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Coffee And Knitting

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Two of my favorite things! Coffee and knitting! I have looked all over and have not found a coffee and yarn swap! So I thought I would start one. We alwasy knit in coffee shops, why not swap!

Send up to a pound of coffee and a great skein of yarn to your buddy! Maybe a local brew or several smaller packages of specialty brews...you choose. As for the yarn, maybe it could be local also or a great skein with a story behind it! If you have a preference for regular or decaf please post below. Buddies: be sure to check!

I moved the send date to after the winter holidays...there is enough stress getting ready for the holidays! This is my first time to create a swap (I also started an embellished sock swap) on Swap-bot!


knitwillis 12/18/2006 #

I received my package last week from Laura. Thank you so much! The picture won't upload to the site, so if you want to see what I got you can go to my blog at:

masterboxp248 01/ 3/2007 #

Deb, Thanks for the mug, I love it!!! Can't wait for your other surprise, and I'm glad you like the blog. I will update it soon.


user3814 01/ 3/2007 #

Hi Lyndsey-Jane. I will be sending out your package this week. I was able to get some of your favorite coffee so I think you will like everything.

I still haven't heard from my partner at all. If you have me can you please email me? I don't mind the package being late, I would just like to be reassured that I will receive something. Thanks!

masterboxp248 01/ 3/2007 #

Deb, I just opened your package, and what can I say? You went WAY above and beyond!!! I love the beautiful hand dyed yarn, the coffee and extras, and I can't wait to try out that knitting board. I hope your swap partner is as good to you as you were to me. ((((((hugs)))))))


user4897 01/ 4/2007 #


Thanks so much for the wonderful package! The yarn is absolutely gorgeous, I couldn't have chosen better. The coffee smells yummy, can't wait to have some.

Thanks so much, Julie

SarahJane 01/ 4/2007 #

I haven't heard from or received anything from my partner. If you have me can you please email me? Will I be receiving something? This is my first swap and it would be very disappointing to be forgotten. Thanks! Cera

user4951 01/ 4/2007 #

I still have not heard from my partner or received anything, either. I am with Sarah - this is my first swap, so this is pretty disappointing. I hope that something is on the way! Please email me if you had my name. Thanks. Brooke

user4433 01/ 4/2007 #

Hi. Received my package today, great coffee and a beautiful skein of sock yarn. I've been going back and forth on starting my first pair of socks, even bought the appropriate needles. I'd pick up sock yarns...put them down..pick them up again. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package and found the beautiful skein of hand dyed, green sock yarn!

? How do I rate my partner?

arentyouthatgirl 01/ 5/2007 #

May I suggest we give the packages a few more days? I think with the extra holiday on Jan 2, I think things may have gotten pushed back a bit. (I haven't rceived mine either from my assigned partner either.)

Just a thought.

funkykchicken 01/ 5/2007 #

There are several people with low ratings and some with the not sent still showing.Could who ever has me please let me know.

Also Melissa please let me know when you have received your yarn and coffee.I use delivery confirmation on all my swaps now.I know i can at least track it or give it to the person im sending to.

cherriza 01/ 5/2007 #

I haven't heard from my partner either but with the holidays and all I'm just going to wait until 5 days after when I can find out who sent to me so I can email them and see when it was sent. I have a few swaps that I'm in that I haven't gotten anything yet. Please keep in mind that we had an extra holiday that snuck up on us due to President Ford's death and mail may be slow due to trying to catch up on the holiday back log. I had a package that took over a month to go from Tennessee to Alaska.

Before rating please email your partner in a couple of days when you find out who it is and ask them when the package was sent before rating.

user5020 01/ 5/2007 #

I have received several emails from my swap partner, she sounds very sweet. She told me she will not be sending my package until next week because she is studying for exams. Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop. Best wishes on your exams. I will post when I receive the package. PS. she is still keeping a secret identiy from me. That's great I think it's a wonderful idea. The I have a few clues as to where she is from by what she has said in her emails plus the email address has a clue in it. I have a good suspicion who she is but won't say anything until after I have received the package. If it is the person I think, she is going to get a return suprise package from me. Aparently there is something that I can get locally that she absolutely loves and can't get it where she lives.

toscabelle 01/ 5/2007 #

Brooke, my package arrived today. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the care that you put into picking yarn, coffee, and bonus beads. I see a highly caffinated hand beaded felted bag in my future. Hope you hear soon from your swap partner!

