: Thank you for all the lovely goodies in the envelope and I especially love the cat on the front.
Response: I'm so glad you like it! That cat was amazingly fun to draw :)
Comment: Thank you. Your artwork on the envelope was beautiful!!!
Response: Thank you so much! I love drawing 'portraits' :)
Comment: Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself! Some of the movies you listed are among my favorites, too! (When I eat pie, I eat it almost exactly the opposite of the way you eat it, I save the filling for last)
Response: thank you
Comment: I really love your art, thank you so much! I would love to exchange zines sometime, though my zines aren't as polished as yours!
Response: i always want to trade zines!
Comment: Wow!!! You are an amazing drawer. Loved your zine. Thanks for sharing!!!
Response: thandk you so much
Tryph rated for Fill it! A minizine project : Issue 2 on Apr 2, 2012
Comment: Well done and thank you! My only question is: how do you address whipped cream with your pie? ;) Thanks!
Response: thank you! as to whipped cream, I eat it with the crust, lol.
theannieHall rated for Zine Supplies Stuffed Envelope on Nov 5, 2011
Comment: Disregard the previous message, it came in the mail today. Thanks so much! Cool things, and good luck with the food not bombs that's awesome you're a part of something so grand.!
IiPuska rated for "Inspire me!" Swap on Nov 4, 2011
Comment: the paggage was really lovely and would deserve a heart butt cos I was all ready angeled for the reason that you forgot to mark "send" I can not give it to you. But anyhow Thank you
Response: so sorry for the mix up.
pengrafyx rated for Zine Supplies Stuffed Envelope on Nov 1, 2011
Comment: Hi Terri - got your envelope today - lots of fun stuff to play with - thanks! Hope you're enjoying occupy, I was down there one day last week for a couple of hours and had some great interactions with people.
RyuLuna rated for Typewriter Letter - July 2011 on Aug 31, 2011
Comment: OMG! Can you be late on every package? lol I had so much fun reading your letter! I shall be writing back soon. It may or maynot be typed. Just saying. But the Zines! Are amazing! I am reading them now. I love Zines. They have inspired me to write another! woot. Anywho! Thank you!! So much!!! Shall be writing back soon!! :D <3 <3
mmilesesq rated for Swap what you make on Aug 10, 2011
Comment: Never had a 'zine before, and this one was great (and I'd like to live where you are!). My 'creative' daughter will love the art book. Thanks for opening my eyes to two new media.
emrajr69 rated for Simple Square Swap 10 on Aug 1, 2011
Comment: Thanks, these squares are really lovely.

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biasbabe on Aug 28, 2013:


Welcome to the Group

pickleme on Jul 6, 2011:

Thanks for the Horrible Science book! (June wishlist) My son was thrilled!

Bluelily on Jun 22, 2011:

Thank you sooo much for the very cute deco package. Including a small and a large dispenser with 3 refills of tape. I just love it. This was for the June Wishlist.

runnerbean84 on Apr 18, 2011:

Thanks so much for the Hello Kitty candy! My kids were THRILLED! x

kittenred on Apr 7, 2011:

I just saw the swap package you did for @
lexidh ...the capybara was so cute! would love to do a swap with you for a needle-felted animal! (it looked needle felted to me...i can't do it myself)

if you'd be up to do a swap with me sometime in the near future, let me know! :)

kayler00 on Apr 6, 2011:

recieved your tag today! THANKS SO MUCH for the handcarved rubber stamp of the claddagh!! i looooove it. you do such a swell job! i hope you like my handcarved stamp that i am sending you too. i'm not nearly as good as you but i hope you will like it!! thanks again! <3

runnerbean84 on Apr 1, 2011:


Glad you like the vintage photos. I have a box full from my grandparents house. It's all very well when they're people I know and family, but alot of them I don't even know who they are! The photo where the family group are sat on the beach and the young man on the bottom right is looking out of shot with his arms folded amused me. It's my grandad with his mother and brothers and sisters. He hated his family and it seems to say it all really!

Laura xxx

Smudge on Mar 31, 2011:

Thank you very much for the lovely cupcake magnet you sent me for the 'I Wish For...' Tag Game in the One on One Trades Section. It looks great on my fridge and is one that I didn't have before. :o)

runnerbean84 on Mar 28, 2011:


Your vintage photos for the Tag game in the forum were posted today so keep an eye out for them!



Elin on Mar 23, 2011:

I was reading your profile and mixed up the word nanny with granny and i was thinking "Wait, what? Someones grandmother at 24? How did she manage that?"

Duh, sometimes 10 years of english lesson feels like a waste. Anyhow i liked your profile and the self portrait idea. I dont got any good ones since i lack a tripod. If i had some i would be happy to particiapte in exchange for a scan of the end result.

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