user4633 01/ 6/2007 #

Jane, I received my package! Thanks for the cool international coffees and peace fleece! Love the color, a blue/green combo. It's all perfect! Thank you Michelle

user2186 01/ 6/2007 #

Hi All! Hopefully more packages will be arriving shortly! I had a heck of a time getting mine out because of the holiday. ANyhow, soon it will be time to rate our swap buddies...please give a few of them some extra time. As for those who are upset with some of the poor ratings that are showing for members, Many people were new with no rating or other means to exclude them. We have managed to avoid a couple of bad swappers, but there are still those who snuck through. I think I would like to give another week and ask those that did not recieve anything to email me and then possibly set up a few angels. Anyone game? I was deleting earlier posts to make it easier to get to the bottome here. I may have gotten carried away and deleted a few thank yous! I am so sorry if I did!

Mel 01/ 7/2007 #

Hi Laursink,

Sign me up as an 'angel'. I'd be happy to come through for someone. :) I'll do my best to get them something they'd really like!

I'm doing a swap right now, and I'm getting really tough with people with low ratings. I allow anyone with a 4 or better, but I think the next time it'll be a 4.5 or better.

What's up with these people who continually don't send? Are they trying to be cruel? Is there a way that we can send e-mails to the 'owners' of swap-bot to get these people with a 1 rating off for good?


cherriza 01/ 8/2007 #

I'm so disappointed. I got one of the no send people that should have been removed. I was so looking forward to this swap also. Anyone want to take pity on me?

user4185 01/ 8/2007 #

No package here yet from my pal. Looks like I was matched with someone new to swap-bot (as I am), and she does have an online prescence, but hasn't posted since November...

SarahJane 01/ 8/2007 #

Looks like I am with Cherriza. I got someone with 5 no sends. Her rating is 1.000. This is pretty disappointing.

user2734 01/ 9/2007 #

I received a lovely package today from Christen in Vancouver (one of my favorite cities). Christen sent 2 skeins of a chunky, silky-soft merino wool, some dark-roasted organic rainforest blend caffeinated yumminess, and an awesome handmade card. Thanks Christen!

user4653 01/ 9/2007 #

I had a surprise waiting for me today when I arrived home from work. Thanks to Missemilysmom for the great package. I had sent Percy a box of goodies a few days before the deadline and have not heard a peep as to whether it was received. Hope you liked it.

hanjiwest 01/ 9/2007 #

i also haven't received anything YET! i am still hopeful-but i noticed my partner has a 2.5 rating and many 1's. i agree with Mel, how can swappers with low ratings be removed for good...

i remain hopeful-but honestly this no send stuff is really sad :0(

user4776 01/ 9/2007 #

Thanks Alanna !! i loved my stuff!!

user4886 01/11/2007 #

I have not recieved mine yet. She was so nice, emailed me right away, said it was on it's way long before the deadline, not that that mattered.. BUt no word. If you need an angel to send out to someone, lmk. I am willing.. Gonna do something nice, and not be angry that my first swap turned out this way. sherry

user4969 01/11/2007 #

I mailed my package to Germany before New Years, but my post office said that it could take 3 or more weeks until it gets there. Between the extra days closed to the state funeral in the US and the huge amount of packages going overseas from here (I live near a military base) and all the storms at the time, the wait was ridiculous. I hope my partner gets it soon!

user4969 01/11/2007 #

I forgot to add (uh, duh!), my package from Julie was beyond amazing! It was full to the brim with all kinds of goodies and it was like she had known me forever! Thanks!

user4759 01/11/2007 #


if you need angels still, email me. i would love to send another box.

user2573 01/12/2007 #

Thank You So Much To My Swap Partner 'AMY' who sent me the most wonderful package - I will up load a photo so please everyone go and take a look at my goodies from Amy :o)

user2186 01/13/2007 #

Hi All! I am working on a list of angels and those of you who did not get a package! I cannot believe the swappers who are so awesome in offering to be angels! Thanks so much! Please let me know if you are in either cayegory

cherriza 01/13/2007 #

Just to let you know that I heard from the person that runs swap-bot. He is working on some things like a way for us to comunicate with each other again as people were getting spam through the contact us links. He also knows about the no send people issues and is working on something for that also. Our concerns are getting heard just be patient and the people that run the swaps need to be dilegent about removing people on the last day as that's when some of them sign up. I also email all of my new people with no ratings to explain the process and ask them to email me back. Usually if they respond they will follow through.


Jaichan 01/13/2007 #

I haven't received anything yet, either. I sent out my package over a month ago, but I haven't heard if she's received it yet. Can people who've received their packages also post, please? Thanks.

user2704 01/13/2007 #


Thanks so much for your package. It arrived yesterday and I will have fun with all of it. The Jack Daniels coffee is particularly interesting - I can't wait to try it. We are expecting unusually cold weather for south Texas and I will enjoy it then. Thanks and good luck on the new job!


user4834 01/15/2007 #

I would be more than happy to be an angel.

In regard to ratings: this was my first exchange and I sent my package out right away. I know I fulfilled my end of the exchange, but I have yet to have a rating. Sigh... I'm still a nothing. :(

Mel 01/19/2007 #


I would e-mail the person that you're supposed to get the rating from - I've had to beg people for ratings before, too, but it is important and they should be rating you! So hound them if you must - it's your right. :)

user4894 01/20/2007 #

To my partner Criquette - thank you so much for the beautiful package of goodies - the colorway is exactly what I love, and the coffee is delicious (and has come in very handy on some recent sleepless nights). I'm so sorry about the delay in informing you that I received the package and rating you - it was all truly wonderful.

To my partner rbl - I am so, so sorry about the delay in sending your package. I emailed you telling you I would be sendingit, and then my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly. I still haven't gotten the package in the mail (although it is ready to go), but I promise it will be in the mail Monday. It is so unfair of me to have waited to long. Please forgive me, and I hope you enjoy what I am sending. Thanks for understanding.

arentyouthatgirl 01/24/2007 #


Are you still in need of angels? I've been in contact w/my angel & her little one has been sick, but I'm sure she'll send something when she can. My original partner, Perci, received her 1 rating from me to add to her others...


user4653 01/26/2007 #

Hey Deb B. in Va - I sent something to Perci and received no response whatsoever. Probably won't get a rating either.

arentyouthatgirl 01/26/2007 #

Kissed Knitter,

I'm sure you're right about not getting a rating from Perci. Looks like she's a "professional" when it comes to stiffing people.

This was my first swap, but I'm learning quickly!

user5020 01/30/2007 #

I still wait for my package.

user4688 01/30/2007 #

I still waiting for my package too!

user5020 01/31/2007 #

Mine finally got here! Lyndsey-Jane it's great I love everything. The lavender soap is perfect, I have lavender growing outside my bathroom window, my husband loves the wash cloth, I can't stop fondeling the yarn. I plan to make a pair of fingerless gloves I the pattern is by Louisa Harding. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

user4886 02/ 3/2007 #

here also ;-{ sherry

user4688 02/ 5/2007 #

Still waiting...

Jaichan 02/ 6/2007 #

I'm still waiting, too...

user4688 02/ 6/2007 #

I think that it's been lost in the mail since it was coming from Australia...

Jaichan 02/ 7/2007 #

Gina, I'll be your angel. There's some great coffee roasted here on the island. What do you think?

user4886 02/ 8/2007 #

ok, I think that the few of us who are left, should get together and interswap here.. anyone else want to??Lauren, can you tell me how many are left?? post here, or if anyone wants to be my swap partner.. I need to go for more coffee beans this weekend, and lys got some new spring yarns in :-) sherry

Jaichan 02/ 9/2007 #

Gina and I are going to be each others' angel. We've been swap partners before, so we're just going to send out packages this weekend. Thanks for the swap!

arentyouthatgirl 02/24/2007 #

Chiming in quite late here:

Would someone like to volunteer to be my angel? My original swap partner appears to be a perpetual \"stiffer\". I had a lovely lady volunteer to be my angel, but her family has been quite ill. This was my first swap and things just haven\'t turned out quite the way I wanted it to.

Thanks everyone!

user4886 03/ 7/2007 #

Deb, would you like to exchange w/me?? this was my first, and my partner, tho she had an excuse, I never got an angel, i volunteered to be one, I live up in pgh, pa, and part of my family is in Va, and in fact we are going down in Va. in April, but definitely would NOT be a "stiffer" we could do an Easter theme if you want or not..so email me and we can work it out and have a nice ending :-) bears2shareatcomcastdotnet sherry

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